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NEW VERSION - El Dorado an all-inclusive meter to collections utility billing system provides feature rich customer, meter mgmt., reporting with a robust online bill payment - improves billing and collections. Enjoy a advanced billing system at a fraction of the price. Connect billing with accounting and meter reading systems. Cloud based saves on hardware purchases, eliminates upgrades. Import meter readings fast and accurately with Easy Reader for Android. A "best in class" choice for billers. Learn More


by Crestline Software

A fully web based utility billing solution for municipalities and private utility companies. Bill water, sewer, trash, rent or any other services that you may have. Perfect for small, medium, and large towns. Pricing starts as low as $80 per month and includes all of our features: e-billing, service orders, mobile meter reading app, credit card payments and more! Easy and affordable to get started! Learn More

Visual Utility Billing

by Diversified Technology

Visual Utility Billing couples a clean and easy-to-use Windows interface with a rich set of features designed to work for municipalities, municipal authorities, and utility companies. Instantly access complete customer account records with just a mouse click. Easily import data from within your meter reading system or service. Generate billings based on flat fees, consumption or a combination. Bar code payment stubs for easy posting. Quickly upload all billing records to your general ledger. Learn More

SmartGridCIS is a leading provider of energy billing and CIS solutions for regulated utility companies and deregulated retail energy providers that want to fully leverage a smart metering infrastructure. Since making our prepaid energy platform commercial in 2010, SmartGridCIS has continued to build a steady and diverse customer base, and in the process, enhanced our product offerings. We now offer traditional (post-pay) billing and CIS, along with a consumer web portal and mobile application. Learn More


by Continental Utility Solutions

CUSI delivers Customer Information Systems, Utility Billing, Accounting and Work Asset Management worldwide. CUSI develops, implements and supports a comprehensive line of technology solutions for managing the operational requirements of utilities and local governments. Today over 1100 water, sewer, gas, electric and waste management companies utilize CUSI's Windows, SQL, and .Net applications to fulfill their operational needs. Learn More

BillMaster is a Utility Billing program for all public and private utilities. It is a complete CIS, billing and management program which includes Service Orders, Meter Maintenance history and Scheduling in addition to the CRM and Billing process. BillMaster features customizable account records, flexible reporting options, and unlimited rate schedules and charge calculations. Complex rate structures are supported. Every facet of the billing process may be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Learn More


by TAK Technology

QuikWater is a utility billing software system designed for small to medium sized rural and municipal utilities. In addition to water charges, the system handles sewer, refuse, electrical and various user defined charges. QuikWater provides exceptional versatility in user configurable bills, demand letters, and shut off notices using a bulit-in graphical report generator. Learn More

Waterworks is a full featured, affordable, easy to use water/sewer billing software serving small cities and rural water systems since 1987, also 2 other countries! Metered & flat rate billing for water & sewer, also trash & 2 user defined fees. Unlimited rates within the 5 main categories. Streamlined payment and meter reading entry, unlimited notes on account, customer and meter/tap. Interface modules for QuickBooks, and most all AMR systems. Unlimited training and help available to members. Learn More


by Intedata Systems

SOFTWater, our utility billing software, has been a leader in the utility billing field since 1986. It is the foundation of our SOFTSuite Total Solution of products that integrate seamlessly to make a flexible and user-friendly software package. With SOFTWater, you'll have the power to bill water, sewer, sanitation, gas and/or electric. Easily manage one utility service or many, metered or unmetered. Plus, SOFTWater has many unique capabilities you probably never knew you wanted. Learn More

Rural Billing

by Redline Data Systems

Rural Billing utility billing is a simple-to-use, expandable and affordable billing solution. Unlike billing systems that are too complex, too limited or too expensive for the smaller utility, Rural Billing contains all the necessary features at an economical price. Learn More


by Associated Systems

ASI offers one of the most effective, flexible and complete billing systems available to the utility industry, called EasiBill. This utility billing software provides the tools to improve your billing process while boosting efficiency and productivity to better serve your customers. Benefits include: Unlimited number of services; Multi Dial and multiple meters per service locations; Penalty/delinquent and cut-off processing; On-line credit processing; and Hand-held meter reading interface. Learn More

