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NueMD is the leading cloud-based medical management solution for small and mid-sized practices. NueMD offers secure, HIPAA-compliant access to software that streamlines the patient care cycle and simplifies administrative tasks to just a few key strokes. NueMDs established client base of over 24,000 users in 50 states is proof of our success. Increase your profitability while better serving your patients with NueMD. Learn more about NueMD

Enables interactive online eligibility verification, claims submission, and reporting for a low subscription fee. Learn more about NueMD

Ambra Health is a cloud-based medical image management platform. Intuitive, scalable and highly interoperable, the Ambra cloud platform is designed to serve as the backbone of imaging innovation and progress for healthcare providers. With Ambra, medical practices have transformed the way they manage medical images, improving collaboration with referring physicians and patient safety while reducing costs. Platform includes image upload, exchange, scalable storage, viewing, and EHR integration. Learn more about Ambra Health

Cloud image management platform improves physician and administrative productivity and increases patient satisfaction. Learn more about Ambra Health

Kareo web-based Practice Management software with integrated electronic claims processing is the most user-friendly and easy set-up solution on the market. Kareo is popular with physician practices from 1-10 providers. Users can schedule appointments, verify insurance eligibility, send e-claims, receive electronic insurance payments, manage collections, store documents online, and print custom reports. Learn more about Kareo

Manage everything from appointments to claims all in one place. Its practice management made more manageable. Learn more about Kareo

NextGen Healthcare

by NextGen Healthcare Information Systems

NextGen Healthcare provides practice management solutions that support a patient-centric revenue cycle, enabling practices of all sizes to succeed in today's complex healthcare climate. Our real-time clinical and administrative workflows help reduce physician burnout and achieve value-based reimbursement goals. Available on any device or platform, our powerful functionality helps automate patient registration, appointment scheduling, medical billing, claims processing, and reporting. Learn more about NextGen Healthcare

Our solutions streamline registration, scheduling, billing, claims, and reporting so you can thrive in today's healthcare climate. Learn more about NextGen Healthcare


by Advanced Data Systems

MedicsPremier delivers unparalleled power, flexibility, reliability, and ease-of-use while providing increases in efficiency with comprehensive EDI, workflow, reporting scheduling and more. Excellent for the PM needs of any practice or RCM co. Handles Behavioral Health, Radiology and Anesthesia billing. System integrates with credit card processing, automated phone reminders and business intelligence dashboards for unparalleled data mining and analysis. On schedule for ICD-10 compliance. Learn more about MedicsPremier

Delivers unparalleled power, flexibility, reliability, ease-of-use; comprehensive EDI for practices of any size/specialty, and RCM co's Learn more about MedicsPremier

ChartLogic PM delivers everything you need to accurately and efficiently manage administrative and financial tasks, including registration and scheduling; eligibility and verification; claims, billings and collections; user dashboards and reports. ChartLogic PM automates a variety of routine tasks, and alerts you to probable errors. We provide hundreds of specialty-specific templates, patient education materials, and pre-configured superbills, all of which you can tailor to meet your needs. Learn more about ChartLogic

ChartLogic offers a full ambulatory EHR suite designed to intuitively understand your workflow, specialty and personal preference. Learn more about ChartLogic

drchrono EHRs robust practice management side of our all-in-one cloud-based mobile EHR comes with speech-to-text and custom templates/forms to chart effectively. With drchronos PM software you get a live claims feed for billing and payment processing, HCFA/Superbill generation, and e-fax integration. Real-time eligibility checks helps you check patients informat, and custom appointment reminders that can go through email, SMS, or phone in any order. For students please visit drchrono University. Learn more about drchrono Practice Management

drchrono cloud-based all in one mobile EHR with PM that includes live claims feed, real time eligibility checks, custom appt reminders. Learn more about drchrono Practice Management

