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iCIMS Recruit can help you find the best talent for your organization. Easily manage your talent pool from one convenient portal. Post job requisitions on your branded careers page, social media, and job boards with the click of a button. With iCIMS Onboard quickly transition your candidates into productive employees with a branded onboarding portal and electronic forms to expedite the hiring process, all while storing OFCCP and EEO data into a searchable database. Learn More

The Halogen Talent Management Suite is a complete cloud-based suite of products that automate, simplify and seamlessly integrate performance appraisals, 360 degree feedback, learning management, succession planning, compensation management, job descriptions and recruiting. It makes HR best-practices accessible to companies of all sizes and is used by thousands of HR professionals around the world. Halogen Software is a recognized market leader, and ranked highest for customer satisfaction. Learn More


by Saigun Technologies

EmpXtrack is a comprehensive, affordable and flexible talent management suite that delivers a wide range of integrated functions including recruitment, onboarding, job descriptions, goal setting, appraisals, development tracking, succession planning, 360 feedback, and exit management. This robust cloud-based product can be implemented quickly and can grow with a customer needs. It is a modular, configurable, and global that can also be easily customized and available for immediate browser use. Learn More

Intelladon provides comprehensive talent management solutions that help organizations get the greatest return on their human capital investment. We offer a cloud-based integrated talent management suite that covers the entire employee lifecycle. Our approach enables you to source top talent, develop and engage employees, improve business execution, cultivate future leaders and fully manage internal talent management with external networks of customers, vendors and distributors. Learn More

Hiring Management System

by Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations

Applicant tracking, screening, onboarding, talent management and offboarding to improve recruiting, developing and retaining people. Learn More

Training Partner

by GeoMetrix Data Systems

Web-based Learning Management System completed with multi-language online access, portal capability and e-commerce. Learn More



Web-based employee performance management software that manages goals, tasks, performance reviews, compensation and benefits. Learn More

Performance Review Pro

by Performance Review Pro

A manager's shortcut to the most effective personal development plans that quickly boost employee motivation, performance & results. Learn More


by TargetRecruit

An online recruiting tool, completely customizable to fit your unique recruiting process and challenges. Learn More

Developed on the industry's leading cloud platform, Vana Human Capital Management delivers one complete integrated human capital management solution for global business. Learn More


by Insights For Performance

The price value leader. Robust features, flexible, intuitive, tier pricing, no multiyear contracts, setup, training, or support fees. Learn More

Manage the talent within your organization by identifying, enriching and deepening the talent pipeline. Learn More

360 Degree Feedback

by Calibra

Provides timely, relevant information to help leverage companies strengths, drive high performance and focus on development areas. Learn More


by ActionHRM

Increase employee productivity, improve corporate compliance and reduce company-wide costs through an easy-to-use hosted solution. Learn More

Active Interview

by Active Interview

The fastest way to conduct video interviews online. Create interviews, invite candidates, watch video responses and save time. Learn More

AllegroHR Suite

by Emerald Software Group

Human capital management with onboarding, acculturation, requisitioning, change management and verification modules. Learn More


by Aragon-eRH

Human Resources Management Software in SaaS mode Learn More

Save time and money in the hiring process but administering assessments with instant results and quick selection. Learn More

ATS OnDemand

by Outer Limits Technology

Supports the entire lifecycle of recruiting, hiring and post-employment service activities through a suite of web-based applications. Learn More

An online automated system that brings the reference checking process to new levels of speed and accuracy. Learn More

Avature CRM

by Avature

Enterprise 2.0 talent acquisition software for creating and managing relationships. Learn More


by Insight Strategic Concepts

A simple and affordable strategic performance management system for organizations needing a less complex and easy to implement solution Learn More


by BrainX

Web-based talent management system used by corporate trainers to improve employee performance. Learn More

Bugscore 360

by Bugscore

Bugscore 360 is the first, real-time 360-degree-feedback software in the market. It departs from the classic Q&A/survey based approach and instead uses attribute based scoring which is 90% quicker. Learn More


by BullseyeEvaluation

Bullseye provides trend setting, non-form based solutions for employee and operational performance management- visual and intutive! Learn More


by Centranum Systems

Web-based talent management platform designed to support the entire people management spectrum. Learn More

