Knowledge Management Software FAQs

  • What is knowledge management software?

    Knowledge management software helps companies create, identify, organize, and share information assets. Knowledge management systems store and manage a company’s procedures, documents, policies, and databases, ensuring that all information is easily accessible, searchable, and consistently updated.

  • How much does knowledge management software cost?

    Knowledge management software typically follows a tiered pricing model, charging based on feature set, number of users, and number of stored assets. Tiers increase in price as features are added. Some systems offer free versions for three to ten users, while others charge up to $99 per user, per month.

  • What are some common knowledge management software features?

    Common features include search functionality, cataloging/categorization, document management, contribution management, and discussion boards. Check out Capterra’s knowledge management software directory for a comprehensive list of available features.

  • What are the benefits of using knowledge management software?

    Knowledge management systems increase client satisfaction by creating a self-service knowledge base (such as an FAQ or forum) where customers can easily search for answers and common solutions without contacting customer service. These systems also improve staff performance by giving employees access to necessary information, such as procedures and policies.

  • Are there free knowledge management software options?

    Yes, OpenKM, eXo, Slack, Google Drive, and myBase are a few free software solutions. Check out “5 Free Knowledge Management Software Solutions” to learn more about each system.

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