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Peakon automatically collects employee feedback, analyses it, and then delivers you back the insights you need to improve your business - in real-time. Our platform works everywhere, for everyone. Peakon is translated into 35+ languages, can deal with complex organisational structures, and is able to handle tens of thousands of employees. Employees submit feedback via web, mobile browser, SMS, kiosk or native app. We can literally handle anything you throw at us. Learn more about Peakon

Real-time people analytics platform is the simple, scientific, way to maximise your employee engagement and retention. Learn more about Peakon

Emplify is on a mission to help employees do the best work of their careers. By giving organizations the insights to unlock the potential of their people, Emplify's solution distills culture and feedback into employee analytics that enable leaders to make better data-driven decisions. Learn more about Emplify

Emplify helps company leaders uncover actionable insights from employee feedback for a thriving company culture. Learn more about Emplify

Kwench provides companies with a best in class Rewards and Recognition platform to motivate their workforce. Leverage the power of Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud technologies, and Gamification in the Kwench platform to get the most out of your Rewards and Recognition strategy. Learn more about Kwench

Cloud Platform for Social Recognition, Rewards and Redemption for the new age workforce. Learn more about Kwench

Trivie is an instant on micro-learning tool that uses science, adaptive learning (AI), and gamification to better engage employees with training materials to improve long-term retention of information. Trivie is inexpensive, self-service so it requires minimal effort and has an incredibly high ROI that is measured in real time. One employee or 50,000, Trivie can be up and running in less than seven minutes. Learn more about Trivie

Training reinforcement platform to help employees retain information better. Science-based; backed by analytics. Deploys in minutes. Learn more about Trivie

An employee engagement solution which lets you collect your people data (quantitative & qualitative) using engagement surveys, pulse polls & bottom-up crowdsourced anonymous employee voice with guaranteed participation rates of > 75%. Using powerful analytics, you can identify pockets of problems and target your HR initiatives rather than carpet bombing the entire company, thus saving 10X of what you invest on Hyphen. Our customers Michelin & Unilever call us their internal glassdoor! Learn more about Hyphen

Hyphen gives a voice to your people through engagement surveys, pulse polls & crowdsourced anonymous feedback with >75% adoption rates. Learn more about Hyphen

The world's most powerful employee feedback and analytics platform. We make it easy to understand what drives employee commitment, pride, recommendation and motivation, and to improve your peoples journey from onboarding to exit. Get started quickly by adapting our library of ready-to-use templates and benchmarks to suit your needs. Based on research, backed by data, and powered by peoplegeeks at the world's most innovative companies. Learn more about Employee Engagement

The world's most powerful employee feedback and analytics platform. Based on research, backed by data, and powered by peoplegeeks. Learn more about Employee Engagement

Namely is the first HR platform that employees actually love to use. Namely is powerful, easy-to-use technology that allows small to mid-sized companies (15 to 2,500 employees) to handle all of their HR, payroll, benefits, and talent management in one place. Coupled with dedicated support and benefits consulting, every Namely client gets the software and service they need to deliver great HR and a strong, engaged company culture. Learn more at namely.com and schedule your free demo today! Learn more about Namely

Namely is the HR, Payroll, and Benefits platform your employees will love. Learn more about Namely

Qualtrics Employee Experience (EX) creates a snapshot across the entire employee lifecycle, automatically prioritizing key drivers of engagement and experience so you can build strong teams, drive productivity, and reduce unwanted attrition.You gain the power and flexibility to tailor your engagement program to meet your needs, whether that includes a regular employee census survey or ad-hoc pulse surveys. In addition to world-class technology, we offer consulting and a 24/7 live support team. Learn more about Qualtrics Employee Experience

Qualtrics Employee Experience is the best engagement platform to build strong teams, drive productivity, and reduce unwanted attrition. Learn more about Qualtrics Employee Experience

Since 2004, ClearCompany HRM has empowered thousands of companies to attract, screen, & hire better talent, engage their team, and use strategic insights to keep their recruiting competitive. Stop fighting clunky outdated software and paper forms! From automated posting, screening & grading to easily building targeted talent pools, EEO/OFCCP compliance reporting and much more, ClearCompany HRM gives you everything you need to drive your talent agenda while compromising nothing. Learn more about ClearCompany

