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MSGL Integrated Software

by The Media Services Group

Efficiently track customers, manage publications, books and events along with AR, AP, general ledger, budgets and forecasting. For magazines, we have tools for sales contact management, advertising order entry, production workflow, circulation, reader service, book and product fulfillment, directories, e-commerce and accounting. For book publishers, our products manage order entry, fulfillment, customer service, royalties, subsidiary rights, reporting and analysis, and more. PLM now available. View Profile


by CWC Software

QuickFill subscription fulfillment software handles every aspect of traditional and online magazine and newsletter marketing and circulation. With QuickFill you can grow your circulation, improve the quality of your customer service, cut your fulfillment costs, make your marketing more cost-effective, turn online content into revenue, improve payment and renewal rates and exercise more control over your finances. View Profile

The MultiPub System

by Datasystem Solutions

Our subscription management platform, MultiPub, provides critical sales and marketing data, while seamlessly processing orders. With it, you'll have access to the most robust accounting system on the market for subscription-based products. Whether you're deferring revenue or tracking multiple products at the customer level, MultiPub will help you streamline your accounting, customer service, fulfillment and marketing efforts. See for yourself. Access our demo today! View Profile


by Tenthmatrix Information Systems

Database publishing solution for catalogs, directories, price lists, classified ads. etc. View Profile

Back Office Suite

by Publishing Software Company

Magazine publishing industry - ad management, accounts, subscription & controlled circulation, contact management View Profile


by SubHub

An online publishing and membership software makes it easy to build a membership site and charge for access to premium content. View Profile

Unified design environment for publishing in print, on the web and on mobile devices. View Profile

Easy Flyer Creator

by Peridot Technologies NY

Desktop Publishing software to print flyers, brochures, leaflets, certificates, tickets from bulletin templates. View Profile


by Aglaia Software

ePageView is a complete solution for all your digital publishing needs. Give life to your publication with ePageView. View Profile


by MadCap Software

MadCap Flare is a robust technical communication tool used to streamline the publishing of print and online documentation. View Profile


by AdvantageCS

For publishers and information providers who market magazines, journals, newsletters, e-products, books, and more to their customers. View Profile

Digital publishing solution for creating magazines, catalogs, and more by converting PDFs into a digital page flipping experience. View Profile

Absolut Engine

by Absolut Engine

Content management system, news publishing system, news publishing software, news script, and blogging software. View Profile


by CyberWolf

Book Publishing Software designed to help publishers by providing sales, marketing & communication features. View Profile

AD2AD Classifieds

by AD2AD Network

Manages print and online classified advertising for community publications. View Profile


by Trajectory

ADhere provides Digital Advertising and Publishing companies with a business execution platform. View Profile


by Datafest Technologies

Complete ad management system including ad sales, billing, order tracking, and contact management. View Profile

Agent Community

by Connotate

Intelligent agent software for data mining, monitoring, and extraction from web, desktop and enterprise sources. View Profile


by AtlasMaestro

Integrated web-based Newspaper Management System designed to save your publication both time and money. View Profile


by Littlejohn Frazer

Accounts and Distribution software for Book and Journal Publishers. View Profile


by dsb

CRM Software for subscription management and fulfillment, controlled circulation and product sales. View Profile


by Virtusales

Comprehensive system for book publishers that integrates and streamlines everything from pre-acquisition to post-publication. View Profile


by Bibliocloud

Cloud-based publishing solution: rights, royalties, metadata, Shopify integration, production and more. View Profile

BlackMonk CMS

by Doublespring Media

CMS for online publishers to create, manage & monetize portals, magazines, newspapers, business directories, or online communities. View Profile


by Basch Subscriptions

Basch Online Subscription Service (BOSS) puts you in charge of your electronic and print subscriptions. View Profile


by Gannett Media Technologies International

Automates the process of producing print, Internet, voice and other specialty advertising publications. View Profile


by MPS Technologies

Content Delivery Platform, COUNTER compliant, usage statistic reports. View Profile


by Financial Softworks

Book publishing software that eases tracking of sales, returns, royalties, and consignments. View Profile

Designed for complex digital goods billing and subscription management. View Profile


by Mediology Software

Workflow and content management system for offline and online publishing industry. View Profile

Dramatica Pro

by Write Brothers

Creative writing and story creation software. Guides you through the entire story creation process. View Profile

An electronic resource tool for managing e-journal and e-package orders. View Profile

Electronic Publishing

by Pressmart Media

Electronic publishing solutions for newspapers and magazines - create life-like digital newspapers and digital magazines. View Profile


by BLI Messaging

eNewsletter creation and delivery application featuring content and advertising management, scheduling and list management. View Profile

