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More than just Time & Attendance, Namely is the first all-in-one HR platform that employees love to use. Namely is powerful, easy-to-use technology that allows small to mid-sized companies (15 to 3,000 employees) to handle all of their HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Time & Attendance in one place. Coupled with dedicated support, every Namely client gets the software and service they need to deliver great HR and a strong, engaged company culture. Learn more and schedule your free demo at Learn more about Namely

Namely is the HR, Payroll, and Benefits platform your employees will love. Learn more about Namely

Top Attendance Tracking Solution for 2017 best suited to companies with 100+ employees. Advance Systems Inc. deliver the latest easy-to-use cutting-edge technology. This Intuitive and Powerful System is packed with Innovative features for your Attendance Tracking, HR, Employee Self Service, Mobile Workforce, Automatic Scheduling and Clocking requirements. Real-Time analysis is enhanced with clever Business Intelligence Reporting. Over 1 Million employees use the system daily. Learn more about Advance Systems

Enterprise Solution Best Suited to Organizations with 100 to 10,000+ Employees. Learn more about Advance Systems

Built for Teams is a modern, powerful, cloud-based PTO tracking system that is widely loved by customers for its ease of use. Employees can view current balances and transaction histories, as well as request time off with the click of a button. Managers can approve or deny PTO requests with ease, while administrators have full control over PTO policy rules and settings. Our accrual engine takes the pain out of calculating complex accruals and powerful reporting brings it all together. Learn more about Built for Teams

A beautiful and intuitive solution for requesting, approving, and tracking all types of time off (PTO, vacation, sick, unpaid, etc.) Learn more about Built for Teams

Zenefits makes employee time-tracking simple. Employees can log their time from any device and employers can approve time submissions in seconds. Our software can also sync employee hours directly to payroll and help ensure time-related compliance. Learn more about Zenefits

Zenefits Time & Attendance - the easiest way to track & manage hourly employees. Learn more about Zenefits

PurelyHR : Time-Off

by Ironflow Technologies

PurelyHR offers a fully automated solution to easily track employees' paid time-off, vacation, sick days or other custom time-off types. All requests must be submitted through the system, which eliminates manual time-off processes and the risk of errors. Time-Off will take care of your accruals, carry-overs, banked time and all other confusing calculations. Set up your PurelyHR account to fit your company like a glove! Talk to our Customer Success team about our complimentary onboarding! Learn more about PurelyHR : Time-Off

The ultimate attendance tracking software to efficiently manage employees' pto, vacation, sick days or any other custom leave types. Learn more about PurelyHR : Time-Off

Simple & affordable time and attendance since 1999. We help more than 27,000 businesses manage their teams of nearly 1million people every day. We integrate with HR and payroll platforms like BambooHR, Thomson CS, and 30 others. We recently purchased Shugo HUB, your intranet for HRIS, time and attendance, PTO request management and more in a single package. Our clients are in construction, education, restaurant, healthcare, hospitality, retail and more. Stop managing employees with spreadsheets. Learn more about SwipeClock

Simple and Affordable Time & Attendance that's integrated with many HR and payroll platforms like BambooHR and Thomson Accounting CS. Learn more about SwipeClock

Deputy is the ultimate workforce manager, offering you the best technology in a web based solution. Simplifying your scheduling, timesheets, tasking, employee communication and administrative tasks. With brilliant apps and one click payroll integration we make your life easier. Let Deputy give you visibility and control over your business and workforce management. Learn more about Deputy

Web based solution that simplifies scheduling, timesheets, tasking and communication, giving visibility and control over your workforce Learn more about Deputy

Starting at just $21.95 per month, TrackSmart Attendance is the easiest way for businesses to track employee vacations and other time off, as well as worked hours. We've created the next generation of attendance tracking calendars and employee time sheets in an easy-to-use, web-based software application. TrackSmart has all the features of traditional paper forms, but we've automated the recordkeeping, reporting, and vacation request and approval processes. Try it free! No credit card required. Learn more about TrackSmart Attendance

The easiest and most intuitive way to track employee attendance with robust recordkeeping and reporting. Learn more about TrackSmart Attendance