Cogsdale Customer Service Management systems enable our clients to integrate superior customer relationship management with their day-to-day business process requirements. Designed to accommodate the complex billing requirements of utilities and municipalities, Cogsdale CSM does what technology is supposed to do: streamline operations, reduce costs, and deliver the best quality service to customers. Cogsdale CSM extends and enhances the capabilities of MS Business Solutions Great Plains. Learn More


by Computer Network

UMS2000 is more than just software...we are your partners in business. UMS offers integrated work management, inventory,unmatched audit-trail, comprehensive rate analysis and mobile service orders to track your team; Customer service made easy! Automated bank drafts, eBilling, budget billing, intelligent estimating, user-definable security, GIS interface, unlimited cycles, user defined rate codes, and more. Additional Modules: Online Payments & integrated Reading software Learn More

Banyon Utility Billing

by Banyon Data Systems

For cities, towns, villages, electric utilities, utility cooperatives, and other public entity utility organizations. Learn More

Jayhawk Utility Suite

by Jayhawk Software

Utility billing and tracking software for bookkeepers, operators, managers and auditors for municipalities and utility districts. Learn More

asyst:Utility Billing

by United Systems Technology

Full-featured utility billing and customer information system that fully integrates with the entire MS Office suite. Learn More


by Utilibill

Cloud based utility billing, provisioning, payments, customer portal, B2B, XML, print. FACEBOOK, TWITTER & LINKED IN integration Learn More


by BillingOrchard

Web-based interface for managing time billing; simply enter your time, rate and description. Learn More

Web-based utility billing software application; tracks customers, meters, statements, and all history. Learn More


by Claridyne

Provides Billing, Settlement & Customer Care solutions for Utility Computing. Learn More


by Harris Computer Systems

Allows utilities to create and manage rate programs from flat rate water service to time of day industrial. Learn More

Agentis Platform

by Agentis

Big data analytics platform that provides recommendations for efficient energy use based on utility-supplied data. Learn More

Alliance Windows Suite

by United Systems & Software

Utility billing procedures including initial customer set-up, meter reading interface, editing, and bill printing. Learn More

Ameresco AXIS

by Ameresco

Eliminates the time-consuming UB process for companies, government, and institutions by helping them to streamline their system. Learn More


by ARC Business Solutions

Retail Settlement & Billing Engine that supports the electric utility sector in both regulated and deregulated jurisdictions. Learn More

Makes billing easy- from calculating the bill to receipt of payments- across your customer base. Learn More


by United Systems Technoloy

Cloud based system for trash, sewer, electric, water, and gas billing with cycle billing capabilities. Learn More

Avitar Utility Billing

by Avitar Associates of New England

Water and sewer billing software tailored to Vermont and New Hampshire municipalities. Learn More

Facilitates online payments and e-bills, manage credit card and ACH transactions, analyze account and usage history. Learn More

BAS Utility Billing Software

by Business Automation Services

Water and sewer billing and accounts receivable software for municipal utility departments. Estimates usage based on history. Learn More


by Prophecy International

Billing and Customer Information Systems for regulated and deregulated worldwide utilities. Learn More

BIAS Utility Billing

by BIAS Accounting

Accounting application that tracks utility billing by category and supports multiple input types, such as bills, activity, and notes. Learn More

Billing Maid

by Jaksta Technologies

Water billing software that uses data from Halytech Water Tracker spiders for invoice generation. Learn More


by Inkey Solutions

Metering basis water billing application with comparative customer water consumption history. Learn More

Billing options include the ability to prorate services, consolidate billings, and use various methods to estimate unread accounts. Learn More

CCS Wins

by Cash Cycle Solutions

Software to serve the present and future customer information system needs of the water and wastewater market. Learn More

