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by Stoneware

Computers are amazing training tools, but can be a huge distraction to students. LanSchool improves instruction in a computer-based classroom by increasing instructor confidence with an inexpensive, reliable software solution. Trainers can remove distractions, demonstrate skills, monitor, assess student progress, and prevent inappropriate use. LanSchool v7.6 is the latest version of the award winning software and now works cross platform on PCs, Macs, Thin Clients, Linux, and even the iPad. Learn More

MemberHub allows schools and early learning programs to share a private online site where teachers and parents can communicate - school-wide, on a grade level, on the classroom level, or one-on-one. You can set up private online groups, called hubs, for each classroom, grade level, or committee, as well as a main hub for the entire school. Parents and teachers have access to just the hubs they need, while administrators can view and manage all of the hubs. Learn More is an online school management system for K-12 schools of any size that can improve the overall operations and internal and external communication. The system is made up of integrated components including a branded school website, school staff interface for school operations, activities, and classroom management, a student information system, a parent relationship management portal, services like email and web-hosting, and more. Learn More


by Administrate

Administrate is a Training Management and Administration Solution built just for training providers. Learn More

Cumulo Learning

by H51 Software

Web-based utility for public and private schools with communication, gradebook, reporting, attendance, and lunch program components. Learn More


by Instructure

Cloud-based LMS solution for universities and K-12 schools with grading, course content tools, mobile applications. NFB Certified. Learn More

EDU 2.0

by EDU 2.0

EDU 2.0 is a simple, powerful LMS that makes it easy to deliver online education. Learn More


by ProClass

Manage classes and events easily. Powerful scheduling, flexible tuition and fee options, and multiple instructor assignment. Learn More


by Tadpoles

Allows parents to stay connected with what their children are doing throughout the day at their day-time school via mobile applications Learn More


by clonnecto

Easiest way for schools, day care centres, pre-schools and sporting groups to send important info directly to parents' mobile devices. Learn More

Online class registration, online payment, facility, roster, accounting, and reporting management. Learn More


by Teacher Inspired Solutions

Behavior tracking software system allowing teachers and school administrators to record, track, and monitor the behavior of students. Learn More


by SchoolFly Networks

100% web-based and only requires a link to the Internet. State-of-the-art technology, economical, flexible, and easy to use. Learn More

AB Tutor

by Globe Microsystems

Manage, monitor, demonstrate, support, collaborate with students; whitelist or blacklist applications, webpages or PC/Tablet use. Learn More

Advanced Net Monitor


A program that allows a view of a computer monitor of a remote computer, which is connected to the network. Learn More



Increase your customer service & parent satisfaction with streamlined communication between students, parents & teacher. Learn More


by Academic Excellence

eLearning software including LMS and online collaboration. Learn More

Assessment Evaluation System

by All In Learning

All In Learning ives teachers, schools and district administrators real-time classroom data from a variety of assessment instruments. Learn More

AsureForce Time

by Asure Software

Cloud-based time and labor management software with workforce analytics and online timesheets. Learn More

Web-based server software that offers course management and integrates with student information systems. Learn More



Online booking and scheduling platform for tutors and private instructors. Learn More

Class Mate Gradebook

by Class Mate Software

A teacher grading and classroom management program intended for all levels of education. Learn More

Class Registrar

by BothWorlds Software

Server-based training management software to help you manage curriculums, courses and scheduled classes. Learn More

Class Scheduler

by CyberMatrix

Easy to use student class scheduler ideal for schools and other institutions that need to quickly schedule classes. Learn More


by ClassDojo

Software that encourages positive classroom behavior by awarding points for participation. Learn More



A classroom attendance monitoring system for Windows workstations Learn More


by ClassLink Technologies

K-12 educational platform that enables the school to deliver curriculum software tools. Learn More


by Atlantic Associates

Full-function class management, registration, billing and marketing system. Learn More

Windows PC software for keeping grades, organizing curriculum and lesson plans, monitoring attendance and student disciplinary actions. Learn More


by Timecruiser Computing

Addresses the specific challenges faculty encounter when designing and managing their classes in an online environment. Learn More

CSE Classroom Manager

by CSE Education Systems

Gives teachers powerful, extensive, simple control of ICT classrooms. Q&A module checks comprehension at the end of the lesson. Learn More

Curriculum Designer

by Scantron

A software program to assist school districts in building a continuum of objectives for K-12 students. Learn More

