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Silent Passenger

by Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Reduce Costs and maximize profits with #1 GPS fleet management and asset tracking software. Silent Passenger is the worlds most advanced fleet management technology. Features: Temperature Control, Customer Alerts, Employee Mgmt, Driver Score Card, Electronic Logbook (ELD), API Integration, Route Optimizations, Location Tracking, Vehicle Maintenance, Driver Behavior, Fuel Savings, Driver ID, Garmin Messaging and more. 15+ years of outstanding client success and 100% USA -based client support. Learn more about Silent Passenger

Reduce Costs and maximize profits with #1 GPS fleet management and asset tracking software. Call USA Toll-Free: 1-800-887-0198. Learn more about Silent Passenger

Are you looking for a SIMPLE solution to manage your fleet? AUTOsist gives you an easy way to track maintenance, fuel, and other important records. Our system is web based and also has a mobile app for both iOS and Android so you can manage your fleet anytime, anywhere, and on any type of device. Easily set reminders, upload receipts/documents, and assign multiple users. AUTOsist can be used with any type of fleet helping you increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and reduce costs. Learn more about AUTOsist

AUTOsist gives you a simple & affordable web-based solution to track fleet maintenance, fuel, and other important records. Learn more about AUTOsist

Welcome to FleetFACTZ, our state-of-the-art, feature rich platform for modern fleet and mobile resource management. Manage any fleet - service and delivery, light or heavy-duty trucks, construction equipment, cars and buses. Control labor costs, improve vehicle and cargo security, increase fleet efficiency and lower maintenance costs. FleetFACTZ also includes a complete eLOG/HOS solution that makes for easy electronic driver log management and instant notification of driver violations. Learn more about FleetFACTZ

A feature rich, customizable platform for modern fleet and mobile resource management. Includes fully compliant eLOG/HOS solution. Learn more about FleetFACTZ


by Chevin Fleet Solutions

FleetWave simplifies fleet, asset and driver management - from the financial overview of vehicles and equipment, to policy and supervision of drivers, technicians, workshops. FleetWave lets you record and manage the complete life cycle of equipment - from acquisition to disposal. Incorporating costs and expenses, as well as details of utilisation, fuel usage, maintenance, compliance, accidents and remarketing, so you can quickly audit data and view performance, while streamlining processes. Learn more about FleetWave

The leading fleet, asset and maintenance management system for enterprises. Not to be confused with Telematics/GPS tracking Learn more about FleetWave

Join government, universities, and others using FleetCommander fleet and motor pool solutions to automate nearly all facets of fleet management to save time, reduce costs, & improve service. FleetCommander customers are able to right-size their fleet, achieving reductions of 15% or more, with documented ROI many times over. Features include online reservations, car sharing & motor pool technology, assigned vehicle management, secure key control, automated dispatching, reports & more. Free Trial! Learn more about FleetCommander

Powerful web-based FleetCommander fleet & motor pool software can automate all aspects of fleet management, control costs, right-size. Learn more about FleetCommander

Fleetio's suite of fleet management solutions helps fleets of all sizes automate fleet operations, manage asset lifecycle and track drivers with the convenience of a smartphone and the Fleetio Go mobile app. Fleets can track, score and rank their drivers, manage maintenance, fuel, vehicle inspections, parts + more. Fleetio offers fuel card automation plus integration with multiple telematics solutions for automated odometer updates, DTC handling and fuel location reporting. Learn more about Fleetio

Automate fleet operations with Fleetio and Fleetio Go, our fleet management mobile app. Get a free demo or sign up for a free trial! Learn more about Fleetio

Lytx DriveCam safety programs combine video-based coaching with predictive analytics to help you take action before a collision happens. Our programs are proven to change driver behavior and deliver rapid ROI, saving you time, money and most importantly, lives. When you invest in your drivers, you'll be rewarded with sustained changes that can help lower your fleets risk and improve productivity. Lytx works with more than 2,200 clients to help protect more than 650,000 drivers. Learn more about DriveCam

Lytx DriveCam safety programs reduce collision-related expenses and fuel costs in thousands of commercial fleets worldwide. Learn more about DriveCam

