Capterra Creates New Guide to Help Business Software Buyers Make the Right Choice

Every Year, Millions of Business Software Purchasing Decisions Made

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Arlington, VA — Capterra, Inc., the leading online destination for business software buyers, announces that it has released a free, easy-to-read guide to help buyers make a choice they won't regret.

In fact, buyer's remorse about software is a common complaint.

"Software offers many benefits to organizations of all sizes, across all industries. Unfortunately, many of these benefits don't materialize due to mistakes made during the buying process. Too often, buyers take shortcuts which come back to haunt them. Whether it is not taking the time to accurately assess their needs, not considering all of their options or not soliciting feedback from end users, they set themselves up for failure, or at least a less-than-ideal solution," says Michael Ortner, Capterra's President and Founder.

Every year, millions of business software purchases are made. Capterra, founded on the principle of making software buying easier for organizations of all kinds, plans to further the cause with its new Software Buying Guide. The quick-hitting guide is available as a free download from

Readers will find explanations of how to refine their choices using these general topics:

  • Articulate your software needs based on your business goals.
  • Optimize your business processes before implementing new software.
  • Identify all software options.
  • Narrow these options to a short list of well-targeted alternatives.
  • Compare the short-listed solutions and make a final decision.

This step-by-step "Software Buying Guide," written by Ortner, is designed to be read and understood in 15 minutes or less. Speed and ease are essential ingredients in today's purchase decisions. In 2007, over 2 million people used Capterra to narrow their choices from the vast universe of enterprise software available to them. Using CapterraConnect, a filtering tool, they can customize those searches for even greater simplicity, and request product demos from participating vendors.

Earlier this year, Capterra released another free guide┬┐this one for software vendors. Called "Click to Lead: The Website Challenge," the eBook is about online lead generation. It targets software marketers, providing ideas and tips for converting website visitors to sales leads.

"If you're relatively new to online advertising and lead generation, it's a great introduction, but even our experienced marketers have been able to benefit by escaping the many pitfalls that exist," Ortner said.

About Capterra:  Capterra believes software makes the world a better place. Founded in 1999, Capterra has helped millions of people find the right software for their business — all kinds of businesses — whether a multinational corporation, a school, a church, a doctor's office, a manufacturing company, or a zoo. Capterra works with thousands of software vendors to understand their products in order to match companies with the best software for their needs. Check out to find software ratings, reviews, buying guides, and the most comprehensive list of business software products available.