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What is Electronic Medical Records Software?

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athenaClinicals helps doctors deliver high quality care by organizing the moment of care for maximum clinical productivity, performing administrative and quality services on a doctors behalf to ensure full payment, and tracking all physician orders to close the loop on results and follow-up care. Doctors benefit from continuous embedded access to the best practices of the nations largest clinical network, the most up-to-date and extensive quality rules and industry guidelines. Learn more about athenaClinicals

Our award-winning EHR gives providers greater control, so they can focus on what they do best. Learn more about athenaClinicals

Praxis is an award-winning EHR/EMR that has no difficult to use templates. Templates slow charting down and hurt quality medicine. Instead, Praxis utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) that learns from each user. Physicians chart fast in their own way, improving medical quality, and saving an average of 2 1/2 hours a day. Praxis is rated #1 in Overall Usability by doctors including #1 at the ACP's AmericanEHR, and #1 in the AAFP EHR User Satisfaction Survey of Physicians who've switched EHRs. Learn more about Praxis EMR

#1 rated template-free EMR solution that learns from each user to chart progressively faster and smarter with higher medical quality. Learn more about Praxis EMR

WebPT gives you everything you need to run your practice all in one system. It's the only end-to-end, web-based platform designed for physical therapy. Offering scheduling, documentation, billing, outcomes tracking, analytics, patient marketing, a home exercise program with a mobile app, and interoperability capabilities, WebPT is ideal for every outpatient setting regardless of staff size, facility type, or the number of specialties. WebPT has a 99% retention rate and a 99.99% uptime rate. Learn more about WebPT

Document, schedule, bill, and market to your patients with WebPT, the leading software platform for outpatient physical therapists. Learn more about WebPT

NextGen Healthcare

by NextGen Healthcare Information Systems

NextGen Healthcares Clinical Care Solutions include two EHR options - NextGen Enterprise EHR and NextGen Office EHR (formerly MediTouch) - with features and workflows tailored to the unique needs of your practice, dependent on size and specialty. These easy-to-use solutions are designed to reduce administrative burden and restore the joys of practicing medicine, while improving care and reducing costs. The result? Healthier patients and happier providers. Learn more about NextGen Healthcare

The server-based and cloud-based solutions NextGen® Enterprise EHR and NextGen® Office EHR share data and streamline workflows. Learn more about NextGen Healthcare

Practice Velocity's VelociDoc urgent care EMR was designed by urgent care physicians for the unique needs of urgent care practices. That's why VelociDoc was rated the best urgent care EMR for 7 consecutive years. Document almost any patient visit in less than 2 minutes with Chartlet one-screen charting functionality and capture more revenue with automated, real-time coding recommendations. Run more efficiently and more profitably than with any other urgent care EMR system. Learn more about VelociDoc Urgent Care EMR

VelociDoc Urgent Care EMR is Best in KLAS and the #1-Rated Urgent Care EMR for 7 Consecutive Years Learn more about VelociDoc Urgent Care EMR

Our full-featured EHR was designed by a practicing physician to fit the way you think and work. Kareo EHR is 2014 Edition Certified for Meaningful Use Stages 1 & 2. Built for the iPad and the web, it gives you great flexibility and the freedom to stay connected with your patient during an exam. Kareo EHR is built for YOU - not just MU (although it's ONC-ACB Certified). Take the worries out of adopting an EHR with Kareo. Learn more about Kareo EHR

Kareo's EHR makes it easy to engage with your patients. Build notes and managing patient interactions simply with Kareo EHR! Learn more about Kareo EHR


by NEMO Health

TRAKnet is a podiatry specific EHR that enables seamless operations. Built on the trusted Microsoft SQL Server platform, TRAKnet incorporates charting, billing, and scheduling, all into a single system allowing an effortless transition from scheduling to encounters and claims. TRAKnet was created by podiatrists to focus on the unique business needs of other practicing podiatrists and provides a multitude of solutions for the challenges that practices face today. Learn more about TRAKnet

