Database Management Software FAQs

  • What is database management software?

    Database management software stores data in a structured format so it can be easily captured, managed, and retrieved. It’s often used by IT management, technical management, data scientists, and database administrators. Database management software has gained popularity as the volume of business data that is collected and used has increased.

  • How can database management software help my business?

    Database management software can help you create and manage your databases so you can easily capture and analyze data. This easily accessible data often leads to greater business insight, helping you refine your data-driven efforts.

  • How much does database management software cost?

    We have found that database management software vendors don’t typically reveal their pricing information upfront. That being said, the cost can vary depending on your company’s needs and number of users. Be sure to conduct thorough research into database management software products and assess what features you’re looking for before calling vendors for price quotes. To see a breakdown of database management pricing models, such as tiered, pay-per-user, and one-time license models, refer to our IT management blog post.

  • What are some common database management software features?

    Some common database management software features include: data migration, data replication, data search, data conversion, performance analysis, and backup. Visit Capterra’s full database management software directory to filter software solutions by the features you're looking for.

  • Who uses database management software?

    Users of database management software include, but are not limited to, IT management, technical management, data scientists, and database administrators. However, anyone running a business that involves data can benefit from using database management software.

  • What can help me decide which database management software solution to purchase?

    User reviews are a great resource to help ease the uncertainty of picking the right database management software. Reviews can offer realistic insight and detail that can be beneficial to know prior to making any purchasing decisions. Read our IT management blog post for a comparison of the top 3 most reviewed database management software solutions: Zengine, SQL Diagnostic Manager, and TeamDesk.

  • What is the most popular database management software?

    Every year, Capterra releases a list of the most popular database management software. According to our research, right now the most popular database management software options are Oracle, IBM, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and Amazon SimpleDB.

  • What are the three most-used database management software solutions?

    According to our research, the three most-used database management software solutions are Oracle Database 12c, Teradata Database, and IBM DB2. Visit our comparison blog post for a breakdown of the costs, pros, and cons for each of these three solutions.

  • Are there any free database management software solutions?

    While the cost of database management software depends on your company’s needs, there are some great free solutions available. According to our research, the top seven free and open source database software solutions are CUBRID, Firebird, MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. To see a comprehensive comparison of the pros and cons of each, visit our research blog post.

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