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eXo Platform is an open-source social-collaboration software designed for enterprises. It is full featured, based on standards, extensible and has an amazing design. eXo helps companies connect their employees, customers and developers through social, collaborative and content-driven intranets, websites and dashboards. View Profile

Bloomfire's enterprise social network software enables teams and organizations of all sizes to collaborate, create, share and learn together. With powerful Q&A features that allow for upload and creation of answers via video, documents, quickposts and more. It gives your team the ability to share content and ideas how they want - online and socially. View Profile

HubSpot is an inbound Internet marketing system that helps businesses get found online and generate more leads. View Profile

Custom social networking solutions that ensure both maximum visual appeal and exceptional functionality. View Profile

Content management system (CMS) that allows users to quickly create an Internet project and effectively manage it's content. View Profile

PHP-based and Cloud-based social network platform that lets you create a social network on right out of the box. View Profile


by NationalField

The world isn't flat. Your software shouldn't be either. Learn more about the world's first hierarchical social network! View Profile

Allows you to deliver on-demand videos from any app including web portals, SharePoint, or any popular Learning Management Systems. View Profile


by ConferenceNet

Customizable online registration and payment processing software. View Profile


by SocialFlow

Cadence analyzes real-time conversational data and automatically delivers your message to the right audience at the right time for max View Profile


by Feusd

Feusd is innovative, cloud-based membership software, customised to meet your needs, and accessed by you and your members. View Profile


by InstEngine

Mobile framework that helps you create your own social network. View Profile


by Talldude Networks

Social networking software that offers web communities building, branding, media sharing for media producers, schools, and churches. View Profile

Power Bulletin

by Dimension Software

Create a forum to connect your business, customers and colleagues. View Profile


by rSitez

Provides technology to allow organizations to create their own online community. View Profile

Tribe Social allows you to stay connected with friends and co-workers without the rest of the world getting in your way. View Profile


by ArrowSuites

PHP social networking software with mySQL compatibility, major internet browsers support. View Profile

Combines document management and file sharing with enterprise social collaboration, productivity, and knowledge sharing tools. View Profile


by AlstraSoft

An online social networking software that allows you to start your own site just like Friendster and MySpace. View Profile


by AlumniOnTheWeb

Affordable alumni website solution offering full featured social and professional networking for your alumni. View Profile


by Anahita

Open source platform for building social web and mobile app services. View Profile


by Software AG

Social BPM platform and community site, combining social networking tools with intuitive tools for process design and modeling. View Profile


by AssociCom

For associations to build online member communities with library, groups, tagging, and unique information discovery capabilities. View Profile

Awareness Communities

by Awareness

Creating both internal and external communities around employees or customers, prospects, and partners, or a mix of members. View Profile

Bazaarvoice Connections

by Bazaarvoice

Connect shoppers on retail sites with brand product experts to deliver the information they need to buy with confidence. View Profile

Behavior Platform

by Badgeville

Offers the world's most powerful and flexible solution suite to increase customer and employee engagement. View Profile


by Votivation

Provide a community engagement service that stimulates online community participation and simplifies the capture of views and feedback. View Profile


by BuddyPress

Open source social networking software for building communities inside WordPress sites. View Profile



Enterprise community collaboration software built for teams, companies, and communities looking for a way to work with each other. View Profile

Captavi Platform

by Captavi

Integrated SaaS marketing suite - manage web content, SEO, Blog, email programs, online event registration, and built-in CRM system. View Profile


by Joomlapolis

Member subscription solution for Joomla. It allows you to charge subscription fees for goods, automate marketing, collect donations. View Profile

Chameleon Social Software

by Websplosion

Framework based social networking script that supports video chats, payment integration, GEO networking, and 3D modeling. View Profile


by BroadVision

Cloud-based platform that enables business to create a social enterprise eco-system of interconnected networks. View Profile


by Monk Development

Customizable private Community Network for organizations, churches and ministries. View Profile

Collaboration Foundation

by Digital

Provides the ability to collaborate among the many segments of people that make up an online community. View Profile


by Concursive

Enables the creation of true commercial networks - social networking, web 2.0 collaboration and sales and marketing tools. View Profile

Connected Community

by Higher Logic

Suite of social networking, collaboration, and community tools built exclusively to meet the unique needs of the not-for-profit market. View Profile


by YourCause

Web-based platform that provides a flexible solution to engage employees in volunteering, giving, and sustainability initiatives. View Profile


by CurationSoft

Curation software for bloggers and social media marketers with search, drag and drop to any html editor. View Profile


by Cureo

Web-based platform for creation of internal and external social networks that can be integrated with LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. View Profile


by BoonEx

Social networking platform for building online community sites. View Profile


by Curverider

Open source social application engine providing elegant, flexible and scalable solutions for organisations, groups and individuals. View Profile


by iModules

Specifically designed to provide integrated management of online communities and a full-featured content management system. View Profile


by NinetyTen

Connects your users with content and people, can be branded to fit seamlessly with your website. View Profile


by SustaiNet Software

EngagementHQ is a flexible online community engagement portal designed to meet the learning needs of your community. View Profile


