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Press Release - Feb 10, 2000

Capterra Raises Seed Funding

Seed investors provide capital to build new website for enterprise software industry

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MarTech Advisor - May 15, 2019

3 Essential Steps to Build a Winning CX-Centric Marketing Strategy

With the role of a marketing leader now shifting, it's up to marketers to utilize customer experience within their businesses to understand their customers, map their journeys and foster a customer-centric culture. Samantha Bonanno, Senior Content Analyst, Capterra, explores three essential steps to give marketers the tools they need to build a winning CX strategy.

SmallBizDaily - May 06, 2019

How to Decode Software User Reviews

Capterra's research shows that the average business can take over two years to find and implement new software.The software search can seem like an arduous and seemingly insurmountable task, but a user review site can reduce your software search by nearly six months.

CMSWiRE - Apr 23, 2019

What You Need to Know About Employee Engagement Software

"Employee engagement software" describes any tool designed to help companies measure and/or improve employee engagement, according to Brian Westfall, principal human resources analyst for Capterra. In its Employee Engagement Software listing, Capterra filters the software into three categories: Cultural alignment (examples include: SurveyMonkey Engage; Peakon; Hyphen); Feedback management (examples include: Qualtrics; Trakstar; Culture Amp); Surveys (examples include: WorkTango; Trivie; Aduro).

SmallBizDaily - Apr 15, 2019

Connecting with Investors, the AI Revolution, 4 Personas of Female Entrepreneurs and Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Capterra, a leading online resource for business software buyers, released findings from its latest survey of SMB leaders across vertical markets to understand how they're choosing talent management solutions and their implications on businesses. Capterra's Talent Management Industry User Research Report shows price heavily impacts talent management solution decisions, surpassing ease of use as a key factor across SMBs. This focus on price creates a disconnect for small business leaders trying to choose the "right" software for their organization, as they're using low price as the main driver when buying software.

CMSWiRE - Apr 04, 2019

13 Kanban Project Management Tools That Make the Short List

We've previously discussed how Kanban fares against contemporary project management methodologies like Agile and SCRUM, so today we'll focus on 13 of the most notable Kanban tools for 2019, according to data from Capterra, which uses user reviews as the primary ranking factor.

HRDive - Apr 01, 2019

Talent management software costs can deter first-time buyers

Price replaced ease of use as the second biggest consideration for buyers of talent management software, according to a survey of 350 users by Capterra. The software as a service (SaaS) company said the talent management software market is a $12 billion industry for which uninformed first-time buyers can easily overpay or buy an unsuitable system with unexpected post-installation outcomes.

SmallBizDaily - Mar 18, 2019

How to Create Genuine Customer Trust on a Cookie-Cutter Amazon Page

With over one million third-party sellers on Amazon, standing out from your competitors can certainly seem like an impossible feat. This is an even greater challenge if your product is fairly generic, or if customers are faced with many similar options. On Amazon, every cent counts, and customers have no problem switching out for an item that is merely a few pennies cheaper.

CMSWiRE - Feb 15, 2019

A Lesson in Leadership and Building Resilient Organizations

At Capterra, we've grown from an office of 45 to nearly three times that size in less than three years. We're finding ways to develop talent and get to know each other. Our programs are still early in the process but I'm hopeful we're on target.

TechRepublic - Jan 31, 2019

3 ways project management will change this year

Several changes will also come to the project management profession as a whole, according to Eileen O'Loughlin, senior project management analyst for Capterra.

SmallBizDaily - Jan 09, 2019

What to Expect in 2019: Technology Trends

Are You Making Risky Tech Decisions? Capterra, the leading online resource for business software buyers, recently released findings from its latest survey of SMBs across vertical markets to understand how they manage technology investments, and the technologies they consider necessary for business now and in the future.

PaymentsSource - Jan 07, 2019

Prepaid Finds a Role as an Employee Perk

We're definitely going to see more employers offer these types of financial wellness perks moving forward, said Brian Westfall, a senior HR analyst for Capterra. Companies may not have asked to take on this responsibility, but now that they're suffering the consequences of a financially stressed workforce like lower productivity and higher turnover it's forced their hands to get involved.

