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The fleet maintenance software of choice of over 4,000 private, for-hire and public fleets, Dossier lowers costs and downtime by automating control of your fleet's records, PM scheduling, repair orders and histories, fuel costs and MPG, cost control with cost per mile/hr, parts inventory control w/ auto reordering, work pending and campaign mgmt, budget mgmt, warranty mgmt., tire mgmt., vendor & labor control, license/permit renewals, driver control, fleet benchmarking, VMRS codes & more. View Profile


by Automated Business Solutions

PtMS is a GIS map based paratransit and NEMT software system that supports order taking, trip editing, automated scheduling, dispatching, billing, reporting, HIPAA 837 transactions, automated appointment reminders, mobile Android devices, GPS vehicle tracking, electronic schedules, signature capture, and driver-dispatch messaging all built on a SQL server database platform. PtMS can be used by transportation providers, brokers and coordinators. View Profile

TripSpark provides your public transit agency total end-to-end software solutions for Fixed Route and Paratransit. Create optimized routes, automatically generate trips and schedules as well as manage employees and vehicles. Powerful reporting tools support NTD and federal funding agency requirements. Data collected allows you to offer a higher level of service, reduce inefficiencies, increase ridership and build a long-term transit plan. We provide ITS, AFC, APC and Passenger Information. View Profile

Web based Ride management system for client requests and scheduling. No software installation or maintenance needed. View Profile


by Betterez

Cloud based enterprise software solution in the Reservations and Ticketing Management (RTM) space for Travel and Multi-use Ticketing. View Profile

Integrated collection of GIS software products; provides a standards-based platform for spatial analysis, data management, and mapping. View Profile


by Pantonium

Enabling order entry, dispatch, scheduling, routing, mobile and billing to be managed through a single platform for people transport. View Profile

Provides enterprise forms solution for transit organizations looking to streamline data-driven operations in the field. View Profile

Mobile phone-based tracking service with integrated voice and visual GPS navigation, electronic timesheet reporting and dispatching. View Profile

Route Coordinator

by Transit Computing

Efficient way to schedule day-to-day trips, includes features to manage client, driver and vehicle information. View Profile

Ride Express

by Stillwater Express Solutions

Powerful and affordable scheduling software for community transportation service providers. View Profile

T Dispatch

by T Dispatch

Cloud-based dispatching software for taxi, private hire and fleet management. View Profile



Optimal planning of timetables, vehicle usage and driver shifts for passenger bus transit companies. View Profile

Integrated and modular software solution for public transportation planning, scheduling, daily operations and customer information. View Profile


by AddTransit

You can make GTFS transit files, display your vehicle status in real-time, monitor your vehicles position and offer online ticketing. View Profile


by StrataGen Systems

Combines customer registration and eligibility, reservations, scheduling, reporting, communications and database management. View Profile

Amadeus Total Rail

by Amadeus Rail

Operations management and ticket distribution solution for railways. View Profile

Bus Master

by Bus Master Software

Complete transportation package for pupil transportation professionals. View Profile


by Orbit Software

School bus routing software system that permits transportation directors to design school bus routes for their school district. View Profile


by Georef Systems

Student transportation software for bus route planning. View Profile

BusWise TOMS

by Impala Marketing and Distribution

Bus scheduling and operating management software system. View Profile


by Norse Systems

Filed trip management tool for school buses. Features include on-line quotation, charter expense planning, bus availability display. View Profile

Easy Rides

by Mobilitat

Comprehensive paratransit software with tools for reporting, billing and data analysis. View Profile

Ecolane DRT

by Ecolane

Demand responsive transportation software for scheduling and dispatching. View Profile


by Education Logistics

School bus routing software; quickly identify students, schools, stops, runs, address ranges, street speeds, View Profile


by Pentira

Fixed-route and paratransit data management including data analysis, NTD reporting, AVL, planning, scheduling, and much more. View Profile


by MJM Innovations

Transportation management system with software and hardware components that allows for paperless payments and enhances data visibility. View Profile

GIS Routing

by Gecko Microsolutions

School transportation routing, mapping, and boundary analysis software. View Profile

iBooking Ticket

by iBooking

The ideal ticketing engine for the coach and bus industry. Experience iBooking with a 30 day free trial. View Profile


by ISVentures

School transportation solution with features such as reporting, optimized routing and scheduling, and routine management. View Profile


by Infinium Solutionz

Offers vehicle tracking, scheduling, route management, dispatch, bus terminal, depot management, inventory and maintenance systems. View Profile


by Little Services Gateway

Dispatching, GPS, and scheduling software that can work off an android mobile platform. View Profile

LT Enterprise

by Logical Transportation

Integrated passenger scheduling solutions, covering all aspects of vehicle and passenger scheduling, routing, vehicle tracking. View Profile


by Ryte Byte

Advanced passenger transportation management and bus scheduling solution that streamlines route planning and information management. View Profile


by EnGraph Software

ParaPlan Desktop for Windows is the ideal scheduling and billing solution for Paratransit and NEMT agencies. View Profile

ParaTrans Router

by Paradox Software Consulting

Routing and scheduling software for Para-transit Industry. Routes service calls to lower total miles with least number of vehicles. View Profile


by PSI Group

Combines automatic vehicle management and location which efficiently schedules vehicles and simplifies planning processes. View Profile

PTV Visum

by PTV

Accounts for traffic demand, integrates operational data, provides simulation of passenger behavior, tracks execution. View Profile


by Code Choppers

Web app for managing your transit operation. Paratransit and Fixed Route starting at $49 month. On board and passenger access. View Profile

Public Transit

by Trapeze Software

We make it our business to deliver the best in technology, systems and services you need to optimize your transportation services. View Profile

Reveal Suite

by Reveal Services

Suite of applications for operational management of transit agencies - reservations, workflow, dispatch. View Profile

Routefinder Pro

by Transfinder

School bus routing software that allows to manage bus routes, students and drivers. Includes what-if scenarios and notifications. View Profile


by RouteMatch Software

Fully automates customer, vehicle, trip request, scheduling, routing, dispatch management, billing and reporting requirements. View Profile

S3 Passenger

by Sqills

Booking, Reservation and Revenue Management Software for Public Transport Operators. View Profile


by SimWalk

Pedestrian simulation software for evaluating pedestrian and passenger efficiency and safety in transport, aviation, and traffic. View Profile


by Mobisoft

Automatic booking and dispatching system for taxis; seeks a suitable vehicle for each booking in real time. View Profile

IVR solutions for the transit and 511 markets, focused on making access to transit and traffic information easy and intuitive. View Profile

Transportation Manager

by Shah Software

Affordable information solution for rural and small urban transit providers. View Profile

Transportation Requests

by Distributed Website

A Web-based database-driven system for posting, receiving and processing transportation requests for all activities within your school. View Profile


by Universal TranWare

Designed for taxi, paratransit, shuttle and other ground transportation fleets; automate scheduling, dispatching, billing, maintenance. View Profile


by Future Quest Wireless

System for booking and dispatching passenger trip reservations with automated digital dispatch, vehicle tracking and office management. View Profile


by CTS Software

Paratransit software with everything from scheduling, billing, and reporting to mapping, auto-scheduling, and MDT/AVL interfaces. View Profile

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