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Web-based CRM application that enables you to forecast revenues and track leads, and a whole lot more. Explore the world's #1 sales, service, and marketing app.'s Sales (CRM), Service, Platform and Marketing applications help companies connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways. On average, reps using Salesforce see: +29% increase in sales from greater visibility +34% increase in sales productivity +42% increase in forecast accuracy Learn More


by RO|Innovation

RO|Enablement is a sales enablement tool to leverage your best sales assets - happy customers. It is designed so sales reps can access relevant sales & marketing collateral wherever they need, when they need it. This easy to use tool makes it quick and easy for sales reps to find the right collateral for their selling situation, package & deliver it to prospects in an innovative way, and track leads at the height of engagement for better sales intelligence...all from one place Learn More

Easy to use sales tool that helps teams manage their pipeline and close more deals in less time. Built by ex-Skypers and hardcore sales people. Pipedrive supports achieving maximum results - this translates into a visual overview of all deals and activities so you know what's going on and where to put effort, customizable sales stages, an extremely easy and intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop features and an initial set up time of less 5 minutes. Full functionality for just $9 per month. Learn More


by RingCentral

RingCentral as a business phone system offers seamless integration with Salesforce CRM. The RingCentral App for enhances your CRM experience with integrated business communications. With the RingCentral App installed on your computer, you can place calls from within Salesforce by simply clicking on contact or account records. Your incoming calls trigger a pop-up window with the caller's account information. And you can attach call notes to specific contact records. Learn More


by Profile Analysis

A unique field sales management system, offering field visit reporting in <1 minute through mobile apps for all common smart phones with typically 95% sales team compliance. i-snapshot delivers increases in sales productivity >20% in 90 days or less and provides Sales Managers with key information and sales metrics in real time. Feeding directly into existing crm systems it increases compliance while adding sales management. Learn More

Agiloft SFA provides the fastest time to value because it slashes the time to configure the solution to your requirements. We can customize it for you live during the demo - so you get a trial system that you can actually use and a fast, affordable deployment. Agiloft addresses even the most sophisticated requirements in record time and includes prebuilt modules for reseller management, contract management and customer support. Start today with a free custom demo. Learn More

Company growth typically depends on winning more deals -- and winning them faster. Selectica Guided Selling simplifies the configuration of even the most complex offerings, so your salespeople and channel partners can assemble and price deals that move more efficiently through the pipeline and close more quickly. Learn More


by Point of Reference

ReferenceEdge(SM) is a native, purpose-built Salesforce(R) app specifically designed to manage customer reference/advocate information and automate the reference request workflow. Track who is a reference, for what and how often they may be used. Issue and redeem reward points for completed reference activities. Measure program impact through extensive reports and dashboard charts. Improve sales & marketing efficiency, shorten the "quote to cash" cycle, and win more deals. Learn More


by Carmel Vision

The revolutionary InfoFlo contact management and CRM infrastructure solves the everyday problem of allowing all office activities to coexist together under one umbrella, making all critical information readily available and a single click away. These activities include email management, contact management, scanning, bulk email, telephone managment, reporting, document management, tasks, collaboration, calendar sharing, project management, maps, Skype integration, Outlook integration and more. Learn More


by TeleNotes SPS

No Data Entry! Telenotes is the easiest CRM in the industry allowing your field sales reps to update EVERYTHING in our CRM by simply talking on their cell phone. YES, If your sales team can use their cell phone, they can use Telenotes. Next Generation Contact Managment Provider designed by sales people for sales people. Learn More


by Kwaga

* Professionals use Evercontact to improve ROI. No contacts left unregistered, no manual input anymore. Never lose time again. You can focus exclusively on your sales. * Evercontact is your personal assistant. It will directly import all contact details from your email to your Salesforce database. Our users save at least 1h/week! * Enjoy our 30-day free trial. Our plans start at 13$/user/month. Join our 50000 users and 500 subscribed companies now! Learn More