We give HR a simplified workflow across the talent cycle with strategic insights to improve hiring, onboarding and performance. Learn more about ClearCompany

Motivosity is an employee recognition software solution used by companies like HealthCatalyst, BlueHost, Instructure, and Workfront to improve employee engagement and company culture. We don't mess around: Our customers experience a 95%+ user engagement rate. Motivosity promotes trust, better connects employees, and makes visible all the great work your team members are doing. We offer free trials and a six-month money-back guarantee. Take a closer look at Motivosity. #thanksmatters Learn more about Motivosity

Motivosity is an employee recognition software solution that improves employee engagement and company culture. Learn more about Motivosity

Xexecs global, simple-to-use social Recognition portals simplify the nomination, approval, and fulfillment of the broadest range of performance and recognition awards from non-financial thank yous to retail products and vouchers, from travel rewards to experience days and team events. Awards can be triggered for anything from exceptional performance to long-service, project completions or happy birthdays; whilst HR have access to bespoke real-time reports and administration features. Learn more about Employee Reward and Recognition Schemes

A one-stop social, fun and rewarding Recognition portal with bespoke functionality, live MI reports, and options for a global roll-out. Learn more about Employee Reward and Recognition Schemes

Performance Pro

by HR Performance Solutions

Performance Pro is a fully customizable, automated, online performance appraisal system. Designed for those requiring an effective and flexible employee development and evaluation tool, Performance Pro is readily adaptable to meet current and evolving company needs. Goal management supports employee development. Communication tools ensure sound and timely evaluations. Managers' tools promote simple and effective evaluations. View online product demo or obtain free trial. Learn more about Performance Pro

Fully customizable, automated performance appraisal system. Set and prioritize goals and factors. Learn more about Performance Pro

Intelifi is an Accredited Background Check Company servicing Employment Background Checks Nationwide to 5,000+ Companies including Staffing Agencies, Healthcare and Human Resources. Our proprietary software, EMERGE is in its 5th generation and has become a leading Pre-Employment Screening Software in the industry. With over 40 various data vendors, Several ATS integrations, and a strong team of senior developers, Emerge has been recognized by the NAPBS as a leading background screening provider Learn more about EMERGE Background Checks

Background Check Company servicing Employment Background Checks, Drug Screening, & Verification reports tailored to recruiters, staffin Learn more about EMERGE Background Checks

Kudos is a corporate social network and peer-to-peer recognition system designed to engage your teams with enhanced communication, collaboration, appreciation, and recognition. Kudos is simple, scalable, flexible, effective and affordable. We service clients that range from 100 to 20,000 users in over 80 countries and 30 verticals. If you care about your team, culture, and communication - Kudos can work for you. To learn more about Kudos check out our website or give us a call! Learn more about Kudos

Kudos is a corporate social network and peer-to-peer recognition system designed to engage your team. Learn more about Kudos

Performance Culture

by Performance Culture

Engage your employees by developing a coaching culture. Engaged employees are part of exceptional teams, have the freedom to work on their own, and the ability to learn and grow every day. Performance Culture uses the Performance-Values Matrix to help you unlock the full potential of your team. The software includes Performance Reviews, Check-Ins, Coaching Templates, Employee Engagement Surveys, 360 Degree Feedback, Learning Management System and exclusive Coaching Videos. Learn more about Performance Culture

Award winning software to engage your team and manage performance. Learn more about Performance Culture

A Digital Workplace Hub is a must for any business that wants to grow and evolve while enabling, empowering and engaging its employees. With an intelligent employee platform at its core, MangoApps is designed for & serves organizations with 50-50,000 employees in a broad range of industries from retail, healthcare, manufacturing, not-for-profit, professional services, financial services, media, technology and the public sector. Learn more about MangoApps

A Digital Workplace Hub is a must for any business that wants to grow and evolve while enabling, empowering and engaging its employees Learn more about MangoApps

Web and mobile solution for companies of 100+ employees to improve employee engagement via automated feedback collection. VibeCatch enables the setting up of automated polls collecting relevant feedback from your employees. You can use your own questions or our scientific QWL framework with ready-made questions and automatic analysis. Our QWL method is the only scientifically validated method guaranteed to have an impact on employee engagement as well as your company's financial results. Learn more about VibeCatch

