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Sycamore serves K-12 public and private schools, school districts and Catholic dioceses. Schools representing over 45 countries use Sycamore Education.

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Sycamore Education is a 100% cloud-based SIS. Our 21st century pricing means you get one universal system, for one low price. No modules or add-ons. The most comprehensive system on the market, Sycamore INCLUDES: a powerful master scheduler, a robust online admissions portal, integrated payment processing, district functionality, LMS and a FREE app for Android or iPhone. Our support response time is measured in minutes not hours or days. Teachers love our "Chat Live with Support" feature.

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    Business Hours

Vendor Details

  • Sycamore Leaf Solutions
  • Founded 1999

Features Checklist

  • Academic Reporting
  • Admissions Management
  • Assessment Management
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Classroom Management
  • Communication Management
  • Curriculum Management
  • Enrollment Management
  • Event Calendar
  • Facility Management
  • Faculty / Staff Management
  • Financial Management
  • Fundraising Management
  • Higher Education
  • Independent / Private
  • K-12
  • Parent Portal
  • Scheduling
  • School District
  • Special Education
  • Student Information / Records
  • Student Portal

Product Reviews

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December 03, 2014

Warning School Admins - Their App is worthless - nothing is accurate / up to date

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Comments: For the first half of this school year the app was just unstable (uh-oh message like other reviewers) but at least I could keep trying and eventually get info. For the last few weeks the grades listed for my children are inaccurate and the missing assignments are from last quarter. (Similar to other reviews.) The website is well done but the app is junk. Google play shows the last update was 8/23/13. I wonder if the schools purchasing the software, with the promise of a handy app for parents, know how bad the app is.

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Chris Tqa, Office Volunteer at Calvary Academy

October 13, 2014

Batch Email issues

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Comments: Great service from Nick who went above and beyond the call of duty to help resolve the issue. The problem was on my end and not Sycamore. Thanks Nick!

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Ruth Gray, Principal at Kingwood Christian School

May 20, 2014

Saint Andrew Academy, Louisville Kentucy Review of Sycamore

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Comments: I have not experienced such fantastic pr and customer care before. You and your company have done a great job in developing your program from every level making the transition to the system just about seamless. Any problem we have had has been corrected, responded to, and met. We continue to find ways to maximize our use of the new system too, making the overall system itself very 21st century which is what I really like!

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Jennifer Barz, Principal at Saint Andrew Academy

December 16, 2013

Absolutely the Best!

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Comments: Our school implemented Sycamore three years ago. Surprisingly, teachers and administrators embraced it without resistance. To have a user friendly student information system without the need to pay extra for additional modules is unprecedented. You name it and Sycamore has it We are a college preparatory high school and Sycamore has more than we need. Furthermore, students and parents have been nothing but complimentary.

Between ease of use, efficient support and extensive usability, Sycamore is an easy choice. Add in the low cost in comparison to other student information systems, and it's a no brainer.

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Dan Knopp, Head of School at

February 11, 2011

Excellent Customer Service/User Friendly

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: I have been working in the education field for 25 years, 20 of them with the local public school system, and have used many different student management systems during that time. Being a small school, I worried when we implemented Sycamore Education because I knew that I was pretty much alone when it came to troubleshooting. No longer would I have an IT rep inhouse who could solve any problems I might have. I have been very happy with the customer service with Sycamore and the ease of use as well. I usually get an answer within 10 minutes any time I submit a ticket for technical help. They are also constantly adding upgrades to the program that are very helpful to the staff and the parents.

Cons: There have been very few things that our school personally wanted changed that were not feasible as other schools had not asked for the same changes. We have been able to work around them.

Overall: I would give them an excellent rating and would have no problem recommending Sycamore to any school looking for an online student management system.

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Pattie Hancock, Office Manager at Clarksville Christian School, Inc.

February 11, 2011

Sycamore Fan

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: Sycamore is priced right and very user friendly. A huge advantage to the system is the technical support. We find the support staff provides great assistance with easy questions as well as more complex solutions. We appreciate their willingness to see us through to the end when we have an issue (even when it's self created). The web-based system provides easy access from anywhere which is a great feature. The system is continually being updated with no expensive upgrade charges which is great for sticking to a budget. Communication with families and among staff is made easy with Sycamore as well.

Cons: Not as much database flexibility (adding fields/tracking) as we woud like.

Overall: I would highly recommend Sycamore. Our school has benefited so much from using Sycamore and are pleased with the decision we made to use this software. For the price, ease of use and great tech support/upgrades, it would be difficult to find anything better.