MedEvolve Practice Management (PM) Software helps specialty practices improve their speed, accuracy, productivity and revenue. Our clients consider MedEvolve PM to be the hub of their practices' operations. The scheduling workflow easily optimizes for maximum density by provider, resource or location. Other capabilities include one-click first-available appointments, simple blocking and rescheduling for provider conflicts, individual or batch eligibility verifications and billing management. Learn more about MedEvolve

MedEvolve Practice Management software offers billing, scheduling, patient payment and eRx capabilities with EHR integrations and more. Learn more about MedEvolve

SimplePractice is a top-reviewed practice management platform, made for small business owners in the health and wellness space. Unlike other systems, we believe that you should have the freedom to run your practice the way you'd like. SimplePractice's industry-leading features include secure messaging, customizable paperless intake forms, a template library, free appointment reminders, electronic claim filing, billing and invoicing, a beautiful client portal with online booking, and more. Learn more about SimplePractice

Practice management software for Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Counselors. Learn more about SimplePractice

Accountable is an online HIPAA compliance management platform that helps organizations manage employee training, business associate agreements, and their annual risk assessment. The software was developed to help simplify the process of becoming HIPAA compliant to make it easy for companies to ensure that they are fully compliant with the law. Bottom line: Accountable makes HIPAA compliance easy. Learn more about Accountable

HIPAA compliance management platform that helps organizations manage employee training, business associate agreements, and more. Learn more about Accountable

eFax Corporate® is a HIPAA-compliant online faxing solution that lets healthcare organizations send and receive faxes by email from any device. We know how important safeguarding your patients' electronic protected health information (ePHI) is so we ensure your faxes meet HIPAA guidelines and provide the BAA to back it up. eFax Corporate also uses TLS encryption and AES 256-bit encryption for faxes in transit and at rest so you can be sure that all sensitive documents are safely transmitted. Learn more about eFax Corporate

eFax Corporate® is a HIPAA-compliant online faxing solution used by healthcare organizations worldwide. Learn more about eFax Corporate


by Medical Practice Software

DuxWare was "cloud based" before the term was even invented. Our users have grown with us for over 26 years and in the process taught us how to support and make DuxWare perfect for their practices. Perfect because DuxWare allows them to move efficiently through their daily routine in clinics large and small. Perfect because, at the end of the day, the PROVIDERS GET PAID. Why? DuxWare gets it right and our support team has been in their shoes. Call us to become part of the DuxWare family today! Learn more about DuxWare

Web Based Practice Management Software incorporating an effective Clinical Claim Scrubber. Learn more about DuxWare

Practice Velocity's VelociDoc urgent care EMR was designed by urgent care physicians for the unique needs of urgent care practices. That's why VelociDoc was rated the best urgent care EMR for 7 consecutive years. Document almost any patient visit in less than 2 minutes with Chartlet one-screen charting functionality and capture more revenue with automated, real-time coding recommendations. Run more efficiently and more profitably than with any other urgent care EMR system. Learn more about VelociDoc Urgent Care EMR

VelociDoc Urgent Care EMR is Best in KLAS and the #1-Rated Urgent Care EMR for 7 Consecutive Years Learn more about VelociDoc Urgent Care EMR

ZirMed & Navicure empower healthcare organizations to optimize their revenue cycle with an end-to-end, cloud-based RCM solutions, including hospital & healthcare systems, physician groups, DMEs, Billing services, clinics, labs & more! You get the best technology and cloud-based software solutions available, combined with fast, flexible architecture and award-winning client support. And as legislative and industry developments occur, well be there helping you stay ahead. Learn more about ZirMed

ZirMed & Navicure offer end-to-end revenue cycle management tools to improve payer reimbursement and patient collections. Learn more about ZirMed


by NEMO Health

TRAKnet is a podiatry specific EHR that enables seamless operations. Built on the trusted Microsoft SQL Server platform, TRAKnet incorporates charting, billing, and scheduling, all into a single system allowing an effortless transition from scheduling to encounters and claims. TRAKnet was created by podiatrists to focus on the unique business needs of other practicing podiatrists and provides a multitude of solutions for the challenges that practices face today. Learn more about TRAKnet

