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Visit our website for 80 written and video reviews from Axon users. Since 1982 Axon has been providing software to trucking companies in North America. Axon is the only Trucking Dispatch and Accounting Software that is completely integrated in real-time. This means information only needs to be entered once to instantly update all systems automatically. Axon is used by hundreds of Highway Carriers, Oilfield and Aggregate trucking companies. Integrates with PC*Miler and ProMiles. Get The Demo! Learn More

GPS Insight is an award-winning technology provider of GPS fleet tracking software for mid-large fleet-based businesses. They utilize high quality GPS hardware and add the customization and enhancements which fleet based companies demand. Using the GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution, companies realize a significant increase in efficiency, and gain insight into all aspects of their fleet operations. FREE DEMOS, FREE TRIAL PROGRAM AVAILABLE, NO CONTRACTS Learn More

Get a free, live demo of FleetMatics GPS fleet tracking. FleetMatics provides live web-based GPS fleet tracking software and hardware that reduces fuel and operating costs while helping you provide better service to your customers. FleetMatics also gives you the competitive edge to respond to customer needs faster by deploying vehicles more efficiently and providing you with the tools to accurately measure your fleet's performance. Learn More


by Marathon Data Systems

Cut down on operating costs, reduce mileage, and improve customer service with Viamente's web-based route planning software. Identify the fastest, most efficient routes within minutes and take the headache out of planning & scheduling. Start optimizing today's routes or plan for the whole month. Demo Viamente today and let us do the heavy lifting for you! Learn More

Verizon Networkfleet

by Verizon Networkfleet

Verizon Networkfleet transforms the way fleets operate by monitoring mileage, fuel use, engine diagnostic codes, and other vehicle data. Our online system offers 24/7 access to fleet information, robust reporting capabilities, reliable tracking of fixed and movable assets, and third-party data integration to automate fleet management tasks and improve efficiency. Learn More

Telogis is the only provider who can offer you a single integrated platform to cover all your location intelligence needs. Say goodbye to individual products and switch to a complete, future-proofed platform solution. Maximize profits, security, safety, compliance and productivity. From commercial GPS fleet tracking and fuel management to route planning and navigation, our modern, web-based architecture allows efficient data exchange between common systems, right across your entire business. Learn More


by Melton Technologies

MTI offers US truck fleet owners of 15-500+ trucks the Horizon core trucking software for Dispatch, Billing and Driver Settlements as well as Tax Reporting, Document Imaging, EDI and Mobile Communications modules to efficiently improve and optimize fleet operations. MTI Horizon Business Analytix gives fleet owners Business Intelligence to help manage their business. Learn More

Waybill Tracking Software

by Automated Record Keeping

Freight Software starting at $50 per month! This easy-to-use, complete package has been used by freight forwarders, distributors, couriers, and truckers since 1986. Web enabled tracking and order entry. Integrates with QuickBooks. Customizable to meet your needs. Free 30 day trial available. Learn More

Tailwind CMS Software

by Tailwind Management Systems

Manages all aspects of trucking operations, accounting and admin. Including, drivers, dispatching, equipment and service integration. Learn More

Web based Ride management system for client requests and scheduling. No software installation or maintenance needed. Learn More


by TomTom Telematics

TomTom Telematics is a Business Unit of TomTom dedicated to fleet management and vehicle telematics. Learn More

Travel Tracker

by Cook Consulting

Cloud-based solution that manages school field trips and athletic ttrips through funding approvals, bus scheduling, and invoicing. Learn More


by Computerized Management Systems

Complete dispatch and accounting software; contains freight billing, advances, fuel tax, fuel card integration, general ledger, etc. Learn More

Taxi Booking Pro

by Taxi Booking Pro

Mobile friendly website and online booking and dispatch software for taxis, mini cabs, private hire vehicles, limousines and car hire. Learn More

Awery Airline Management Software

by Awery Aviation Management System

Web-enabled airline ERP solution with modules for managing flights, cargo, and services, as well as accounting and HR capabilities. Learn More


by Pantonium

Enabling order entry, dispatch, scheduling, routing, mobile and billing to be managed through a single platform for people transport. Learn More