TRAKnet is a podiatry specific EHR platform that features charting, scheduling, billing, and reporting. Learn more about TRAKnet

If you're a pediatric therapist, you already know all the differences between treating children and adults. So don't just settle for any EMR. Choose Fusion, the only EMR designed specifically for pediatric OTs, PTs, & SLPs. Thousands of therapists across the country trust Fusion's pediatric-specific EMR to make them (and their practices) more efficient. Sign up for a free demo of Fusion today to find out how you can spend less time doing paperwork and more time treating patients. Learn more about Pediatric Therapy EMR

Fusion is an EMR built specifically to help pediatric OTs, PTs, & SLPs spend less time doing paperwork and more time treating patients. Learn more about Pediatric Therapy EMR

Intergy EHR

by Greenway Health

Intergy by Greenway Health is more than just an EHR -- it's the core of a complete ambulatory solution that maximizes efficiency for your practice and your patients. Intergy adapts to the needs of virtually any size or type of practice. From population health to revenue services to clinical connectivity, our cloud-based system helps you manage chronic conditions, improve health outcomes, and increase profitability. Intergy lets you focus on what matters most: caring for patients. Learn more about Intergy EHR

Intergy helps improve health outcomes and increase profitability while adapting to the needs of virtually any size or type of practice. Learn more about Intergy EHR

Trusted by over 60,000 mental health professionals, TherapyNotes helps behavioral health therapists manage their practices more efficiently through an easy-to-use, secure platform for notes, billing, scheduling, and more. TherapyNotes simplifies administrative work, giving practitioners more time and energy to focus on providing effective care for their clients. Learn more about TherapyNotes.com

Trusted by over 60,000 mental health professionals, TherapyNotes EHR software helps therapists manage their practices more efficiently. Learn more about TherapyNotes.com

ChartLogic, Inc. offers a full ambulatory EHR suite, including electronic medical record, practice management, revenue cycle management, e-prescribing, patient portal and more. Although ChartLogic includes hundreds of distinct features, it's the overall charting experience that sets it apart: truly easy, incredibly flexible and super fast. You can produce a complete note in <90 seconds. Literally. In addition to primary care, we cater to surgical and other complex areas of medicine. Learn more about ChartLogic

ChartLogic offers a full ambulatory EHR suite designed to intuitively understand your workflow, specialty and personal preference. Learn more about ChartLogic

Practice Fusion is the #1 cloud-based ambulatory EHR platform in the U.S. supporting over 20,000 medical practices in delivering better care to over 5 million patients a month. With a best-in-class satisfaction rate, Practice Fusion is committed to delivering intuitive and easy-to-use health IT solutions to independent medical practices. Access on most any device, intuitive charting, seamless e-prescribing, integrated policy support, hundreds of lab and imaging connections. Try for free. Learn more about Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is the #1 cloud-based ambulatory EHR in the U.S. for independent practices. Try for free. Learn more about Practice Fusion

DrChrono provides everything you would need in an EMR, as well as a complete MACRA & MIPS ready EHR at no extra cost. The full package gets you robust practice management, integrated billing and great customer support. Customizable pre-built templates allows for a seamless transition from another EHR or your paper workflows, increasing efficiency without any hassle. In addition, you have complete mobility on your iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch. For students please visit DrChrono for University. Learn more about drchrono EMR/EHR

Cloud-based EMR + EHR features at no extra cost: customizable medical forms, billing - Award winning app for iPhone and iPad. Learn more about drchrono EMR/EHR

Fully integrated, technology-enabled healthcare solutions and managed services for practices of all sizes and most specialties. Includes electronic health records, practice management, electronic prescribing, interoperability services, personal health records, patient portal, telehealth, Azalea M mobile platform integrated with Apple HealthKit, as well as Revenue Cycle Performance services. Learn more about Azalea EHR/RCM

Cloud-based SaaS: electronic health records, practice management, revenue cycle performance services, telehealth, patient portal, eRX Learn more about Azalea EHR/RCM

