Mental Health FAQs

  • What is mental health software?

    Mental health software differs from generic electronic medical record software to meet the unique needs of the medical specialty, including different methods of charting, taking notes, and writing prescriptions. Mental health software covers psychiatry, psychology, social work, and therapy.

  • How much does mental health software cost?

    Mental health software costs are typically monthly or annual subscription fees. Some mental health software is priced based on the number of doctors using it and can range in cost from $50 to $300 per clinician, per month. Other software vendors charge by number of patients, per month; prices vary greatly in this category.

  • What are some common mental health software features?

    Some of the most common features found in mental health software include patient registration and scheduling, insurance and billing, charting, electronic notes, prescriptions, patient portals, and specialty EMR templates.

  • What are the benefits of using mental health software?

    Switching to an electronic medical records system saves time and resources otherwise spent handling paper charts, and also provides increased organization of medical records. In addition to the basic benefits found in EMR/EHRs, mental health software provides mental health professionals with tools for e-prescribing and documenting changes in mental health risk factors, and has custom templates for various tasks.

  • Are there free mental health software options?

    According to our research, there are a few options that provide basic, free software: Practice Fusion, TherapyNotes, PracticeSuite, and Acuity Scheduling.

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