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by Matchbook Labs

GetFeedback is a modern online survey application that allows anyone to create visually engaging, branded, mobile-ready surveys in minutes. If you can use Powerpoint or Keynote, you'll be a pro immediately. The best part is that GetFeedback automatically formats your survey perfectly for those taking it on smartphones, tablets, and browsers. View the data in real time within GetFeedback or map it directly into Salesforce. Who said online surveys can't be fun? Learn More

Opinionmeter's DIY survey platform provides the flexibility of authoring a survey once and distributing it anywhere - either online, offline, e-mail, mobile-web, native survey app, survey kiosk, or paper survey. Opinionmeter's native survey apps support real-time or offline data capture. Opinionmeter's multi-channel, cross-platform solution is extremely easy use, with rich feature-functionality suitable for the beginner or advanced enterprise user. Register for our free trial account today. Learn More

Feedback Server

by Data Illusion

Enterprise survey software in the cloud or on ASP.NET that will provide you with professional features like matrix questions, panel management, CRM systems and active directory, multi-languages surveys, branching, data export, report builders and spss and Sharepoint survey integration. Its flexible and extensible (plug-ins) ajax enabled web 2.0 form engine and user friendly editor will help you create any survey or form in just a minutes. Available in 10 languages with free sdk and source code Learn More

Provider of Survey Software and Feedback Management Solutions with offices in the UK & US. Snap Surveys offers a suite of integrated survey solutions for survey design, administration, data collection, and analysis used across all modes of survey research (online, paper for scanning, mobile (iPhone/iPad), phone & kiosk surveys), in ANY language. Industries include, but not limited to: government, healthcare, education, market research, human resources, financial, media, tourism, charities, etc Learn More


by eXplorance

Blue/Surveys is enterprise survey software that allows organizations to gather timely feedback as needed. Blue/Surveys enables the quick creation, customization & deployment of surveys. Blue/Surveys integrates into any CRM or IS, so one can create & customize surveys, & view the results of those same surveys online. Trigger surveys on any occasion, & view any report including time period comparisons, response pattern analysis, & more. Book a live demo to learn more about Blue/Surveys today. Learn More

FluidSurveys is online survey software that allows users to create simple or advanced online surveys in minutes, collect actionable data, and analyze the results. An easy to use drag & drop interface makes survey creation fast and easy, and the survey tool offers advanced features such as piping, looping, branching/skipping, export to SPSS, PDF, PowerPoint, Word, mobile capabilities, offline data collection, one click reports, and more. Free trial available on the FluidSurveys website. Learn More

Command Mobile

by Tracen Technologies

Mobile survey software for onsite inspections, field surveillance, field service calls, mobile surveys, and inventory tracking. Key Benefits: * Improves workforce management * Provides intelligent dispatching * Reduces drive time for field workers * Increases accuracy of time-tracking * Reduces implementation time * Reduces training time * Increases productivity * Eliminates redundancy * Reduces errors * Reduces need for multiple devices Learn More

To collect feedback from customers, attendees, invitees, students and all the people who matter to your business, the best way to do it is through surveys. Zoho Survey is an online survey tool that lets you create unlimited surveys with ease. Create surveys to target your audience and collect feedback from them. Zoho Survey gives you all the essential features to create surveys, distribute them and analyze the data you receive. Let data guide you to smarter decisions. Learn More

Survey Anyplace

by Survey Anyplace

Create appealing surveys for tablets and smartphones to capture in-the-moment feedback. Unlike other online survey tools, Survey Anyplace is 'made for mobile': survey respondents swipe through the questions and tap on the answer they want to select. Applying your own branding has never been easier: upload your logo and the color scheme of the survey/quiz is automatically adapted to your branding! Learn More