Vehicle and asset tracking solutions for powerful fleet intelligence. BBB A+ Accredited. 24/7/365 U.S.-based customer service. Award-winning technology and growth. 93% customer satisfaction rate. GPS Insight works with businesses and government entities that have fleets of vehicles and other mobile assets to solve your unique challenges through increased revenue, reduced costs, and reduced risk. Request more information now. Learn more about GPS Tracking & E-Log Solutions

GPS Insight is a top technology provider of tailored GPS tracking and E-Log solutions for businesses and government agencies. Learn more about GPS Tracking & E-Log Solutions

Get a free, live demo of FleetMatics GPS fleet tracking. FleetMatics provides live web-based GPS fleet tracking software and hardware that reduces fuel and operating costs while helping you provide better service to your customers. FleetMatics also gives you the competitive edge to respond to customer needs faster by deploying vehicles more efficiently and providing you with the tools to accurately measure your fleet's performance. Learn more about FleetMatics REVEAL

Internet based fleet tracking system that provides increased productivity, substantial fuel savings and reduced operating expenses. Learn more about FleetMatics REVEAL

LiveViewGPS specializes in GPS tracking for businesses. Fleet tracking for company vehicles, as well as asset and equipment tracking. LiveViewGPS provides a variety of different application specific trackers as well as software systems, because we know one size does not fit all. Contact us today for a free needs analysis and see if we can help. Learn more about LiveViewGPS Tracking

Since 2008, LiveViewGPS has been providing GPS tracking and fleet tracking services to businesses, and government agencies. Learn more about LiveViewGPS Tracking

Linxup GPS Tracking

by Linxup GPS Tracking

Linxup GPS trackers are the simple, powerful, and affordable way to manage your fleet and valuable equipment. Easy to use maps, insightful reports, and tools like alerts and maintenance tracking help you reduce costs and increase fleet efficiency. With Linxup GPS trackers, you can stop worrying and start increasing your business. Easy to install and easy to use. Free mobile apps for iPhone and Android let you manage your business from anywhere. Learn more about Linxup GPS Tracking

Linxup GPS Tracking: Experience the simple and powerful advantages of using GPS tracking on your vehicle, fleet, or equipment. Learn more about Linxup GPS Tracking


by ManagerPlus Software

Manage your fleet faster and more efficiently with ManagerPlus. The system tracks schedules so that you don't have to, alerting you with something comes due and documenting full work order and inspection history for you. Never fail another DOT inspection with easy work history reporting. Plug your spreadsheets directly into the system to get started quick. Integrates with GPS, accounting, and fuel/meter tracking systems. Stop wasting time on secretary work. Free live demo. Learn more about ManagerPlus

ManagerPlus helps fleet managers complete their work orders, inspections, inventory, and PMs fast--without spreadsheets and paperwork. Learn more about ManagerPlus

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR is an integrated, high-performance, automated vehicle location, total fleet management and communication system. Real-time vehicle information, using active GPS and the Prism onboard data recorder, is delivered via a flexible, web-based manager portal. Two-way communications and a wide range of detailed reports give businesses the tools needed to boost productivity and reduce costs. Learn more about DIRECTOR Fleet Software

Award-winning, 100% integrated, cloud-based GPS fleet tracking with safety monitoring, custom reports, alerts, driver scoring and more. Learn more about DIRECTOR Fleet Software

Tracking OnDemand, no contract, no commitment, suspend or cancel any vehicle anytime. Realtime GPS vehicle tracking with access from any web browser or mobile apps with 30 second updates. Up to one year of route history, driver behavior (harsh braking, speeding, acceleration and cornering), Virtual TimeCards, Geofence reports and much more. Realtime alerts for unauthorized use, speeding, and much more via text or email. Easy to use software with great support and service. Learn more about ClearPathGPS

Realtime GPS vehicle tracking with month to month no contract service. Access from web browser or mobile apps with 30 second updates. Learn more about ClearPathGPS

Award-winning Azuga Fleet is used by more than a thousand organizations, with vehicles numbering from a few up to a few thousand. We help customers boost safety, improve service levels and save money. Our unique approach to driver scoring and rewards engages workers, encouraging safer driving. Azuga Fleet is lauded by customers for its ease-of-use, robust features, custom reports and affordable pricing. - OBD-II devices - Driver scoring and rewards - Mobile app - Robust alerts and reports Learn more about Azuga Fleet