Curriculum Mapper

by Collaborative Learning

The Curriculum Mapper is the easiest way to create and edit your own curriculum maps. Learn More


by Right Reason Technologies

An education focused Virtual Managed Learning Environment (VMLE) to meet the specific needs of your district. Learn More


by DyKnow

Software that offers student computers monitoring and remote access, websites/applications access management, and collaboration tools. Learn More

A powerful learning content publishing and learners' monitoring solution which price adjusts to the number of trained employees. Learn More


by Tekege Solutions

Cost effective, web-based LMS that enhances your campus and classrooms by providing a virtual interaction platform. Learn More

eDistrict Unified for K-12

by eDistrict Internet Solutions

School Administration and Collaboration software for Parent, Student Teacher Administrator. Learn More


by Edsby

Edsby blends secure social networking with advanced class & student management to create the world's best education engagement platform Learn More


by Eduphoria

Provides schools with the tools to create the most successful learning environment while maintaining budget and enhancing education. Learn More


by eLearn

Helps schools of any size manage their students, teachers, and staff. Simplifies the daily tasks needed to efficiently run a school. Learn More

eLecta Live

by Electa Communications

Real-time virtual classroom environment designed for distance learning and collaboration in academic institutions. Learn More


by CBTec

Free online classroom for students and educators that allows them to create, manage, and share courses. Learn More


by Saviance Technologies

A flexible, scalable educational software solution to satisfy all of your needs. Learn More

Curriculum development and classroom management software that eliminates passwords, speed & security issues, downtime, and annual fees. Learn More


by eProf Education

Teaching platform that allows educators to build online classes and courses, invite students, collect payments, teach in real time. Learn More

FastDirect Communications

by FastDirect Communications

A browser-based school information system priced on a low per pupil annual subscription basis. Learn More

Fedena Pro

by Foradian Technologies

Hosted school ERP software with student information system, timetables, dashboards, user management, and school calendar. Learn More

Finalsite LMS

by finalsite

Easy to use LMS that connects students, teachers, and parents. Includes messaging, calendars, resource folders, quizzes, & assignments. Learn More

Web-based student information system for online and virtual schools. Learn More

GPA Teacher

by GPA Software

Take attendance, plan your lessons, enter grades, and view classroom statistics, all from the convenience of your web browser. Learn More


by Gradelink

Performance tracking allows parents, teachers, and administration to access information regarding grades, attendance, and behavior. Learn More


by Ikonnet Technologies

A software solution for computer lab management. Learn More


by Corvus Engineering

Wide array of features for individual teachers, entire schools, school administrators, students, and parents. Learn More


by iLessonPlan

Online lesson planning software for teachers and administrators. Learn More


by Faronics

Turn standard computer labs into collaborative learning environments. Insight is the ultimate classroom technology management solution Learn More


by eInstruction

Insight360 - Intuitive software and interactive devices that streamline instruction, assessment and content. Learn More


by Kaminari Education

Computer lab management solution with access control and screen sharing capabilities for any type of libraries, classrooms and PC labs. Learn More


by Robotel

Electronic language lab with materials to learn a language using simple, intuitive exercises with ample exposure to the language Learn More


by Drop The Chalk

Web-based software that enables teachers to use data to improve student performance. Learn More


by LearnBoost

Use the free, intuitive gradebook software to track student progress and generate beautiful reports and analytics in real time. Learn More

Lesson Planner

by 3 Square Associates

Lesson planning software for teachers and schools for Mac and Windows. Learn More

Lesson Planner Plus

by Dennis Baggott and Sons

Allows teachers to easily create and print professional looking lesson plans and keep track of student information. Learn More


by Silicon Valley Education Foudation

Allows teachers to access and upload lesson plans, suggest new technologies, and connect with teachers in other communities. Learn More


by LiveSchool

Makes it easy to create a consistent school-wide behavior management system. Learn More


by Asylum Software

Class management software for teachers, schools & districts with attendance and grade analysis, text tracking, seating and more. Learn More

Minute Menu CX

by Minute Menu Systems

Software system designed for Sponsors of child care centers, Head Start programs, outside school hours care programs and more. Learn More


by HotChalk

Free LMS automates daily teacher and student activities and provides a safe, secure, online environment for interaction. Learn More


by Synchronous Technologies

Online companion for room parents, PTA's, and teachers to help manage your field trips, projects, and fundraisers. Learn More

