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Outreach is a Sales Engagement Platform that makes your team's communication workflows faster and reveals performance insights that makes your team more effective at selling. Sales teams can execute playbooks that combine email, voice, and social against thousands of prospects a month! Learn more about Outreach

We make your sales team's outreach more effective to secure more meetings. Learn more about Outreach

Powering thousands of clients and millions of calls. PhoneBurner's power dialer helps you reach 447% more customers per hour, without any additional software. Use our CRM to manage and sort prospects in efficient new ways, or integrate with Salesforce or your own CRM. Create custom dialer buttons to streamline workflow, instantly leave voicemails and send emails. Track email opens and attachment views. Call recording. Local ID. Call tracking and more. Cloud based platform. Learn more about PhoneBurner

Cloud-based Power Dialer/CRM - Dial up to 80 contacts/hour, instantly drop voicemail and email, manage contacts and close more sales. Learn more about PhoneBurner

Pipedrive is an inside sales tool built for salespeople by salespeople. Used by more than 70k sales teams globally, it helps to see the big picture, then gives step-by-step guidance to keep everyone focused on the activities that drive deals to close. With Pipedrive nothing falls through the cracks. It is easy to use and helps to keep focus, so your team will love to use it and you can trust the data in the system. Its simple to get started, but powerful enough adapt to any sales process. Learn more about Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales management tool that gets sales teams organized. It helps you focus on the activities that drive deals to close. Learn more about Pipedrive

ProsperWorks is the #1 CRM for Inside Sales G Suite users. ProsperWorks CRM seamlessly integrates with G Suite, gets rid of manual data entry, and is super easy to use. If you can use Gmail, you¿ll know how to use ProsperWorks. Join the over 10,000 customers love using ProsperWorks and start selling more with the CRM teams love to use, today. Learn more about ProsperWorks CRM

Focus on Relationships, Not Records with ProsperWorks and Google. The only CRM built for, used by, and recommended by Google. Learn more about ProsperWorks CRM

Freshsales is a full-fledged Online CRM made for high-velocity sales teams, packed with features such as, built-in phone, integrated email, user behavior tracking, deal management, reporting and more. Learn more about Freshsales

Freshsales is a full-fledged Online CRM made for high-velocity sales teams, packed with features such as, built-in phone, integrated em Learn more about Freshsales

Sales Cloud is a customizable CRM platform that grows with you. Get real-time customer information and activity in one place, plus insights with dashboards and reports. Connect to thousands of business apps to extend your CRM to every department. Or choose SalesforceIQ to be set up in minutes with instant access to CRM data right from your inbox. Use customer insights to prioritize intelligently and spend your time where it matters. Learn more about Salesforce

Say hello to the worlds #1 CRM. Maximize sales rep productivity and help them succeed every step of the way. Learn more about Salesforce

Automate your inside sales team's selling activities with VanillaSoft. VanillaSoft is the easy-to-use, cloud-based lead management solution for any organization performing outbound sales by phone. The VanillaSoft feature set includes productivity-enhancing features such as Progressive Dialing, Next-Best-Lead Routing, On-Board Scripting, Automated E-mailing, Real Time Lead Distribution, Live Dashboard and Call Recording for training. It's perfect for team-based selling and prospecting. Learn more about VanillaSoft

Web Based lead management & appointment setting software including auto dialing, call recording, DNC compliance & web lead integration. Learn more about VanillaSoft

FrontSpin helps you engage with more prospects and customers in less time. Our sales communication tool and power dialer implements your playbooks across all touchpoints. compatible. Learn more about FrontSpin

Inside Sales Power Dialer and Sales Communication Software, fast and easy to implement, compatible. Learn more about FrontSpin

Web-based amoCRM brings the key elements of inside sales together into one powerful sales tool. And thanks to a long list of useful integrations for web, email, phone and more, amoCRM transforms your leads communication logs into fully-documented relationships. Sophisticated performance analysis then helps you capture and find important information on new opportunities and customers. And with amoCRM's mobile apps, your salespeople can keep in touch wherever they are, 24/7. Learn more about amoCRM

amoCRM is easy-2-use Sales Management tool. It is however very powerful. Sales pipeline, lead tracking and analytics. Learn more about amoCRM