LogicBox CRM

by LogicBox Software

Interested in a cloud-delivered CRM based specifically on your business rules? Do you want it fast at an affordable price? We use our innovative CRM technology platform to quickly customize LogicBox CRM to meat the specific needs of every customer.. Nothing is out of scope! Don't settle for prescribed workflows, out-of-the-box automation and multi-tenant databases. Instead, have your CRM embrace your unique processes and be the competitive weapon to win in your marketplace! Learn More


by EASY Software Solutions

ContactChamp will help you be more organized and productive by automating the creation of daily call lists. Learn More

Total web based contact management software solution for organizations from 5-5,000 people. Learn More

Marketing Optimizer

by Active Internet Marketing

Generate and sell more Internet leads with the only sales automation and digital agency software made for marketing experts. Learn More

Powerful, easy to use marketing automation software that helps generate qualified leads and translate marketing spending into revenue. Learn More

Pipeliner CRM

by pipelinersales

A sales CRM application with sales process based framework and team collaboration tools. Learn More


by SugarCRM

Open Source Sales Force Automation. Manage accounts, contacts, opportunities, leads and more. Learn More


by Perenso

Helps reps in the field to conduct sales efforts and enter orders. Works on an iPad. Learn More

Web-based SFA tool: optimizes selling efforts and drives a more efficient sales cycle. Learn More


by webCRM

Aimed at between 2 and 50 users, webCRM is an affordable and proven online CRM system. Learn More


by Commence

Customer Relationship Management solution: SFA, marketing and campaign management, contact management. Learn More

Virtual Sales Portal

by Virtual Sales Network

Online person-to-person sales platform. Sales people can leverage the advantages of multimedia web meetings into initial prospect calls Learn More

Allows you to deliver on-demand videos from any app including web portals, SharePoint, or any popular Learning Management Systems. Learn More

Cincom Acquire

by Cincom Systems

An enterprise sales portal that automates selling of complex products and services. Learn More

Integrated business management solution that automates financial, customer relationship and supply chain processes. Learn More

Web-based CRM and sales force automation solution that includes billing & invoicing automation and IM. Learn More


by PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals is simply yet powerful CRM software for big business. Priced only $24/user/month. Learn More


by SalesEdge

RFP response, sales proposal, and presentation automation software helps sales and proposals teams improve their sales performance. Learn More


Web Based SFA & CRM system that is designed and priced to fit the needs of any size company. Learn More


by ActiveConversion

Online lead generation and marketing automation software; online customer acquisition and sales force automation. Learn More

Video search and management system for sales enablement. Enables users to capture, share and search video content. Learn More


by Anaplan

Cloud-based planning and modeling solutions for sales, operations, and finance. Learn More


by Atlatl Software

Design, quote, and contact management platform that uses 3D modeling to streamline the process of efficiently close the deal. Learn More

Auric Prospector

by Auric Technology

Web based CRM that includes opportunity management, customer service and reporting. Learn More

Axiom Sales Manager

by Raeko Software

Web-based sales management tool that provides accurate quotes in a professional proposal document, with management visibility. Learn More


by Base

Base is the only CRM built for people and the first post-PC CRM. Base is used by tens of thousands of businesses to manage sales. Learn More


by BetterSalez

Analyze client communications, probabilities and due dates and define a different sale momentum for each sale opportunity. Learn More

BlueWhale CRM

by TechWhale Solutions

Track sales life cycle, customer relationships, manage support issues, customize fields, create reports, charts and more. Learn More

BPMonline CRM

by BPMonline

Process-based cloud CRM solution to automate routine processes, apply best practices, streamline sales and increase efficiencies Learn More

Bridged Exchange Hosted CRM

by Bridgeleaf Studios

CRM tool to manage leads, manage clients, assign contacts to employees, and instantly build online forms for your web sites. Learn More


by Buzz Builder

This isn't just Marketing Automation for salespeople, it's prospecting nirvana! Generate leads and appointments in new ways. Learn More