Dispatch and fleet management management software for asset based, 3PL, broker and private fleet companies. Learn More

OnTime System

by Vesigo Studios

Smart and affordable way to manage your courier, carrier, and transportation business. Learn More


by Routezilla

An UBER like Booking and Routing Engine for On the Go businesses. Learn More

Award-winning, 100% integrated, cloud-based GPS fleet tracking with dispatch messaging, reports, alerts, driver scoring and more. Learn More


by MyRouteOnline

Route optimization solution that can convert addresses from an Excel file into a route plan to be shared via mobile or GPS. Learn More


by Arcline (2000)

Manages truck dispatching including lead tracking, load orders, trip reports, and posting to your accounting software. Learn More


by DispatchBot

Manage scheduling and dispatching of your drivers and bill customers with ease with this web-based tool. Learn More

Avaal Express

by Avaal Technology Solutions

Software that incorporates dispatching, fleet management, driver management, safety and compliance and accounting capabilities. Learn More

InTow Software Suite

by OnScene Solutions

Service-cycle management and dispatching software that reduces the processes involved in running your towing operation. Learn More

Aegis Public Safety

by New World Systems

Aegis public safety - for dispatch, mobile computing, field reporting, records management and corrections Learn More

Agile TMS

by Agile-Network

Allows you to reduce transportation costs and make your warehouse more efficient. Learn More

Appian DirectRoute

by TMW Systems

Route scheduling software for distribution and supply companies. Produce full return on initial investment within a few months. Learn More


by PCdotCOM

AppOnTheRun offers key features: photo documentation, GPS tracking, digital work orders (instant/paperless), and automated invoicing. Learn More

ArcLogistics Route

by Truck Dispatching Innovations

Software solution for routing and scheduling complex local delivery fleets. Learn More

Effectively manages resources, responses and all dispatching activities. Learn More

Lets your goods and information flow: standardized and automated along the supply chain you define. Learn More

Fully integrated dispatch, routing, fueltax, and fleet management entirely online. Learn More

Broker PRO

by Infinity Software Solutions

Comprehensive transportation management software solution for medium to large freight brokerage intermediaries and their personnel. Learn More

Cab Treasure

by Eurosoft Tech

Taxi Management and dispatch software for minicab and taxi companies. Backoffice Operations for dispatch and Online Customer Bookings. Learn More


by Southern Software

A mission critical dispatch tool that can effectively minimize response time and assists dispatch personnel to make response decisions Learn More


by CAPS Dispatching Services

Truck dispatcher training software that teaches clients and customers about effective load management. Learn More

CargoTel TMS

by CargoTel

Web-based TMS, wireless and EDI solutions for the freight transportation and logistics industries. Learn More

CIS Computer Assisted Dispatch

by Computer Information Systems

The CIS Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) System is a state of- the-art program that enables dispatchers to efficiently and effectively. Learn More

Computer Aided Dispatch

by ProPhoenix

Computer aided dispatch software; supports law enforcement, fire, EMS. Learn More

Real time command and control process, that tracks information relating to police, fire, EMS and public works calls and activity. Learn More

Computer Aided Dispatch

by Sundance Systems

Designed for any size police, fire or emergency services department, 2 units to 200. Learn More

Computer Aided Dispatch

by Larimore Associates

Quickly and efficiently handles incident situations improving officer safety and protecting the community they serve. Learn More

Computer-Aided Dispatch

by Spillman Technologies

Enables communications centers to manage calls from multiple agencies, even across several jurisdictions. Learn More

Courier Connex

by Courier Connex

Web based courier software, dispatch management software. Learn More


by Cordic

Courier dispatching system with GPS, tracking, comprehensive accounts/billing. Learn More

Dispatch Anywhere

by Beacon Software

Towing management software that covers the full spectrum from call taking through dispatch to accounts receivables. Learn More


by Ranger SST

All-In-One Solution: dispatching, GPS tracking/mapping, and mobile messaging - with storage lot management and link to QuickBooks Learn More


by Dispatch Management Solutions

DispatchGate offers customers a comprehensive job management interface that manages: client, job types, vehicles or staff. Learn More