Azuga Fleet, easy, affordable GPS tracking used by 2,500+ organizations, helps customers boost safety, service and savings. Learn more about Azuga Fleet

Cut down on operating costs, reduce mileage, and improve customer service with Workwave's web-based route planning software. Identify the fastest, most efficient routes within minutes and take the headache out of planning & scheduling. Start optimizing today's routes or plan for the whole month. Demo Workwave Route Manager today and let us do the heavy lifting for you! Learn more about WorkWave Route Manager

WorkWave Route Manager is an easy-to-use route planning solution that saves you time, reduces costs & improves customer service. Learn more about WorkWave Route Manager


by Melton Technologies

Melton Technologies (MTI) offers US truck fleet owners of 5-500+ trucks the Horizon core trucking Desktop and Cloud software for Dispatch, Billing and Driver Settlements as well as Tax Reporting, Document Imaging. With EOBR integrations, hours of service logging, automatic dispatching with our Circle of Service system, truck maintenance systems, driver compliance modules and more, the Horizon Trucking Software suite can be customized. HorizonGo Driver mobile app also available. Learn more about Horizon

Total Small to Midsize carrier solution with dispatch, freight billing, driver settlements, vehicle maintenance and much more, Learn more about Horizon

collectiveFleet is a powerful fleet management system that will make your job easier and help improve productivity in your fleet. Web-based and mobile-device friendly, the software will help you manage equipment information, fuel, preventive maintenance, service requests, work orders, shop assignments, parts inventory, accident management, and employee data. Learn more about collectiveFleet

Schedule, track, and report on your fleet maintenance operation. Learn more about collectiveFleet

Geotab is a leading global provider of premium quality, end-to-end telematics technology which include its GO devices (simple plug-and-play installation) and MyGeotab software. Geotab's intuitive, full-featured solutions help businesses of all sizes better manage their drivers and vehicles by extracting accurate and actionable intelligence from real-time and historical trips and vehicle data. Learn more about MyGeotab

Geotab is a leading global provider of premium quality, end-to-end telematics technology which include its GO devices and software. Learn more about MyGeotab

Fleet Genius is a cloud-based fleet maintenance and vehicle tracking system. The system enables vehicle location tracking, preventive maintenance scheduling, expense reporting, engine diagnostic trouble code (DTC) alerts, fuel economy reports, real idle time monitoring, drive behavior management, full management reports, email, policy-based alerts management and more. Wireless OBD2 & J1939 vehicle monitors are included. Learn more about Fleet Genius PRO

Track your vehicles, schedule maintenance,analyse vehicle health, monitor diagnostics, report driver behavior, report vehicle mileage. Learn more about Fleet Genius PRO

VFM is one of the leading values currently available in fleet management software. Designed to service large fleets, small fleets, and everything in between, our fleet management solution will track vehicle and driver statistics, maintenance records, fuel stats, and more. In-depth reporting gives you all the tools you need to make well informed decisions in a data driven world. Sign up for a fully functional 30-day free trial and start today. We have a 5-star rating - let us show you why. Learn more about Vehicle Fleet Manager

Fleet management software to track expenses, create maintenance programs and so much more. Affordable and easy to use. Learn more about Vehicle Fleet Manager

GPS Trackit serves thousands of businesses, offering customized fleet management solutions tailored to the needs of each individual client. Their powerful suite of fleet management tools includes GPS tracking devices, real-time monitoring, detailed reporting, and cloud-based information management. These solutions help users reduce expenses and maximize profits with driver monitoring, route optimization, and many other features designed to help every business realize its potential. Learn more about Fleet Manager

GPS Trackit provides customized fleet management solutions to thousands of businesses across many industries. For HOS, see ELDFLeet. Learn more about Fleet Manager

Trucking fleets trust Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass to provide their drivers with more bypasses at more locations across the USA than any other weigh station bypass service. Don't just take our word for it let us prove it to you. Before you make a purchase decision, our reporting tools can show you just how much time and money your fleet could be saving. Let us know your preferred device and we will get in touch to tell you more about how we can help your fleet. Learn more about Drivewyze PreClear

