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Revel Systems POS is the premier partner for Intuit QuickBooks integration. The Revel POS System is an award-winning iPad Point-of-Sale Solution, for any businesses, with one location, or with multiple locations. The Revel POS is a quick, intuitive & secure Point-of-Sale system. Revel Systems POS software offers a feature-rich POS solution for any restaurant, retail, or QSR establishment, with integrated payroll, inventory tracking, customer relationship management & more! View Profile

Sisense is the only business intelligence software that makes it easy for users to prepare, analyze and visualize complex data. Sisense provides an end-to-end solution for tackling growing data sets from multiple sources, that comes out-of-the-box with the ability to crunch terabytes of data and support thousands of users--all on a single commodity server. Sisense has already won over the hearts of some of the worlds leading, most data-intensive companies, including eBay, Henry Schein, NASA View Profile


by Domo Technologies

Domo enables you to see real-time data from across your entire organizationin one place, on any device. Domo connects directly to your data wherever it lives whether on-premise or in the cloud and transforms it into a personalized, dashboard view that makes data easy to consume and delightful to use. View Profile

Adaptive Insights is the worldwide leader in cloud-based budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and consolidation solutions for companies of all sizes. Our solutions allow finance and management teams to obtain real-time visibility into performance metrics, streamline FP&A processes, and drive better decisions. We make it easy to move beyond spreadsheet-based processes without the cost and complexity of traditional on-premise software. Ranked as a Leader in Gartner's MQ for Strategic CPM. View Profile

TapClicks, Inc. is a leading marketing technology company for agencies, media companies, brands, and enterprises. Its integrated Marketing Operations Platform includes sales enablement, workflow and order management, analytics, and automated reporting -- all within a single intuitive user interface available on demand in the cloud. TapClicks has delivered over 1,000,000 dashboards to over 5,000 brands and over 500 media companies and agencies worldwide. View Profile


by Advisionario, S.A. de C.V.

With DBxtra, even inexperienced report designers can create and distribute interactive web-reports and dashboards in a few minutes without the knowledge of SQL, programming or web technologies. Designing, deploying and managing interactive ad-hoc reports and dashboards has never been easier. Be Up and Running in No Time! DBxtra is easy to implement and use with a quick learning curve, enabling you to produce and deploy your first report in less than an hour; or maybe less. View Profile

AnswerRocket is a search-based data discovery analytics tool using natural language, designed for the business user. Instead of waiting days or weeks for technical gurus to fulfill analytics requests, AnswerRocket users can ask questions using everyday language and get visualizations in seconds. This speeds up their ability to make business decisions and positively impact their bottom line. View Profile

Grow is a reporting software that empowers businesses to become data-driven and accelerate growth by aligning team objectives and inspiring strategic decisions. Grow data dashboards are the simplest way to unite data from hundreds of sources, including spreadsheets, databases, and SaaS applications. With Grows dashboard software, enterprise-quality data insights are attainable for any business. View Profile

Style Report

by InetSoft

Designed for 5 or more users and any type of organization, Inetsoft's Style Report is a cloud-ready server application ideal for production, interactive, and web-based reporting. Quickly generate and deliver reports and even automate your reporting. Included flexible data mashup engine, free evaluation assistance, with options for adding interactive dashboarding and visual analysis. Join InetSoft's over 3,000 customers and discover why we've been a pioneer in self-service reporting since 1996. View Profile

OneStream XF

by OneStream Software

OneStream XF, is a unified CPM software platform that simplifies processes to deliver financial consolidation and reporting, planning and operational analytics for complex organizations. Guided Workflows simultaneously improve the quality and consistency of data while reducing risk throughout the financial consolidation, reporting and planning processes Extend the value of OneStream XF by deploying FREE additional solutions, templates or content to easily meet the changing needs of finance. View Profile


by Quadbase Systems

EspressReport Overview EspressReport is a Java report development tool kit. It offers a powerful, easy-to-use report writer/report engine. With a robust Java API, and visual design, query, and scheduling tools, EspressReport offers a fully embedded reporting component that can be integrated seamlessly in application, applet, servlet, and JSP code. View Profile

remiCrystal is the best report automation and scheduling software that can schedule and deliver Crystal Reports, SSRS Reports and Excel Workbooks. Your reports can be emailed, printed, sent to local and remote network servers, uploaded to FTP, SharePoint, Dropbox and more. Free up hundreds of man hours and rest easy knowing that your mission critical reports will be delivered on time every time. View Profile


by Entrinsik

Creates a web-based operational reporting and BI environment providing technical and non-technical users with immediate access to data. View Profile