FREE TRIAL Business Packages provides users will full access to the features of our paid packages! Tellwut is an easy to use business survey tool which allows you to create a survey in minutes. Survey your own stakeholders or survey the Tellwut voter base to gain insights about user preferences for your industry outside your customer base. Demographic reporting results are available online and real-time. Surveys can be public or private. Customizable email for logo and message to respondents! Learn More


by KeyPoint

Simply all you need to capture feedback. Design and implement paper, phone, web, or email-based surveys with our user-friendly tool. It can be used for patient satisfaction, course evaluation, staff surveys and many more. - Quick & easy set-up - Intuitive survey design - Advanced data analysis - Robust & customisable reporting. KeyPoint has received a silver award for excellence from independent website "TopTenReviews" for the last 3 years. Learn More

The Survey System

by Creative Research Systems

Modular software for working with telephone, online and printed questionnaires as well as panel management. Learn More

Web Surveys


Create, collect and analyze your own online surveys. Fully hosted with monthly plans starting at $19.95 and a 30 Day Free Trial. Learn More


by Datafield

Shift from paper-based forms to digital forms. Create beautiful forms and surveys for mobile. Learn More

TrainingCheck is the ideal tool for evaluating all types of training events, workshops, conferences and other learning activities. Learn More


by Checkbox Survey

Allows anyone in your organization to create amazing forms and surveys using only a web browser. Learn More

Connect. Collaborate. Take Your Business Forward. Get the No Cost Trial with IBM's Lotus Software. Learn More


by Obsurvey

World's 1st cloud solution with 1 hr response time guarantee - or next month Free. Free trial available, you won't be disappointed! Learn More


by TabbleDabble

Mobile survey & data collection platform to create surveys and gather responses using tablets without an Internet connection. Learn More


by SanSueB Software

Online completely customizable survey interface for any type of survey generation, management, reporting, etc. Learn More


by SurveyShare

A powerful survey editor where you can add, edit, delete, and rearrange questions simply and efficiently. Learn More

Vista Survey Software

by Vanguard Software

Allows you to create, post, track, and analyze surveys online for customer feedback, marketing initiatives, or employee opinions. Learn More

A web based survey and form engine toolkit for Microsoft .NET written in pure managed .NET C#. Learn More


by NetMarketingSolution

Email campaigns, newsletters, dynamic content, surveys and more! Learn More


by Inqwise

Online survey tool with multiple distribution channels, respondent statistics, social network integration, multimedia support. Learn More

Kwik Surveys

by Kwik Surveys

Online Tool For Creating Surveys. Create Web forms and Email surveys, collect & download results all for free. Learn More


by Apian Software

Solution for designing and distributing professional surveys and reports - quickly, easily and in multiple media. Learn More


by 123ContactForm

Automatizes the process of creating any type of form and survey. Designed to fit all business needs of collecting and managing data. Learn More

20/20 Insight GOLD

by Performance Support Systems

Survey software that can be used for 360 degree feedback, organization surveys, customer feedback and training evaluation. Learn More


by amundis Communications

Online survey package that offers survey management, various chart types & Excel result report for customer feedback, market research. Learn More

4Q Survey

by iPerceptions

Online tool that provides website success tracking, real-time survey results, integrates with Google Analitics survey thank you page. Learn More

Absolute Poll Manager

by XIGLA Software

Absolute Poll Manager is a complete and easy-to-use survey software for dynamically adding polls and surveys to your site. Learn More


Solution that offers survey library & design, welcome messaging, survey testing, questions management. Website integration available. Learn More

Advanced Survey

by Advanced Survey

Create and customize online surveys to your specifications with website and email based surveys. Learn More

Allegiance VOC

by Allegiance Software

Choose your audience-whether a tightly controlled subgroup or a more random selection-and proactively send them a survey via email. Learn More

Amplitude Research Solutions

by Amplitude Research

Proprietary survey and market research software programmed and hosted on our own survey platform. Learn More

askiaweb surveys

by Askia

Intuitive and user-friendly from questionnaire creation right up to the data analysis, whether it's for CAPI, CATI or CAWI studies. Learn More

Beeliner Surveys

by Spinfish Web

Create and manage effective online and email surveys in minutes with easy-to-use templates or custom survey packages. Learn More