Mythware Classroom Management

by Nanjing Universial Networks

Helps the teacher broadcast his computer screen and voice to selected students, achieve monitor and remote control of any computer. Learn More


by NaMaYa

Fully customizable, cloud-based professional development platform delivers feature-rich training materials via any web browser. Learn More

Net Control 2 - Classroom

by Net Software

Classroom management software for local networks. Powerful. Affordable. Reliable. Learn More


by eye4you

Software with remote-control of classrooms, file sharing and distribution, thumbnail view of student monitors features. Learn More

Netop Vision 7

by Netop

Easiest and most effective way to teach with computers. Classroom management software that has been proven to improve performance. Learn More

NetSupport School

by NetSupport

Provides teachers and trainers with the ability to interact effortlessly with their Students. Learn More

Enables students, parents, and educators to collaborate online by automating many classroom activities. Learn More

OnCourse Lesson Planner

by OnCourse Systems

A web-based tool that automates the creation, management, and sharing of lesson plans via an ASP. Learn More

Online Gradebook

by SchoolCircuit

Full-featured class management system allowing you to track of your students, assignments, grades, attendance, lesson plans and more. Learn More



Electronic lesson plans allows users to access information from anywhere, share plans, create calendars, and integrate plans to website Learn More


by LyGil Software

Software that records details such as the user, job title, and printing parameters for each job and then assigns a charge for the job. Learn More

ProFile Planner

by iActive Learning

Provides digital solutions for early childhood ed to create child-focused lesson plans and engage and motivate young learners. Learn More

Radix SmartClass

by Radix Technologies

Monitor and control student activities and keep students on task with individual attention throguh our tablet software. Learn More

Randa Tower

by Randa Solutions

Creates efficient ways to conduct observations, walk-throughs and classroom evaluations, and creates a simple report with accurate data Learn More


by New Measure

Designed to help teachers align their academic standards, performance tasks, criteria, rubrics, and lessons. Learn More


by Discovery Software

Makes it easy for anyone to perform and manage complex evaluations. It can be used to assess people, processes and status. Learn More

Complete school management software solution that is totally integrated, in one database, on the web. Learn More

Integrates several modules such as Exam, Library and Attendance to create the best learning facility for students and faculty. Learn More

School-wide Management System

by Edvance Software

Designed by educators for educators. User-friendly online school management software that helps efficiently manage school life. Learn More


by Learning Data

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and e-dairy for students allowing teachers to assign homework to students. Learn More


by Schoology

Schoology is a user-centric learning management solution that empowers collaborative blended learning with technology students actually Learn More


by CrossTec

Puts teachers, lab instructors and corporate trainers center stage in networked classrooms or Internet-based virtual classrooms. Learn More


by Applied Computer Systems

Allows instructors to view any student PC on the network, multiple thumbnails at once, control PCs remotely Learn More


by CollegeNET

Series25 helps your company complete administrative operations (from ticket sales to scheduling events) in a more simple way. Learn More

SideKick Lesson Planner

by brighterlogix

Provides an online calendar view, which allows teachers to maintain their lesson plans 24/7. Learn More

Supertime 2000

by Supersoft

Schedule class timetables in schools, colleges and universities to resolve allocation clashes automatically and transparently. Learn More

Teacher's Assistant

by Click Labs

School admin software that helps track student records, organize classes, and send notifications to parents. Learn More


by Common Goal Systems

Web-based solution that allows teachers to manage their standards-based k-12 classroom - lesson plans, gradebook, report cards, etc. Learn More


by ITWorx

A simple & intuitive interface enables teachers to track attendance, grades, & behavior of students. Learn More


by EDcelerate

(Teacher Planning & Organization System)It is an all-in-one tool that helps teachers manage students, lessons and books. Learn More


by TopSchool

Build, administer and deliver online testing, lessons, course materials, interactive lessons and much more. Learn More


by Redrock Software

Allows you to schedule appointments online, record visits, enter session notes, access records, and quickly run reports. Learn More

by SchoolThing

Cloud based and secure school MIS (management information system). Learn More

Course management system that enables the efficient delivery of high quality online education. Learn More


by Eldersoft

Internet focus and control tool for teachers allowing student access to only particular websites and links on the Internet. Learn More

Web-based virtual classroom connecting educators and learners from tutors through universities Learn More


by Sun-Tech International Group

Provides teachers and students with a multimedia networked learning environment that involves the entire class. Learn More

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