Cezanne People

by Cezanne Software

Combines comprehensive functionality for HR administration with easy-to-use employee and manager self-service and embedded workflow Learn More


by Chequed

Define hiring requirements consistently and speed the hiring process by auto-filtering applications based on responses Learn More

Cloud 6.0 by TalentGuard

by TalentGuard

Talent Successor helps you to identify successors for key roles, build bench strength, and improve employee retention. Learn More

Cognisess Pro

by Cognisess

Cloud-based, self service application for human capital assessment, performance, alignment, and management. Learn More


by COMPAS Technology

SaaS solution that offers comprehensive, effective functionality to streamlines and optimize recruiting and staffing processes. Learn More

Cornerstone Talent Management

by Cornerstone OnDemand

A market-leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent management suite. Learn More

Covalent EPM

by Covalent Software

Transforms your staff appraisals process to reduce the time and costs involved. It delivers better organisational performance. Learn More


by Dinamiks

Available 24/7 via secure web access regardless of user location, Dinamiks requires no software installation. It is easy to use. Learn More

Efficient Hire

by Efficient Forms

Web-based employee on-boarding software. Learn More

Learning and performance management platform for healthcare. Provides competency evaluation, surveys, and event scheduling. Learn More


by HRBoss

Connecting the dots between your HRIS and business success Learn More

enCompassing Visions

by JPS Management Consulting

enCompassing Visions brings clarity and alignment between the employer, the employee, and the role. Learn More

eNet Enterprise

by eCom Scotland

Talent management solution that encompasses assessments, course authoring, training, content management and learning management. Learn More


by ITS Software Systems

Web-based recruitment solution that allows HR departments and consultancies to track applicants, manage contacts and vendor data. Learn More

Flare Talent Management Suite

by Astron Solutions

A modular system that addresses a variety of HR needs from performance appraisal to applicant tracking. Learn More


by OMNIview

An affordable talent management platform that includes internal and external talent management and performance management. Learn More


by Gyrus Systems

Web-based system, with an emphasis on skill-set development and competency. Learn More

Harvest HCM Talent

by Harvest HCM

Better Talent Management Equals Competitive Advantage! Learn More


by PeopleMatter

Designed for service industry to identify, track and hire candidates; offers I-9 verification and business analytics capabilities. Learn More


by Talemetry

Web-based talent acquisition system that streamlines your recruiting process with talent portal, candidate and client management tools. Learn More


by Hireology

Features include job profiling, reference and background checking, DiSC assessment, candidate management, and collaboration tools. Learn More

HR in the Cloud

by HR in the Cloud

Unified Talent Management SaaS Solutions. A streamlined process from recruitment through the entire employee life cycle. Learn More

HR Pulse

by Pilat HR Solutions

Web-based succession planning system, configured to support and enhance each client¿¿¿s unique succession planning process. Learn More

HR TalentPro

by HR TalentPro

Manage your talent management programs; hiring and selection, mentoring, assessment, succession planning, performance management. Learn More


by Intelesoft Technologies

Cost-effective, workflow driven, competency and objective-based performance management web application. Learn More

HRiQ Cloud

by iqDinamics

Web-based HR & talent management solution with payroll, leave, performance, attendance management, career development modules, etc. Learn More

HRMC Acclaim


Talent acquisition solution that organizations utilize to select, assess, and acquire top performers. Learn More

Talent management with recruitment, performance management, succession planning, training management and compensation management. Learn More


by Auxillium West

Enables the tracking, analysis, and reporting of personnel data, including history, compensation, benefits, and more. Learn More


by HR Technology Solutions

Modular software that includes succession planning, compensation management, candidate selection, and performance management tools. Learn More


by HumanConcepts

Manage organizational changes, analyze different approaches, and find the optimal solution for individual companies Learn More


by Hyrell

Online hiring platform that gives you the ability to automate job posting, measure activity, track and engage applicants. Learn More

IBM Kenexa

by IBM

Manage talent acquisition, optimization, recognition and analytics. Learn More


by Saviance Technologies

HR management solution for hiring and talent management automation. Includes client/supplier portals, resume and invoice management. Learn More

Infor HCM

by Infor

Complete solution for workforce management, workforce development and talent management. Learn More