Beyond Feedback

by Beyond Feedback

Custom-designed surveys and online reporting tools to gain insights about customers, employees, and the marketplace. Learn More


by BigPulse

Web-based, hosted sophisticated highly secure survey software. Employee surveys, 360 surveys, member surveys, customers. Learn More

Blazing Feedback

by BlazingFeedback

Online Survey Software and Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) Learn More

CASIC Builder

by West Portal Software

Questionnaire software developed for patient audio-computer assisted self-interviews, patient self-reporting, surveys and more. Learn More

Command Center

by Voxco

A fully integrated system for creating and managing all kinds of survey campaigns using multiple and mixed- mode data collection. Learn More


by ConceptCodify

An online card sorting survey application for everyone making websites and apps. Learn More


by Confirmit

User-friendly software enabling creation of powerful and valuable survey research and feedback applications. Learn More


by Mindshare Technologies

Customer feedback in Real-Time; track the customer's perceptions of your business as they change daily. Learn More


by SourceKit

Web-based email marketing and survey software. Learn More


by Imposant

Web application that provides survey copy, branching, build-in question library, progress bar, email notification, reporting features. Learn More

Custom Online Survey Panels

by Streamline Surveys

Develop custom online survey respondent panels for participation in online client surveys Learn More

Create simple or complex surveys in a few easy steps. Streamline the gathering of data needed to make informed decisions. Learn More

DatStat Illume

by DatStat

CATI, CAPI, and ACASI web-based survey solution. Provides quota management, remote data collection, data change management, etc. Learn More

Digivey survey software is easy and intuitive to use and lets you create highest quality interactive surveys in just a few steps. Learn More

Build and manage surveys, quizzes and assessments with this easy-to-use software for tablet PC's and touchscreen kiosks. Learn More


by Dooblo

Unique survey software enables you to design, capture and export data anytime anywhere. Learn More


by dotSurvey

Online survey solution with page branching, templates, themes, popular question types, etc. Learn More


by Duwana

Online opinion poll software. Learn More

DynaPortal Poll & Survey

by DynaPortal Software

Provides an easy and efficient way to manage simple online polls and surveys without technical expertise. Learn More

Easy Survey

by MAPILab

Software package for Microsoft Office Pro, designed for the creation and conduction of surveys using Microsoft Access. Learn More


by EasyGoingSurvey

Online survey tool that creates simple to complex surveys in a matter of minutes with real-time results. Learn More


by Votenet Solutions

Enterprise-level online voting software for associations, colleges, and organizations. Learn More

EFS Survey

by QuestBack

An efficient project management software for online feedback processes that allows all manner of survey projects. Learn More


by Scantron

Allows you to create, deploy, collect and analyze any kind of electronic or paper survey or evaluation. Learn More


by Saama

Enterprise solution for managing survey programs from customer and employee feedback throughout their lifecycle. Learn More


by eMerge

Deliver a consistent message through all major online marketing channels - email, social media, blog, mobile & landing pages. Learn More

Employee Engagement Survey

by Custom Insight

Online benchmarked survey tool that makes launching Employee Engagement surveys quick and painless. Learn More


by Track Surveys

Provides customized, multi-language online 360 degree feedback and talent management tools. Learn More

Contains a wide range of intelligent features to build, conduct, analyze and create reports within all types of surveys. Learn More


by EnjoySurvey

Adobe Flash based, interactive online survey software with survey programming capabilities, click-, video/audio-tests, Android support. Learn More

Ennect Survey

by Elliance

Build branded, customizable surveys, send email invites, capture responses and analyze results with powerful reporting. Learn More


Free online survey solution that allows to gather information, share it on social networks, create subdomains with branding options. Learn More


by JustLogin

Easy-to-use survey-creation tool for information gathering. Learn More



One-stop solution for managing feedback via the web. Learn More


by Eval&Go

Online survey software with survey administration, scoring, filtering, statistics, group list management, SalesForce integration. Learn More


by Experiture

Experiture lets marketer and others create, launch, measure, and optimize individualized customer experiences and multi-channel messaging -- with minimal ongoing involvement from engineering or IT. Learn More