TechRepublic - Jan 04, 2019

Is discussing performance reviews with your coworkers a good idea?

"If a manager is discriminating or being unfair, it can be hard to prove without workers coming together and saying, 'Yes, that happened to me too.' In cases like this, discussing performance reviews with others can be beneficial," said Brian Westfall, HR analyst for Capterra. However, whether you disclose what happens in your performance review to others is up to you, and employees must consider the implications of sharing such information, Westfall said.

TechTarget - Dec 20, 2018

HR automation tops 2019's six big trends

The recruitment chatbots are still in their infancy, but they are getting better at handling more complex questions such as, "What's a company's work from home policy?" said Brian Westfall, senior HR and talent management analyst at Capterra, a business software advisory firm for buyers. Chatbots are also getting better at "handling shifts in the conversation," Westfall said. "If a potential applicant suddenly breaks off from a line of questioning about skills requirements to ask about salary, for example, it's not going to break the bot."

TechRepublic - Dec 20, 2018

How to Overcome Writer's Block when Doing a Self-Review

When undergoing a self-review, metrics and data are always a good starting point, according to Brian Westfall, Sr., senior HR analyst for Capterra. "This is where technology can be really beneficial," said Westfall. "Besides old emails or performance metrics, workers can also review praise they've received from others in an employee recognition platform, for example, to give them ideas. There may be data in your CRM or marketing system you didn't even consider."

TGDaily - Dec 19, 2018

5 Ways in Which Small Business Can Utilize Technology

Tirena Dingeldein, the Senior Analyst and Content Manager at Capterra, mentioned that small businesses without protections can even be fined is some circumstances as she saw that happening to certain businesses that she was in contact with.

Forbes - Dec 18, 2018

Salesforce Aims To Ignite Web Developers With Lightning

Software programming reviews website Capterra hosts comments from working Salesforce administrators that bemoan the firm¿s approach to updates and ease of configurability. When searching for background on Salesforce Lightening, these links proved quite high profile and easy to find.

TechRepublic - Dec 17, 2018

How managers and employees can prepare for end-of-year performance reviews

Research has also shown that employees are more productive when they have goals, and they know how they're performing against them, said Brian Westfall, an HR analyst at Capterra. However, optimizing your performance review process is just as important as having these reviews instituted in the first place.

CMSWiRE - Nov 29, 2018

What Is Customer Experience Management?

A strong CXM program is only as good as the software behind it. Brands need to collect, track, manage, organize, analyze, personalize and execute relevant interactions with customers and prospects and can do this primarily through CXM software. Capterra, a product review site, provides reviews of nearly 300 CXM software platforms.

Forbes - Nov 25, 2018

Instagram Is Purging Fake Likes And Followers And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

A survey reveals risky technology decision-making among small businesses. Capterra released findings from its latest survey of more than 700 small and mid-size business leaders which revealed that, although the SMB leaders see tech as a competitive advantage, they also see it as a business challenge, with 47% of respondents saying they factor technology trends and advancements into their strategic planning, but 19% admitting that choosing the right technology is their #1 challenge.

CMSWiRE - Nov 05, 2018

7 Ways to Encourage Innovation in the Workplace

Creativity and innovation are incredibly important to business growth, but in practice can often feel like distractions to getting ¿real work¿ done, according to Claire Alexander, general manager for Capterra. This, she said, leads to the creation of separate departments with ¿innovative¿ talent. ¿Money is spent and the impact on the business is frequently ¿ debatable,¿ Alexander added.

AdAge - Oct 03, 2018

Sometimes You Have to Pay the Piper

I would suggest that you care about the reviews on sites that have very high traffic volumes, like Capterra. Think about it like a social media channel. You want to understand the dialogue that's going on in those channels, and you want to participate wherever you can, in ways that are constructive for your brand.

