CurrencyXchanger vs Quantreex

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Money exchangers, banks, credit unions, financial institutions, currency exchange outlets, check cashing, payday loan, tourist shops, post offices, hotels, motels, vacation resorts, trade

For seasoned traders, professionals, and those who are just getting into automated trading.


4.6 / 5
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Ideal number of Users

1 - 1000+

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Ease of Use

4.6 / 5

  • "Currency Exchanger is very reliable, user friendly and expensive softwear but its worth it."

  • "The system is wonderful in terms of ease of use."

Customer Support

4.8 / 5

Features & Functionality

4.8 / 5

  • "It's very easy to use and self-explanatory. The system is quite flexible."

  • "It is quite easy to use. We haven't had any major issues with the software since we purchased it last year."

Value for Money

5 / 5

  • "Complied with general Anti-Money-Loundering rules. Very stable multi user client/server based software, high level of data security."

  • "For the price and service its provide this system definitely exceed our expectations."

Product Features

  • check Analytical Reporting
  • check Client Management
  • check Custom Account Statements
  • check Data Backup Scheduling
  • check For Money Exchanges
  • check Margin Management
  • check Market Data Access
  • check Position Management
  • check Real Time Currency Quotes
  • close Real Time Tracking
  • check Transaction Management
  • close Analytical Reporting
  • close Client Management
  • close Custom Account Statements
  • close Data Backup Scheduling
  • close For Money Exchanges
  • close Margin Management
  • close Market Data Access
  • close Position Management
  • close Real Time Currency Quotes
  • check Real Time Tracking
  • check Transaction Management


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  • 24/7 (Live Rep)
  • Business Hours
  • Online
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  • check In Person
  • check Live Online
  • check Webinars
  • check Documentation
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CurrencyXchanger vs Quantreex


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