Chameleon Utility Billing

by AdaptToSolve

Utility Billing Solution for various services either flat rate or usage based. Learn More

CIS Infinity

by Advanced Utility Systems

Customer information and billing software that has a history of providing comprehensive, reliable services to utilities. Learn More

Clarity Mutual Water Billing

by Computer Lighthouse

Mutual water billing software built for mutual water companies. Flexible billing, water tiers and easy to use. Learn More

CompuTrain Fund Accounting

by CompuTrain Enterprises

Fund accounting software for municipalities and public libraries. Learn More

Consumer Information System iXp

by Daffron & Associates

Consumer accounting and information system for a variety of utility companies (water, gas, refuse, etc.). Learn More

CORE Utility Billing

by CORE Utilities

Utility Billing Software Designed for Small to Midsize Water and Wastewater Utilities. Learn More

CSAS/Pro UBS 2000

by Computer Systems Development

Utility billing software that allows municipal and utility district personnel to track work orders. Learn More


by Donald R Frey & Company

Provides a powerful accounting and customer information system along with extensive utility management and report options. Learn More

Allows a utility to perform practically any type of billing function that may be required - electric, water, gas and up to 30 others. Learn More

Diamond Utility Billing

by Diamond Municipal Solutions

Performs the functions of regular utility or service billing and account maintenance. Learn More

EasyBill 32

by Carraway Computer Systems

Windows 32-bit Utility Billing Software that provides flat-fee, percentage and volume discount charge codes calculations. Learn More


by InStep Software

Streamlines utility billing and cost allocation processes storing information by building, meter, submeter & department. Learn More

EDEN Utility Billing

by Tyler Technologies

Allows you to track an unlimited number of customers, service locations, services and fees with any account. Learn More


by Northern Data Systems

Features CRM and billing, web interface, unlimited history, service work orders and scheduler, AMR interfaces, and more. Learn More


by Software Solutions

Utility billing software for local governments and utility companies. Learn More


by eMeter

Provides the essential software that enables electric, gas and water utilities to achieve large-scale Smart Grid deployments. Learn More


by ePsolutions

Comprehensive and cost effective back office solution available for competitive energy resellers in Texas. Learn More

Energy Billing System

by Elecon Measurements

Automatically generate consolidated and individual tenant bills, and allocate common area charges appropriately. Learn More

Energy Retail Suite

by EDW Technology

Suite for B2B electricity retailers that provides complete support for utility quoting and billing. Learn More

Energy Watchdog Pro

by Utilivision

Track, analyze, & report on all utility bills: electric, natural gas, fuel oil, steam, propane, water, sewer, telephone. Learn More


by Interval Data Systems

Enterprise Energy Management System for diagnostics, monitoring, continuous commissioning, and more. Learn More


by Systems & Software

Full function billing & customer care for electric, gas, water, refuse, and sewer. Learn More


by RadiusPoint

Telecom and utility expense management software tool. Learn More


by Fortis Interactive

Customer portal for viewing and paying bills from electric utility companies. Learn More


by Custom Data Centre

Generate gas bills based on the amount of gas consumed, either actual or estimated, over a billing period. Interfaces with Itron AMR. Learn More

Gentrack CIS

by Gentrack

Utility billing and customer management software suite designed to handle multiple products and services. Learn More

Easily navigate the day-to-day intricacies of managing a water, gas or electric utility. Learn More


by DST International

A completely customizable CIS and billing solution with its very own Business Rules Engine module for process modelling. Learn More


by Hansen Technologies

Customer care and billing solution for the electricity, gas, water and telecommunications sectors. Learn More


by inHANCE

Provides the support and information access needed to enable utilities to be truly customer focused. Learn More


by System Innovators

A payment collection and management system designed specifically for utilities, counties, and municipalities. Learn More


by Intelometry

Software for straight-through processing of the retail energy transaction from the initial sales cycle through to customer invoice. Learn More

iVUE Enterprise System

by National Information Solutions Cooperative

A Java based, open systems platform with dynamic frameworks that provides a common look and feel across all applications. Learn More