Corporate performance management solution that unifies budgeting, financial planning, consolidation and management reporting. View Profile

Windward Solutions

by Windward Studios

Windward's software solutions simplify how businesses and software providers design and generate professional documents and reports. View Profile

An online reporting and business intelligence service that helps you get new insights from your diverse business data. View Profile

SAP Crystal Reports

by SAP Crystal Reports

With SAP Crystal Reports 2016, you can create powerful, richly formatted, dynamic reports from virtually and data source. Buy for $495 View Profile

ClearPoint Strategy

by Ascendant Strategy Management

User ClearPoint to quickly and easily combine text and graphical information to make dynamic and compelling management reports View Profile


by Panacea Software

An award-winning online process management application with a single objective: to reduce costs on marketing, design & print activity! View Profile


by BridgeWorks

Free 60 day Trial. Build, share and schedule Data Views, Pivots, Maps, Charts, Gauges, High Quality Reports, Dashboards and more. View Profile


by ClicData

All in one cloud platform including a dashboard creator, automated data refresh, extensive data manipulation & automatic publication. View Profile

Ad hoc Reporting, Embedded Self-Service BI & Analytics Designed for OEM Use by Software Companies View Profile

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

by Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Business intelligence software by Explore any data, get instant answers, and collaborate with your team. View Profile

MITS Distributor Analytics

by Management Information Tools

A comprehensive reporting and business intelligence solution designed for Wholesale Distributors using leading ERP and other systems. View Profile

Cohesive Performance Management and Business Intelligence solution, with budgeting, strategic planning, forecasting, consolidations. View Profile

New, smart and easy to use application for scheduling, viewing, and exporting your crystal reports. View Profile

Clear Analytics

by Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics brings highly governed yet easy to use self-service business intelligence and spreadsheet manageability to Excel. View Profile


by Envisio Solutions

Strategy implementation, performance management, and reporting software empowers your team to achieve strategic priorities. View Profile

Pulls data from disparate sources into powerful distributed analytical applications. View Profile


by InsightSquared

Data intelligence software that provides activity and campaigns tracking, sales trending and forecasting, and data quality monitoring. View Profile

The world's most popular embeddable open source pure Java reporting library - can be embedded into any host application. View Profile

Quaestor 7

by AIT Software

SQL database reporting solution with standalone report creator, report viewer and web viewer applications. View Profile

Genero Report Writer

by Four Js Development Tools

Enterprise BI Publishing solution that streams high-volume, multiple data source reports for immediate first page output. View Profile


by Looker Data Sciences

Data exploration and analytics solution combining modeling, transformations, and derivations at the same layer. View Profile

Business dashboards, scorecards, software and templates for business management and reporting. View Profile


by Birst

Delivers the insight you need to make critical business decisions quickly. View Profile

CRD Crystal Reports Automation

by ChristianSteven Software

Schedule your Crystal Reports to XLSX, DOCX, PDF, CSV & more. Send to Email, Printer, Fax, Folder, FTP, DropBox & SharePoint. View Profile


by Docmosis

With Docmosis you can quickly and easily add template based Document Generation and Reporting to any software application. View Profile

Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on that enables developers and consultants to develop reports. View Profile

Dream Report

by Ocean Data Systems

Real-time reporting solution with proactive report generation and distribution for industrial automation applications. View Profile


by FineReport

FineReport is a user-friendly java reporting tool which allows you to create complex reports in minutes through simple drag and drops. View Profile

Intellicus Reports

by Intellicus Technologies

Provides flexible and secure analytics with Dashboards, Alerts, Schedulers, AdHoc and Standard reporting for business users. View Profile


by Jinfonet Software

JReport is easily embedded in to any application, providing advanced visualization and interactive dashboard reporting capabilities. View Profile


by jsreport

Open source reporting software for developers that utilizes javascript templating engines and source codes for report production. View Profile


by Leftronic

Leftronic is a platform that lets you curate, visualize, and share data critical to your business in one convenient location. View Profile

Thousands of developers love this reporting tool. Feature rich and easy to use! View Profile

Stimulsoft Reports Server is a report server. View Profile


by CompuSoft Development

Synoptix empowers users with easy report creation from anywhere in their enterprise database. View Profile


by Weekdone

Weekly status reporting tool for managers who want to get more insights into their teams and improve team collaboration and focus. View Profile

