B2B Frequencies Infographic

Life moves pretty fast, especially in the business world. Inspired by one of our favorite comics, we calculated just how often some of these B2B events take place. Check out our animated infographic below to see how your day stacks up.

heartbeat frequency A company is launched frequency Someone gets hired frequency Someone gets fired frequency Someone gets retires frequency Someone searches for business software frequency
1M people send and email frequency 100K people reply-all to an email frequency 1M people send a work related email frequency Someone posts a job online frequency 50 business meetings start frequency 50K people search on google frequency
100K people check their email frequency 1K people make a phone call frequency 5M people send a text message frequency Someone creates a LinkedIn profile frequency A new product is launched frequency Someone starts a blog frequency
2K people check facebook frequency 100 people join a conference call frequency A webinar begins frequency 100 people make a powerpoint presentation frequency 50 people start a Google Doc frequency 50 people upload to youtube frequency
10 people read WJJ frequency 10 people check ESPN.com frequency 50 stocks are traded frequency 2K people click on a Google Ad frequency 2K people drink a cup of coffee frequency An app is launched frequency
A corporate tradeshow starts frequency 2K people tweet something frequency 100 people leave on a business trip frequency 100 people buy a smartphone frequency 10 people take a sick day frequency A business goes bankrupt frequency

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