Auto Repair Software FAQs

  • What is auto repair software?

    Auto repair software helps both individual and franchise businesses handle shop workflow by managing their accounting, inventory, and technical information. Auto repair software plays an important role in fostering customer relationships and accurately recording customer information.

  • How much does auto repair software cost?

    Auto repair software systems typically follow a subscription pricing model, offering packages with varying features and integrations at differing price points. Pricing also depends on company size and franchise status. Prices range from $35/month to $150/month, and most software options offer free trials. Some auto repair software is premises-based and charges a one-time licensing fee.

  • What are some common auto repair software features?

    Common features include inventory management, accounting and financial reporting, workflow management, CRM or customer tracking, and a marketing tool.

  • What are the benefits of using auto repair software?

    Auto repair software lets you transition to a paperless information storage method, allowing immediate access to the data needed to track your inventory, customer communication, and services and parts billing. Auto repair software automates the daily aspects of managing and running an auto repair shop, while offering features to facilitate better customer relationships.

  • Are there free auto repair software options?

    We did not identify any free auto repair software solutions, but most systems offer free 30-day trials before requiring payment.

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