Agile NDT Reports

by Agile NDT Reports

Web based report creation and management system for the NDT industry. View Profile

ApeSoft is an easy-to-use, Excel-based platform for reporting and dashboards. View Profile

Business Intelligence software tools for data access, management, analysis, and presentation. View Profile

Enable organizations to effectively gather, deliver and analyze key performance information. View Profile


by 1010data

1010data gives everyone the power to access the consistent, comprehensive insights they need to succeed View Profile

ActiveReports Server

by GrapeCity

Feature-rich, self-service reporting offers major efficiencies for business users, IT, and developers alike. View Profile


by VTech Services

Reporting solution that combines KPI tracking and data mining with visual business intelligence presentation. View Profile

arcplan Enterprise

by arcplan

Budgeting, planning and forecasting platform that combines powerful Excel templates with Web based reporting, dashboards, and workflow. View Profile

Reporting software capable of creating reports from any database without coding. View Profile

Arnica WebReport

by Arnica Software

Enterprise web-based reporting tool, which helps you design and run reports against most major databases. View Profile


by Blue Mountain Reporting

Microsoft Office based versatile reporting application able to retrieve data from any source and generate customised output. View Profile

BI Office

by Pyramid Analytics

A Governed Data Discovery platform providing business intelligence for organizations with any data source on any device. View Profile

BI Plus

by Vedelem

Enterprise reporting and business intelligence with pivots, charts, dashboards and batch reporting. View Profile


by Zendesk

BIME makes it easy to discover the data you and your business care about. View Profile

BIRT Designers

by Actuate

Take information from one or more data sources and design applications and dynamic business reports for personalized insights. View Profile

Boachsoft Bizcom 2015

by Boachsoft

This product enables managers and workers to go beyond pre-packaged reports. View Profile



Business budgeting software for metrics and KPIs; reporting and analysis; budgeting, financial forecasting, financial consolidations. View Profile


by DreamFactory Software

Create and share dynamic presentations on key business metrics and performance indicators within View Profile

CasterStats Reporter

by TouchCast

Provides advanced statistical reports and analysis from your streaming server log files View Profile


by Centius

Delivers true self-service BI that empowers business users and drives innovative decision making. View Profile


by Chartio

Chartio is a powerful business intelligence tool that anyone can use. View Profile

Clear Reports

by i-net software

Software for business reporting that generates XML templates, data visualization, and is built entirely in Java. View Profile

Contenlo Quest

by Contenlo Consulting

Enterprise web reporting system, which streamlines the reporting cycle, consolidating information from multiple sources. View Profile


by KCI Computing

Financial management software, including budgeting, modeling, forecasting, OLAP analysis, consolidations & reporting. View Profile


by Cyberscience

Easy to use business intelligence, ad-hoc query and reporting solution for power users, occasional users and IT professionals. View Profile


by Dataccuity

Dataccuity makes reporting simple, giving you control to see what you want, the way you want with an easy Excel interface. View Profile


by Datameer

Empowers organizations to embark on a data journey that answers a wide range of new, deeper business questions. View Profile

Datawatch Desktop

by Datawatch

Extract data from all types of existing reports, customize, analyze and visualize data in a variety of views, and more. View Profile


by Datasparc

DBHawk is a Web-based SQL Client and Online SQL Reporting Tool for SQL and Nosql databases. View Profile

Discover Analytics

by On Demand Analysis

Data Analysis and Reporting Tool -- Ad-Hoc, Accurate, and Actionable knowledge about any aspect of your business. View Profile

ElegantJ Report Writer

by Elegant MicroWeb

Powerful and compact reporting tool offering report personalization capabilities for faster service, better business management. View Profile


by Enth

Allows you to easily share structured data online and provide users with a quick way to find information using plain text. View Profile


by solidThinking

Envision is a cloud-based business intelligence platform for hosted and on-premises, it speeds up data visualization and analysis. View Profile

User-obvious reporting and business optimization application designed for users of all technical levels. View Profile


by Exago

Exago BI is a 100% web-based, seamlessly embedded, no plugins required, solution for application software providers View Profile


by Metrics Institute

EzPaste is a productivity tool for creating presentations directly from Excel. It lets you export hundreds of charts/tables at once. View Profile


by Fast Reports

A solution for Windows forms & ASP.NET. application-independent reports. Compatibility with .NET Framework 2.0 and higher. View Profile


by URC Infotec

Developed by professionals from pharma industry, covering the information needs of various departments like Sales & Marketing. View Profile