Express Loop Surveys

by Express Loop

Free, professional online survey tools that blend simplicity and style with the demand for the best online survey customizations. Learn More

Firefly Surveys

by Vision Critical

Uniquely collaborative way to build online surveys working at the same time as your colleagues on a single online copy. Learn More


by Quask

Perfect for designing forms and simple surveys that can pop up or be embedded into your own web page. Learn More


by Vroman Systems

Create customer online forms and surveys, quickly collect results, and analyze and share data. Learn More


by Formstack

Easily create customized online forms, landing pages, surveys and other website features without the confusion of scripts and HTMLs. Learn More


by Infacta

Software with real-time response tracking, survey export as PDF/CSV, customizable style templates, data sharing with clients/staff. Learn More

Hosted Survey

by Hostedware

Fully web-hosted survey software application developed for researchers, evaluators and organizational improvement. Learn More

by Survey Project

Free web based survey and (data entry)forms toolkit for processing & gathering data online. Learn More


by ResearchWare

Cross-platform software designed to help in projects involving analysis of qualitative data quickly and easily. Learn More

iCapture Survey

by Straight Shot Solutions

iPad application with offline data capture, CSV data export, real-time reporting, branching, skip logic. Learn More


by iContact

Web-based email and list management software that manages permission-based email marketing. Learn More



"Do it yourself" software that allows you to communicate with your customers by conducting on-line surveys and marketing research Learn More


by IdWeb

Server based software which perform market and marketing researches via telephone, web, face-to-face, mobile phone/ PDA or combination. Learn More

iMagic Survey Pro

by iMagic Software

Create surveys and questionnaires. Ideal for business and academic research. Increase your sales with customer feedback. Learn More


by ImaginePoint

State-of-the-art software that automates the process of building and administering surveys. Learn More


by InfoPoll

Create professional questionnaires, collect instant feedback and business intelligence from customers, partners and employees. Learn More

Infosurv Experience

by Infosurv

A full-service solution for online customer, employee, and market research surveys. Learn More


by Infonautics

Online/paper survey software with templates, responses collection, statistics, etc. for customer/employee satisfaction analysis. Learn More


by Inquisite

Web survey tool that lets you administer your survey via the Internet, intranet, email or scannable paper forms. Learn More


by InsightExpress

Evaluate the effectiveness of your ads, the success of your concepts and the creation of your proprietary online panels. Learn More

InSite Professional

by InSite Survey Systems

Allows you to design sophisticated surveys, capture respondent feedback and generate multi-level reports. Learn More


by InstantSurvey

Online survey software allows you to run customer satisfaction surveys, employee surveys, test new products, etc. Learn More


by Acquiro Systems

Create online surveys, questionnaires, and polls. Invite participants by email and perform advanced analysis on your results. Learn More


by Xorbix Technologies

Online tool that offers forms/surveys publishing, templates, text/graphical reporting, library building for data collection & analysis. Learn More


by Insights For Performance

Providing clients with vital employee and customer data to help solve a myriad of challenges since 2003. Learn More


by Contact Software

Data collection application for iOS devices that enables use of multiple devices, web survey creation, real time result display, etc. Learn More

Automated survey technology, easy and affordable, Windows Access Database/ODBC compliant. Learn More

Key Survey

by WorldAPP

Provides an online survey tool that allows any business to create and distribute a survey online. Learn More

Kinesis Survey

by Kinesis Survey Technologies

Web survey solution for market research and enterprise users. Learn More


by Knockout Software

Web survey & polling solution with messaging, distribution & sharing, scheduling, auto overview, custom questionnaire templates, etc. Learn More


by Kykloud

Kykloud, the world most widely used integrated Building Asset Management and Mobile Surveying software. Learn More


by CompleteSurvey

360° feedback solution with branding, questionnaire building, and automated report generation functionality for leadership consultants. Learn More

