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by eFileCabinet

eFileCabinet can literally make all your documents file themselves. Its a document management solution that combines advanced OCR, secure file sharing and powerful workflow automation tools to transform how your business deals with paperwork. eFileCabinets system uses OCR templates to recognize any type of document you use, so when you scan or upload it, the system knows what to name it and where to file it. Retrieve it instantly using keywords contained in the document. Never lose a document Learn more about eFileCabinet

This document management solution will transform your office with advanced automation and file sharing tools. Learn more about eFileCabinet

Content Central gives organizations like yours quick and easy access to your information. The all-in-one, browser-based document management system provides what matters most to you: Access, Speed, Process Automation and Security. Here are some brief highlights of the solution: Built-In 24-Hour Support - Integrates with Microsoft Office and Other Business Applications - Straightforward Pricing - No Modules. Learn more about Content Central

Scan. Classify. Automate. Distribute. Archive. Ademero software will help you take control of your documents. Learn more about Content Central

M-Files provides a next generation intelligent document management platform that improves business performance by helping people find and use information more effectively. Improve workflow, increase information reuse, eliminate redundancy, securely control content, and avoid conflicts and data loss all in a single, intuitive document management solution that integrates with Windows Explorer. Thousands of organizations in over 100 countries use M-Files for managing their business information nee Learn more about M-Files

Powerful document management software application that enables you to easily organize and manage all of your documents and information. Learn more about M-Files

Bynder is the fastest growing cloud-based digital asset management service for marketing professionals looking to simplify the management of their digital content. Teams can quickly find the right files 24/7 with cloud storage and sharing, collaborate with real-time edits and approvals, and distribute with auto-formatting for a variety of channels and file types. Brands using Bynder have the convenience of one central hub for all brand operations and digital content. Learn more about Bynder

Bynder is an innovative cloud-based solution for marketing professionals, who want to easily manage all their digital content. Learn more about Bynder

Confluence is an open and shared workspace that connects people to the ideas and information they need to build momentum and do their best work. Unlike document and file-sharing tools, Confluence is open and collaborative, helping you create, manage, and collaborate on anything from product launch plans to marketing campaigns. Find work easily with dedicated and organized spaces, connect across teams, and integrate seamlessly with the Atlassian suite or customize with apps from our Marketplace. Learn more about Confluence

Confluence is an open and shared workspace that connects people to the ideas and information they need to do their best work. Learn more about Confluence

Designed for midsize organizations of 100-1,000+ employees, DocStar ECM is the best document management & business process automation solution. It empowers growing businesses to make better decisions and delivers fast ROI with intelligent data capture, workflow, and retrieval. Integrated with ERP, accounting, HRIS, EMR or other business application, DocStar ECM helps you automatically manage the entire lifecycle of your content. Contact us for a free custom demonstration. Learn more about DocStar ECM

DocStar securely scans, stores & retrieves documents quickly & easily. AP Automation & eForms provide high ROI with automated workflow. Learn more about DocStar ECM

isoTracker Document Control

by isoTracker Solutions

Cost-effective, cloud-based Document Control software with no set-up costs, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Features a central document repository, integrated workflow tools that automate document review and approval processes, automated email notifications, and integrated analytics and reports. Can combine with other isoTracker modules to provide a comprehensive QMS system. Learn more about isoTracker Document Control

Cost-effective, cloud-based Document Control software with no set-up costs, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Learn more about isoTracker Document Control


by Veeva Industries

Modernizing Quality Management (QMS) and Document Control Solution. Unified, easy-to-use cloud application that delivers better control, visibility and partner collaboration to regulated industries such as consumer goods, chemicals, and cosmetics. Learn more about QualityOne

Unified, easy-to-use cloud application for quality management (QMS) and document control. Learn more about QualityOne


by DocuWare

Office automation solutions that deliver smart digital workflow and document control, setting a new pace for worker productivity and business performance. Flexible integration, mobile and #1 east of use with zero-compromise cloud services recognized as best-fit for digitizing, automating and transforming key processes with over 500,000 satisfied users. Learn more about DocuWare