Flexmonster Pivot Table

by Flexmonster

HTML5, JavaScript, Flash and Flex components for displaying pivot charts and easily creating chart-based reports out of them. View Profile

Fraser Stream Integration

by Fraserstream

Leverage the power of your ERP system's existing reporting abilities; output directly to Excel or email to vendors or suppliers. View Profile


by Juice Analytics

Create interactive data presentations with visualization tools through this web-based reporting solution. View Profile


by InfoSoft Global

Generate data-driven, animated line, bar and column charts out of dynamic data. View Profile


by Bludel Technologies

Cloud-based reporting platform for distributing, creating and analyzing reports in real time. View Profile

Grasp Data

by Grasp Technologies

Offers complete automation of the report production and delivery process as well as the latest in analytics and business intelligence. View Profile


by Hanamanu

A cloud SaaS reporting tool that gives you insight into the performance of your business and technical infrastructure View Profile


by HappyMetrix

Lets you create easy-to-use beautiful dashboards, collecting and visualizing data from diverse sources. View Profile

Manage enterprise, departmental, and line of business performance at a lower cost and without IT support in the Cloud. View Profile

Indigo DRS

by Indigo Scape DRS Data Reporting Systems

Advanced Data Reporting System using HTML and XQuery. Features include charts and mobile device compatibility. View Profile


by InnerTrends

A tool that helps collect and analyse metrics related to the user onboarding process for your application. View Profile


by instantOLAP

Powerful, lightweight Reporting and virtual OLAP Tool, completely web-based and written in the Java programming language. View Profile


by Synaptris

Design interactive reports with ease from Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Access, MySQL and other databases. View Profile

Analysis (OLAP) tools for building and viewing multidimensional cubes. View Profile

iRely Dashboard

by iRely

Puts all your business information at your fingertips. Dashboard brings it all together. View Profile

Jet Enterprise

by Jet Reports

A Business Intelligence solution designed for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, giving you BI and reporting in one scalable, low cost solution. View Profile


by Burr Information Systems Technology

Web-based system that links data sources and presents information in a single user interface allowing powerful reports and charts. View Profile


by jsreports

JavaScript reporting solution made for today's modern web applications. View Profile

KPI Watchdog

by KPI Watchdog

Online reporting tool for your e-commerce key performance indicators. Dashboards, automated calculations, alerts, full history. View Profile


by CCAS Software

Cross-platform, multi-user financial and project cost accounting software. View Profile

Logi Info

by Logi Analytics

Logi Info is a platform for creating rich, embedded analytic applications. View Profile


by Scanmar

Marketing and Sales Intelligence system, OLAP analyser, reporter, dashboard for company's sales data and Nielsen, IRI. View Profile


by Mereo

Mereo web based Platform is a hybrid of HCM, CPM & BI (One-stop-shop concept), that allows executives to reach strategic results. View Profile

MicroStrategy 9

by MicroStrategy

Business intelligence platform that delivers a full range of analytical and reporting capabilities. View Profile


by Harpers Payroll Services

Provides quick, easy, accurate payroll data entry and allows you to take control of your payroll. View Profile


by Noetix

Simplifies report development against Oracle enterprise apps by creating easy-to-use business views of the underlying database. View Profile


by Gravitate Solutions

Data blending and analysis platform to help you gain essential insights into your business. View Profile


by OfficeReports

OfficeReports is a menu (ribbon) in Excel, PowerPoint and Word for creating tables and charts easier and faster. View Profile


by Newgen Software

Enterprise Report Management platform that captures the output of ERP systems, Billing Applications, Banking Systems, etc. View Profile

Activity Intelligence provides actionable, real-time performance insight used to make informed decisions about people and technology. View Profile


by Pangaea Software

Automates the freight forwarding process; allows an importer to place an order directly with their supplier via the web. View Profile


by DSPanel

Use only the Simplest and Most Intelligent Financial Platform today with pcFinancials View Profile

Open source BI suite including reporting, analysis, dashboards, data mining and data integration. View Profile


by Periscope

Periscope connects directly to your database and lets you run, visualize, and share analyses on billions of rows of data in seconds. View Profile

Portfolio Plus: Prospector

by Strategic Information Technology

Business intelligence, customer relationship management, data mining, ad hoc queries, summary reports and more. View Profile

Pull Reports

by Pull Reports

Provides ad hoc reporting, mapping, and data services for any dataset over the web. View Profile


by D4 Software

QueryTree is a web based ad hoc reporting tool that works with any Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or PostgreSQL database. View Profile

