Collaboration Software FAQs

  • What is collaboration software?

    Collaboration software allows users to create a central online environment or workspace in which data, information, and workflows can be shared and accessed by all users, regardless of physical location. Collaboration software facilitates virtual teamwork and enhances communication by making it easier for remote teams to share and manage files, discussions, and calendars.

  • How much does collaboration software cost?

    Pricing varies by vendor and is based on such factors as feature sets, number of users and teams, file storage capacity, branding/customization, and software integrations. Collaboration software can cost from $5 to $100 per user, per month, or be billed annually.

  • What are some common collaboration software features?

    Common features include discussion forums/boards, contact management, calendars, task management, templates, and analytics. Filter your search by desired feature in Capterra’s collaboration software directory.

  • What are the benefits of using collaboration software?

    Collaboration software benefits include a centralized location that stores shared information, and a platform on which users can easily communicate with each other. These systems increase efficiency in transferring information, encourage teamwork, and improve overall productivity through task and project management functionality.

  • Are there free collaboration software options?

    Many collaboration systems offer free plans, including Slack, Asana, Podio, Yammer, Zoho Cliq, Ryver, Dropbox, Google Docs, Trello and Atlassian HipChat. Most paid collaboration software offers a free trial before requiring payment.

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