DocuWare's office automation solutions deliver smart digital workflow and document control for substantial productivity gains. Learn more about DocuWare

Centralize and organize your team's work, so you can create and communicate in the same place. Create and share documents, manage projects, and stay connected every step of the way. Quip combines documents, spreadsheets, tasks, and chat in one seamless experience. Used by thousands of the most innovative companies in the world including Facebook, NewRelic, Quora, and Pinterest. Available on web, Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Get started with Quip for free. Learn more about Quip

Quip combines documents, spreadsheets, and chat in one organized experience. Learn more about Quip

Manage documents and document assets with enterprise-level security using XaitPorter, a leading all-in-one solution for document automation and co-authoring. With XaitPorter you can create and edit documents with many sections and subsections, each with their own writer, reviewer and approver all with individual deadlines. Re-use content to increase document integrity and productivity. XaitPorter also gives you the freedom to control access rights and share information with your writing team. Learn more about XaitPorter

Manage documents and assets with enterprise-level security. XaitPorter, a all-in-one solution for document automation and co-authoring. Learn more about XaitPorter


by Onehub

Onehub is the best way to manage, share and collaborate on business files. Designed for business needs, Onehub offers granular control of data, role-based permissions and mobile access. The Onehub platform is intuitive and easy to use, so customers can begin controlled sharing of documents in minutes. Onehub's proven solution is used by more than one million users worldwide. Learn more about Onehub

Manage, share, and collaborate on business files. Offers granular control of data, role-based permissions and mobile access. Learn more about Onehub


by CodeLathe

#1 Enterprise File Sharing, Sync and Backup. Get complete data ownership, residency and control. Filecloud Server: Run your own private Dropbox-like file sharing and sync solution, integrated with your IT infrastructure and storage. Filecloud Online: We host FileCloud for you on a world class infrastructure in the region of your choice. No installation. We take care of all the technical details. Learn more about FileCloud

#1 Enterprise File Sharing, Sync and Backup. Filecloud is growing faster than Dropbox or Box! Learn more about FileCloud

Ideagen's Document Management solutions help eliminate paper-based systems and modernise business processes. The software provides the capability to access a single document entity through a multiple of virtual folders providing quick access to any relevant document. Benefits of the software include: Integration with audit, CA/PA, reporting and competency functions; Publishing and distribution; Reporting and visibility across your business; and Mobile accessibility. Learn more about Ideagen Document Management

Ideagen's Document Management solutions help to eliminate paper-based systems and provide access to information at the point of need. Learn more about Ideagen Document Management

PinPoint DMS - Voted number 1 three years in a row by Business Daily News! A web-based solution (run cloud or on-premise) that allows for easy access from anywhere, including from PC, MAC, iPad, and other tablet and smart phone devices. Built-in integration and an API. Over 18 years in Document Management at a fraction of the cost. On-Boarding, Workflow, Version, Records Management all built-in. Full Character searching. Automatic filing without human intervention. Learn more about PinPoint

Best DMS - Business News Daily Great User Experience Awarded #1 - FinancesOnline Rising Star Award 2016 - FinancesOnLine Learn more about PinPoint

PandaDoc is the complete digital document solution, designed for efficiency. Create, send, track, and eSign documents -- all from one intuitive and easy-to-use platform. Supercharge your CRM with our PandaDoc integrations. PandaDoc is an ideal platform for managing organizational documents including proposals, quotes, contracts, HR documents, and more. Create media-rich documents with a single click. Access completed documents from inside the platform at any time. Learn more about PandaDoc

PandaDoc is the complete document management platform that allows you to create, send, eSign and track your documents in one place. Learn more about PandaDoc


by FileInvite

FileInvite automates the process of collecting information and documents from your clients. We have made the process simple with our secure interface. All you have to do is create and send a FileInvite with the information you require. The client then uploads the files to a secure portal where you can approve or decline the information that has been submitted. With FileInvite you can set up reminders, templates and sync with your favorite cloud storage like Google Drive. Send a FileInvite Today! Learn more about FileInvite