Leadpro Online Survey

by Anagha Group

LeadPro is an Email Marketing and Lead Management Solution suitable for small, medium and large businesses. Learn More

Make Survey

by Baltsoft Software

Online survey management software with graphic reports, multi-page survey, etc. Requires Windows server. Uses Access or MSSQL database. Learn More

Managed Surveys

by eManaged

Easy and Safe: Let us build your online survey today. Customer surveys on the web - delivered within 2 business days Learn More



Software to assist in the qualitative analysis of data by text group, code system, text browser, and retrieved segments. Learn More


by Merlinco

Desktop survey processing system that provides questionairre design, analysis/tabulations & interviewing/data entry tools, add-ons. Learn More

Miiled SRT

by Miiled

Multi-user Internet based server software for survey research in enterprise scale. Learn More


by Mineful

Online Survey and Forms Software - Create online questionnaires in minutes. Learn More

Mini Survey

by Surveylab

Software for users who know exactly the questions they want to ask, but do not have the necessary resources. Learn More


by Symlink Technologies

Web tool for mobile survey - enables you to send quickly mobile surveys / polls to any mobile device. Learn More


by MoboSurvey

A system that offers theming & branding, email notifications, distribution to all internet capable devices, advance reporting. Learn More

by mySurveylab

Next-generation online survey system. earn how mySurveyLab can help you with marketing, HR, innovation, eCommerce and more! Learn More


by Netigate

Web-based tool for HR, market, panel research via web or mobile phone. Offers analysis with cross tabulations, real-time results, etc. Learn More


by NetEdge Computing Solutions

Web application that enables organizations to create, conduct, deploy and manage online surveys with ease. Learn More


by Newlio

Create game-like surveys with embedded purchasing functionality. Learn More


by NoviSystems

Advanced web survey software - installed in-house or used on-demand. Multilingual, extensive conditional logic, templates and more. Learn More


by QSR International

Qualitative data analysis software for use in analyzing clinical trial results, survey responses, and more. Learn More

Web based software for program registration, online donation, event marketing, newsletter and online survey. Affordable! Learn More

Online Survey Software

by Webmyne Systems

Your one stop survey solutions for gathering and managing feedback from your respondents over the web. Learn More

Online Surveys

by Constant Contact

Easily create professional online surveys. No technical or market-research skills required. Learn More

Opinio 6.2

by ObjectPlanet

Conduct any type of web survey - capable of a wide range of questions and response types covering all your online survey needs Learn More


by The Chatfield Group

Handles online, offline, social, email, and other communications as the ultimate hosted contact center solution Learn More


by Toluna

Hosted online research panel solution to give marketing and research professionals faster, deeper and cost effective customer insight. Learn More

Online surveys for your organisation Create an account for free and make professional surveys Learn More


by Quinntessential Marketing

Australian built online survey software for HR and recruitment professionals Learn More


by Perennial Survey

Allows businesses and individuals to build surveys with an online account; no technical experience required. Learn More

Allows complex and global companies to plan and implement performance management programs, measure and track employee performance. Learn More


by chumpsoft

A comprehensive web-based survey builder that gives you complete control over the look and feel of your survey. Learn More


by Pinnion Research

Software that provides market research tools for web and mobile surveys. Offers SMS polling, real-time results viewing & analysis, etc. Learn More


by Handheld Systems

An integrated survey software suite that provides all the design, data collection, validation, storage and reporting. Learn More


by Polaris Marketing Research

From program design, questionnaire development, and data collection through analysis and reporting, Polaris has the tools to help you create a successful customer loyalty program. Learn More

Poll Everywhere

by Poll Everywhere

Mobile solution that creates polls and collects responses via text, Twitter or web. Used in classrooms, conference, and presentations. Learn More


by PollDaddy

With your free account from PollDaddy you can now create surveys and polls for your website, blog and social network profiles. Learn More


by Pollfish

Mobile app embeddable survey creation and distributions platform with multilingual support and the ability to define target audience. Learn More


by pollograph

pollograph is the easiest way to create free surveys online. Learn More


by SnackTools

Easy online tool for polls, quizzes & surveys, that can be shared and embedded anywhere. Learn More


by PopSurvey

For billions of years, surveys have sucked. We created PopSurvey to change that. Design plays an important part of our every day lives and we wanted to carry that to surveys. Learn More

