Employee Scheduling Software FAQs

  • What is employee scheduling software?

    Employee scheduling software is designed to help users track and coordinate vacation/time off and payroll, and assists in creating, maintaining, and sharing full staff schedules while eliminating scheduling conflicts.

  • How much does employee scheduling software cost?

    Some employee scheduling software options are priced based on number of employees and users, while others are based on number of locations. Prices typically range from $1 per user, per month to $49 per user, per month. For location-based pricing, it can reach up to $70 per location, per month.

  • What are some common employee scheduling software features?

    Some common employee scheduling software features include automated scheduling, calendar management, employee database, group scheduling, time-off tracking, and payroll.

  • What are the benefits of using employee scheduling software?

    Employee scheduling software makes it easier for employers to plan, share, and execute staff tasks, meetings, and schedules, including vacation time.

  • Are there free employee scheduling software options?

    There are many employee scheduling software products that offer free plans such as When I Work, OpenSimSim, Sling, Homebase, Humanity, and DRoster.

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