Nexus Clinical provides a cloud-based EHR (electronic health records) platform to clinical healthcare providers. Nexus EHR is low cost and has no lock-in period. Our EHR works with your clinical workflow and maximize the physician-patient encounter. Nexus EHR is designed to work with you and focus on patient care. Breeze through encounters via our intuitive, easy to use interface that allows you to practice naturally. Multi-modal data input allows for maximum flexibility. Learn more about Nexus Clinical

ONC 2015 Ediction Certified, Modern, intuitive, Cloud base EHR. Easy navigation and simple workflow. Low cost with no lock-in period. Learn more about Nexus Clinical

EHR software with Wiley Planners add-on, Telehealth for online therapy, mobile app, client portal, DSM/ICD codes, progress notes, treatment plans, discharge notes, review & co-sign notes, custom forms. Billing features: PQRS, claims & ERA/EOB, superbills, credit card service, batch invoice/claims. Sync with Google/iCal. Voice, text, email reminders. Tons of reports included: Payroll, Staff Billing, etc. Unlimited document storage, unlimited support. Try it free. Learn more about TheraNest Mental Health

Mental health EMR & therapy notes software for practices of all sizes. Lots of features and reports. Free 21 day trial Learn more about TheraNest Mental Health

SimplePractice is a top-reviewed practice management platform, made for small business owners in the health & wellness space. Known for its clean interface, SimplePractice's industry-leading feature set includes a fully paperless intake process, custom notes & forms, free appointment reminders (SMS, email, & voice), mobile app, e-claim filing, a beautiful client portal, billing & invoicing, and our newest feature: Telehealth! See your clients over HIPAA-compliant video - anytime, anywhere! Learn more about SimplePractice

The complete practice management platform for health & wellness professionals. 25,000 customers run their businesses on SimplePractice. Learn more about SimplePractice


by Advanced Data Systems

Our Medics EHRs are enabled to help Eligible Clinicians master their Value Based medicine requirements for avoiding penalties and obtaining incentives by data mining the EC's measures and displaying MIPS/APM stats on the system's MACRA daashboard. ADS also has affiliations with PTNs for assistance in transforming practices to VB medicine, and with registries for reporting. They're certified for Stage 2 MU. Excellent for multiple specialties. See more patients/generate more revenue. Learn more about MedicsEHR

Medics EHRs excellent for MACRA reporting to avoid penalties & obtain incentives. Stage 2 MU specialty specific templates and workflow. Learn more about MedicsEHR


by MICA Information Systems

MICA Information Systems is the #1 value-added re-seller in the U.S. for Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) by Meditab. IMS is an award-winning, customizable, integrated PM/EHR suite that is fast, easy to use, and reasonably-priced vs. other products in its class. As a smaller company, we establish personal relationships with our clients. We offer professional medical billing services, and our team consistently exceeds industry averages for days in receivables and claim resolution. Learn more about IMS

Electronic health records provider, practice management software (PMS) provider, and billing service. Learn more about IMS

TeleHealth Platform for Hospitals, Surgery Centers and Private Practices. Digital Forms, Videoconferencing and Vital Signs, all in a single Screen with a configurable Solution that is 100% Cloud-Based and designed for XXIst century medicine. Learn more about WiCis CareFlows

HIPAA compliant cloud-based solutions that cover entire workflows, capable of displaying live vital signs and video. Learn more about WiCis CareFlows

Cloud-based Integrated EHR,Practice Management and Billing Software now with MIPS registry and Merchant Services. Learn more about eMedicalPractice

Cloud-based Integrated EHR,Practice Management and Billing Software now with MIPS registry and Merchant Services. Learn more about eMedicalPractice

My Clients Plus is a leading provider of web-based billing and practice management software to healthcare industry. Ideal for individual and group practices with focus on behavioral, occupational, speech, physical therapy and other healthcare specialties. HIPAA compliant and meeting insurance industry standards. Our affordable price and powerful features simply make us one of the best values ever. Choose from over 200 therapy note templates designed by professionals like you. Learn more about My Clients Plus

