Full Child Care Software FAQs

  • What is child care software?

    Child care software manages the operations of day care centers, preschool facilities, private schools, and child care centers through scheduling, staff management, and accounting functionality. These systems offer secure, organized repositories for administrative and client data.

  • How much does child care software cost?

    Child care software pricing typically falls into two categories: monthly or one-time payments. Basic monthly plans range from $30 to $60 per month; as features are added, prices increase to $100 to $300 per month. One-time payment pricing structures primarily apply to on-premise solutions, and charge based on included features.

  • What are some common child care software features?

    Common features include registration and enrollment, scheduling tools, a billing system that includes invoicing and accounting, an activity planner, a meal and menu planner, staffing management, and parent-staff communication channels.

  • What are the benefits of using child care software?

    Child care software organizes and structures administrative duties, improves interactions between parents and staff, plans events and meals more efficiently, and frees up considerable time and resources to focus on operating your child care center.

  • Are there free child care software options?

    Yes, Kinderlime, Cake Child Care and Brightwheel offer free, basic software plans. Most child care software systems offer free trials before requiring payment.

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