TechRepublic - Sep 28, 2018

SMB tech budgets:10 biggest priorities for 2019

"Spending money on business software is often not on the list of what you want to do. But these technology investments can be absolutely critical to competing in your market," Capterra noted in a recent report. "It's important to know what companies like yours are buying and how much they're investing, or you risk falling behind."

Target Marketing - Sep 26, 2018

Top B2B Marketing Tech Trends From Inbound 2018

Unsurprisingly, CRM software still tops the list for B2B marketing tech buys in 2018, according to Claire Alexander, GM at Capterra and GVP at Gartner. Target Marketing spoke with Claire while at Inbound 2018 in Boston to get her thoughts on 2018 martech buying trends, the issues B2B marketers are striving to solve with their tech purchases, and a Capterra's list of most popular and new and upcoming CRM software.

Renegade Thinkers Unite - Sep 21, 2018

Using Review Websites as Your New Lead Generation Strategy

From her experience as GM of Capterra, a leading online review platform, Claire Alexander shares her expertise in everything from lead generation to turning a bad review into a marketing win. Claire drives everything she does at Capterra with the motto, "Do the right thing and the right results will follow." Throughout this episode, you'll learn Claire's advice on how you can best engage with your audience on review sites and optimize every dollar of your marketing budget to get the best results.

Washington Business Journal - Sep 20, 2018


Since accepting a managerial leadership position at Capterra in 2017, Claire Alexander has increased its employee base, subscribers and content available to the company's community of more than 3 million users.

CMSWire - Sep 20, 2018

What's the Difference Between a CRM and a CDP? And Why You Should Care

These are both important enterprise technologies and while there is some overlap they have very different functions and business leaders need to know that. "Do CRM systems offer some of the same functions as a CDP? Definitely, but they are limited in scope and don't necessarily provide the development environment or integration opportunities to support emerging customer experiences," said Christopher Hogan, Capterra's senior director of business analytics and operations.

CMSWire - Sep 14, 2018

Employee Experience Priorities for 2018 and Beyond

Capterra's Brian Westfall agrees, writing in a recent blog. "In 2019, employee experience will become the key differentiator between good employers and great ones. SMBs that make sustained investments in their employee experience will be able to hire and retain top talent, and dominate the competition."

CMSWire - Sep 11, 2018

11 Necessary Skills and Traits for the Modern Chief Marketing Officer

According to Claire Alexander, general manager at Gartner owned software review site Capterra, "They do need to work with engineers and product so that they can translate insight into what the product should be doing. They have to work with financing for forecasting and planning."

CMSWire - Sep 07, 2018

Takeaways from HubSpot INBOUND 2018

Fellow marketer Claire Alexander, general manager at Gartner owned software review site Capterra, told CMSWire her big takeaway was to remember that we're not marketing to numbers, we're marketing to humans. "And it's really, really important to remember that the person on the other end of that email is a real person just like you," she said. "It inspired me to really up our game and make sure that whatever we're doing is ridiculously helpful to people."

Fast Company - Aug 15, 2018

How to nail an interview with a chatbot

"Chatbots are definitely a big deal right now in the recruiting space," says Brian Westfall, senior content analyst with Capterra, a software information and review service. They're being used to automate interview scheduling, answer basic questions about the position, and even pointing candidates to other jobs in the organization for which they may be a fit.

Atlanta Small Business Network - Aug 13, 2018

Are You Keeping Up With Your Competitor's Technology? - Tirena Dingeldein, Capterra

On today's show, we're joined by Tirena Dingeldein, senior analyst and content manager at Capterra, a free resource to help you find the right software for your business. They discuss a recent study by Capterra titled, Tech for Small Businesses: What Your Peers are Using. The study helps businesses find out what tools they should be using in order to keep up best with their competition.

Small Business Computing - Jul 31, 2018

The Secret to Unlocking Employee Productivity

According to a 2017 study from Capterra, 40 percent of small and midsized (SMBs) were focused on increasing productivity. Unfortunately, that also means that a significant number of companies may be looking to get 100 percent utilization out of their workers, which can lead to a bunch of dissatisfied and overworked employees who may tempted by other job opportunities and company cultures.