Junifer Utility CCB

by Junifer Systems

Enables easy access to customer info - service, products, pricing, multi-utility (energy, water, waste, telco) usage and invoices. Learn More


by Kinetiq

Suite of customer and data management tools developed specifically to make energy utilities more effective. Learn More

Browser-based, comprehensive enterprise financial management and utility billing solutions for local governments private organizations. Learn More


by Master Meter Systems

Complete utility billing solution for any size utility. Will integrate with most meter and accounting packages on the market. Learn More


by MetraTech

Offers scalable, end-to-end enrollment, account management, dynamic pricing, product management, billing and customer tools. Learn More

Meter data validation, missing meter data estimation, and Times of Use tools for electric utilities. Learn More


by Link Computer Corporation

Designed hand-in-hand with area Authorities who have partnered with us & are using the software. Guaranteed to save you time & money! Learn More

Municipal Utility Management

by Dallas Data Systems

Municipal utility billing software structured to bill metered and non-metered utilities to meet your needs. Learn More


by OmniData

Meter reading and invoicing system for utilities. Works on Windows PCs and hand held devices. Learn More

Customer management & billing solution from enrollment to collections for power and gas utilities. Learn More


by Nobilico

In-house utility billing solution for submetered properties. Learn More

Omnibill for Utilities

by Omniware Solutions

Offers billing solutions and professional services for both metered and flat rate service providers. Learn More

Helps build the bridges that can enhance communications and relationships between utilities and their business partners and consumers. Learn More


by Optima Energy Management

Energy Management Software for M&T, Tariff Analysis, Bill Checking Validation. Learn More

Configures to virtually any usage market - gas, water, electricity, internet bandwidth,cable TV - in any retail or wholesale market. Learn More

Orbit CMB

by Central Service Association

Provides public utilities with the functionality and flexibility to meet the challenges of a dynamic utility industry. Learn More

Orion Suite

by Agility CIS

Utility billing software that manages customers, market interaction, and builds a strong client base and maintains relationships Learn More

PowerManager Plus

by Nebraska Municipal Power Pool

User-friendly municipal utility and business software, including utility billing and other programs. Learn More


by Prepago

Collect your receivables affordably with the utilities prepayment platform than delivers customer account information via app and SMS. Learn More


by RiverRock Systems

The most advanced Billing and Customer Care solution for today's service providers. Learn More

READi System

by OpSolve

The Utility module provides the ultimate engine for regulated, de-regulated and complex billing. Learn More


by AQ2 Technologies

Automates the receipt of payments, scans documents, extracts data, varifies and validates data, exports file to CIS, and more. Learn More


by Nexant

Starts from the pricing desk through the offer and contracting stages for retail (deregulated or choice) electric and gas. Learn More


by American Conservation & Billing Solutions

Resident utility billing system that calculates charges based on occupancy. For property managers and landlords. Learn More

RVS Mosaics

by CSA Software Solutions

Water management and billing system with cash management, ACH bank drafting, and inventory modules. Learn More

RVS Utility Billing

by RVS Software

Designed to aid the bookkeepers, operators, managers and auditors of small municipalities and utilities. Learn More

Providing audit, accounting, rate studies, financing, budgeting and other financial services to water systems and municipalities. Learn More



Fully integrated CIS, Billing and Energy Solutions for Deregulated Energy Market, municipalities, cooperatives and utility companies. Learn More

Springbrook Utility Billing

by Springbrook Software

A customer-service-driven solution that allows you to manage your water, sewer, electric and garbage collection utility information. Learn More

Striata eBilling

by Striata

Replaces paper bills and statements with interactive electronic documents that are delivered securely and directly to customer inboxes. Learn More