Dispatching Made Easy

by Maximus Management Group

A dispatching software solution for a variety of transportation services including NEMT, limos, and taxis. Learn More


by Dispatchingo

Automated, intuitive and affordable taxi dispatch system. Web based service suitable for taxi dispatch of any size and shape. Learn More

DispatchKing Software

by DispatchKing

An Online Runboard that replaces white boards, paper diaries, spreadsheets and clipboards to manage transport and orders. Learn More

dispatchOffice TransDispatch

by Penchant Software

Manage people, time, assets, shipments, routes and agents across multiple locations, timezones; effortlessly. Learn More


by Dooing

Mobile platform for companies with field personnel. Assign tasks to your agents based on proximity, availability, and skill level. Learn More

DQ ODT System

by DQ Technologies

Follows production and manufacturing order lifecycle; allows for quick decisions on delivery scheduling and customer service. Learn More


by Crystal Computer Support

Dispatching software for public transit systems that works with both line haul and door to door passenger services. Learn More


by Degama Systems

Integrated and flexible dispatch and accounting solution for truckload, LTL and brokerage environments. Learn More


by CISCO Software

Provides automated dispatch for law enforcement, fire, rescue, EMS and other agencies. Learn More


by AndSoft

e-FMS is a management and control tool used in fleet and workshop, it is 100% web integrated in the Andsys platform. Learn More


by EasyBus

Flexible trip, maintenance, and driver training software that can be purchased as a suite or individually. Learn More

Provides your agency an application which allows dispatchers to easily gather and capture call, incident and location information. Learn More


by Synapp North

Automated logbook solution with emailing, reminders, spell checking, attachments, as well as internal audits capabilities. Learn More


by Perfit Computing Systems Group

Solutions for the mid-to-large trucking industry, including fleet maintenance, parts, inventory, purchasing, assets, leasing, dispatch. Learn More

Enterprise Transportation

by TMW Systems

Transportation software for trucking organizations & private fleets that includes order entry, dispatch, etc. Learn More

ERT Transportation Manager

by E.R.T. Software Systems

Transportation management software with dispatch, customer management, carrier management, reporting, fuel tax tracking and more. Learn More

eXpert Dispatch System

by Mobile Knowledge

Take calls, dispatch cars, monitor your fleet, obtain trip histories and statistics, print detailed reports and track clients. Learn More

Express Waybill

by Loginet Solutions

Web-based trucking dispatch with orders management, invoicing, address book, drivers & fleet management and reports. Learn More

Facilitates two way texting to increase communication within internal workforce Learn More


by Visual Computer Solutions

The FIRES solution is the most powerful, versatile, and easy-to use scheduling software system available to FIRE and EMS professionals. Learn More

Fleet Manager Professional

by Trans+Plus Systems

Powerful solution for trucking and logistics management; enables better workflow, increased efficiency and accurate reporting. Learn More


by Zada Partners

Waste and transportation software. Includes route optimization, RFID and sales and marketing analysis. Learn More


by GEOCommand

Integrates mobile geographic information system (GIS) software with GPS with computer-aided dispatch (CAD). Learn More

Helm Marine Operations

by Edoc Systems Group

Vessel fleet management software solution including invoicing, dispatching, maintenance, data collection, and training. Learn More

HGTS Web Reservations Manager

by The Hudson Group

Online booking tool with real-time price quotes, mobile devices support, loyality programs integration for transport reservations. Learn More


by Magenta Technology

Event-driven planning software drives better decisions and allocates business resources in near real-time, dynamic conditions. Learn More


by EmergiTech

Streamlined, functional industry-leading interface for dispatch automation. Learn More

Operations, dispatch, and customer service solution for container drayage, LTL, distribution/consolidation. Learn More

Internet Dispatcher

by IDS Internet Dispatch Services

Created to help courier companies, express transport networks and depots to cuts costs & lifts customer service levels. Learn More

