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Serv-U FTP from SolarWinds delivers quick, easy, and reliable file transfer for your organization. You can exchange sensitive files with your trading partners using secure FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS) over both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Users can view, upload, and download files from intuitive web and mobile interfaces. Designed for small businesses, Serv-U FTP Server is an affordable and secure file transfer software to help accomplish all your internal and external file transfer needs. Learn more about Serv-U FTP

Designed for small businesses, Serv-U FTP is an affordable & secure file transfer software for internal & external file transfer needs. Learn more about Serv-U FTP

Slack is where collaboration happens. When your team needs to kick off a project, hire a new employee, deploy some code, review a sales contract, finalize next year's budget, measure an A/B test, plan your next office opening, and more, Slack has you covered. Learn more about Slack

Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It's real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams. Learn more about Slack

Airtable is the all-in-one collaboration platform that combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet interface with rich features like file attachments, kanban card stacks, calendars, and reporting. Learn more about Airtable

Airtable combines an intuitive spreadsheet interface with file attachments, kanban boards, calendars, and other powerful features. Learn more about Airtable

by monday (formerly dapulse) is a project management tool your team will actually enjoy using. It makes it fun and easy for everyone to collaborate, focus on what's important, and get more done at work. It's the first visual tool of its kind and shows you exactly where things stand at a single glance. Finally get rid of painfully long email threads, cut down on meetings, and experience the satisfaction of turning things green when they're done. Learn more about is a visual project management tool that will help you and your team collaborate and achieve more together. Learn more about

For most enterprise companies, collaboration and work are like bad roommates -- they're never in the same room, but you need both to pay the rent. But what if the planning, execution, and reporting of work happened in the same place as the discussion? Workfront offers easy-to- use collaboration areas for every task, project, portfolio, and document, then keeps stakeholders in the discussion with robust, customizable notifications. Stop the flood of inscrutable emails and IMs with Workfront. Learn more about Workfront- Project Management Software

Enterprise-grade, web-based marketing work management solution for total visibility, meaningful collaboration, and better productivity. Learn more about Workfront- Project Management Software



Smartsheet is an online project & collaboration tool that is redefining how teams work. Its familiar and easy to use spreadsheet-like interface, coupled with file sharing, Gantt charts, and work automation features have helped Smartsheet quickly grow into a favorite business app for productivity. **#1 Productivity App of 2013 - Tech Impact Awards **Best Business App of 2014 - Evernote Platform Awards Learn more about Smartsheet

Smartsheet is an online project & collaboration tool that is redefining how teams work. Learn more about Smartsheet

Quip is a new way to collaborate with your team that combines documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and chat in one seamless experience. Efficiently manage projects, finalize budget plans, share meeting notes, and stay connected every step of the way. Used by thousands of the most innovative companies in the world: Facebook, NewRelic, Quora, and Pinterest. Available on web, Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Get started with Quip for free. Learn more about Quip

Quip is a new way to collaborate with your team that combines documents, spreadsheets, to-do's, and chat in one seamless experience. Learn more about Quip

Beekeeper is an award-winning digital workplace app that connects dispersed workforces by combining operational systems and internal communication channels within one secure, intuitive employee portal. Beekeeper connects frontline workers and on-site colleagues across locations and departments in real-time via mobile or desktop devices. With an intelligent analytics dashboard and HR tools that can be fully automated such as group messaging, polling, and chatbots. Learn more about Beekeeper

A mobile-first communication platform used for reaching and connecting every individual in an organization. Learn more about Beekeeper

Cureo is a simple, yet powerful collaboration software that exists to help nonprofits work better together. By helping you collaborate with those who matter most (board members, donors and volunteers), your organization can focus on the mission-not the minutia. Intuitive features integrate powerfully with email, giving you the ability to manage tasks, meetings, events, files, conversations, and reports without asking a single user to log into software. Learn more about Cureo

An affordable, secure and easy-to-use collaboration software built exclusively for nonprofits, committees and task forces. Learn more about Cureo

Use your Noodle! Noodle provides a wide array of functionality for knowledge management and collaboration across offices, departments and teams. Wiki Pages, Blogs & Portals, Manage People & Groups, Create Forms & Databases, Start an enterprise social network, Use Instant Messaging within the enterprise. Noodle is an enterprise application. Visit website for a FREE 30 DAY Demo Learn more about Noodle

Single sign-on intranet software with document, data, and content management available as hosted or installed product. Learn more about Noodle

You don't have to waste time shuffling between email, spreadsheets, even sticky notes, to manage projects. Asana organizes all your team's work (like goals, calendars, files, notes, and more) in one place, so it's the only tool you need to you coordinate tasks and keep projects on track. Say goodbye to status meetings and last-minute emergencies, and say hello to the system thats delightful to use and helps you and your team spend more time on the work you do best. Learn more about Asana

Asana is the easiest way for teams to manage their projects and tasks. See why more than 2500 customers give Asana 4.5 out of 5 stars. Learn more about Asana

The easiest way to create learning for your teams. When your team needs to onboard new employees, create learning plans, communicate product updates, measure employee performance, make meetings organized and productive, Travitor has you covered. Get 200 essential courses with access. Business Skills, Personal Development, Customer Service, Sales, Compliance, Safety and more. Learn more about Travitor

Move business forward. Travitor is the easiest way to create learning for your teams. Learn more about Travitor

Bring your project collaboration to a new level without spreadsheets, emails, and chasing status updates. With Wrike, your team can log their work, discuss tasks, share files, track time, and get real-time updates on work progress all in one app. By having all work collaboration in a single system, your team will save hours on status meetings and updates and cut internal email by an average of 55%. Perfect for Marketing, Creative, Operations, IT, Project, and Product teams of 20+ people. Learn more about Wrike