Enables employers and recruiters to bring their job application, candidate screening, and early interview efforts online. Learn More


by Forte HCM

Optimizes talent acquisition through highly sensitive parameter-based selection process. Learn More


by MidlandHR

An integrated HR, payroll, and applicant tracking solution that can be implemented in a number of ways to suit your organization. Learn More


by JobApp Plus

Allows your applicants to apply online or by phone and manages the process of applicant sourcing, tracking, and onboarding. Learn More

Kallidus Talent

by Kallidus

Talent is a powerful set of tools to help you identify key talent and maintain critical succession planning throughout your business. Learn More


by Kapta

Easy to use performance management software specifically for companies with under 500 employees. Learn More

Lumesse ETWeb

by Lumesse

Improve employee engagement, positively impact retention, performance, productivity, innovation, and learning with this solution. Learn More

Measured Success

by McCann Associates

Enables companies to manage employee lifecycle; provides assessment, talent, training, and certification management. Learn More

Metrics that Matter

by KnowledgeAdvisors

Human capital analytics to measure and increase the impact of your human capital processes from recruiting to leadership development. Learn More

Monster TMS

by Monster

A single, centralized talent management solution for identifying, tracking and onboarding the best candidates possible. Learn More

Mutual Force

by Mutual Force

Mentoring program management software for organizations to create, run and manage a successful program. Learn More


by myTalentLink

Provides talent pools creation, candidate workflow management, and job seekers monitoring to streamline the hiring process. Learn More

Take a proactive approach to managing talent so your organization is prepared with a qualified workforce; succession planning, HCM. Learn More

NetDimensions Talent Suite

by NetDimensions

Enterprise Talent Management System. Proven implementations across global organizations that require integrated talent management. Learn More


by Next Recruiter

NextRecruiter is a powerful staffing and recruiting software for temp healthcare agencies. Learn More

NGA.NET eRecruit


E-recruitment solution with assessment tools, dashboard reporting, and onboarding capabilities for government and public sector. Learn More

Nortek People Management Software

by Nortek Solutions

Comprehensive Cloud-based HR, Timekeeping and Payroll software helping businesses adapt and thrive. Learn More



Fully-integrated applicant tracking system that allows you to manage your entire workforce logistics with a single platform. Learn More

OMI Talent Platform

by Organization Metrics

OMI Talent offers performance development plans, talent profiles, individual and organizational reports, training calendar and more. Learn More

Bridges the gap between training for business and certification requirements and social learning for developing workforce talent. Learn More


by Adequasys

Scalable, modular and configurable software designed to more easily maintain, plan and manage data relative to the HR function. Learn More

Fast, easy, affordable talent management solutions that enable workforce quality improving and leadership pipeline building. Learn More

Organizational Chart Software


Helps you to build Succession Planning Chart, Organizational Structure, Enable Resource Planning and Employee Communications. Learn More


by BrightArch

Software to design and staff a new organization while engaging employees. Ideal for merger integrations and reorganizations. Learn More


by Overture

Web-based administrative software for booking agencies and artiste managers. Learn More

PageUp People

by PageUp People

Solution that assists organization in recruitment, on-boarding, performance management, leadership development, and succession planning Learn More


by Glodyne Technoserve

Managed service that helps you build core HR processes from talent acquisition to performance and compensation management. Learn More

Provides tools needed to motivate, retain and manage your human capital effectively. Learn More

Pereless i7

by Pereless Systems

Manage the talent management cycle from job initiation, job approval, candidate management, hiring, onboarding and beyond. Learn More

Allows complex and global companies to plan and implement performance management programs, measure and track employee performance. Learn More


by ProcessOn

Online organizational chart diagram designer and Google app that supports real time collaboration and Visio import. Learn More

Profile XT

by Profiles International

Measures essential data an employer needs to make better hiring, training, managing, and promoting decisions. Learn More


by HireLabs

Talent assessment tool to help you rate applicants' skills. Learn More

Progreso HR Software

by Progreso

Modular HR software that helps organizations improve their human talents in order to create higher performance. Learn More


by J. J. Keller & Associates

People management tool that provides a better approach to engage and develop the people in your organization; free trial. Learn More


by eGrabber

ResumeGrabber mass imports resumes from Google search results, etc. Learn More


by Salesforce

Identify top talent and drive organizational performance. Learn More

Automates all core human resource processes, including employee administration, payroll, and legal reporting. Learn More