Online Networking Tool for Events. Connect and network with other attendees before you get there. View Profile


by Fedvox Engineering

Social network for data analysis - react to data changes by posting report updates and analysis to timelines. View Profile


by dizzysoft software

FeedTwit generates an RSS feed for any Twitter account. View Profile


by Follr

Build a vibrant community for a business, brand, team, cause, group and many more. View Profile


by Forumbee

Customised community and discussion forums creation tool that supports mobile moderation, social sharing, and knowledgebase storage. View Profile

Freestone Social

by Peach New Media

Freestone Social helps you reach your members and give them a place to interact while including Freestone's LMS functionality View Profile


by Gigya

Makes websites/apps more interactive and personal by connecting online businesses with more than 25 social networks. View Profile


by GoingOn Networks

On-demand solution for building private academic social network, where students and faculty can easily connect, collaborate & learn. View Profile


by Groupiest

Social network creation tool that comes with traffic analysis capabilities. View Profile



Branded websites with social networking, discussion forums, email lists, and calendars allowing members to communicate and share. View Profile



A customizable PHP based social networking software to allow you to start your own online community portal. View Profile

Hearsay Social

by Hearsay Social

Both protects and empowers your organization at every level, on every social network. View Profile


by Enterprise Hive

Enterprise social collaboration and externally facing social software for organizing online communities. View Profile

by Social Strata

Create your own social community. Bring everyone in your group together with forums, blogs, photos, videos, chats, calendars and more. View Profile

Empowers companies to be more innovative and execute more quickly by using dynamic networks of coworkers, partners and customers. View Profile

IGLOO Social Networking

by IGLOO Software

Social software solutions to improve productivity, increase operational efficiency and build trusted and loyal connections. View Profile


by Incentive

A collaboration platform that includes wikis, blogs, feeds, microblogging, social networks. View Profile

Ingeniux Cartella

by Ingeniux

Delivers the best in social networking, web analytics, and content management to make social software fit business and IT needs. View Profile


by Jcow

Software that allows to create a social networking website, provides member role management, notifications, ads management. View Profile


by Jive Software

Enterprise-class community software built from the ground up for companies to use when building an all-in-one customer social network. View Profile


by JomSocial

Social networking component for Joomla. Provides user profile management, Facebook integration, video sharing, privacy control, etc. View Profile


by Jostle

Web-based platform with news sharing, team structures viewing, access to key content, and auto-tagging functionality. View Profile

Kentico CMS

by Kentico Software

Kentico is an integrated marketing solution that quickly gets websites operational. Content Management, Online Marketing, E-commerce... View Profile


by Bullseye Business Solutions

Employee engagement solution that allows people to give instant recognition, send & receive feedback. Runs on all mobile platforms. View Profile


by xnCode

Powerful yet affordable self-hosted solution for a superior workgroup communication. View Profile


by Lithium Technologies

Manage social conversations with your customers everywhere. View Profile


by Pangea Foundation

Social networking software with blogs, discussion forums, enterprise wikis, integrated ratings, analytics tools, etc. for nonprofits. View Profile


by MangoApps

A collaboration platform that combines team collaboration tools, employee social networking, and intranet into one seamless product. View Profile


by introNetworks

Create lasting online communities with an easy-to-use visual interface that encourages activity. View Profile


by The Morphix Company

Automatic social network discovery from enterprise email. Uses email traffic to map social networks. View Profile


by Mono Software

Social networking and content management platform with blog engine, activity streams, tags, openID & RPX support, built-in web parts. View Profile


by mooSocial

mooSocial is built on top of CakePHP 2 framework. It is fast, easy to customize, mobile friendly and CMS independent. View Profile

Movable Type

by Six Apart

Social publishing platform designed to build websites, communities & blogs, publish and share information. View Profile


by Synchronous Technologies

Online companion for team leaders and project managers in business to easily manage your network, schedule, and projects. View Profile

Public and private label social networks for businesses or groups that are easily scaled to meet the demand your network generates. View Profile


by Vialect

Corporate intranet software with document, data, and content management available as hosted or installed product. View Profile

OmniSocial Engaged

by Mzinga

Gives you a direct line of communication with and among your customers and prospects while enhancing brand awareness. View Profile