Web and mobile solution to improve employee engagement via automated feedback collection, analysis and real-time reports. Learn more about VibeCatch


by Jostle Corporation

Meet our People Engagement platform - a complete, intuitive intranet. We help you improve employee engagement, express your culture, and make communication happen. Thats what extraordinary workplaces are all about. We're achieving unheard of employee participation rates that are 5X higher than both traditional employee portals and social intranets. Our software runs in the cloud & requires no customization. You can be up in running in one week. Become extraordinary with us. Learn more about Jostle

Workplaces should be extraordinary. So we're doing something about it. Our People Engagement platform is a complete, intuitive intranet Learn more about Jostle

GamEffective is the world's leading universal gamification platform for performance & digital motivation. It uses deep personalized goals, unique game narratives and a host of game elements that aren't just about competition but rather about real-time performance management. It also serves learning - such as when new campaigns / products are launched - to drive knowledge & align performance. GamEffective easily integrates with a host of enterprise apps, LMS, CRM, Collaboration platforms and more Learn more about GamEffective

Enterprise SaaS gamification platform. Drive performance & training with advanced motivation techniques personalized goals and learning Learn more about GamEffective

Beekeeper is an award-winning digital workplace app that connects dispersed workforces by combining operational systems and internal communication channels within one secure, intuitive employee portal. Beekeeper connects frontline workers and on-site colleagues across locations and departments in real-time via mobile or desktop devices. With an intelligent analytics dashboard and HR tools that can be fully automated such as group messaging, polling, and chatbots. Learn more about Beekeeper

A mobile-first communication platform used for reaching and connecting every individual in an organization. Learn more about Beekeeper

SurveySparrow lets you turn surveys into conversations. With a conversational interface, SurveySparrow enables users to create and share highly engaging, mobile-first surveys that offer a chat-like experience. SurveySparrow's Recurring Surveys let you send surveys at regular intervals to gauge customer or employee pulse. With easy sharing options, SurveySparrow allows you to share your surveys across Web, Mobile, Social, and E-mail to easily collect feedback from your targeted audience. Learn more about SurveySparrow

Turn surveys into conversations with our chat-like surveys. Engage better with your customers & employees. Learn more about SurveySparrow

Peoplecart is an Engagement & Recognition platform for modern workplaces. We have clients and sales offices across North America, Middle East & South East Asia. * Integrated platform for Engagement, Recognition and Reward Redemption * KPI Gamification * Analytics through Dashboards & Reports, Gamification tools, Mob Apps * Self Managed Admin Panel Learn more about Peoplecart

Integrated platform for Engagement, Recognition and Reward redemption for modern workforce to build a happy and productive workforce Learn more about Peoplecart

Employee Surveys

by TNS Employee Insights

All survey platforms are NOT created equal and no request is too complex for our integrated systems. From data collection through action planning, our secure and internally-built platform simplifies the user experience, so you can focus on addressing the tough questions without technology getting in the way. Need a little help? Rely on your dedicated TNS project management team to help you plan, design, and execute your survey; then deliver customized reports to your managers confidentially. Learn more about Employee Surveys

Global provider of online employee survey, reporting and action planning software for organizations with 1000 to 1 million employees. Learn more about Employee Surveys

***Click to Chat With a Live Expert*** Branch Messenger enables enterprises to optimize their workforce at scale and in real-time to improve operational efficiencies. A web dashboard and self-service mobile app streamline team communication, schedule creation, distribution and management. Employees are able to chat, view schedules, swap shifts, request time off and set their availability all from within the app. Learn more about Branch Messenger

Improve your enterprise operation at scale with Branch Messenger, an hourly employee self-service mobile app. Learn more about Branch Messenger


by Qarrot Performance

Qarrot is the ultimate staff motivation and rewards platform for independent businesses, retailers, and restaurants. With flexible recognition features and built-in gamification, Qarrot can help your business motivate employees to drive sustained performance. Learn more about Qarrot

Qarrot is a powerful employee rewards and recognition platform for businesses focused on employee engagement and performance. Learn more about Qarrot

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