Capterra's New Year's Resolutions for Software Marketers

Practical resolutions for your 2007 online marketing efforts.

Media Contact:
Cristina Stensvaag, Capterra Inc.
Phone: 703-994-4985

Arlington, VA — Capterra, an online resource for buyers researching business software solutions, provides practical resolutions to help software marketers in their 2007 online marketing efforts.

1. Simplify your website: Make it easy for prospective buyers to find information about your product and a way to contact you. Avoid cluttering your site with too much copy, confusing graphics and other non-essential information.

2. Do not rely on buzzwords to explain your product: Don't bury your product's features in meaningless jargon. Use straightforward language to tell prospects what your product can do for them.

3. Track your web traffic from click to lead: Know exactly how prospects find you and the return-on-investment for each of your online marketing campaigns.

4. Educate buyers instead of just selling to them: Cultivate leads so they know what they should look for, and why they will find it in your product.

5. Test something new on your website once a month: Don't assume that your website is doing the best possible job for you. Use your website as a sales tool, and find out what works best to convert visitors to leads.

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