Call Activity Tracking System

by Synergistix Data Solutions

CRM solution that combines sales force automation with back-office functionality. Developed for pharmaceuticals. Learn More

Call Tracker

by Sigma Infosolutions

CRM tool that is designed to assist you manage sales calls with splendid efficiency and insight. Learn More


by CallProof

CRM application for sales teams that allows them to automate phone calls and text outreach to prospective leads. Learn More

Cameleon CPQ

by Cameleon Software

Automate product & pricing configuration, lead management, proposal & quote generation and partner relationship management. Learn More


by Centerbase

Centerbase provides comprehensive, web-based contact management/CRM solutions to the SMB market at an affordable price. Learn More


by CNET Content Solutions

Web-based tool for VARs and solution providers. Manage quoting, procurement, and e-commerce store all from one application. Learn More

Claromentis Sales Manager

by Claromentis

Customizable settings fit with your existing sales structure so the software works the way you do. Learn More

Clear Service

by Liberated Networks

Whether you are a small non-profit or a large member-based organization, we can help you to find, acquire and retain members. Learn More

by Elastic is a streamlined sales platform that helps you close more deals by automatically tracking all your sales communication. Learn More

Gives your team the tools to quickly provide customers with all the information needed to make rapid buying decisions. Learn More

Contact & Sales Manager

by Accura Software

Maintain individual contacts within each entity, schedule and track all activities related to each contact. Learn More

CPQ OnDemand

by FPX

Streamlines the configure-price-quote process. Our product configuration technology makes it easy to price products of any complexity. Learn More

CRM by Web

by CRM by Web

Web-based CRM software that supports sales analysis, customer service, quotes management, order tracking and invoicing. Learn More

Web-based solution with lead capturing, sales forecasting, follow-ups management, contacts tracking, and accounting capabilities. Learn More

CRM software

by Luxor CRM

Customer relationship management and sales force automation. Designed from the ground up by salespeople, for salespeople. Learn More

CRM software for Real Estate

by Lasso Data Systems

On-demand CRM software for the real estate industry; it is easy to use, fast to deploy. Learn More


by HydraNet

Web-based CRM solution that is simple, powerful, and customizable. Remarkable set of reporting tools included. Learn More


by Datanyze

Lead generation and sales intelligence app for web technology companies that allows them to prioritize lead outreach. Learn More


by Marketcircle

Manage your company's projects, sales, contacts, tasks, appointments, meetings, notes, and email on your Mac. Learn More

Desktop Sales Manager

by Software On Sailboats

Track and manage your sales with powerful, affordable sales automation software for personal computers and Pocket PCs. Learn More

Digital Salesforce

by Digital Gateway

Enables tightly-coupled marketing initiatives, product sales and customer retention. Learn More

DOTS Lead Validation

by Service Objects

Validate and enhance the quality of leads by constantly cross-checking names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. to confirm reliability. Learn More


by Symphonic Source

DupeCatcher enables Salesforce subscribers to identify and dedupe leads, accounts, and contacts at the point of entry. Learn More


by eMaximation

Sales and marketing automation solution. Drip-feed marketing campaigns, activity tracking, lead segmentation, and prospect tracking. Learn More

EPAM Sales Force Automation

by EPAM Systems

Provides full customer service support for the connected mobile sales representative with full localization for 25 countries. Learn More


by eRrealSoft

Powerful, easy-to-use web-based sales management system for condo conversions, new condominium and single-family developers. Learn More


by Greenwich Technologies

Sales and catering software that boosts productivity through easy to learn, intuitive time saving functionality. Learn More


by Aranxa Software

CRM and sales order processing software that enables salespeople to work on the go, from their PC, phones, or tablets. Learn More