Administer all aspects of employee recruitment and selection with recruitment campaign planning, skills and competency matching. Learn More


by PeopleAdmin

Software that provides recruiting, position management, onboarding, and performance management for government and higher education. Learn More


by Central Business Solutions

Online skill assessments for various projects/requirements from start to finish as well as post delivery support. Learn More


by Zapoint

Quickly and concisely captures the strengths and weaknesses of your organization; improve organizational alignment and identify potential gaps. Learn More


by e4 Learning Solutions

Online competency management software; provides information on organizational strengths & weaknesses. Learn More


by SmartPost

Sourcing network to provide accurate, real-time data that matches employers with applicants Learn More


by SpriggHR

Online appraisal, evaluation, development, and performance management system that enables interactive communication between managers and employees. Learn More

Starfield TMS

by Starfield TMS

Starfield provides Workforce Planning, Learning, Performance, 360 Assessment, Compensation, Succession, and Analytic solutions. Learn More

Succession Wizard

by Norchard Solutions

Identifies potential succession gaps and assists in planning future staffing needs within your organization. Learn More


by Saba Software

Track and manage processes that relate to the identification and development of talent across the organization. Learn More

SumTotal Talent Expansion

by SumTotal Systems

A complete talent management solution that offers workforce management, performance, learning, and more in an integrated package. Learn More


by Synergita

HR initiated performance appraisals, talent development and review, social recognition & continuous feedback platform. Learn More

Supports the process of identifying, preparing and retaining talent in the organization and analyzes information about candidates. Learn More

Talent Acquisition Module

by Technomedia

Flexible software solutions for talent acquisition, candidate sourcing, onboarding, career websites & recruitment process improvement. Learn More

Bring out the best in your workforce by allowing them to showcase their talents through social, mobile, and video interactions. Learn More

Helps organizations remain competitive by developing, retaining and re-deploying top talent. Learn More

Talent Navigator

by Head Light

Tool to help with career planning Learn More


by digital-media-lab

Talent retention and development solution for tracking employee engagement and developing talent improvement processes. Learn More



Flexible set of compensation, performance and succession planning modules that configure to your company practices. Learn More


by TalentQuest

Integrated talent management software with modules for employee management, training, goals and more. Learn More


by TalentSoft

Web-based talent management software with over 2 million users. Includes everything from acquiring to developing your employees. Learn More


by TalentScope

Gathers and integrates data on performance, succession, employees, recruitment/retention, compensation, organizational structure. Learn More



Make culture your competitive advantage! Your people are your business ¿ give them the software to stay engaged. Learn More

TeamPulse / TeamPlan

by Quantum Workplace

Employee engagement survey and action planning solutions. Learn More

TEDS Job Vision


Automates convergence of individual career goals, human capital deployment strategies, job opportunities and evolving business plans. Learn More

The Talent Suite

by IMC information multimedia communication

Provides a comprehensive solution which allows you to find optimum resources to fill key positions and functions within your company. Learn More


by ThinkWise

ThinkWise will help you install a high performance culture and provide answers to everyday management questions Learn More

Total Talent Management

by PeopleFluent

Manage shifting positions, payroll, bonuses, employee benefits, and employee productivity and performance. Learn More

TrackStar Skills Tracker

by Internal Systems

Comprehensive and affordable system for managing and tracking employee skills and job requirements. Learn More


by Ultimate Software

Provider of comprehensive, strategic human resources, payroll and talent management solutions in the cloud. Learn More


by Unrabble

Free cloud-based solution that allows you to automatically identify top candidates in seconds and communicate using built-in messaging. Learn More

Verismo HR

by Verismo Systems

Talent management and planning system that streamlines HR tasks from recruitment through succession planning. Learn More


by viDesktop

Performance management and survey system which handles evaluations, goals management, upward and peer reviews and surveys. Learn More

Vitalnet 2.0

by Vitalent

Delivers a comprehensive talent management solution that addresses every phase of the talent life cycle. Learn More

WebMentor Skills

by Avilar Technologies

Web-based competency management products to help you achieve your workforce planning and development goals. Learn More

Offers comprehensive human resource management capabilities, from workforce management to compensation and talent management. Learn More

WorkSimple Performance

by Morgan Norman

An easy-to-use, Web 2.0 performance management the builds a recognition culture. Learn More


by YouEarnedIt

YouEarnedIt is a SaaS platform that drives performance through employee recognition, reinforcement, and rewards. Learn More

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