Small Biz Technology - Jul 26, 2018

International Expansion the Right Way

No matter where you decide to set up shop, expanding internationally can be confusing and complicated. However, there are a few things you can do to smooth the process before opening your doors, or your website, to international consumers.

TechRepublic - Jul 16, 2018

5 tech blunders that could ruin your small business

When small businesses dive into the realm of tech, they often move too quickly, said Tirena Dingeldein, senior analyst and content manager at Capterra. "They suffer from something that I like to call the tech search fatigue syndrome," she added. "They have so many options thrown at them, and they don't really know specifically what they're looking for, or they can't find what they're looking for. They end up just picking an option that costs too much and hurts their bottom line, or doesn't actually solve the problem that they thought they had in the first place."

Business News Daily - Jul 10, 2018

Should Your Business Use Niche Software?

Overwhelmed by the choices out there? Cathy Reisenwitz, a CRM Analyst from Capterra, said the first thing shoppers should realize is that there is no best CRM, or best software solution period, because "every business has their own unique needs."

Small Business Trends - Jul 03, 2018

10 Technologies Small Business Owners SHOULD Consider Using Today

Small Business Trends spoke with Tirena Dingeldein, Senior Analyst and Content Manager at Capterra, about the 10 tools every small businesses should consider using today. This is still the number one technology small businesses need to take a serious look at in today's world of malware and breaches. Still, only 68% of small and medium sized businesses reported currently using these technologies.

Atlanta Small Business Network - Jun 20, 2018

Capterra Study Reveals Top Tech Tools Small Business Owners are Using

As a small business owner, it is likely you are working with a small team and could use some extra resources to help feel the gap. Well, Capterra, a review site for business software buyers, recently conducted a study to see what small businesses are using to make their entrepreneurial efforts move smoothly. Here are five takeaways from the study that can help you get a leg up on the competition.

Small Business Trends - May 23, 2018

10 Software Products to Make Your Small Manufacturing Business More Efficient

Dan Taylor, content analyst at business software review and research platform Capterra offered some tips in an email to Small Business Trends, "It's got to have good financial and inventory management tools. It needs to allow the user to do material requirements planning (MRP) to manage the manufacturing process. It should have a safety management feature. All of these features together provide a holistic manufacturing management solution."

Small Biz Daily - May 14, 2018

9 Ways to Focus, Best Practices for Content Marketing and Social Media, How to Create Standout Infographics and Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Capterra, a leading online resource for business software buyers, recently released its findings from a survey across 14 industries on what software small business owners should invest in now and what software they can put on the back-burner. Designed to help SMBs set their purchasing priorities, a key takeaway from the Capterra survey shows SMBs need to invest in data security, right away.

Small Business Computing - May 06, 2018

CRM, Cybersecurity and Other Small Business Essentials

"CRM is not synonymous with Sales Force Automation (SFA), sometimes called Sales Pipeline Automation (SPA). SMBs [small and midsized businesses] should know that adopting a new CRM will improve the quality of the leads dropping into the sales funnel, but not complete the sale for them," said Tirena Dingeldein, senior analyst and content manager at Capterra. "They'll need a CRM with a built-in SFA/SPA for that."

Forbes - May 01, 2018

Google Gets Clobbered...And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

A majority of small businesses are leveraging data and information security and are showing great interest in CRM software, according to the latest research by business software resource Capterra. Its survey of 699 U.S. SMB workers in 14 industries revealed that 68% are currently leveraging data and information security, and 73% said CRM software is critical to their organization; however, only 56% are using a CRM offering today.

Channelnomics - Apr 24, 2018

Data, information security and CRM leading SMB pack

In a survey of 699 U.S. SMB workers in 14 industries conducted by Capterra partner company Gartner and announced in a blog post today, 68 percent of SMBs are currently leveraging data and information security. However, Tirena Dingeldein, senior analyst and content manager at Capterra, points to opportunity for all SMBs to use such technologies.

