Network Monitoring Software FAQs

  • What is network monitoring software?

    Network monitoring software is used by system administrators to supervise and scan a company’s computer network for any threats, network connection issues, and server performance. This software offers a comprehensive and constant analysis of a network’s status through alerts and dashboards to prevent network data delays and downtime.

  • How much does network monitoring software cost?

    Network monitoring software can be priced per server, per month, or with a one-time fee. The typical pricing model charges monthly fees and a per device fee on top. Price ranges vary greatly depending on the size of the company using the software.

  • What are some common network monitoring software features?

    A dashboard or some visual representation of the network is a key feature for system administrators, especially if it is customizable. Other common features are an IP address management tool that assigns IP addresses to machines and manages DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) settings, IP service-level agreements to make sure the network is performing correctly, alert systems, SNMP (simple network management protocol), and reporting and analytics.

  • What are the benefits of using network monitoring software?

    The biggest benefit of network monitoring software is the automation of tasks that arise from the number of devices a company uses. The automated alerts for specific issues as well as the ability to connect remotely to different locations on your network remove the hassle of digging through your system for every problem. As companies grow and become more reliant on network services and systems, network monitoring software allows users to catch and solve problems quickly, avoiding downtime.

  • Are there free network monitoring software options?

    Through our research, we’ve found the following free options: Icinga, Nagios XI, Spiceworks Network Monitor, Observium, Zabbix Monitoring Solution, Zenoss Service Dynamics, Splunk, and PRTG Network Monitor.

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