Field Service Management Software FAQs

  • What is field service management software?

    Field service management software, or FSM software, is software designed to help you manage most, if not all, of what your service business does. FSM software makes a lot of your daily tasks easier to manage, and puts them in one place.

  • How can field service management software help my business?

    FSM software eliminates uncertainty and confusion in running your business. Instead of the costly headache of keeping up with multiple employees by whiteboard or Excel spreadsheet, FSM software makes scheduling and tracking easy and intuitive. It can also make your business more agile. With field service management software that has a native mobile app, your workers can receive assignments in the field, rather than having to return to a central location.

  • How much does field service management software cost?

    FSM software costs depend on how many employees will use it and what features you want. Basic packages for one or two employees can run from $25 to $45 per month. Many companies offer a graduated pricing model where additional users increase the overall price, usually by about $10 to $20 per user. In other cases, there’s one set fee for unlimited users (usually in the $90 to $100 range), and higher prices from there are differentiated by number of features.

  • What are some common field service management software features?

    Some common field service management software features are work order management, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, a native mobile app, a quote/estimate feature, and a customer database.

  • What are some field service management software advantages?

    Some field service management software advantages include hassle-free scheduling, tracking employee location, going paperless with invoices and work orders, having easy access to those invoices and work orders because they’re digitized, having all this information and billing integrated with Quickbooks, and being able to dispatch technicians from an app, with no need to return to the office.

  • When should I buy field service management software?

    You should buy FSM software whenever you want to be more efficient. Even a one or two person service business can benefit from the order FSM software brings to your busy schedule.

  • What’s an example of a good field service management dashboard?

    A good field service management dashboard allows you to track the right field service Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business. A good field service management dashboard focuses on the necessary information, and doesn’t include extraneous metrics that will overwhelm the viewer. The idea behind a dashboard is to get necessary information fast. In the same way your car’s dashboard doesn’t need to list everything from tire pressure to remaining trunk space, a field service management dashboard doesn’t need every metric imaginable.

  • What is the most popular field service management software?

    Every year, Capterra releases a list of the most popular field service management software. Right now, the most popular field service management options are ClickSoftware, mHelpdesk, Corrigo, Jobber, and Coresystems.

  • What is the most user-friendly field service management software?

    Every year, Capterra releases a list of the most user-friendly field service management software. Right now, the most user-friendly field service management options are HouseCall Pro, Jobber, Breezeworks, Kickserv, and Call of Service.

  • What is the most affordable field service management software?

    Every year, Capterra releases a list of the most affordable field service management software. Right now, the most affordable field service management options are HouseCall Pro, Service Fusion, Service M8, Send A Job, and NetDispatcher.

  • How can I integrate field service management software with Quickbooks Online?

    Look for field service management software programs that integrate with Quickbooks. They automate the process of recording information into QuickBooks, cutting down on data entry time. Some programs that integrate with QuickBooks are ServiceTask, The Service Program, Service Express, RazorSync, Kickserv, Jobber, and Intuit Field Service Management

  • What is service scheduling software?

    Service scheduling software helps you schedule and manage your service workers in the field. Instead of depending on a cluttered whiteboard, service scheduling software streamlines your planning, making it easy to schedule and track your employees.

  • Do I need field service scheduling software?

    If you’re having trouble keeping track of work orders, technicians, or dispatch, you might need field service scheduling software. Keeping track of multiple appointments for even four or five technicians can turn into a whiteboard nightmare. Field service scheduling software organizes schedules automatically, and frees you up to do business.

  • What is service dispatch software?

    Service dispatch software is software designed to help you with scheduling and dispatching field personnel. It helps you manage the coordination of schedules, assigning jobs, and more. Service dispatch capabilities are often a feature of field service management software, along with complementary features such as scheduling, work order tracking, and billing and invoicing.

  • What is ServiceMax field service software?

    ServiceMax is one of the biggest players in the field service management software market. ServiceMax was acquired by GE in January 2017. GE plans to combine ServiceMax’s platform with GE’s proprietary service software platform, Predix.

  • What are some of ServiceMax’s competitors?

    Some of ServiceMax’s major competitors are Housecall Pro, Kickserv, Jobber, Service Fusion, ServiceTitan, mHelpdesk, and IFS Field Service Management.

  • What is ClickSoftware?

    ClickSoftware is a field service management (FSM) software vendor who offers options for enterprises and small and medium businesses (SMBs). Their main offerings are Click Field Service Edge for the enterprise, and Street Smart for SMBs. Technology research firm Gartner put ClickSoftware in the Leaders Quadrant of their 2016 Field Service Management Software Magic Quadrant, citing their strength in platform and integration, as well as their multiple partnerships with other FSM vendors like Salesforce, SAP, and Service Bench.

  • What are some of ClickSoftware competitors?

    Some of ClickSoftware’s competitors are Oracle Field Service Management Software, ServiceMax, FieldOne, Kickserv, and Fleetmatics WORK.

  • When do I need service business software?

    If you have trouble keeping up with paper invoices, are frustrated with an inefficient dispatch system, or want to monitor your performance to make more money, you might need service business software.

  • What are some field service management jobs?

    Some examples of field service management jobs are plumbers, heating and air conditioning repairmen and technicians, electricians, appliance repairmen, and landscaping/tree and grounds care professionals. There are other possibilities, too, as any job where you leave a central location to perform a service is technically a field service management job.

  • What is the field service management market size?

    According to MarketsandMarkets, the field service management market size was estimated to be $1.78 Billion USD in 2016, but that number is predicted to grow to $3.61 Billion USD by 2021.

  • What’s a good field service management blog?

    There are numerous great field service management resources online. The Capterra Field Service Blog tracks exciting developments in field service management software and helps customers connect with the technology that helps them. If you’re looking for online articles, ACHR News, Field Technologies Online, and Field Service News are also great places to keep up to date on the field service industry.

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