Automate the process of collecting information and documents from your clients with our simple and secure interface. Learn more about FileInvite


by LogicalDOC

LogicalDOC helps any kind of organizations all around the world to gain control over document management, with particular focus on fast content retrieval and business process automation. Our solution enables your team to create, co-author, and coordinate any amount of documents. With LogicalDOC you will increase collaboration and productivity via next-generation web interface, integration into Microsoft Office and Outlook, and automatic import from your shared folders. Learn more about LogicalDOC

LogicalDOC is an intuitive and highly performant solution that offers the power of enterprise document management to mid-size companies Learn more about LogicalDOC


by AscendoSoft

DigitalDrawer is Windows-based, on-premise, small-business (3-5 users) digital filing software used in various industries, such as retail, manufacturing, realty, finance, education, etc. Businesses use it to electronically and securely store, organize, find, and manage documents. Customers choose DigitalDrawer to keep documents in-house and because of its low price tag, the best Multi-Document Scanning/Importing for the price, robust security, and a full array of document management functions. Learn more about DigitalDrawer

A small-business digital filing system to store, find, & manage digital documents, with the best multi-document scanning for the price. Learn more about DigitalDrawer

Powerful, robust PDF technology in SDK including annotations, digital signatures, form filling & security. Foxit PDF SDK is optimized for Enterprise and Cloud Apps. Key features include PDF rendering, Cross-platform reflow, asynchronous support, page creation and organization. Why choose Foxit? We have better rendering speed and quality, Worldwide support, out of memory management, superior font handling and mobile optimization. Learn more about Foxit PDF Software Development Kit

Powerful, robust PDF technology in SDK including annotations, digital signatures, form filling & security. Learn more about Foxit PDF Software Development Kit


by infoRouter

Document management software system that streamlines the day-to-day business activities of thousands of companies around the globe, saving them time and money. Its a powerful and integrated software to manage all your documents; all the files necessary for the success of your organization. The more documents you have the more you need a reliable, scalable, and fast document management software. Manage your limited resources effectively! Learn more about infoRouter

Document management software system that streamlines the day-to-day business activities of thousands of companies around the globe. Learn more about infoRouter

Ecrion Engage

by Ecrion Software

Ecrion makes software for companies who want to automate document production and assembly while increasing compliance. With the Ecrion platform, you can rest assured knowing that document automation and assembly processes are accurately and consistently followed, and that the right information is collected and validated. Improve scalability while decreasing errors and cost. Sign up for a free demo today! Learn more about Ecrion Engage

Innovative solution that integrates visual, intuitive design tools and data aggregation with multi-channel delivery and engagement. Learn more about Ecrion Engage


by Liscio

Liscio is a secure cloud-based web and mobile software solution that simplifies client communication and collaboration. With features including secure messaging, secure file sharing and storage, FirmView¿, Firm-to-One¿ service, Mobile App, FrontDesk onboarding, e-signatures, and more, Liscio replaces vulnerable email and paperwork with an invite-only client experience platform that empowers you to become the proactive, modern firm your clients deserve. Learn more about Liscio

Liscio is a secure sharing solution that simplifies communication and collaboration by creating a safe digital space to work together. Learn more about Liscio

Document management for Life Sciences. Pharma, biotechs and CROs manage Regulatory, Quality and Clinical documents in one interface (and pay once!). 21CFR part 11 compliant. 100% modern web interface & search engine. Sponsors facilitate collaboration with CROs and authorities. Cloud and on premise deployments both available. Complete document life cycle management. Flexible rights management. Configure & deploy fast, no IT skills required. Secure & scalable EDMS platform recognized by Gartner. Learn more about Ennov Doc

CFR21 part 11 compliant EDMS. Manage all Regulatory, Quality & Clinical documents. Modern web interface. Cloud & on premise deployment. Learn more about Ennov Doc