Complete publishing solution for print and online - launch your own local-paper or niche-magazine website. View Profile

FinerEdge Publisher

by FinerEdge Software

DynamicCross-media Publishing of Catalogs, Reports, Manual, Contracts. View Profile

First Edition

by Lynx Media

Comprehensive software package capable of handling up to 5 million subscribers. View Profile

Flip PDF Professional

by FlipBuilder

eBook creation tool for digital catalogs, online magazines, and digital brochures. Helps convert PDF files into online publications. View Profile


by FlippingBook

View your digital documents from any computer or mobile device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) in a modern and convenient way. View Profile

Flynax can help you to develop and to support web based classifieds software View Profile

HighQ Publisher

by HighQ

Combines document management and file sharing with enterprise social collaboration, productivity, and knowledge sharing tools. View Profile


by Simon Skill Systems

Screenplay writing software. Provides page numbering, scene numbering, MOREs and CONTINUEDs, and more. View Profile


by IPRO Business Systems

A total fulfillment, accounting, WMS & ecommerce solution for publishers & distributors. View Profile


by NetRead Software

Web-based software for distributing your catalog to wholesalers, electronic retailers, sales reps, brick-&-mortar buyers, etc. View Profile


by Klopotek

Klopotek is the largest worldwide supplier of software solutions to the international publishing community. View Profile


by DoubleSpring

Get the functionality of a high-end CMS solution usually reserved for major MEDIA websites at a fraction of the cost. View Profile

MA Circulation Manager

by Mendon Associates

Complete turn-key in-house circulation fulfillment and management software package. View Profile


by Juggernaut

A publishing tool that offers everything from CRM to project management to distribution functionality. View Profile


by Forte Publishing

Magazine/newspaper CRM, sales booking & tracking, prospecting, proofing, page flatplan creation and sales invoice management solution. View Profile


by Pincette

An OpenOffice extension to generate e-books in ePub. View Profile

P2P Publication Management

by Publish2Profit

Easy and cost-effective web based Ad Sales and Subscription Sales management software View Profile


by FatTail

Online publishing ad sales optimization software; allows online publishers to price, plan and sell more premium guaranteed inventory. View Profile

Press Publisher

by Press Publisher

A simple yet powerful website content management system for managing an online publication or periodical. View Profile

PrintQuote Pro

by PrintQuote Pro

Estimating software for small to medium size print companies. View Profile

Product Manager

by Publishing Technology

Publishing Fulfillment, Rights & Royalties, Production Manager, Finance, Warehouse, Distribution, and more. View Profile


by Spring Time Software

Business Management Software for Book Trade View Profile

Business software for book publishers. Versions for publishers of all sizes. View Profile

Title Management Enterprise Software tracks titles from pre-acquisition through post-production, marketing and sales. View Profile

Publishing at Work

by Clariti Systems

Comprehensive system to manage your work, including publishing schedule, production tracking, supplier management, reporting, and more. View Profile

Publishing Manager

by Trilogy Group

System for publishers, covers the business process from product creation through order fulfillment. View Profile


by TotalWorks

Web-based flyer and brochure publishing tool that allows you to create on-the-spot sales and marketing materials. View Profile

RSuite CMS

by RSI Content Solutions

Browser-based content management system designed for publishers with complex XML content. View Profile


by Unified Solutions

Scribe allows Publishers to run every aspect of their business on one single system. View Profile


by Pre1

Classified and Display system that handles routine advertising, accounts receivable and editorial tasks. View Profile


by Softocrat

Manages issues & volume, subscriptions, advertisements, knowledgebase and CRM. View Profile


by North Plains Systems

Digital asset management solution for media production, metadata management, digital rights management & publishing. View Profile

The Cats Pajamas

by The Cats Pajamas

Software systems for book publishers are completely integrated sets of nearly 200 programs. View Profile

The Magazine Manager

by Mirabel Technologies

Web-based software that integrates & streamlines contact management, ad/order entry, production management, and circulation management. View Profile

THINK Enterprise

by THINK Subscription

Subscription management and fulfillment solutions for both physical and digital goods and services. View Profile


by Uberflip

Lets you super-charge your PDFs, creating customizable web-apps instantly available on today's most popular tablets and other devices. View Profile

Unison 6

by Global Turnkey Systems

Publishing Order Fulfillment, Books, Subs, Web Commerce, Royalties, Job Cost, Finance, Warehouse, and more. View Profile

Via eManager

by Via Subscription

Hosted subscription management service. Our systems can handle unlimited subscribers and orders from magazines to image downloads. View Profile


by Vid Network

Vidcaster's video training platform drives measurable results from your video content. View Profile

YearBookAlive V3.0

by YearBookAlive

Interactive Digital Yearbook on DVD or USB View Profile

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