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Julie Elliott, board of education advisor at Northland Christian

November 01, 2010

User friendly

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: Sycamore Education is very easy to use. It makes communicating grades to parents so easy. A parent can log on at their leisure and check on grades for their student. The Pass-A-Note option is very handy, as well. I communicate hourly with parents and fellow faculty using Pass-A-Notes. I often print reports of students grades to go home, and in a few clicks can email that same report directly to parents!

Cons: It takes a little while to learn to navigate the ins and outs of everything. After a few quarters it becomes like second nature. I just KNOW where everything is.

Overall: I recommend Sycamore Education to any school who wishes to increase the daily communication between teachers and parents.

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Christy Tanner, Secondary Math Teacher at Plaza Heights Christian Academy

October 27, 2010

Sycamore Best Bang for your buck

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: - All in one System
- Customer support is quite responsive
- No software to upgrade, No servers to back up
- Very feature rich
- Cost effective all in one solution for Schools of all sizes

Cons: - Many reports are available and Dynamic reports are great but need the ability to save Dynamic report definitions.

Overall: Overall our School users are happy with Sycamore. I would recommend this product as a cost effective way to get your school up and running on cloud computing. There is no software to maintain and minimal start up costs.

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Brian Pogson, IT Administrator at Black Forest Academy

September 28, 2010

NMCS thinks Sycamore Education is AWESOME!

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: Ease of system
Tech support
Quick response to personalized needs
My Teachers LOVE IT!
Has so much to offer beside attendance and grades

Cons: We have not had any issues with this system. Any changes we've needed have been addressed quickly.

Overall: Our school would HIGHLY recommend sycamore education, we've used other systems and have NEVER had such an easy time converting over to a new system. Even though training is not available, you don't need it. Sycamore Education is so simple to use. Thanks Sycamore - NMCS LOVES Sycamore Education!

Vendor Response

by Sycamore Leaf Solutions on September 29, 2010

Clarification: Training videos and manuals are accessible within the system for all users. If more personal training is desired, administrator and teacher training sessions can be scheduled. This is done via webinar for a minimal fee. A proposal for on-site training can also be requested.

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Nancee Wilson, Tech Director at Northern Michigan Christian School

August 27, 2010

Sycamore Education affordable software for schools

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: User friendly, affordable, numerous features

Cons: Discipline section does not work with our school discipline plan

Overall: Highly Recommended

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Gail Scott, High School Academic Counselor/Lead Teacher at Faithway Christian School

August 05, 2010

After careful evaluation, we chose Sycamore for our school's needs

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: -support is rarely needed, but EXCEPTIONAL in times of need. support ticket response time averages 10 minutes. (yes...10 minutes, not 10 hours!) Support staff is EXCEPTIONAL.
-easy for teachers, parents, & students to use
-has become our "go-to" method of communication with the school family
-ALL IN ONE! No "module" ridiculousness
-no servers to maintain!
-teachers have access 24/7, on or off-campus
-SE is always improving their product and making the experience more and more user-friendly

Cons: -pictures aren't easy to upload (in SE's defense, photo-sharing is not their expertise)

Overall: WITHOUT A DOUBT, Sycamore Education was the right solution for our school. We evaluated 2 other systems and we are so very glad we chose Sycamore.

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Carmen Flores, Guidance Counselor at Lakeland Christian Academy

June 06, 2010

Sycamore Review

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: Sycamore is an all encompassing administration software. It allows for great communication with teachers, students, staff, and parents. It includes just about all aspects of administering to a school. I am very pleased...

Cons: I would like to see one feature added to Sycamore. I would like to see an e-mail notification sent to parents as to when grades have been updated. I understand Sycamore's reasoning behind not doing that, however, in today's world, people need as many chances and excuses to log into Sycamore. I would like to see an e-mail stating that their students grades have been updated and a link to log onto sycamore.

Overall: I strongly recommend this to any school or school district. It is a fantastic resource for my school and my community.

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Rick Pelkie, Principal at St. John Vianney School

January 13, 2010

Sycamore Education - The Key to a Smooth Running School

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: 1. Looks and performs professionally for school employees and parents.
2. Provides an excellent platform for ongoing communication between the school and home.
3. Customer support is exceptional. They provide helpful, easy to understand assistance in a timely fashion.
4. Over other web-based programs we've used or reviewed, Sycamore stands out as the best value and highest quality for our money.
5. We've received comments from other schools regarding the professional appearance of our grade cards, transcripts, and other school communication.
6. The Pass-a-Note feature makes communication among the school community easy and quick.
7. We've never experienced any "down time"; Sycamore is always functioning quickly and properly.