Professional Quest

by Dipolar

Professional Quest is completely flexible, and contains all the question types you need to create virtually any survey. Learn More

ProProfs Survey Maker

by ProProfs

Survey creation tool with survey analytics, branding, survey templates & more. Learn More


by WebTotality

Create online surveys, polls, forms, slideshows, advertisements, training, announcements, product information, widgets & more. Learn More


by PulseWare

Software for survey hosting, reporting, and distribution that offers auto email alerts & targets, 17 question types, custom branding. Learn More


by Qualaroo

Qualaroo provides a website survey and feeback tool that website owners can easily install on their website. Learn More


by Artisan Global Media

Customize, manage and streamline web surveys, increase your response percentage, automate the evaluation process, etc. Learn More


by Grimmersoft

Complete statistical survey package software that covers all the aspects of your survey from design through analysis. Learn More

Questionmark Perception

by Questionmark

Enables educators and trainers to author, schedule, deliver and report on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. Learn More


by QuestionStar

Online tool with layout templates, email/weblink invitations, panels creation, avatar set-up option, questionnaire preview, etc. Learn More



Online system with conjoint analysis programming, dynamic content survey questions, quota control for professional survey management. Learn More


by Lokilogic

A quick and simple PDA survey tool, with an easy-to-use wizard design interface. Learn More


by RatePoint

Web-based communication tools - email marketing and surveys that allow businesses to collect, manage and promote customer feedback. Learn More


by RationalSurvey

Questionnaire-based survey tool with response data tracking, CSV/Excel import, charts/tables/graphs reports, analytics sharing. Learn More

Reality Check Surveys

by Calibrated Performance Solutions

Easy-to-create online surveys for feedback about training and communication. Learn More


by Relicheck

Provides users survey reliability analysis to assess the effectiveness of their surveys and quizzes and each question. Learn More

Remark Web Survey

by Gravic

Helps you create and administer online surveys, evaluations, registrations, guest books, and, information request forms. Learn More


by Requestio

Online market research platform that provides a full featured tool to let researchers create, deploy and analyse surveys. Learn More

Rogator G

by Rogator Software

Design your own online surveys simply, quickly and with all the comfort of a classic windows application. Learn More



Creates surveys using a simple WYSIWYG interface through your web browser, with no knowledge of HTML required. Learn More


by SensorPro

Powerful web based survey tool allowing you to create & deploy surveys either on a website or within an email. Learn More


by Narragansett Technologies

Easy to use web-based survey solution with real time web-based reporting and analysis. Learn More


by Silverpop

Marketing automation software that allows you to manage your customer data, execute targeted campaigns, and track results. Learn More


by OutSideSoft Solutions

Multilingual, web-based software platform with logic & event driven options, contact/group management, project tasks scheduling, etc. Learn More

SiS Survey

by SiS Software Factory

Create surveys and polls using custom templates or create your own. Use our reporting engine to aggregate, print and export results. Learn More


by Smartline International

Online solution that allows you to carry out research and data collection using surveys. Learn More


by Snooozy

Powerful yet very simple to use automated phone polling system targeted to political campaign managers and public opinion research agencies. It is the fastest way in the market to receive live data Learn More


by SoGoSurvey

Online survey & questionnaire tool with response trend analysis, online poll app, multimedia usage, online reporting, email support. Learn More


by Sawtooth Software

General interviewing, conjoint analysis, and MaxDiff exercises for online, CAPI, or paper surveys. Learn More


by StatPac

Questionnaire design, interviewing, data management, web survey capable with basic and advanced statistical analysis. Learn More

allows institutions to gather meaningful student feedback to help guide instructional improvements, accreditation and tenure decisions. Learn More


by Survelum

Solution for online surveys creation. Provides online statistics, survey editing & testing, unlimited data collection, custom surveys. Learn More