Over 200 different therapy note templates designed by industry professionals. Simple, fast and easy to use. Full-featured software. Learn more about My Clients Plus

Integrated EMR, Practice Management, and Patient Engagement solution designed specifically for urgent care. From online check-in to automated coding, and a dedicated billing services team, DocuTAP has the tools to help you see more patients (with less stress), capture more charges, and shorten wait times for patients. Schedule your personalized consultation today. Learn more about DocuTAP for Urgent Care

We tie all the components of EMR, Practice Management, and Revenue Cycle Management into one integrated solution for urgent cares. Learn more about DocuTAP for Urgent Care

Quanum EHR

by Quest Diagnostics

Keep your practice on solid ground with a cloud-based EHR. Experience a robust solution that offers dynamic access to key patient information anytime, anywhere. Quest Diagnostics Quanum EHR offers a comprehensive, fully-mobile and secure EHR that helps keep medical practices efficient and profitable. Learn more about Quanum EHR

Enhance Quality, Productivity, and Patient Outcomes with Quanum EHR Learn more about Quanum EHR

BestNotes is a cloud based, HIPAA compliant EHR and CRM. Enjoy practice management from A to Z with a special focus on marketing/admissions and outcome measures. Billing, fully customizable documentation, scheduling, e-prescribe, e-MAR, credit card processing, lab results, patient portal, human resource management, administrative tools and so much more! Try BestNotes today with no upfront fees, month-to-month contract, unlimited training and support for one low monthly price. Learn more about BestNotes

BestNotes is a revolutionary EHR and CRM specifically designed for the Behavioral Health field. Learn more about BestNotes
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What is Electronic Medical Records Software?

Electronic medical records (EMR) software automates the documentation, storage and retrieval of patient records.

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What is Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software?

Electronic medical records (EMR) software is an electronic record of health-related information on an individual that can be created, gathered, managed, and consulted by authorized clinicians and staff within one health care organization.

Who Uses EHRs?

Nearly every healthcare provider uses an EHR. This includes private practices, medical groups, and hospitals. More specifically, the vast majority of ambulatory surgical centers, specialized clinics, hospitals, and general physician specialized clinics use EHRs.

Improved Quality of Care

EMR software can potentially improve patient care in a number of significant ways, allowing you to:

  • Access legible records immediately and easily
  • Increase patient time by reducing paperwork and filing
  • Reduce mistakes and omissions by charting at the point of care
  • Eliminate mistakes with overlooked symptoms and misread prescriptions
  • Eliminate mistakes with drug interactions, conflicts, and recalls
  • Set alerts and reminders for follow-up visits, preventive health procedures, lab work, etc.
  • Improve communication and management of treatment from multiple physicians

Questions to Ask EMR Vendors

Is your solution CCHIT and ONC-ATCB certified?

The extent to which each EHR can help you take advantage of Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) participation through a merit-based incentive payments system (MIPS) is, for some organizations, one of the most important considerations when choosing software.

If you do want to participate in MIPS and MACRA, you’ll need to eliminate solutions that are not CCHIT and ONC-ATCB certified from your consideration. You can do this at the top of this page by clicking the checkbox next to “ONC-ATCB Certified” and then clicking “Filter.”

How much will support and training cost?

  • What kind of support and training does the vendor offer?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What do customers think about it?

What does the patient portal offer?

Patient portals have become nearly ubiquitous among EHRs, in part because they’re incentivized under Meaningful Use. And for good reason. A patient portal with secure messaging can reduce no-shows, provide instant and secure information to authorized patients, and overall contribute to a highly interactive doctor-patient experience.

But not all patient portals are created equal.

When choosing an EHR system, ask the vendors whether patients can view the following using their portals:

  • Complete charts
  • Treatment plans, past and present
  • Diagnoses
  • Appointment history
  • Vaccination records
  • Lab results
  • Outstanding balances

It’s also helpful to find out whether patients can request refills and contact your practice directly through the portal.