Splunk Enterprise vs FLiQ

Starting Price

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Best For

Organizations worldwide that want to create real-time business impact from their data. Solutions for IT, security, IoT and business operations.

Data visualization platform that enables businesses of all sizes to manage assets and streamline workflow processes using document management, customizable templates, reporting, and more.


4.6 / 5
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5 / 5

Ideal number of Users

2 - 1000+

1 - 1000+

Ease of Use

4.1 / 5

  • "I love how easy it is to use and to find my data. The search engine is so fast and intuitive."

  • "A bit of a learning curve, but a very powerful tool once you figure it."

5 / 5

Customer Support

4.3 / 5

5 / 5

Features & Functionality

4.5 / 5

  • "Best in its performance and versions are being upgraded at regular intervals and its best in delivering the outcomes as required."

  • "Web-based GUI that clean is powerful. Sales/Technical Reps are top notch in fielding questions and evaluating environment for deployment."

5 / 5

Value for Money

4.2 / 5

  • "The ease of use for splunk has increased productivity and reduced investigation time. Splunk is a devops and team lead life saver."

  • "Consider a product with a good performance vs price ratio."

5 / 5

Product Features

  • check Analytics/Reporting
  • check Content Management
  • check Custom Dashboards
  • check Filtered Views
  • check OLAP
  • check Relational Display
  • check Simulation Models
  • check Visual Discovery
  • check Analytics/Reporting
  • close Content Management
  • close Custom Dashboards
  • close Filtered Views
  • close OLAP
  • close Relational Display
  • close Simulation Models
  • close Visual Discovery


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  • 24/7 (Live Rep)
  • Business Hours
  • Online
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  • check In Person
  • check Live Online
  • close Webinars
  • close Documentation
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Splunk Enterprise vs FLiQ


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