Survey Analysis Software

by MarketSight

Analyzes survey data with crosstabs and charts, runs statistical tests automatically and creates customized, client-ready documents. Learn More

Survey Analytics

by Survey Analytics

Online application for building and distributing surveys including a full suite of tools for analyzing survey data. Learn More

Survey Builder

by Crescent

Cost effective tool for marketing professionals looking to create professional, customizable surveys with no software to install. Learn More

Survey Crafter Professional

by Survey Crafter

Windows based software application that enables you to quickly collect and easily understand critical information. Learn More

Survey Foundation

by Digital

A quick and easy way to survey your audience with a flexible and easy setup for surveys and polls. Learn More

Survey Galaxy

by Survey Galaxy

Allows you to create professional looking online surveys and questionnaires and deploy them via the Internet. Learn More

Survey Generator

by Alstra

Web-based tool with single/matrix questions, question templates, email distribution, etc. Optional readspeaker & panel module. Learn More

Survey Logix

by Sparklit Networks

Easy to use web survey software allows you to create surveys using your content, style and process. Learn More

Survey Manager

by Australian Survey Research Group

Web system that provides emailing, web reporting, bilingual questionnaire & e-forms design, collection and analysis. Learn More

Survey Methods

by Survey Methods

Survey creation, deployment and analysis tool for business. No contracts. Just a month to month subscription! Learn More

Survey Power

by WISCO Computing

Create surveys, opinion polls, and questionnaires and perform demographic, correlation, and statistical analyses. Learn More Enterprise Feedback Management. Learn More

Survey Said

by Marketing Masters

On-line survey creation tool that runs on your web server using the latest HTML & Java. Learn More

Survey Shaker

by Sphinx

Create instantly and easily your online survey with Survey Shaker. Customizable graphic models and result analysis. Learn More

Survey Software

by Qualtrics

Web-based survey construction and distribution tools. Easy enough for an intern, sophisticated enough for a Ph.D. Learn More

Survey Software Online

by National Business Research Institute

Hosted survey creation software. Create custom surveys and get your results now! Learn More

Survey Suite

by Sigmer Technologies

An integrated survey management system that includes a range of of technology to meet your survey and research needs. Learn More

Survey System

by Knight Software

Tablet PC Data Collection Software. Optimized for Mobile Data Collection, Ink, Pictures, etc. Easy Design. Learn More

Survey Tools for Windows

by William Steinberg Consultants

Software to help you create, run, and analyze customer & employee surveys. Easy, fast, and affordable. Learn More


by YellowHawk

Tools to create, run and analyse both anonymous and email invitation questionnaires. White label option available. Learn More


by Xendica

Multi-wave online survey solution, with full customization and email campaign management. Learn More



A free online survey tool that offers unlimited surveys, automatic response alerts, and results sharing. Learn More


by SurveyFactory

Hosted online survey software with several design templates to choose from! Learn More

Online Surveys, data collection, and integration. Enterprise features at a not-so-enterprise price. Learn More


by Golden Hills Software

Affordable survey solution that enables you to conduct surveys online, on paper, via email and in-person with many reporting features. Learn More


by Asia Opinions

Online survey tool that provides emailing, interactive questionnaires, themes and templates, social media sharing for market research. Learn More


by Surveylitics

Create surveys via email. Send your survey questions and they will be automatically turned into a survey! Learn More


by SurveyMonkey

Enables anyone to create professional online surveys quickly and easily. Learn More


by SurveyMonster

Simple online survey software with drag & drop, branching/skipping, interactive AJAX survey taking, mobile capabilities, and more. Learn More


by Surveyonics

Online software that enables to modify existing surveys, analyse results, provides online polls, webposting, emailing, etc. Learn More


by SurveyPie Tech

Survey tool with online apple/android devices support, survey closing options, responses filtering, illustrative charts, etc. Learn More


by SurveyPirate

Free web based survey tool with the added service of worldwide consumer access for your market research needs. Learn More