Your inside sales team needs call center software that can keep up with the demands of your dialing. Inside sales software from combines an intelligent predictive dialer, punched-up power dialer, and a precise preview dialer into one web phone-equipped platform. Managers have an overview of overall and individual performance from the dashboard, where they can monitor or jump in on calls, download call recordings, analyze call reports, and more. Learn more about Call Center Software

Predictive, Power, and Preview Dialer with Built-In Web Phone, CRM, and Dedicated In-House Support Team, made for Inside Sales teams. Learn more about Call Center Software

ChaseData's cloud based Call Center Solution offers leading edge technology and value for call centers with 5 or more agents. Superior performance, customer service, and user friendly interfaces make ChaseData the clear choice for your business needs. Outbound predictive dialing, queued progressive dialing and managed preview dialing are combined in one powerful software suite which easily integrates with a multitude of third party applications. Contact us today to request a free demo. Learn more about CallCenterNOW

Feature-rich, flexible, hosted call center software (inbound and outbound) that is very easy to deploy, manage and use everyday. Learn more about CallCenterNOW is the AI platform for data-driven sales and marketing. We give sales leaders a complete picture of sales activities and leverage AI to help them manage their teams based on hard data, rather than assumptions. Marketing teams gain visibility into how their leads move through the funnel after being passed to sales, allowing them to attribute sales activity to the right leads, campaigns, and opportunities. With AI, is finally bridging the gap between sales and marketing. Learn more about is a predictive sales management platform that empowers sales leaders to be more effective at managing their teams. Learn more about

GleanView is an Account Based solution perfect for 10 users or more that combines CRM, Marketing Automation, and Analytics into one Unified, cloud platform. Our software aligns Sales, Marketing and Service teams around targeting, acquiring and retaining high value customers. Our packages start as low as $45 / user / mo and expand up to unlimited users for $895 / mo. GleanView natively integrates with Gmail and Outlook 365 for email synch and supports inbound, outbound, and key account management Learn more about GleanView

GleanView is an Account Based solution that combines CRM, Marketing Automation, and Analytics into one Unified, cloud platform. Learn more about GleanView

XenCALL is an all-in-one CRM and VoIP predictive dialer that empowers inside-sales offices to close more leads, enhance customer relationships and increase the efficiency levels of sales agents. Completely cloud-based with no downloads required and user-friendly, our product is secure and intuitive. XenCALL offers personalized training sessions and a fully in-house support team. Signup for a free demo without any purchase commitments. Learn more about XenCALL

XenCALL is a predictive dialer software for inside sales, with a CRM, lead distribution and a live floor map of your sales team. Learn more about XenCALL

T-Max Predictive Dialer

by T-Max Dialer & Communications

FREE TRIAL for 7 days. Compatible with any software, CRM or phone system. Easy inbound/outbound CRM Dialing system that lets agents dial 5 lines per agent simultaneously and take inbound calls. 3 way & transfer calls. Real time monitoring/coaching. Customizable Features: Caller ID, Agent Scripts, Dispositions, Data Fields, Call Recordings, Dialer reports, Prerecorded Voicemail Message, Send Emails, Record Calls & More. World class support NO CONTRACTS - NO HIDDEN FEES - NO SUPRISES Learn more about T-Max Predictive Dialer

FREE TRIALS - Easy CRM Dialing System with inbound/outbound blend. World class support. NO CONTRACTS - NO HIDDEN FEES - NO SUPRISES Learn more about T-Max Predictive Dialer

Less Annoying CRM is a simple sales management software tool built from the ground up for small businesses. Manage your contacts, leads, notes, calendar, to-do's and more, all from one simple web app. Our product is founded on three core principles: simplicity, affordability, and outstanding customer service. All users get an unlimited free 30-day trial to exhaustively test every aspect of the CRM, and customer service is always free through the phone and email if users have questions. Learn more about Less Annoying CRM

Small business software to manage leads, customer information, contact history and reminders, and emails. Learn more about Less Annoying CRM

Call Logic

by Double A Solutions

Call Logic helps sales teams close more deals by streamlining their phone calling campaigns. With Call Logic, small businesses can multiply the number of outbound calls by over 3 times. This will ensure that their sales staff is working efficiently through their follow-up routine with clients and past cilents. Request a free demo or trial today and see how Call Logic can help you streamline your sales process while increasing productivity and employee performance! Learn more about Call Logic