PDFelement is an enterprise-grade PDF solution that is affordable and exceptionally easy-to-use. It comes with professional tools that makes switching from Adobe Acrobat a good business decision. More than ever, businesses need a powerful but intuitive solution that is easy to deploy and can be standardized across both Windows and Mac platforms. PDFelement is the only cost-effective solution that meets these requirements. Learn more about PDFelement 6

Adobe® Acrobat® alternative: PDFelement is your all-in-one PDF solution. Create, edit, convert, and sign PDF files in a better way. Learn more about PDFelement 6

Slab is a beautiful team wiki & knowledge base, reimagined to be fast, intuitive, and powerful. Think of it as a long-term memory for your team. It features the familiar editing and collaboration features of Google Docs, but with the organization capabilities of a modern intranet. With a focus on just solving long-term team knowledge, Slab integrates with all your other favorite productivity tools for everything else - like Slack, GSuite, Github, Asana, and many many more. Learn more about Slab

Beautiful team wiki & knowledge base that makes company documentation look good by default. Integrates with GSuite, Slack, and more. Learn more about Slab

Business grade PDF tool that saves money and increases productivity. Convert PDF to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more. Learn more about PDF Converter Elite 5

Business grade PDF tool that saves money and increases productivity. Convert PDF to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more. Learn more about PDF Converter Elite 5

Also known as Deltaview, Workshare's innovative and intelligent platform empowers professionals to compare, protect and share their high stakes documents on any device. Content owners can accurately track and compare amendments made by all contributors. While businesses have secure ways to work collaboratively and control the process of constant change. Learn more about Workshare Compare

Workshare's intelligent platform empowers professionals worldwide to compare, protect & share their high stakes documents. Learn more about Workshare Compare

ABBYY FineReader

by ABBYY Software House

ABBYY FineReader 14 is an all-in-one PDF and OCR software application for efficiently working with scanned documents and PDFs. It combines powerful text recognition and document conversion technology, essential PDF editing capabilities and document text comparison functionality to support business professionals from various departments in coping with a variety of daily tasks when working with documents. Learn more about ABBYY FineReader

FineReader is an all-in-one OCR and PDF software application for increasing business productivity when working with documents. Learn more about ABBYY FineReader

Dokmee is a secure, easy to use document management system for efficient document capture and storage, search and retrieval, and file sharing; all at an attractive price point. Dokmee adapts to any business model and is the result of cutting edge technology developed to ensure efficient, streamlined productivity and profitability. Dokmee may be quickly and effortlessly integrated into any size company across multiple industries. Learn more about Dokmee Document Management Solution

Offered as a web or client solution to help you organize, secure and manage your documents no matter your company size. Learn more about Dokmee Document Management Solution


by Lucion Technologies

FileCenter is the low-cost leader in Windows PC-based document management software for small offices. It combines easy scanning and file organization with powerful PDF creation and editing. It stores your files on the Windows file system and NOT in complex databases. It also includes OCR, search, and integration with cloud services. Feature-for-feature, it delivers at a price the competition can't touch. Come join our family of over 50,000 users. Start your free trial today! Call 801-722-7098. Learn more about FileCenter

FileCenter helps you scan, organize, find, and edit your files. It makes scanning more efficient and file organization more intuitive. Learn more about FileCenter


by MangoApps

Make work easy with MangoApps Content & Knowledge Management Platform - a central place to store, share, find documents & other company knowledge. With an intelligent employee platform at its core, MangoApps is designed for & serves organizations with 50-50,000 employees in a broad range of industries from retail, healthcare, manufacturing, not-for-profit, professional services, financial services, media, technology and the public sector. Learn more about MangoApps

Make work easy with MangoApps Content & Knowledge Management Platform - a central place to store, share, find documents. Learn more about MangoApps

Mobile friendly digital asset management software built for archivists and records managers. Supports entire life cycle of both electronic and physical records. Powerful digital archives software lets you manage and provide access to multimedia assets, e.g., PDFs, maps and drawings, flip books, audio, images, videos, and email. Cloud or on premise. Simple to file content or perform global searches. Easily manage storage and tracking. Reasonable price; fast implementation. Learn more about Eloquent Records & Eloquent Archives

