Auction Software FAQs

  • What is auction software?

    Auction software lets websites host online bidding systems where users can buy and sell goods and services. It offers a centralized marketplace that allows bidding over varying time periods, and even lets users establish online businesses. Auction software can also be used as a fundraising tool for events, charities, or organizations.

  • How much does auction software cost?

    Auction software pricing is typically determined by method of payment. Most auction software requires payment of a monthly or yearly fee, while others require a one-time licensing fee. A handful of solutions charge based on the number of users, while other solutions charge a fee per auction item. Pricing ranges vary greatly depending on the pricing method.

  • What are some common auction software features?

    Core auction software features include management of user items, a bidding system, and a payment portal. Other common features include mobile bidding and payment, website design, and auction customization (live, silent, etc).

  • What are the benefits of using auction software?

    Auction software builds an online community where various products and services can be sold and purchased from any location. Through the software, sellers can globalize their buyer reach, and buyers can save time and travel expenses. Auction software increases flexibility around auction structure, and offers security for auction data and payments.

  • Are there free auction software options?

    Yes, Bidding Owl and BiddingForGood are a few free software solutions.

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