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Five9 is a leading provider of cloud contact center software, serving thousands of customers and helping organizations of every size transition from premise-based software to the cloud.

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4.2 / 5
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Ideal number of Users

1 - 1000+

1 - 99

Ease of Use

4.2 / 5

  • "Very thorough and provides great instruction. The program itself is easy to use and very user friendly."

  • "The system is easy to use from agent to admin. The ability to make changes in an environment that is click and point is great."

Customer Support

4.4 / 5

  • "Kudos to Five9 for your attention to customer service. Jayson Fajardo does an Excellent job!!! Thanks."

  • "Five 9 is easy to download and very user friendly if your system is up to date. Customer support available 24/7 and very helpful."

Features & Functionality

4.1 / 5

  • "Programming an IVR - any type - is fantastic. The web interface for the agents is way better than the java version, so much more intuitive."

  • "This is great for smaller call centers. Very user friendly and easy to navigate."

Value for Money

4 / 5

  • "This product is very good for the money. Doesnt have all the fancy bells and whistles but it is a solid buy."

  • "It has proven to be cost effective and easy to implement."

Product Features

  • check Call Center Management
  • check Call Recording
  • check Call Reporting
  • check Call Scripting
  • check Lead Management
  • check Power Dialer
  • check Predictive Dialer
  • check Preview Dialer
  • check Progressive Dialer
  • close Surveys
  • close Call Center Management
  • close Call Recording
  • close Call Reporting
  • close Call Scripting
  • check Lead Management
  • close Power Dialer
  • close Predictive Dialer
  • close Preview Dialer
  • close Progressive Dialer
  • check Surveys


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  • 24/7 (Live Rep)
  • Business Hours
  • Online
  • 24/7 (Live Rep)
  • Business Hours
  • Online


  • check In Person
  • check Live Online
  • check Webinars
  • check Documentation
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Five9 vs Winleads


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