Mobile friendly digital archives software for life cycle of paper or electronic records management; easily file and find documents. Learn more about Eloquent Records & Eloquent Archives

Agiloft Document Management Software provides the fastest time to value because it slashes the time to configure the solution to your requirements. We can customize it for you live during the demo - so you get a trial system that you can actually use to manage your documents and a fast, affordable deployment. Agiloft addresses even the most sophisticated processes in record time. Start today with a free custom demo. Learn more about Agiloft

Agile enterprise document management. Workflows automate creation, approvals and reports for even the most sophisticated processes. Learn more about Agiloft


by Medforce Technologies

ContentCenter is a secure, feature-rich electronic filing and content management program that increases efficiency and employee effectiveness. Improve collaboration across your entire organization with a central resource that provides instant access to vital information and keeps everyone on the same page. ContentCenter mimics live work with all the benefits of technology, including OCR, barcode, MICR reading that delivers the highest auto-filing rates in the industry saving you time and money. Learn more about ContentCenter

ContentCenter is a secure, feature-rich electronic filing and content management program. Learn more about ContentCenter

Our clients tell us they are more efficient, more secure, and teams more engaged when they use Huddle! Huddle provides the industry's most secure document collaboration solution for government and enterprise. With Huddle, you get an easier way to collaborate and co-edit documents, control file versions, and organize team tasks. Built-in approval workflow means you'll never miss a deadline again, and our free mobile app keeps you connected even when you're on the road. Learn more about Huddle

Better document collaboration for teams - collaborate on projects, build client portals, and control your documents. Learn more about Huddle


by UnForm

UnForm is a platform-independent software product that creates, delivers, stores, and retrieves graphically enhanced documents from ERP application printing. A complete, end-to-end document management solution, UnForm interfaces at the point of printing to produce documents in various formats for printing and electronic delivery. Exact replicas of these documents can be stored in a secure archive for later retrieval by users via a web browser interface, or via powerful REST and APIs. Learn more about UnForm

UnForm includes print management, e-delivery, document archiving, workflow and scanning/imaging. Learn more about UnForm



IntelliEnterprise is the most complete Intranet Software Suite for managing content and processes. It connects people with experts. With knowledge. With documents. With departments. With policies. With processes. With each other. It lets organizations manage and efficiently distribute relevant content, offers integrated security, customizable applications and workflows for process automation and social tools to connect employees across departments; all tied into an enterprise-wide search. Learn more about IntelliEnterprise

IntelliEnterprise is the one-stop-shop Intranet for managing and discovering content, connecting users and offering enterprise search. Learn more about IntelliEnterprise

Zoho WorkDrive is an online file storage, sync and collaboration platform for modern teams, small businesses and large enterprises. It introduces Team Folders, which enables teams of any size to work together securely like they're right beside you. Besides, you get the Zoho Office Suite Editors, and complete access stats at the team level and the team folder level. TeamDrive takes complete care of your mobility needs with the Android and iOS mobile apps and the desktop sync application. Learn more about Zoho WorkDrive

Zoho WorkDrive is an online file storage, sync and collaboration platform for modern teams to work together. Learn more about Zoho WorkDrive


by DocuCollab

Increases deal velocity, accelerates revenue & saves 40% users' time. Automates end to end contract management. Learn more about DocuCollab

Increases deal velocity, accelerates revenue & saves 40% users' time. Automates end to end contract management. Learn more about DocuCollab


by DocuFirst

Electronic signatures and document management for customized documents, including agreements, quotes and anything else. Eliminate data entry from paper forms. We help you reduce expenses and increase revenue. No up-front fee in most cases. Turn your physical filing cabinet into a digital, cloud based filing system accessible anywhere! DocuFirst creates, collects, and stores documents from your customers' information. Learn more about DocuFirst

Efficiently create, deliver, eSign, and store your company's forms and documents on one simple secure online platform. Learn more about DocuFirst