TRAKnet is a podiatry specific EHR platform that features charting, scheduling, billing, and reporting. Learn more about TRAKnet

Mental health professionals in private or group practices can use PsychSurveys to administer valid and reliable mental health surveys to their patients to measure distress levels and track patient progress over time. PsychSurveys improves client care by allowing you to objectively measure your clients' symptoms and use the results to highlight areas of progress or improve treatment by identifying areas needing further intervention. Learn more about PsychSurveys

PsychSurveys simplifies the process of psychometric assessment, an essential element of providing evidence based treatment. Learn more about PsychSurveys

Mercury Medical, by CrisSoft, is a robust Practice Management solution with built in Revenue Cycle Management which supports the needs of a wide variety of practice and business environments. It's a great fit for billing companies seeking a reliable, proven professional Accounts Receivable solution that will reduce processing times, shorten payment cycles and increase cash flow. By streamlining and automating collection efforts, your business/practice becomes more efficient. Learn more about Mercury Medical

Mercury Medical is a complete Practice Management Solution with built in Revenue Cycle Management configurable to any vertical. Learn more about Mercury Medical

Compliancy Group simplifies the HIPAA compliance challenge whether you're an experienced compliance expert or a front desk manager. The Guard is a cost-effective, web-based software solution that addresses every aspect of compliance. Our proprietary Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain methodology with Compliance Coach support to satisfy the entire set of HIPAA, HITECH, Omnibus, and PCI regulations.. Learn more about HIPAA Compliance Software

A cloud based end to end HIPAA compliance solution allowing you to easily track, identify, and remediate all of your HIPAA compliance. Learn more about HIPAA Compliance Software

Integrated EMR, Practice Management, and Patient Engagement solution designed specifically for urgent care. From online check-in to automated coding, and a dedicated billing services team, DocuTAP has the tools to help you see more patients (with less stress), capture more charges, and shorten wait times for patients. Schedule your personalized consultation today. Learn more about DocuTAP for Urgent Care

We tie all the components of EMR, Practice Management, and Revenue Cycle Management into one integrated solution for urgent cares. Learn more about DocuTAP for Urgent Care

Today's independent providers run on Orchestra One. With Orchestra One, you get one unified platform to run your practice with ease. Grow your business with automated scheduling, billing and communications. We arent old healthcare industry titans, we are a team of doctors just like you looking for something super simple: one place to manage our practice that's ridiculously easy and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Learn more about Orchestra One

Orchestra One is an all-in-one practice management platform made for independent providers. Learn more about Orchestra One

Your practices compliance is our number one goal. Our web based software combines all areas of risk assessment and compliance in one easy tool that simplifies and automates compliance. Automate compliance tasks like training and policy distribution so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time with patients. From training to support we are here to help you accomplish your compliance and security goals step by step. Learn more about 360 Total Solution

HIPAA risk assessments, policies and procedures, training and vendor management in one easy to use platform. Learn more about 360 Total Solution

Full-featured FREE online appointment management service for group practices and solo healthcare providers. Select features: group calendar for 1-50 providers, color-coded appointments with adjustable color scheme, patient portal with intelligent appointment scheduling, multi-channel appointment reminders (email -- free; phone/voice and SMS/text message -- $0.10/each), continuing care reminders, recurring visits, patient messaging and much more. Learn more about DocMeIn Medical Scheduling

Full-featured free online appointment management service for group practices and solo healthcare providers. Learn more about DocMeIn Medical Scheduling

Radekal PM

by Pertexa Healthcare Technologies

Radekal PM is a secure Cloud/SaaS based enterprise practice management software. Radekal PM is a turn-key solution that is also highly customizable by the client. Full access to all data is provided. Radekal PM has been in use for over 12 years. Seamlessly integrates with our Radekal APP productivity tool to increase productivity by over 30%, reduce paperwork and provide compliance, including MACRA - MIPS. Billing is completed before the patient leaves your office. Learn more about Radekal PM

