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Five9 is a global leader in cloud call center software for companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. The Five9 Self-Service IVR offers any call center a cost-effective way to increase call deflection rates by building speech-enabled IVR applications such as bill payment, store and branch location queries, debt collections, appointment reminders, order status, reservations requests and more, optimizing agents' time so they are available for more high-value telephone calls. View Profile

Turn speech into text by dictating into Windows-based applications at speeds up to 160 words per minute. View Profile


by Speechlogger

Speech to Text online notepad. Professional, Accurate speech recognition text editor web app. Free Distraction-free, fast, easy to use View Profile


by Brainasoft

Multi-language speech recognition software with the ability to dictate in any third party software or to fill forms on websites. View Profile


by Speechlogger

Great free speech recognition & instant voice translation web app that emphasizes on simplicity and natural speech by auto punctuating. View Profile

Speech recognition solution for enterprises. Provides communication between customers and employees. View Profile

Ameyo Engage

by Ameyo Engage

Grow your business by gaining customer loyalty with a world class customer contact center software View Profile

Crescendo Speech Processing

by Crescendo Systems

Philips SpeechMagic-based comprehensive speech recognition solution for professional, dictation-intensive environments. View Profile


by Openstream

Mobile software to enable user interaction with applications via voice, touch and text, with integration of existing mobile systems. View Profile


by VoltDelta

Hosted automation center to handle all IVR/speech applications with intelligent ACD and CTI abilities. View Profile

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

by Total Voice Technologies

Voice recognition software designed specially for smaller practices looking to improve efficiency and accuracy in EHR. View Profile


by Sensory

Employs both word spotting and phrase spotting technologies to avoid the limitations of discrete word command &control. View Profile


by iSpeech

Frisbee is a versatile dictation and transcription solution that can be deployed on any scale and with any pre-existing hardware setup. View Profile

Fusion Speech

by Dolbey

Dictation, transcription and speech recognition software serving over 3,500 clients across many industries. View Profile


by SDC Solutions

Virtual agent allows callers to connect their own call, initiate a page, or access information by stating a command. View Profile

iSpeech Translator

by iSpeech

Mobile app that recognizes speech by sound or text and can translate from web pages, communications, and more. View Profile


by MediaInsight

Automatic Speech Recognition services - cloud or server based services provided by ASR engine developed by MediaInsight. View Profile

Nexidia ESI

by Nexidia

Phonetic audio mining and speech analytics software analyzes and provides customer and market intelligence. View Profile


by Protokol

Captures voices from any meeting and automatically transcribes it into a complete text file, keeping track of who said what. View Profile


by Rubidium

Speech processing solutions for embedded applications, such as TTS, ASR, Speech Compression and Biometric Speaker Identification. View Profile

Scribe Speech Solutions

by Scribe Healthcare Technologies

Speech-to-text dictation into an EHR, record system, documents, or emails with a microphone or speech mic via Internet connection. View Profile

Software that will translate text into audible voice recordings for IVR, call centers, computer games, and more. View Profile

SmartAction Speech IVR System

by Smart Action Company

Intelligent cognitive and linguistics solution delivering higher natural-language understanding than any other IVR in the market. View Profile

Medical transcription & speech recognition solution designed with custom integrations to automate all of your voice recognition needs. View Profile

A flexible API that performs hardware and speaker independent speech recognition on audio data from any audio source. View Profile

Red Shift specializes in speech technologies and has the ability to voice enable smartphones, tablets and websites. View Profile


by Speechmatics

Cloud-based speech recognition software with the ability to convert speech to text. View Profile


by vChart

Voice capture, speech recognition, editing, distribution and e-signature application platform for healthcare documentation. View Profile


by Spantel

SpeechRite speech recognition for radiology - NO COST, NO HARDWARE, NO RISK, and PAY-PER-USE, excellent quality, flexible dictation View Profile


by ReplayWell

Speech recognition for your audio and video files. Speech to text, speaker diarization, voice activity detection. View Profile


by MIIAtech

Advanced software to recognize speech and use it as a vehicle for website searching capabilities, with multi-lingual options. View Profile


by Voice Tech Group

Free download of groundbreaking speech recognition software. View Profile

The FTW Transcriber

by Tyger Valley Systems

Completely free audio transcription playback software. View Profile

TTS Web Services

by NeoSpeech

Software API to convert text into natural sounding audio files for websites and applications. View Profile

Virtual Speech Center

by Virtual Speech Center

Web-based software solution for private practices and independent speech pathologists, allowing delivery of telepractice services. View Profile

VoiceVault Fusion

by VoiceVault

Software utilizing voice biometrics to create solutions for security, either web based or installed, with custom reporting and more. View Profile


by Atirix Medical Systems

Front-end speech recognition system for radiology reporting and workflow management. View Profile


by VoxSciences

Software to transcribe speech and audio from voice mails into text format, deliverable as either as an e-mail or as an SMS. View Profile


by Vocapia

Serve as the basis for applications ranging from interactive conversational systems to the automatic indexing of audio data. View Profile

An enterprise speech recognition solution that offers front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) voice-to-text recognition. View Profile

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