ASC Documents

by ASC Networks

ASC Documents tracks & stores documents, images & associated meta data. The tab-based views, document grouping & parent-child hierarchy allow users to effectively manage, search & retrieve documents/related info. Search & export capabilities make locating & analyzing documents & data an easy task. Document tracking software indicates when a document/associated data was last updated, what changes were made & other valuable info. Detailed metrics ensure rich, portable business intelligence. Learn more about ASC Documents

ASC Documents provides an online searchable repository to track and store documents, meta data and document images. Learn more about ASC Documents

HotDocs is the global market leader in document automation software, with more than one million end users in 11,500 organisations across the world. Automating the production of documents provides stringent control of document content, while allowing users to vastly decrease the time taken to create business-critical documentation, from days and hours to minutes and seconds. Learn more about HotDocs - Document Automation

HotDocs is industry leading software that automates the production of documents for thousands of organizations, all over the world. Learn more about HotDocs - Document Automation

Dedicated to the Transporation and Logistics industry; Synergize document management software has helped hundreds of transportation and logistics companies manage their critical documents and information. Our automation platform addresses top industry concerns including improving cash flow, recruiting and managing new drivers, adhering to compliance regulations for HR & Safety documentation, and making sure that freight documents are at your fingertips when customers call with questions. Learn more about Synergize

Document management software streamlines and automates paper-intensive business processes for faster and more informed decisions. Learn more about Synergize

With Fluix mobile platform your field team can fill out checklists and submit work orders, sign contracts and capture customer signatures, approve purchase orders and perform audits. With automated workflow rules, your back office can collect field data and analyze it in real time. Fluix can be accessed through its native app for iOS, or any web browser. Help you team become more productive and make your business more efficient. Learn more about Fluix

Fluix is a platform to streamline the document flow and communication between your mobile workforce, customers and back office. Learn more about Fluix


by ICM Document Solutions

FREE DEMO OR TRIAL. ViewCenter is a cloud-based content management system that allows you to securely capture, store, retrieve and distribute documents. This easy-to-use solution is scalable and can be configured to fit the unique needs of your business. Mobile, Secure, Easy Integration and Configurable. Perfect for mid-sized businesses and larger. Learn more about ViewCenter

ViewCenter is a cloud-based content management system that allows you to securely capture, store, retrieve and distribute documents. Learn more about ViewCenter


by OD Consultancy

Projectfusion is a simple to use and secure platform to share & collaborate in real time on confidential files between organisations including law firms, corporations, banks and governments. Projectfusion offers ISO 27001 accredited maximum security hosting in the UK, EU or US. Share files with individuals or entire teams with granular security permissions. Projectfusion is intuitive, and easy to set up and manage. Close your deals quickly, and more efficiently with Projectfusion. Learn more about Projectfusion

We offer a VDR solution for project management, online collaboration, secure document storage and sharing in your own private cloud. Learn more about Projectfusion

DocuVantage OnDemand

by Document Advantage

DocuVantage OnDemand is an affordable, full featured web-based document management and workflow solution delivered as a subscription. Easily capture, distribute, store, and manage all of your documents in a secure, centralized location providing instant access to information from anywhere. Automated Alerts, Customizable Data Screens and Worflows. Contract Management, Accounts Payable, HR. Subscribe today and be operating more efficiently within hours. Contact us for a free consultation! Learn more about DocuVantage OnDemand

Full featured web-based document management and workflow solution delivered as a subscription service. Learn more about DocuVantage OnDemand

Cloud-Based Document Control Solution for Hospitals: MediaLab meets your compliance and security requirements, saves time and energy, and manages your entire document lifecycle - all with paperless documentation. Employees access applicable documents effortlessly, reducing wasted time searching for policies & procedures. Attestations of understanding are collected and stored with rapid retrieval during audits. Learn more about Laboratory Document Control

Streamline your document authoring, editing, approval, and employee sign-off processes. Learn more about Laboratory Document Control


by Axero Solutions

Over 5,000,000 users. Communifire is your modern, fully featured social intranet software that supports your employees and your business. 99% of Communifire Intranet customers are still actively using the platform after 5 years. From connecting your people and streamlining communication to enhancing collaboration and managing content, our full suite of integrated tools will help your organization be more informed, quicker to take action and prepared for tomorrow. Learn more about Communifire

Replace your outdated intranet with Communifire. 100% useful. 100% customizable. 100% loved by over 2 million people. Learn more about Communifire
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What is Document Management Software?