Call your leads and close more deals. Monitor the process of your leads through the sales process. Free 30-day trial account! Learn more about Call Logic

FREE to use. Glip is a messaging and collaboration app that provides a single, unified team workspace. Using Glip, you and your team will work, communicate, and collaborate faster and more effectively than ever before. Emails, scattered discussions, and disjointed resources are drastically reduced as teams share conversations, files, tasks, and calendars. Your teams will be more productive using their favorite devices anytime, anyplace, all within the Glip team workspace. Learn more about Glip

Collaboration platform built around chat functionality (video and text) with powerful searching capabilities for easy file discovery. Learn more about Glip

Five9 Inside Sales Software enables agents to be more effective on the phone - so they can sell more and service better. Smart Dialers give agents more time with live prospects. Intelligent Routing gets calls to the right agent. Screen pops put customer information at their fingertips. Reach customers by phone, web, chat, email, mobile, or social. Use the supervisor app to monitor/coach agents and report performance metrics. Compatible with all leading CRMs. See why 2000+ customers trust Five9. Learn more about Five9 Predictive Dialer

Cloud Contact Center - Inbound ACD, IVR, Predictive Dialer, Chat, Call Recording, and CRM Learn more about Five9 Predictive Dialer

WorkRamp helps inside sales teams onboard, train, and certify their reps. With our manager-led training approach, our platform enables reps to be more productive through practice cold calls, shadowing, and interactive certification exercises. To learn more about our solutions and how we're helping companies like Square, Intercom, and achieve transformative results, click the link above for a free trial. Learn more about WorkRamp

WorkRamp helps inside sales teams onboard, train, and certify their reps. Learn more about WorkRamp

An SMS and Voice Broadcasting auto-dialer solution for flexible outbound IVR and Press-1 to transfer lead generation. Newfies-Dialer is used for marketing, market research, opinion polls and voting. It includes call billing for telcos who want to sell voice broadcasting as a service to their customers. Learn more about Newfies-Dialer

An SMS and Voice Broadcasting auto-dialer solution for flexible outbound IVR and Press-1 to transfer lead generation. Learn more about Newfies-Dialer

Marketing Optimizer

by Marketing Optimizer

Marketing optimization software for inbound marketing managers that are focused on generating targeted leads and improving sales team performance. Marketing Optimizer empowers digital marketers with the tools and reporting to continually improve their lead generation campaigns. Marketing Optimizer integrates with all popular website testing, web analytics, and landing page optimization software. Learn more about Marketing Optimizer

Generate and sell more Internet leads with the only inside sales and agency software made for experienced digital marketing experts. Learn more about Marketing Optimizer


by ClickPoint Software

Sales teams and call centers close more leads in less time with SalesExec. Setup lead sources and automatically route leads to sales agents using advanced routing to get the best leads to your best salespeople. We prove results by ensuring leads that are not ready to purchase today receive automated email, and direct mail communication. We also allow you to integrate any VoIP phone solution, with no additional add on cost. Our solution is easy to configure and we offer a free trial Learn more about SalesExec

Simplified Lead Management System built to help call centers and sales teams follow up with leads, market to leads, and route leads. Learn more about SalesExec

Enterprise phone service. Intelligent CRM integration. Powerful sales dialer. Take your sales process to the next level with one-click PowerCall dialing, automatic call logging, lifetime call recordings, realtime call coaching, and advanced sales metrics. Take advantage of sales dialer features like local-presence, automated PowerList dialing, and voicemail drop to connect with 5x more customers. Get started in 3 minutes with a free trial (no credit card required). Learn more about Kixie PowerCall

Kixie is the fastest way to make more sales calls. Start making local or international calls in 3 minutes with our PowerCall Dialer. Learn more about Kixie PowerCall

Manage inside sales with the intuitive CRM & Sales management tool for small & medium sized businesses. TeamGram increases productivity within the sales cycle using best-in-class inside sales tools. Categorize your leads, assign leads to sales people, capture leads using our custom web forms, qualify and score your potential leads, track all customer interactions, and more. Backed by a friendly support team. Try TeamGram FREE for 14 days, or contact us today for a one-on-one demo! Learn more about TeamGram

TeamGram: The ultimate inside sales & CRM tool. Qualify & categorize leads, track customer interactions, & more. Try FREE for 14 days! Learn more about TeamGram

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