Exact Synergy

by Exact

Web-based solution that includes e-documents, e-CRM, e-logistics, e-project, e-HRM, e-financials, and e-procurement. Learn More


by AXLR8

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for your sales and marketing business processes. Learn More


by Fision

Automate your sales process and minimize busy work. Fision enables you to spend less time searching and editing and more time selling. Learn More


by Levelsoft

Intergrated package incorporating survey, decision support, planning and control of all market activities. Learn More


by Basecamp

Easy-to-use software for small businesses to track your leads, contacts and deals. Learn More


by interlinkONE

Contact and list management solution designed to increase your sales and reduce your sales cycle time. Learn More


by InsideView

SaaS sales-intelligence solution that gathers information from a wide range of sources and delivers it directly to your sales reps. Learn More

Arms your agents with a single interface that brings all the information they need to handle an interaction. Whether the data exists in a single database or across the entire enterprise Learn More

Intuit QuickBase

by Intuit

Online database can help you manage your sales pipelines and agents more effectively, leading to increased productivity. Learn More


by InvisibleCRM

Instinctive suite of desktop applications for CRM that meld with Outlook and My Documents. Learn More

Inzant Sales

by Inzant

A fully integrated sales ordering, presentations, administration, marketing, and payment gateway. Learn More


by KinetiCast

The Simple, Powerful & Proven Online Presentation Tool for the B2B Sales Elite Learn More


by Contact Science

Software that enhances cold call prospecting to increase the number of suspects that your sales force puts into the pipeline. Learn More

Lead Velocity

by Customer Velocity

Field every lead automatically with powerful e-mail campaigns and get click through reports with metrics for your marketing team. Learn More


by Manticore Technology

Run powerful online marketing campaigns and generate golden sales leads. Learn More

Map Business Online

by SpatialTEQ

Seeing business data on map can discover hidden patterns, relationships, and trends in your business. Learn More



CRM system that is designed specifically for small businesses, including contact management and sales force automation. Learn More

Medical Advantage

by Genesis Global Technologies

Sales, marketing , follow up automation for medical industry. Learn More


by Aspin Management Systems

Sales Force Automation Software to enable field sales forces to remotely capture and process data. Learn More


by Mysales Software Services

With mySALES, you can create and manage your customers records, prospects list with end-to-end result oriented features. Learn More


by Nimble

We smartly combines your email, social signals, activities and follow-ups in one place, providing context for your contacts. Learn More


by Nutshell

Modern CRM solution that supports and enhances email, chat, and phone communications with your clients. Learn More


by Data Tectonics

An integrated approach to identify, select, acquire, develop, and retain customers. Learn More


by OnePageCRM

Sales management system with contact management, sales actions and targets tracking, etc. Learn More

Online MRM-M R Reporting Tool

by Innovative Software Solutions

Easy and efficient access of information of doctors like personal details, qualification detail, etc. Learn More

OpenBOX Sales Force Automation

by OpenBox Technologies

Tracks and assigns leads automatically, regardless of their origin - web, phone call, e-mail or a list. Learn More

OPERA Sales Force Automation

by MICROS Systems

A central Sales support tool for the hotel chain's regional or national Sales team. Learn More

Order Management Solutions

by AFS Technologies

AFS Technologies offers a variety of order management software products for the food and beverage industry. Learn More


by Dovarri

SharePoint CRM solution for organizations with complex sales processes. Offers tasks assignment, contact and lead management features. Learn More

Pathway Analysis

by Mosaic Solutions Group

Sales team analytical application for getting quick visual responses to business questions within pharma industry. Learn More


by Axonom

Cloud-based Product Configurator, Forecasting, Customer and Partner Portals, Contact Center, Design Win, and Time & Billing products. Learn More


by Configurator Solutions

Precise is a guided sales configurator software for engineered products, simplifies and speeds up the configuration, pricing and quotation of your complex & customized products. Learn More

Price Manager

by Vendavo

Vendavo is the price and margin management solution of choice for business to business companies. Learn More

