Ten Cool Websites That Help Your Business Save Time and Money

Capterra, Inc. Announces Top Ten List

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Besa Pinchotti, Capterra Inc.
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Arlington, VA — Capterra has been helping businesses find their ideal software for nine years, saving them time, money and a lot of headaches. To celebrate Labor Day, we thought we would share some other cool websites that provide similar benefits for other valuable products and services. Here are our top 10:

1) EHealthInsurance.com - Get quotes and compare health benefit plans from more than 100 providers.
2) Elance.com - Instead of more expensive hires, find freelancers for everything from web design to manufacturing.
3) InstantOffices.com ¿ Searching for a new place to call home? Find full-service office space in your area.
4) InternJobs.com ¿ Find interns and turn them into a full-time hires without all the training and recruiting expenses.
5) Jigsaw.com - Looking for names and contact details for people in specific positions at specific companies? Look no further.
6) Legalzoom.com ¿ Important legal documents at a fraction of the cost. Sure beats hefty legal fees.
7) LinkedIn.com ¿ Want to tap into the connections you already have? LinkedIn is a great way to find your next hire or partner.
8) Plumcard.com ¿ Plumcard gives a 2% discount when you pay your credit card bill within 10 days!
9) Summary.com - Who has time to read all the top business books? Subscribe to this site and get all the summaries.
10) VOIPReview.org ¿ VOIP can save a lot of money over traditional PBX. This site finds the best service in your area for your business.

Capterra is always on the lookout for great websites that help businesses, especially small ones, save time and money. Do you have any to share? Email them to bpinchotti@capterra.com.

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