ITS Dispatch

by Internet Truckstop

Web-based, inexpensive, and easy trucking or freight broker software that meets the needs of small and medium sized companies. Learn More

Keystone Truck Accounting

by Keystone Systems

Dispatching, billing, driver/carrier settlements, fuel taxes, full integrated accounting. Learn More


by Zuercher Technologies

ledsSuite is a fully featured, truly integrated public safety software system, with modules for CAD, Mapping, RMS, JMS and more. Learn More


by Dispatch & Tracking Solutions

LETS offers a web-based tracking system that manages the entire towing and impounding process. Learn More


by My Network Solution

Web-based limousine management system; manage customers, payment, employees, cars, periodical reports. Learn More

Livery Software


Enter new reservations, make changes and handle questions, incidents and driver calls. Learn More

LMX Systems

by Aeon Development Group

Software with dispatch, rating/billing, and equipment tracking capabilities for the logistics industry. Learn More


by McLeod Software

Fully integrated dispatch and accounting fleet management software system. Learn More


by Express Technologies

Transportation software covering dispatch, sales, rating, accounting and logistics. Learn More

Logistics Suite

by TransCore

Trucking logistics software, dispatch software and dispatch accounting software in one transportation management system. Learn More


by Little Services Gateway

Dispatching, GPS, and scheduling software that can work off an android mobile platform. Learn More


by Logistix Solutions

Supply chain optimization and distribution. Save fuel, driver and vehicle and supply chain expenses with superior customer service. Learn More

Marcotte Operation

by Marcotte Systems

Dispatching for Ready-mix: with Marcotte Operation, you optimize your resources while delivering the right product, at the right time. Learn More

MercuryGate TMS

by MercuryGate International

Transportation management system that allows for integration with freight carriers, service providers, and government agencies. Learn More


by In-Synch Systems

Highly focused dispatching application for self-dispatched organizations. Learn More

by MyTaxiCloud

Dispatch from a simple internet connected PC & smartphone in car. Learn More

NexGen Dispatch Software

by Fleet Cost & Care

Fleet management software with dispatch, scheduling and maintenance for the equipment rental, construction, crane and rigging industry. Learn More

One-Click CAD

by DCS

Computer aided dispatching; unit status changes are as simple as a single click of the mouse. Learn More

OnTime 360

by OnTime

Web-based courier software that helps carriers, freight brokers, messengers, and dispatching services automate their business. Learn More


by Cassidian Communications

A map-centric CAD application delivering incident data directly to the desktop. Learn More

Paradox Routing Tool

by Paradox Software Consulting

Optimize routes and resource schedules for private fleet, dedicated fleet, and Less Than Truckload (LTL) operations. Learn More

Patch Management

by New Boundary Technologies

Comprehensive patch metadatabase is administered by a team of experts that researches and tests every new patch. Learn More

PC Dispatch

by Taxicentral

Taxi central supports driver''s call taking, dispatch, GPS, credit card processing, and reporting capabilities. Learn More

PerGo Dispatch

by eTaxiUSA

Giving your transportation company the technology to compete with technology. Learn More


by Enforsys Systems

Browser-based software solution that includes Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management System (RMS), and full mobile computing. Learn More


by Diffusion Solutions

Dispatch tasks to mobile workers such as electricians, technicians or deliverymans. Dispatch and GPS Solution for iPhone and BlackBerry Learn More

Prophesy DispatchSeries

by Prophesy Transportation Solutions

Fleet management software, designed & priced for small to mid-sized for-hire trucking fleets. Learn More

Q7 Trucking Business Software

by Frontline Software Technology

Dispatching, freight billing and revenue settlement, fuel taxes, fleet maintenance, load tracking, payroll. Learn More