A web based Sales Force Automation tool, especially suited for FCMG Companies Learn More

Sales force automation, order processing, product management, ERP, and business intelligence software. Learn More


by Prolifiq Software

Organize sales information and make data accessible to salesmen while tracking and measuring results Learn More

Proscape Sales

by Proscape Technologies

SFA software that helps your sales teams identify, coordinate, forecast, and track new business opportunities. Learn More


by Ai2

Order entry software package for iPad (1&2), Laptop, and Handheld aimed at improving the sales and order entry process. Learn More

ProSTART 2013

by ACG Technologies

Empower and Unlock the Potential of your Organization with ProSTART, a comprehensive and all-inclusive CRM, Sales, and more. Learn More


by De Data

Mobile Sales Force Automation for Retail Merchandisers. Learn More


by Aspire Technologies

Allows companies in every industry to create detailed quotes with speed and efficiency. Learn More

Really Simple Marketing

by Really Simple Systems

Measure performance of all your marketing campaigns, with integrated mailing and interface your web site to your CRM system. Learn More

Riptide Cloud

by Riptide Software

Unite client information, leads, properties, listings, and showings into one easy-to-use online application. Learn More

ROI Analyst

by Alinean

Empowers your sales force, consultants and partners to deliver credible and customized ROI business cases for prospects. Learn More


by ro|innovation

Fits into your sales enablement strategy as the most cost-effective and easy-to-use sales enablement technology platform. Learn More


by SABER Analytics

Allows sales teams to submit consistent, accurate sales forecasts and effectively review and report deal movements. Learn More

Sales Cycle Manager

by SalesWays

Web-based sales automation, forecasting and opportunity management tool. Learn More

Sales Engine

by BigMachines

Delivers a complete solution that helps guide your sales reps to the best products and services for each customer Learn More

Appointment Calendar, Task List, Team Collaboration, Contact Interaction History, easy Outlook & ACT data import. Learn More

Sales Force Automation-SFA

by Virgosys Software

Includes a contact management system and a sales lead tracking system, which lists potential customer lists. Learn More

Sales Force Management Suite 2004

by Sales Force Management Software

Includes task keeper, daily planner, performance evaluator, graphical score card, management dashboard, backup & export, etc. Learn More

Sales Management Database

by Business Database Builder

Web-based sales management database software for tracking both sales demands and sales effectiveness. Learn More

Sales Mantra

by FSL Software Technologies

Sales Force Automation, Email Campaigns, Lead Generation, Sales Leads, CRM Software, Revenue Management Strategy in Sales. Learn More

Sales Planner

by Sankalp Computer & Systems

Web-based solution that manages sales pipeline, documents, contacts; offers unwanted leads blocking, and sales forecasting. Learn More

Sales Simplicity

by Sales Simplicity Software

Many applications come together to create an all inclusive suite to manage customers, data and communication Learn More

Sales Tracking Portal

by Sales Tracking Portal

Sales Tracking Portal is Free Online Sales Tracking Software designed for simplicity and help you to achieve maximum result. Learn More


by Rightway Solution

Sales+ is CRM 2.0 and advanced sales lead management software. Sales+ provides lead capturing, lead distribution, lead management, team collaboration, contact management, task management, tagging, pro Learn More


by RTI Software

Sales and marketing automation software with contact management, marketing campaigns, laptop synchronization, and more. Learn More


by Intrafinity

Complete sales force automation tool that helps to build and manage client relationships. Learn More


by Swiftpage

Get a complete view of customer interactions across departments; get insights for better planning, managing, and forecasting. Learn More


by SalesMetric

A full-featured web-based SFA and CRM subscription service keeping your staff securely connected to your customers 24/7. Learn More


by Interchange Solutions

Mobile CRM and sales force automation solution that enables lead management, sales reporting, as well as case and deal management. Learn More