ONEsite Enterprise

by ONEsite

Social networking application for large media and entertainment companies or lifestyle brands looking to create robust social networks. View Profile

Comprised of individual, integrated modules providing a comprehensive communication solution for associations & companies. View Profile

PG SocialBiz

by Pilot Group

Create your own community with the PG SocialBiz social networking script. You will get lifetime support, open source code, SEO settings View Profile


by Moxi9

Social network script that provides your community with features found on major social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace. View Profile

A social network solution with video capabilities for engaging customers across mobile, online and social platforms. View Profile


by Small World Labs

Designed to provide a base foundation for businesses and organizations looking to grow or establish a community. View Profile


by Demand Media

Pluck is a community platform for retail and brand websites that injects conversation and interaction into the entire customer journey. View Profile


by MediaPlatform

Allows your employees and partners to search, view, manage, rate and share streaming video through an intuitive, channel-based portal. View Profile


by Schoology

An easy-to-use and implement online learning, classroom management, and social networking platform that enhances student engagement. View Profile


by Sharetronix

Private social networking platform - build public or private communities to organize events, collaborate, and more. View Profile



Create a beautiful website in seconds using your Facebook page. View Profile


by Ramius

Online community platform for deep insights, customer engagement and product research. Mobile, activity-based and researcher ready. View Profile

SkaDate Software

by Skalfa

SkaDate offers multiple features like classifieds, chat, and bad words and spam filter. There is a support service and free Forum. View Profile

SoCast Solutions

by SoCast

Social media marketing and website content management systems designed exclusively for broadcast companies. View Profile

Social Collaboration

by SumTotal Systems

Allows employees to get information from company experts and organizations to capture the knowledge transfer for future reference. View Profile

Monitor what people are saying about your brand, product, competitors and market on social media to generate leads and gather intell. View Profile

Makes it easy to plan, schedule, publish, engage, and track social media marketing all from one social media tool. View Profile

Social Media Software

by FreshNetworks

We can build and manage an online community for your brand on our proprietary social networking platform. View Profile

Social Network

by Azterik Media Group

Social networking software that includes advertisement module, messaging, content management, video conferencing capabilities. View Profile

Social Networking Software


A web-based software for developing social networking websites built on PHP/MYSQL/Linux Platform. View Profile

Social Networking Software

by Mega Star Media

Building social networks for start ups since 1999. Social Networking Software. Let our experience guide you. View Profile


by Socialcast

Collaboration platform that unites your company's people, data, and applications in real-time. View Profile


by Bright Things

An easy way to create a powerful social network for $25 pm. View Profile


by Socialhoop

Private social network for communities to keep members connected, informed and engaged through meaningful participation. View Profile


by SocialMadeSimple

Web-based social marketing dashboard that provides customer engagement management, social networks control, and user guidance tools. View Profile

Socialtext People

by Socialtext

Connects work colleagues and gives them a full picture of each other increasing teamwork and work quality. View Profile


by iScripts

Add a community to your existing web site or use as a standalone web 2.0 application. View Profile


by Moxie

Social workspace that enables companies to connect employees, customers and partners to engage in business, share knowledge and more. View Profile

Sprout Social

by Sprout Social

Powerful social media management and engagement software that helps businesses provide exceptional customer experiences across networks View Profile

Delivers an integrated software platform designed and built to deliver a unique, branded social web experience. View Profile

Student Jotter

by Webanywhere

Create, store and retrieve a life of school learning in a controlled, secure online environment.... View Profile


by Suntico

Account management system that links tightly with popular accounting / ERP software including Sage 50 View Profile

The Enabled Customer Community

by Sparta Social Networks

Enterprises increase revenue, drive business decisions, and affect change by leveraging the collective intelligence of customers. View Profile


by Uberflip

Lets you super-charge your PDFs, creating customizable web-apps instantly available on today's most popular tablets and other devices. View Profile



Social networks out the box in less than 2 weeks! View Profile


by UnitingTruth Media

Web-based communication tool with the best benefits of social networking for churches, colleges, corporations, and non-profits. View Profile


by Aikon Labs

Helping Realize Ideas View Profile

Create customized online communities - collect, organize, interact with, or use your groups' knowledge, opinions and content. View Profile


by WeGather

A free secure and advertising free private social networking platform that is designed for churches and faith-based communities. View Profile

WorldGroup 5.0


Software and platforms for creating, hosting, and managing community-enabled web sites, or special-interest user groups. View Profile


by Yammer

Revolutionize internal communications by bringing together all employees inside a private and secure enterprise social network. View Profile

Open source solution providing support for email, contacts, and group calendaring, and consists of a server and client. View Profile

An online forums software that helps you to create external and internal communities where problems are solved and ideas are exchanged. View Profile

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