Surveys & Studies Teleportals

by The Plum Group

Enables automation of surveys and studies by phone, reducing labor costs and increasing response rates. Learn More


by SurveyTool

The #1 online survey software. Get started with survey templates instantly and have your survey running in less than 5 minutes. Learn More


by Training Technologies

Survey software for web, email, paper, and scannable form surveys. Wizard-driven. Design templates and question library. Learn More


by Pearson Education

Collect surveys responses by e-mail, Internet, paper, scanner, disk, network, and kiosk. Learn More


by nFocus Software

A complete web based survey tool that allows users to develop, distribute and effectively report outcome measurement. Learn More



Online market research application that you can use to create professional web surveys in real-time. Learn More


by Enough Pepper

Software that provides survey distribution with a website/link/email, real-time analysis, themes/results sharing & collaboration, etc. Learn More

SurvSoft Online Survey Software

by SurvSoft Survey Software

SurvSoft's Survey Management Software enables you to achieve research based goals in a time and cost-effective manner. Learn More

TeamPulse / TeamPlan

by Quantum Workplace

Employee engagement survey and action planning solutions. Learn More

The Public Votes


Host private/public surveys with email or web delivery and no monthly fees or contracts. Learn More



Allows respondents to easily give their opinions by touching their answers right into a touch-screen computer. Learn More


by UserOverview

Get Insight of your site users & visitors by creating free online survey with few simple click. See Chart reports. Learn More


by NetReflector

Online survey research software that offers collaboration tools, templates, audience management, presentation-quality reports, etc. Learn More


by Cogix

An enterprise ready system for designing, scheduling, publishing and conducting surveys and polls on a web site. Learn More


by Expesite

Allows facility managers to work with drawings, analyze historical information, manage budgets and forecast future requirements. Learn More

Vote! Pro

by Shedix

Comprehensive online voting and survey software - php poll and voting script. Learn More

Web Poll


Web poll solution that allows to add polls to websites, offers Flash user interface, multi-language support, various product skins. Learn More

Web Questionnaire

by Compress Web

Questionnaire tool that offers HTML forms for questionnaire, WYSIWYG editor, templates, PDF/Flash surveys support, score function, etc. Learn More

Web Survey

by WebsiteGear

Saas that offers real-time statistics, sample templates, editor with spell checker, stylesheets, unlimited surveys, questions & pages. Learn More

Web Surveys


Online surveys. No need to sign up, create your survey now! 25 types of questions to choose from, all new Star Rating and much more. Learn More

Online solution with filtering and cross-tabulation, intranet, email and mobile devices support for HR, marketing, training, etc. Learn More

WebSite Feedback Metrics

by FeedbackMetrics

FeedbackMetrics provides survey metrics and industry benchmarks for your website, customer and employee initiatives. Learn More


by CfMC

Web-based software for fully interactive interviews, multiple surveys at a time, all with multiple languages. Learn More


by WebSurveyMaster

Survey & quiz tools with team collaboration, question scoring, data range filtering, question/answer choice piping for professionals. Learn More

White Label


Fully-integrated online questionnaire tool that runs on the client's web domain, offers multi-user access, 360 degree module. Learn More


by AceBit

Modular software that offers result management, survey publisher, website poll creation, participants and answers management, etc. Learn More

WysuForms OnLine

by WysuForms

Online survey management SaaS that allows email/internet questionnaire distribution, results analysis, all types of internet polls. Learn More


by ZapSurvey

Web-based solution with survey development and deployment tools, results interpretation, and offline analysis. Learn More

Zarca Survey Software

by Zarca Interactive

ASP-based online survey solution with pre-designed surveys bank, data analysis & reporting, charts & graphs, campaign management, etc. Learn More


by Reliant

Web-hosted survey tool with formatting, data filtering, and survey-usage statistics for educational institutions, market researchers. Learn More

Zoomerang Online Surveys

by MarketTools

Quickly and easily create free online surveys to get the insights you need. Learn More

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