Document Management software automates the process of managing documents from creation to storage to distribution throughout an enterprise, increasing efficiency and reducing the cost and clutter of maintaining paper records.

What is document management software?

1. The benefits of document management software

Document management solutions can aid in the digital transformation of your business by eliminating the need for manual paperwork.

Listed below are some advantages of using a document management solution:

  • Access documents anywhere and anytime
  • Collaborate through file sharing 
  • Safeguard business critical documents from unauthorized access, cybercrime, ransomware, and natural disasters
  • Reduce costs related to storing physical documents

2. Typical features of document management software

  • Document capture: Leverage image capture technology to digitize printed documents. Advanced platforms offer optical character reader (OCR) and search functionality.
  • Document storage: Store, access, share, and edit documents in a common platform. 
  • Full text search: Search for relevant files and documents by typing keywords into a search box.
  • Control access/permissions: Manage the document access permissions for specific people or a group, and control who can view and/or edit documents.
  • Collaboration tools: Share documents with individuals or a group of people, and allow them to edit and add comments.
  • Document archive: Create a centralized repository for storing confidential and archived data for future reference.

3. The cost of document management software

Most products in the market are priced on a “per user, per month” basis, and can be broken down into three pricing tiers based on their starting price: 

Price ranges

  • $0 - $4
  • $4 - $15
  • $15+

*The pricing included in this list is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offering that was found on vendor websites on August 1, 2018.

The above list includes pricing for the base plans of these products. An enterprise, or premium product, which is priced higher, may include some additional features such as optical character reader (OCR) integration, version control, workflow automation, and document scanning.

4. Considerations when purchasing document management software

  • Integration capabilities: To make optimal use of a document management solution, users need to integrate it with other key business systems such as accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), HR, and accounting solutions. These integrations not only help you leverage the document storage and sharing capabilities that are offered in the document management system, but also allow you to conduct a company-wide document text search. For example, a document management software integration with an accounting solution helps users index and store accounting and financial documents,  which proves helpful in accessing documents during internal or external audits.
  • Data security: Small businesses face external data-security threats (such as hacking and data breaches) as well as internal data-security threats (such as employee theft). And since document management system is the storage house of the important business documents, these are a lot more susceptible to a data breach. To ensure zero data loss, you should ensure that the document management system you select is equipped with the latest security protocols and methodologies. These include 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) security and SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) encryption.
  • Document scanning and imaging needs: Document scanning and imaging helps users by allowing them to scan paper documents and index them using a set of keywords. Digital storage combined with accurate indexing helps users search for these documents. Some products also offer optical character recognition (OCR), which helps users convert handwritten documents into a digital format. Buyers who work with a lot of physical documentation should shortlist products that include this functionality.

  • Businesses want tighter integrations between project management software and document management software: Collaborations span across different teams within a business. To improve operational efficiency, businesses are moving towards unified tools that save time and effort in toggling between different tools. For this reason, businesses are looking to integrate their project management system with document management system, enabling users to share documents while working on a project.
  • Mobile is the future of document management: With an increase in the use of mobile devices, it’s a priority for small businesses to have mobile capabilities. We can expect vendors to offer more and more mobile services such as mobile responsive interfaces, mobile apps, and client portals. 


The pricing ranges are calculated from the products listed in the Capterra Top 20 report. Products with freemium pricing models are excluded from evaluation. Features are highlighted on the basis of their importance and relevance, and standard feature offerings by vendors in the document management software directory.

The following sources were used for this document:

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