Learning Management System Software Pricing Guide

Not sure how much to budget for a learning management system? Use the pricing guide below to learn how much LMS software costs and to compare prices for top LMS systems side-by-side. To find more details about each of these tools, click on the name of the software to learn about their features and functionality, and to read user reviews of the system. For a complete list of learning management system solutions, visit Capterra's Learning Management System software directory.

  Product Free Version Starting Price Frequency Per User Price Details
Accord LMS $1 Monthly Yes Assumes 500 Active Learners, SaaS hosted. Unlimited registered users.
Aktiv Mind LMS $69 Monthly No 25-2000+ concurrent trainees depending on plan. Option managed LMS feature
Arlo - for Training Providers $99 Monthly Yes Visit www.arlo.co/pricing
Axis LMS $299 Monthly No Non-profit pricing available upon request.
ScholarLMS $49 Monthly No Free for 14 days, try the full potential of ScholarLMS premium account.
BrainCert Enterprise LMS $99 Monthly No Monthly or annual signup options. Custom plans available.
Coassemble $499 Monthly No
CoreAchieve $3 Monthly Yes $299/month will provide access for up to 100 ACTIVE users
PiiQ $3 Monthly Yes Paid annually.
eTrainCenter $150 Monthly No Monthly or annual pricing.
Didacte $4 Monthly Yes User/month, per enrollment or Yearly Licence offered
Easygenerator $49 Monthly Yes
Hosted LMS $1,000 Annually No Annual flat rate, a fee-per-course enrollment or a fee-per-user-per-year.
EasyCampus $99 Monthly No Three paid tiers (Standard, Preferred and Premium)
EduMe $2 Monthly Yes
Edvance360 $3,000 Annually No Ann. lic. fee starts at $3k for NPOs & $5k for corp. No add'l. startup fee.
eLeaP $5 Monthly Yes
Engagedly $5 Monthly Yes Includes all features. $200/mo minimum.
ASAP $500 Monthly No
TalentLMS $29 Monthly No
eFront $750 Monthly No https://www.efrontlearning.com/pricing
Firmwater LMS $495 Monthly No With 1 year contract. No setup fee.
GyrusAim $300 Monthly Yes Starter Package $3K/Yr or $300/Mth Enhanced Package $7k/Yr or $700/Mth
Performance Pro $16 Annually Yes
Inquisiq R4 $199 Monthly No
Illumeo LMS $59 Annually Yes Pricing is published here: https://www.illumeo.com/pricing.
IndustrySafe $55 Monthly Yes
GnosisConnect LMS $299 Monthly No If you buy an yearly subscription you save two months fees.
TOPYX LMS $29,500 Annually No Flat annual fee - No user fees | No nickel and diming
iSpring Learn $3 Monthly Yes Unlimited users on any iSpring Learn plan. Only active users are billed.
Knowledge Anywhere LMS $799 Monthly No Billed annually
LatitudeLearning.com $1 Monthly Yes Three pricing option: Professional Services, Subscriptions, Forever Free
LearnPoint LMS $495 Monthly No
LearnUpon $599 Monthly No
Looop $299 Monthly No
Medical Lab LMS $385 Annually No
MC | LMS $300 Monthly No
Mindflash LMS $290 Monthly No Pricing starts at $290 - Contact Mindflash for pricing details.
ShotClasses $8 Monthly Yes Comprehensive suite of microlearning services from content to platform.
OttoLearn Microlearning $100 Monthly No See our Plans page https://www.ottolearn.com/plans
SmarterU LMS $6,999 Annually No See our full pricing at https://www.smarteru.com/lms/pricing-plans
Opentute $199 Monthly Yes This is our entry plan enabling you to have up to 50 users.
Paradiso LMS $3 Monthly Yes The exact price would depend on the use case scenario.
Populi $199 Monthly No
SimTutor $125 Monthly No Tiered pricing determined by number of active users or sims
SkyPrep $449 Monthly No
Learner Mobile $1 Monthly Yes
Teachlr Organizations $690 Annually No Pay per user license starting in 25 users, unlimited use per user
Torch LMS $25 Annually Yes We customize pricing and contracts to your unique needs.
Tovuti $199 Monthly No
TraCorp LMS $380 Monthly No Pricing is based on bandwidth. Most clients pay $380/month.
Trainual $99 Monthly No Simple flat-rate packages for your whole team. No per-user fees.
ComplianceWire $15 Annually Yes
uQualio $55 Monthly No Subscriptions: Starter, Basic, Pro, Business and Performance - 1 and 3 Mo.
WizIQ $20 Monthly No Pricing is available based on: 1. Rooms and attendees 2. Registered Users

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