Rapid Insight Veera

by Rapid Insight

Easy to use software for data organization and consolidation, analytics and report creation. View Profile

Reflex Reporting

by ThorApps

Replicates SharePoint list items from across a site collection (in real time) to a SQL table for your reporting tools. View Profile

Report Analyzer

by Cortex Systems

Documentation and analysis tool for Crystal Reports users and developers. View Profile

Report Portal

by XMLA Consulting

Zero Footprint OLAP client tool that uses XMLA to access Microsoft's Analysis Services. View Profile


by Shahrabani + Associates

Web based software to manage, create and publish reports for Crystal, FRx and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. View Profile

Reporting Workbench

by Polaris Associates

Self Service Operational Reporting Tool and Discoverer Replacement designed exclusively for Oracle E-Business Suite. View Profile

ReportMill 13

by ReportMill Software

Java reporting tool with XML based template design that generates reports from PDF, PostScript, HTML, Flash, Excel, etc. View Profile


by Geminid Systems

ReportWorks unleashes Salesforce data to provide Insight & Analytics you need with no added integration cost. View Profile


by Saasabi

SaasabiPro is an analytics engine that enables customers to build & deploy affordable, flexible reporting and analysis solutions. View Profile


by Optimal Solutions

Provides schools with an intuitive interface and for Payroll, Human Resources, AR/AP, and State reporting. View Profile


by Seerene

Actively drive IT change, balance productivity and innovation while massively reducing risk and increasing transparency. View Profile


by HelpSystems

SEQUEL provides easy-to-use data access solutions for IBM i and empowers users with quality insight to make key business decisions. View Profile


by Philight Sotware

Enables you to easily create complex and interactive reports and connect to multiple sources using a dynamic data access. View Profile


by simpleBi

SaaS solution of the IBM/Cognos BI product offering for small & medium businesses within North America View Profile


by Guidanz

Solution that makes it easy to schedule, generate, and distribute PDF, XLS reports from applications. View Profile


by Slemma

Slemma allows data and teams to be brought together, giving everyone the ability to explore data easily. View Profile

Spreadsheet Server

by Global Software

With Spreadsheet Server, you have the power to build financial and operational reports with drill-down capability right in Excel. View Profile

Got SQL Standard? Need Data Driven Subscriptions? Deliver your reports to Email, Printer, Fax, Folder, FTP, DropBox & SharePoint. View Profile

Synergy Indicata

by Synergy International Systems

Industry-leading M&E solution that streamlines results-based management and help organizations accomplish their performance objectives. View Profile


by TCM Infosys

OLAP solution for corporate management and finance functions. TCM combines consolidation, budgeting, and forecasting. View Profile


by Shopventory

The heartbeat of your business - anytime, anywhere. View Profile


by Ubiq

Ubiq is a web-based reporting and business intelligence application. Ubiq makes it easy to analyze, explore and report data. View Profile


by Upper Quadrant

A Cloud Application for Data Collection & Reporting View Profile

Vanguard Financial Forecasting

by Vanguard Software

An enterprise-scale solution that automates data management, forecasting, and reporting in real time and across distributed systems. View Profile

Vero Designer

by Vero Analytics

The Vero Designer allows analysts of varying skill levels to build reports, prep data, and create data pipelines from SQL databases. View Profile


by IronRock Software

Dashboard development tool that assists with data collection and analysis through forms, charts, maps, tables, graphs, etc. View Profile


by Workiva

We help teams work smart. Wdesk improves productivity, accountability and insight in your business data. View Profile


by Information Builders

Reporting, analysis, distribution, personalization, development, management and administration. View Profile

winCapri Business Intelligence

by Capri Software

Keeping management informed so they can make the best decisions by viewing and compairing useful information side by side. View Profile

Wink Reports

by Wink Reports

Create custom reports from social media, Google, Xero & all your cloud software for complete, real-time visibility across your business View Profile


by SyTech

Excel reporting solution that provides design, viewing, sharing data, data entry management, and background reporting. View Profile


by XLReporting

XLReporting simplifies reporting, financial consolidation, and budgeting. Web-based, integrated with Excel, and easy to configure. View Profile


by Xtraction Solutions

Status monitoring and reporting for help desk and service management applications - can report against any application database. View Profile


by 5000fish

An enterprise BI platform that allows organizations to access, integrate, and deliver data from multiple systems securely. View Profile

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