Trucking fleet focused weigh station bypass for ELDs. Commercial trucking companies save time and money with Drivewyze PreClear. Learn more about Drivewyze PreClear

eTurns lets you manages service truck inventory and asset maintenance with iPhones and scanners. It works with any ERP/WMS/Fleet Management system. Get the right parts on the right trucks with a simple barcode scan and easy-to-use app. Optimize inventory to save cash. Bill the customer from within our app. Send replenishment orders automatically. Use techs more productively. Trend usage of parts. eTurns pays for itself in 1-2 months Learn more about eTurns

eTurns lets you manages service truck inventory and asset maintenance with iPhones and scanners and works with any ERP/WMS/FMS. Learn more about eTurns

RTA Fleet Management

by Ron Turley Associates

Cut the fat off your fleet operation expenses. Eliminate scheduling headaches, manage inventories, improve your bottom line by implementing the easy to use, scalable and intuitive fleet management software solution by RTA. RTA began following Ron Turley's success in saving UPS millions in fleet operation costs. You too can benefit and improve your fleet management operation with RTA's software solution in use by thousands of fleets worldwide. Let us show you how. You'll be glad you did. Learn more about RTA Fleet Management

Fleet Mgmt. Software serving government, private, school, utility, emergency, coach, OTR, freight, taxi, waste mgmt. industries & more. Learn more about RTA Fleet Management

Telogis is the only provider who can offer you a single integrated platform to cover all your location intelligence needs. Say goodbye to individual products and switch to a complete, future-proofed platform solution. Maximize profits, security, safety, compliance and productivity. From commercial GPS fleet tracking and fuel management to route planning and navigation, our modern, web-based architecture allows efficient data exchange between common systems, right across your entire business. Learn more about Telogis Fleet

Web-based GPS fleet tracking and management software; maximize profits, security and productivity. Learn more about Telogis Fleet

Fleet Maintenance Pro

by Innovative Maintenance Systems

Fleet Maintenance Pro is maintenance tracking software that makes quick and easy work of tracking and organizing preventive and repair maintenance information for your fleet. It is flexible enough to let you track as much or as little information as you need, and automated and color-coded PM alerts will ensure that you when a certain vehicle or piece of equipment is due for service. Any unexpected maintenance performed on a vehicle will be also be recorded and saved. Learn more about Fleet Maintenance Pro

Keep on top of your equipment maintenance, work orders, parts inventory, and more. Desktop and web based versions available. Learn more about Fleet Maintenance Pro

Onfleet's modern, delightful delivery management software makes it easy for businesses to manage and analyze their local deliveries. Onfleet includes intuitive smartphone apps for drivers, a real-time web dashboard for dispatchers, and automated SMS notifications and driver tracking for your customers. Our API allows for integration into online ordering and other systems. Our software has powered millions of deliveries for businesses in 50+ countries around the world. Try Onfleet for free today! Learn more about Onfleet

Onfleet's software simplifies your local delivery operations from start to finish. Start your free trial today! Learn more about Onfleet

Real-Time GPS Tracking and Fleet Management High Point GPS is a provider of asset tracking and fleet management software. With our feature-rich web application you will see exactly where all of your vehicles are in real-time. You will be able to look-up where they have been over the last 2 years, see who was driving them, where they parked, idled, entered or exited an area, or even drove above the speed limit. Learn more about High Point GPS

Live web-based GPS fleet tracking software, reporting all driver activity and behavior 24/7, optional Garmin Dispatching & Messaging Learn more about High Point GPS

SOAR Solutions offers easy-to-use safety and compliance software for operations on the go. Anytime, anywhere. We work with customers to create safer operating environments for their employees and the public. Streamline workflow, empower managers, and enhance transparency with a holistic approach to fleet management. Learn more about SOAR Solutions

Web-based safety and compliance software to connect fleets, assets, employees and operations and work safe. Learn more about SOAR Solutions


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Mar 07, 2016

3 Ways to Save Money with Fleet Maintenance Software

Spending money when you don’t have to is one of the easiest ways to sink your business. But not spending money when you need to is a shortcut to disaster. Fleet maintenance software can help you keep running without costing you a fortune.