Cons: 1. The user manuals would be more beneficial if they guided the user step-by-step through each process, especially during initial setup. What the user manuals lack, the customer support makes up for!

Overall: We are extremely pleased with the quality of the product and the service received from Sycamore. Our transition to Sycamore was smooth and the customer support is clear and responsive. Using Sycamore has revolutionized communication throughout our school community. As an experienced school admnistrator and adjunct college professor, I am extremely pleased with Sycamore Education and am grateful for the opportunity to recommend it to others.

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Tony Ryff, Superintendent at Blue Ridge Christian School

January 11, 2010

Sycamore Education: Excellent Product, Excellent Service, Reasonable Price!

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: -Excellent customer service. Their contact person for us (Nancy) has been very receptive to our needs and is an outstanding communicator for Sycamore.
-Incredibly fast response to support tickets. Almost instantaneous.
-Flexible! They have been willing to work with us to modify to some specific needs we have.
-Simple to use. Once you learn a few key areas, it's so easy.

Cons: -Needs an aesthetic facelift/tweak.

Overall: I highly recommend the site. It's functional, easy to use, VERY affordable and the people working there have been just phenomenal.

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Scott Breimhorst, Principal at Shakopee Area Catholic School

August 29, 2009


Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: 1, Very cost effective
2. You are purchasing all that the program has to offer. There are no additional fees for upgrades
3. Customer Service is awesome! Quick to respond, helpful and you can reach them by phone or PAN.
4. Very user friendly
5. HIGH HIGH rate of parent satisfaction with being able to access grades, teachers, one another, etc. All of them rave about the program!
6. Sycamore Leaf keeps us updated
7. Sycamore is always seeking to improve their program
8. PAN - we absolutely LOVE this feature. Our high school classrooms are in "learning cottages" aka trailers - and the teachers are separated. This feature allows all of us to feel so connected!

Cons: 1, Not too many or serious... we did notice that if you make a change on the family or student information (you have the mother's name wrong ex.) then when you correct it, you cannot do it in just one area, you have to go into multiple areas.

2. We had some issues with the GPA configuration. I did not deal with it, but I know our high school conselor had numerous phone calls and PAN' s to get it figured out properly. For some reason we now have to do something different to get our proper grading.

3. Getting my parents over the learning curve of using the program. It is frustrating to hear them say " We seldom check Sycamore" and in our memos and everything else we keep saying HOW MUCH we put on Sycamore and to check it out. Word of mouth is helping this... I hear parents telling other parents that they really need to use it, or someone asking another how they knew about something and they will say "on Sycamore" .

Overall: 1. I would love to see you all at the Mid-Atlantic Convention in Lancaster PA.

2. I had a new family comment that they were telling a group of people their child was coming to the school. Someone in the group, who does not have a child at our school and we are not sure how they even know about the school, spoke up and said "Well they have Sycamore and it is a wonderful program!". Someone is talking!

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Lee Ann Carmichael, Administrator at North Rome Christian School

November 02, 2008

We have been very satisfied with the product and the support.

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: The conversion from our previous network-based program went flawlessly. We were up an running within a couple of weeks with the majority of the time just verifying data. Our main objective was to improve communication between school and home. Being a small school (s effective using this product.

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Jon Sugimoto, Technology Coordinator at San Francisco Christian School

October 28, 2008

As a Catholic High School with limited resources, we found Sycamore Education to have the most.

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: Web interface is speedy
Training is easy and intuitive
Implementation and customer support are exceptional
Openness to innovation, enhancements

Cons: Master Scheduler isn't as robust as I would like to see it, but a new version is set to be released soon, which is a testament to the continual improvement of this product.

Overall: As a Catholic High School with limited resources, we found Sycamore Education to have the most bang for the buck. We did exhaustive research and evaluation of other products and Sycamore delivered the most features that met our needs. Our faculty, staff, and families have widely accepted Sycamore, praise its features, and it has quickly become the center of how we get things done at Bishop Machebeuf High School.

Vendor Response

by Sycamore Leaf Solutions on March 29, 2010

Master Schedule interface was introduced in 2009.

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John Contreraz, Director of Academic Information at Bishop Machebeuf High School