by SalesPad Solutions

Quick quote & order entry, complete inventory visibility, easy access to all customer information and built-in credit card processing. Learn More


by Salespod

SalePod.NET is a mobile Sales Force Automation solution available as SaaS. It is the endpoint of your ERP or CRM system, working on smart phones or tablets, anywhere outside your offices. Learn More


by Lattice Engines

Enables companies to sell smarter and achieve an increase in sales. Learn More

Sales productivity through "Sales Intelligence" providing strategy, methodology and process for field sales reps. Learn More


by Real World Software

Graphical Forecasting and Sales Management tool. Learn More


by Selltis

Designed for industrial sales organizations; includes automatic forecasting capabilities, lead management features. Learn More

Showcase Workshop

by Showcase Software

Sales presentation app for iPads that reduces risk, drives sales, and gives you total control over your branding. Learn More

by Analystik

Mobile web solution that automates the sales cycle by generating documents and allowing customers to sign on a tablet or smartphone. Learn More

Simple Sales Tracking

by Simple Sales Tracking

Web-based sales CRM software for the tracking, analysis and forecasting of individual and team sales pipeline and contacts. Learn More

Skura SFX

by Skura

Mobile Sales enablement improves EFFECTIVENESS of sales by ENABLING digital content to reach customers on all channels of engagement. Learn More

Smart Sell

by Solversa Technologies

Solversa's "Smart Sell" SFA suite enables you to manage contacts, campaigns, leads and sales opportunities. Learn More


by ZoirosIT

An alternative for heavy and expensive CRM solutions by focusing on stages of customer relationships that are process driven. Learn More

smartVelocity SalesPro


Online CRM solution designed to give managers the tools that they need to effectively manage their sales team. Learn More


by Spoke Software

Enables sales professionals to leverage an extended network of nearly 30 million relationships. Learn More


by AdvanTec Information Systems

Sales Force Automation software built for account sales and management. Learn More


by InfoStreet

Rapidly deploy Intranets and Extranets that include email, group calendars, portals, file sharing, knowledge management. Learn More

Summit Sales Contacts

by Ritam Technologies

Sales Contacts Software to track salesrep contacts and productivity. Learn More

Talisma CRM

by Campus Management

Customer relationship management across sales, service, and marketing functions. Learn More

The Proposal Automation Suite

by Pragmatech Software

Sales productivity software that automates the creation of proposals, RFP responses and presentations. Learn More

Tour de Force CRM

by Tour de Force CRM

An application that integrates with Outlook and your ERP business system, and provides CRM, SFA, and BI. Learn More


by Goldhawk

Simple deal management tool that supports drag and drop scheduling and deal tracking email updates. Can integrate with Highrise CRM. Learn More

TrackStar Prospect Tracker

by Internal Systems

Comprehensive and affordable sales force automation tool for managing and tracking prospective customers and related communications. Learn More

Ulysses Suite

by QMS Software

Customer service solution that enables sales force automation, service management, facilities management, and compliance management. Learn More

Upsales CRM

by Upsales Nordic

Online CRM with sales activity management, campaign planning, lead importing, document & contact management, mobile apps and more. Learn More

Validar Full Measure Suite includes Lead Capture, Lead Manager, Lead Import for AppExchange. Learn More


by Nuvek

Makes Mobile Data Collection for Quality Assurance Inspections, Surveys, and Reporting efficient - Available online and in realtime. Learn More


by Quadriceps Products

Demand forecasting solution capable of creating forecasts for any product level and market level. Learn More

WebbStone CRM

by WebbStone

Web-based CRM that focuses on a great user interface, top notch functionality and ease of use at a low price. Learn More

Wintouch eCRM

by Touchtone

Web-based CRM for AS/400, built-in 5250 emulation, integrates to back-end ERP & data, PDA & laptop remote access. Learn More

Zoho CRM

by Zoho

Zoho CRM empowers organizations with a complete customer relationship lifecycle management solution. Learn More

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