Fantasy FSM Football Draft Infographic

Your fantasy football team may keep you up at night, but your Field Service Management solution shouldn't. Picking the right system is a lot like drafting your ideal fantasy lineup; it's all about the stats. So we wanted to break down the stats of some high performing FSM players to help you focus in on your winning system.

This infographic showcases data from Capterra's Top 20 Most User-Friendly Field Service Management Software usability tests. We evaluated systems based on the time and number of clicks it took to complete a set of standard tasks, user experience (SUS) scores, customer reviews, and training materials offered by the company. All solutions were tested twice by each member of Capterra's Software Lab team, to understand how the solutions improve with training, much like how football players develop and improve throughout the season. For trial 1, we tested tasks blindly to measure intuitiveness of the system. For trial 2, we evaluated a systems' training materials and then complete the same set of tasks to measure ease of use after formal training.

Below, we've shown how different combinations of the above metrics relate to the states of different positions on a football team.

Fsm football draft Image Map

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