Spot troubling employee attendance patterns at a glance from any computer, anywhere! HRdirect's Attendance Calendar Smart App allows you to quickly track and manage attendance. Using a simple coding system, you can track missed and late days with the reason the employee is out of the office. Plus, there are designated sections for tracking sick time and vacation days, as well as notes. Best of all, the price is only $60 a year. It's the easiest, most affordable small business solution available. Learn more about HRdirect Attendance Calendar

HRdirect's Attendance Calendar Smart App is a simple online calendar that helps track employee attendance quickly and affordably. Learn more about HRdirect Attendance Calendar

When I Work is now free (for up to 75 employees) and is the easiest way for businesses to schedule and communicate with their hourly employees. Put the schedule and time clock in everyone's pocket. Schedule on-the-go with free apps for iPhone and Android. Save yourself time and money with simple employee scheduling tools. When I Work is helping schedule over 500,000 people around the world. Thousands of businesses signup to use When I Work every week. Learn more about When I Work

The easy way to schedule and communicate with your employees. Save tons of time and reduce absenteeism. Free for up to 75 employees. Learn more about When I Work

Replicon TimeAttend, built on the Time IntelligenceTM Platform, helps business to manage their workforce time and attendance, employee schedules, reduce labor compliance risks and get control of their source to gross pay with advanced visibility. Track time anytime, anywhere with the Replicon mobile app and turn any iOS tablet device into a mobile kiosk for time capture, project tracking and self-service management. Learn more about Replicon TimeAttend

Achieve accurate payroll, comply with labor regulations, and gain actionable productivity insights Learn more about Replicon TimeAttend


by Bindle Software

Simple attendance tracking software built specifically to help small U.S., U.K., Australian, and New Zealand businesses manage time off for their staff. Time off bookings, approvals, balances, and more. An easy-to-use leave management system that's ideal for companies with 2-200+ employees. Works beautifully on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Learn more about Bindle

Simple software to help small US, UK, Australian, and New Zealand businesses manage time off bookings, approvals, balances, and more. Learn more about Bindle

Improving productivity starts with getting real-time data (like time in/out, GPS location, job, task, report, photo) from employees via phone calls, text/sms messages, smartphone app, or the web. Overtime alerts, job costing alerts, and no show alerts are another area to improve your bottom line. Lastly, whether it's a detailed custom report you're after, or an advanced accounting software integration, VeriClock can save you time on data entry and reduce errors in the process. Learn more about VeriClock

Clock in by phone call, text, app or web with GPS tracking. OT, no show, and job cost alerts. Custom reports and integrations (QB). Learn more about VeriClock


by Acumen Data Systems

ClockVIEW is a complete solution that automates employee time and attendance for companies with more than 50 employees. It offers time and attendance tracking with immediate access to current and historical information for the maximum return on your investment. ClockVIEW's time sheets, time slips, time cards and time clocks are simple entry methods allowing for quick recording of time. The time recording process keeps track of when employees attended, and that supervisors approve time. Learn more about ClockVIEW

Keep track of such data as your employees' time, labor, vacation days, overtime pay, and sick days. Learn more about ClockVIEW is a powerful attendance tracking solution. Employees clock in online from their computers or phones and managers can view and make edits. Managers can also setup GPS, IP and other restrictions. Employees can make time off requests from their accrual accounts, subject to supervisor approval, of course. Payroll or billing data can be downloaded into QuickBooks desktop or exported to ADP, Paychex, Gusto and other payroll services. Tech support is always free! Learn more about

We help businesses reduce costs and improve worker efficiency by making it easy for employees to track and record their work time. Learn more about

*FREE* Workteam Time & Attendance provides everything your organization needs to manage employee time off and hours worked by both your regular and non-regular hours staff. Alongside configurable time off policies, it provides workflows for requesting and approving time off and team members can also see when their colleagues have time off. Workteam can also manage time off accrual for non-regular hours workers. Paid and free editions available. Learn more about Workteam Time Off Tracker

*FREE* Vacation and time off tracking, which lets employees easily request time off and also see who is out of the office and when. Learn more about Workteam Time Off Tracker