RIMS Computer Aided Dispatch

by Sun Ridge Systems

Allows your dispatchers to perform multiple tasks with one, high-performance system. Learn More


by Schedgy

Web-based dispatching software optimized for non-emergency medical and paratransit transportation. Learn More


by Silent Dispatch

Powerful dispatch software, vehicle tracking system at an affordable price. Learn More


by SmartDispatch

SmartDispatch offers clients vehicle tracking, system management, and wireless data integration capabilities. Learn More


by Route Solutions

Multi-vehicle route planning software; improve fleet efficiency, enhance customer service and streamline your overall operations. Learn More



Optimized planning and real-time dispatch of truck fleets, container transportation and intermodal operations. Learn More

T Dispatch

by T Dispatch

Cloud-based dispatching software for taxi, private hire and fleet management. Learn More

Taxi dispatch software that offers user a dual Dispatch Center Interface and Taxi Driver Interface. Learn More

Taxi Dispatcher

by InSoftDev

100% Cloud-based, OTDS is a great solution for small or large Private Hire, Taxi, Airport Shuttle, as well as new entrepreneurs Learn More


by Mobisoft

Automatic booking and dispatching system for taxis; seeks a suitable vehicle for each booking in real time. Learn More


by Multi Brains

Hosted dispatch software for taxi or limo company with integrated GPS tracking & location mapping as well as mobile apps for drivers. Learn More

Affordable integrated freight billing and dispatching system. Learn More

The Service Program

by Westrom Software

QuickBooks add-on service software with dispatch, routing, work order, maintenance schedules, GPS, mobile and customer service tools. Learn More

Tiburon CommandCAD

by Tiburon

Disaster tolerant, command and control solution to manage emergency calls; supports dispatching and incident control. Learn More

TMS On Demand

by IntermodalSoft

Comprehensive, fully integrated intermodal trucking software. Learn More


by Towxchange

Enables automated pricing and lien management, ticket management, driver tracking and provides detailed management reports. Learn More


by TouchStar

Touch screen computers connected to onboard GPS, wireless communication and vehicle monitoring for optimized routing and scheduling. Learn More


by Business Management Software

Fleet management combining all aspects of dispatching, load tracking, driver and pay, fuel tax calculations and trip settlement. Learn More


by Future Quest Wireless

System for booking and dispatching passenger trip reservations with automated digital dispatch, vehicle tracking and office management. Learn More


by Trinium Technologies

Complete operational solution for intermodal trucking companies. Learn More

Trucking and Brokerage


Easy to use Windows-based Trucking and Dispatch operations software for your trucking, brokerage or freight forwarding company. Learn More


by DesertMicro

Takes the guesswork out of locating your vehicles allowing you to respond to your customers more quickly and effectively. Learn More

TruckMaster 2000

by TruckMaster Logistics Systems

Software for dispatching, billing, accounting, payroll, settlements, maintenance,safety, brokerage, satellite tracking. Learn More


by MapMechanics

Routing and scheduling software to reduce transportation costs, enhance route planning, increase efficiency, improve customer service. Learn More

Unified Livery Systems

by Unified Livery Systems

Limo fleet management solution including: vehicle management, e-reservations, invoicing, and dispatching. Learn More

Advanced routing and dispatch software. Learn More

VIntermodal Manager

by Compcare Services

Intermodal trucking software: dispatch, settlements, invoicing, document imaging, EDI, GPS, website development. Learn More

VisiCAD for EMS

by TriTech Software Solutions

Comprehensive public safety CAD software system designed to enable the process of capturing and processing emergency 911 calls. Learn More

Visual Dispatch

by Senarc Systems

Windows based heavy equipment rental and scheduling application to simplify dispatching and create accurate schedules. Learn More


by vWorkApp

Schedule work easily, manage job progress, know where your people are, invoice accurately. Learn More


by WolfByte Software

Keeps track of customers, sales leads, shipping points, customs brokers, tractors, trailers, drivers and carriers. Learn More

X Dispatch

by CXT Software

Specifically created to assist the courier, LTL, trucking, and same day delivery company in their everyday operations. Learn More

Xpert Dispatch Software

by Xpert IT Solutions

All trucking software needs in one product Learn More


by YouDispatch

Software designed to manage fleet of drivers and assign them jobs according to their proximity. Learn More

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