IT Asset Management Software FAQs

  • What is IT asset management software?

    IT asset management (ITAM) software is used for inventory and life-cycle management of an organization’s hardware and software assets. ITAM software gathers detailed information on IT assets such as user permissions and software license compliance, which can be used to determine purchase decisions and inventory control.

  • How much does IT asset management software cost?

    The cost of IT asset management systems varies depending on the pricing model, feature set, number of users, or number of nodes (network devices with an IP address).

    In a tiered pricing model, each ascending package offers more features. The price for these software packages can range from $25 per month to $3,000 per month depending on the features available.

    Systems that are priced based on the number of users range from $9 per month, per user to $99 per month, per user.

    Pay-per-node pricing starts at $69 for up to 25 nodes or up to $2,490 for unlimited nodes.

    This blog post has more information on various solutions that fall within these pricing models and other cost-related information.

  • What are some common IT asset management software features?

    Some common IT asset management software features are asset tracking, compliance management, cost tracking, depreciation management, and maintenance management. Visit our IT asset management software directory for a comprehensive list of features.

  • What are the benefits of using IT asset management software?

    IT asset management software helps automate some of the processes involved in tracking and managing IT assets, and helps organizations avoid difficult or costly licensing issues.ITAM software can help control costs by tracking software licenses and renewal dates to ensure that organizations are aware of upcoming purchases, and reallocating unused licenses. ITAM software can also track how a company uses specific software and hardware over time, which allows users to make more strategic purchases and operational decisions.

  • Are there free IT asset management software options?

    Four of the best open source ITAM software solutions are: SysAid IT Asset Management, Spiceworks, Asset Management System by TechZoo, and GLPI. This blog post highlights the pros and cons of each of the four solutions listed above.

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