Radekal PM is a full mission critical enterprise practice management system. Includes national payer rules engine for clean claims. Learn more about Radekal PM

At PracticeAdmin, we simplify the complex process of medical billing by providing healthcare professionals with powerful, easy-to-use, practice management software and solutions. Through our knowledge and expertise, we empower revenue cycle companies to dynamically grow their business. Learn more about ProviderSuite

At PracticeAdmin, we promise to provide affordable, easy-to-use tools that get healthcare professionals more money. Learn more about ProviderSuite

IntakeQ provides beautiful and secure electronic intake forms for health professionals, enabling them to offer an amazing patient onboarding experience, while also optimizing and streamlining the intake process. As a bonus, IntakeQ also offers powerful appointment management features, including an online booking widget, online payment and automated appointment reminders. Affordable pricing, 14-day free trial, no credit card required, no software to install. Learn more about IntakeQ - Online Intake Forms

Send secure intake and consent forms privately to your clients. HIPAA compliant, e-signature support, online booking and payment Learn more about IntakeQ - Online Intake Forms

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More Information About Medical Practice Management Software

Medical practice management (MPM) software is designed to streamline the day-to-day tasks of operating a medical facility. These software systems give doctors and medical practitioners access to various records, including: patient billing information, appointment schedules, office reports, and insurance claims and statements. A wide range of medical professionals can benefit from medical practice management software, including hospital workers, independent practitioners, emergency room doctors, and specialty medical providers.

Not to be Confused with...

While comprehensive medical practice management software is designed to handle all back office and administrative functions at a medical facility, there are some stand-alone applications commonly mistaken for an MPM:

  • Medical scheduling software coordinates appointment and office schedules for doctors, patients, and staff.
  • Medical billing software covers patient billing activities and insurance claims processes.
  • Electronic medical records (EMR) software automates the clinical side of a medical facility. Specifically, it maintains patient records such as allergies, medical history, immunizations, charts, prescriptions, and more.

Unfortunately, you don’t learn any of that in medical school. Part of the reason we’re seeing so much consolidation in healthcare is that it’s getting harder for small hospitals and medical practices to stay in the black.

For those of you who didn’t go to business school, that means stay profitable. Payment rates are down, and payment models like Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) reward scale. And let’s not forget the technological expertise required to make good electronic medical records choices.

The Dos And Don’ts of Buying Medical Practice Management Software


1. Create a Practice Management Assessment Team

Before diving into any product research, make sure that you first establish a Practice Management software assessment team. Members of your team should be stakeholders in the ultimate decision.

2. Conduct a Vendor Survey

Identify which vendors your practice will consider. It’s important to review vendors' capabilities and shortcomings to narrow the list of software companies to whom you may wish to make a formal request for proposal.


1. Settle for the bundle

Now that many practices are either implementing EHR systems or switching systems to comply with the new EHR Incentives Program, it may seem simpler to switch practice management systems as well. Many practices may think it easier to search for a PM system that comes bundled with an EHR system, or vice versa. But don’t stop your search for a new PM system at a bundle deal. One system might be suited perfectly for your office while the rest of the package doesn’t meet your needs.

2. Fail to Integrate Your PM System and EHR System

At the same time, whether you’re bundling or purchasing from two separate vendors, it’s incredibly important that your PM system and EHR system have the ability to interface with one another.

3. Stop Your Research at "Certified"

Never assume that having a “certified” system means that your vendor is the best choice for you. After all, certification does not rate customer support or financial viability. When managing a practice, those are pretty important considerations.

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Mar 23, 2018

The Top 7 Free and Open Source EMR Software Products

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The Nutritionist's and Dietitian's Guide to Accepting Insurance

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