Provides a powerful billing and customer information system designed for the small to medium sized governmental entity. Learn More


by Sparta Consulting

Helps utilities streamline operational efficiency, improve customer service and reduce overall IT system costs. Learn More


by Magnaquest

CRM & billing solution designed for Pay TV, ISP, IP TV & Triple play operators Utility billing. Automates customer life cycle. Learn More


by TruePoint Solutions

Browser-based software application includes Service Orders, Cash Receipting, Backflow, Allocations, Payment Portal and more. Learn More


by Software Systems

Powerful utility billing system designed to address the needs of governmental offices responsible for billing utility services. Learn More


by Utility Data Systems

Written specifically for the Utility Industry in order to simplify your customer care, billing, and payment collection processes. Learn More


by Cogitate

Utility Billing Software that will adapt to your utility billing requirements so you are free to bill the way you want. Learn More


by Logi-Tek Solutions

Municipal water, sewer, and refuse billing and collection software with flat and tiered billing rates. Learn More

Web-based software to handle utility customer service requests and take customer payments. Learn More

Utility and Electric Billing

by Edmunds and Associates

All of the necessary components to process utility bills, track meter readings and collect revenues. Learn More

Utility Bill Management

by Summit Energy Services

Manage energy data and audit utility bills to confirm electric company statements and also track sources that cost the most money Learn More

Utility Billing

by Workhorse Software

Garbage collection, recycling, public fire protection, storm sewer, and other utility billing software for Wisconsin municipalities. Learn More

Utility Billing


Utility management and billing for multiple user defined services. Modular software that integrates with your existing system. Learn More

Open-item, multi-service accounts receivable system for co-ops and municipalities. Learn More

Utility Billing Anywhere

by American Business Software

Accurate utility bill generation for water, sewer, electric, gas, tax as well as other special charges. Learn More

Utility Billing Software

by Bellamy Software

Utility Billing application that provides complete automated workflow for metered and flat rate utility billing. Learn More

Utility Billing Software

by White Mountain Technology

Logical route order and multiple meter reading order supported simultaneously. All meter information on customer tabs. Learn More

Utility Billing Software

by Information Management Services

A flexible and versatile billing system, it can serve both private and public utility services. Learn More

Sewer, water, and other utility billing Windows based software with postcard and bill stub printing functionality for municipalities. Learn More

Utility Billing Software

by Black Mountain Software

Utility billing and cash receipting, used in tandem, automate and simplify any utility department's workflow. Learn More

Utility Billing System

by Municipal Software

Reporting, collection, and billing for single of multiple utilities. Functionality includes bar coded bills. Learn More

Utility Management System

by Business Management Systems

Designed to manage, track and bill water, electrical, and sewer usage, garbage pick-up, and cable services, etc. Learn More

Utility Star

by Able Software

Customer information system that includes rate, tax and billing management, meter inventory and maintenance. Learn More

Utility Tracking System

by Utilities Analyses

Designed for energy data analysis. Displays annual utility usage and costs in a single view. Learn More


by Progressive Solutions

Utility billing software with an easy to use and intuitive graphical Windows interface with menu driven controls. Learn More


by Starnik Systems

A Robust Cloud Software Solution for the utility industry Learn More


by Selectron Technologies

Enables utilities to provide real-time, 24/7 access for customers to check their balance, current status and make payments via IVR. Learn More

Water & Utility Suite

by Down To Earth Solutions

A combination of inventory control, customer billing, and accounting for irrigation and energy sector.. Learn More

Water Solutions Professional

by Oak Bay Technologies

Software billing solution for Small & Medium Size Utilities, Cities and Communities for Water, Sewer and other utilities. Learn More

Water/Sewer/Refuse Systems

by Coppella & Associates

Utility billing and collection software that supports autoread and radio-read handheld devices. Learn More


by Tri C Systems

Designed for the latest windows versions,it has expanded options for creating,exporting & reporting utility information. Learn More


by muNet

Allows utility companies and municipalities to automate meter reading and other services via non-dedicated broadband networks. Learn More


by Wood Software

Water, Water Tax, Late fee, Services + 4 variable products Learn More

Yardi Energy Solution

by YES Energy Management

Utility billing solution with submetering and online payment processing for condo, military, and student housing markets. Learn More

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