Bring your team collaboration to a new level without spreadsheets, emails, and chasing status updates. Perfect for teams of 20+ people. Learn more about Wrike


by Wire Swiss

Wire is the most secure solution for time-saving collaboration. Whether you wish to work alongside colleagues on a new project, chat, share files, have conference or video calls with prospective employees or share updated reports with team leads - Wire will let you do all that while assuring that all your conversations remain secure through best in class end-2-end encryption. Learn more about Wire

The most secure work collaboration platform. Ensured end-to-end encryption for all chats, files, conferences and video calls. Learn more about Wire

We have almost 20 years' of intranet experience, providing software to over 500,000 users worldwide. Our feature-rich intranet portal comes complete with interactive collaboration software, helping teams work together and communicate better. Our collaboration apps, including social project management and corporate social networking, break down office silos and gets your business moving and talking. Learn more about Claromentis

Boost collaboration and disband office silos with our suite of interactive communication and social tools. Learn more about Claromentis


by Highfive Technologies

Highfive delivers a quality video & web conferencing experience that enables rich communication across your company. Highfive also offers the industry's clearest audio powered by Dolby Voice. Highfive makes collaboration easy! With no pin codes, passwords, or dongles, video conferencing has never been easier. Best of all, your entire company, has unlimited use. Learn more about Highfive

Highfive is an easy-to-use video conferencing solution, with audio powered by Dolby Voice. Improve company collaboration with Highfive. Learn more about Highfive

The #1 board management software for simplifying board meetings, board member communications, and administration; all for an affordable price with training and 24/7 service. Clients range from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofit charities and include The American Heart Association, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The Oscars), The Olympics, NASA, full service banks, hospitals, universities, and more... Learn more about Directorpoint

The best-in-class affordable board management software to simplify communications, increase engagement, and streamline administration. Learn more about Directorpoint

A FREE collaboration platform built around chat functionality. Glip is a messaging and collaboration app that provides a single, unified team workspace. Using Glip, you and your team will work, communicate, and collaborate faster and more effectively than ever before. Emails, scattered discussions, and disjointed resources are drastically reduced as teams share conversations, files, tasks, and calendars. Your teams will be more productive using their favorite devices anytime, anyplace. Learn more about Glip

Collaboration platform built around chat functionality (video and text) with powerful searching capabilities for easy file discovery. Learn more about Glip


by ProActive Software

ProWorkflow is a fast, easy to use online project management and time tracking software. ProWorkflow's project management application is currently helping thousands of customers globally to optimize their business processes, manage staff resources, collaborate, track projects, tasks and time and keep on top of it all, at anytime and from anywhere! ProWorkflow is a fast and straightforward project management, workflow and time tracking software for small to medium sized businesses. Short De Learn more about ProWorkflow

Web-based workflow, job and time tracking solution; team collaboration, project management tool. Learn more about ProWorkflow

Video, web and audio conferencing; chat and the ability to record and share meetings all from one application for companies of all sizes. The Lifesize app enhances all of the different ways your team communicates, from one-on-one audio & video calls to large company meetings across multiple locations. An easy-to-use interface, screen sharing and calendar integration make it easy to replace outdated, costly, audio-only services with more meaningful face-to-face conversations. Learn more about Lifesize

Lifesize is audio, web and video conferencing; chat and the ability to record and share meetings - all from one application. Learn more about Lifesize

Favro is a planning and collaboration app for organizational flow. It helps agile organizations evolve faster than markets react. It helps manage the most basic tasks and the biggest challenges. It integrates seamlessly with existing workflows and tools, enables decision-making to be decentralized, and it does it all efficiently, elegantly and on an epic scale. Ultimately, it helps organizations do what they excel at - making products and services that change the game and the rules. Fast. Learn more about Favro

Favro is the planning and collaboration app for organizational flow. Learn more about Favro is a secure Dropbox replacement trusted by over 200,000 businesses and individuals worldwide. Sync makes it easy for your business to share and collaborate securely in the cloud. With zero-knowledge encryption built-in, your files are always safe, secure and private with Sync. Sync's secure cloud storage meets virtually all data privacy rules and regulations in the USA, Canada and the European Union, including HIPAA, PIPEDA and EU-safeguards. Get started with 5 GB free today! Learn more about is a secure Dropbox replacement trusted by over 200,000 businesses and individuals worldwide. Learn more about

Mavenlink provides powerful software and services that puts collaboration in context with your project plan. In one workspace, your team can assess tasks and timelines, track time and expenses, and post comments and questions on shared files - all in one place. Mavenlink transforms your business by uniting project management, collaboration, time tracking, resource management, and project financials all in one place. Learn more about Mavenlink

Collaborate with project teammates using tools such as activity streams, a centralized dashboard, daily activity digest emails & more. Learn more about Mavenlink

Confluence is a powerful platform that focuses on team ownership and collaboration versus individual, silo'ed work. From document creation to project collaboration, it's a game-changing way to share ideas, build community, and get work done. It offers one place to create, evolve and capture your team's documentation; a robust project collaboration platform with plenty of social features; an extensive knowledge base to share and discover ideas; and first class integration with JIRA software. Learn more about Confluence

Collaboration with Confluence is a game-changing way to share ideas, build community, and get work done so it's fun, easy, & as a team. Learn more about Confluence


by R HUB Communications

TurboMeeting is a video and web conferencing and live streaming server delivered in hardware. Free audio conferencing service is included. You own it. You control it. It is the most cost-effective, secure, and reliable on-premise online conferencing solution. R-HUB Communications was established in 2005. TurboMeeting has served over 4 million users. Try it free. Starting at $995. Learn more about TurboMeeting

TurboMeeting is a video and web conferencing server delivered in hardware. Try it free. Starting at $995. Learn more about TurboMeeting

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