***Click to Chat With a Live Expert*** Branch Messenger is an enterprise-wide self-service scheduling and time-clock tool for hourly employees. Enterprises eliminate the costs of traditional time clocks by using Branch Messenger's mobile app to enable both physical and mobile punches. In addition, Branch offers innovative punch technology options like facial recognition. Learn more about Branch Messenger

Branch Messenger offers innovative solutions to physical and mobile punches to optimize the attendance tracking of hourly employees. Learn more about Branch Messenger


by Hawkeye Technology

Awarded Best Value and Best Support in 2017, and Best Ease of Use 2018 by Capterra, TimeClick is a Windows-based, on-premise time clock program. The one-time purchase makes it affordable for anyone. Employees clock in and out from any computer on your network while you manage their time from a secure admin mode. TimeClick provides accurate employee time cards for hours worked, OT, vacation and much more, with industry-leading support since 1993, and an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. Learn more about TimeClick

Easy to use small business time clock software that allows employees to clock in/out across your network with the click of a button Learn more about TimeClick

Establish company-wide leave policies and rules, track time spent on different projects and activities, set up absence approval workflows, and create a global absences calendar with this solution. Perfect tool for absence management in an international companies. Time and Attendance by Lanteria integrates with SharePoint 2013, 2016, Office 365 and any third-party software. It can be used either separately or in combination with other Lanteria HR solutions. Learn more about LanteriaHR

Set up the company absence policies, track and approve employee leave records, and register the time spent on various activities. Learn more about LanteriaHR

Affordable on-demand HRIS and recruitment solution with an employee portal, recruitment & resume management and much more. Zoho People lets you manage all your HR and benefits programs from a central location making it easier than ever to attract, retain and reward top talent. Learn more about Zoho People

Affordable on-demand HRIS and recruitment solution with an employee portal, recruitment & resume management and much more. Learn more about Zoho People

Manage time & attendance for your team. Employees can clock in, punch in or as we say, jibble in and out using the iPad Kiosk, Web or Mobile (iOS & Android). Work hours are accurately captured including activities and notes. Generate automated timesheets, activity/project tracking, client billing and powerful reporting for your team. Whether you are running a tech startup, consulting firm, or running the local restaurant, Jibble helps you with payroll, billing or team productivity. Learn more about Jibble

Attendance tracking for teams. Great for payroll, billing or improving productivity. Use your iPad as biometric attendance kiosk! Learn more about Jibble

Run better Time Off Management. Run a better business today. Time Off allows employees to digitally submit, track and get approval for their Time Off requests. It allows for Time Off categorisation, balance maintenance, customisable levels of approval and more. Learn more about AppsForOps Time Off

Run better Time Off management. Run a better business today. Learn more about AppsForOps Time Off

The fast, simple way to schedule people & other resources online! Get team visibility on one clever calendar. Drag & drop bookings in seconds. Manage vacation & other types of time off. An availability bar helps with capacity planning. Clash management helps you stay in control. Dashboards, email notifications & calendar sync mean everyone's up to speed. Powerful reports let you monitor utilization rates. No software to install. From only $2.50 per person/month. Sign up for a 30-day free trial. Learn more about Resource Guru

Web-based resource scheduling app with leave management, personal dashboards, clash management, team visibility and collaboration. Learn more about Resource Guru

The ONLY Cost Effective yet Fully Featured Cloud Based Time Clock! - Our 7000+ Customers "Love" Us! Seriously, Look at our reviews! - From $2.50 per employee - Free 30 Day Trial - Time Clock - PTO - Phone Apps - GPS security & Rules - Employee Scheduling - Fingerprint Reader - Automation - Messaging & Much More! Learn more about

Cloud based employee time clock includes... GPS, Apps, Scheduling, PTO, Payroll Export, Automation and MORE, from $2.50 per employee Learn more about

For field service and construction companies who want to get rid of paper time sheets, ClockShark is the GPS time tracking and scheduling app that's both powerful and easy to use. ClockShark's GPS mobile apps let you track time, schedule employees, view employee locations and categorize job costs in a central web-based dashboard. You can see everything in real time. ClockShark makes your payroll painless and accurate. It also makes getting schedules to employees in the field fast and easy. Learn more about ClockShark

GPS Time Tracking and Scheduling for construction and field service. Employees clock in and view schedules via easy mobile apps. Learn more about ClockShark

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