Small Biz Daily - Apr 19, 2018

3 Essential Project Management Tips for First-time Managers

Adopt an Agile mindset, even if you're not managing an Agile project or team If you have an Agile mindset, in any of its forms, you fundamentally believe that there will never be a time when innovation expires. The Agile philosophy is an idea from project management that grew out of IT into business at large, and research shows that it's particularly effective for people management.

TechRepublic - Apr 17, 2018

How to tell if Agile is the right project management style for your business

"Agile certainly started as a software method or ideology, but we're seeing it spread from end to end," said Rachel Burger, a senior project management analyst at "We're seeing it appear in non-traditional businesses like construction and manufacturing. This is the future of work."

TechTarget - Apr 13, 2018

Facebook's medical data sharing plan raises privacy concerns

"The fine legal line Facebook would walk here is between HIPAA and the individual's expectation of privacy, or lack thereof, when using Facebook," said Tirena Dingeldein, senior content analyst at Capterra, a website for business software buyers in Arlington, Va.

Business Matters - Apr 12, 2018

Top reasons to make that switch from spreadsheets to business management software

A report by Capterra found that productivity software is the number one priority in a small business' tech budget. Many software providers have automated processes, meaning that instead of wasting time on admin duties, employees can proceed with other tasks which will benefit other areas of the company.

Digital Journal - Apr 09, 2018

Interview: The 6 pillars of business agile

Senior PM Analyst, Rachel Burger discusses how the shift of business agile will require businesses to change tactics. This is centered on her findings in relation to the six "Pillars of Business Agile". Rachel is Senior Project Management Analyst for Capterra, a free online resource that matches businesses to their software needs.

Home Business Magazine - Mar 15, 2018

6 Project Management Tips for First-Time Managers

Project management has a concept called "level of effort" that attempts to quantify how much work will be involved in completing identified project to-dos. As part of human resource management, project managers need to match employee skills and strengths to specific tasks in order to minimize the level of effort required for that task.

Software Business Growth - Mar 14, 2018

Why Your Software Company Can't Ignore Online Reviews

This is why we developed a free Reviews as a Service program for software companies on Capterra, where we'll reach out to customers and generate fresh reviews. It's a win for the software companies, and a win for the buyers. DC - Jan 03, 2018

This Arlington-based company helps businesses find software

"There are people who are using technology to make the world a better place, and we are about championing software and the people who display it to make the world a better place," Alexander, the CEO of Arlington, Va.-based Capterra, told DC.

TechRepublic - Dec 11, 2017

3 tips for selecting the best project management software for your business

According to software rating and review site Capterra, there are over 600 project management solutions. However, not all PM software will work in every industry, company, or project size and type. Here are three steps to help your company select the right software to suit your project needs. DC - Nov 29, 2017

Capterra's benefit for Girls Who Code goes beyond #GivingTuesday

"Women are 50 percent of the population, yet only 28 percent of the tech workforce," said Capterra General Manager Claire Alexander to DC. "Anyone can have a good idea, and we all benefit when those ideas are brought to life. Capterra is proud to support Girls Who Code, which opens the flow of great ideas generated and brought to life by women."

DCInno the Beat - Nov 28, 2017

This Town

Arlington, Va.-based Capterra is donating $10 to Girls Who Code for every published software user review submitted through this link. The campaign runs through February 2018.

Software Executive Magazine - Oct 31, 2017

Leadership Advice From A Software Veteran

Claire Alexander brings nearly two decades of experience in digital strategy, new product development, and go-to-market leadership across the media, clean tech, education tech and advertising tech industries. She sat down with ISVinsights and Software Executive Magazine shortly after starting her new role as General Manager at Capterra to discuss evolving software purchasing habits, software marketing, and leading a growing tech company.

DCInno - Oct 27, 2017

The Top 14 DC Tech Hires in October to Know About

It looks like Capterra has a new general manager in its ranks. According to a press release on Oct. 17, Claire Alexander is joining the Arlington, Va.-based team to oversee day-to-day operations and lead strategic vision for the organization. Alexander joins the team from Oracle.

BeBizzy Consulting - Oct 19, 2017

BeBizzy Break Podcast

In this episode we talk about how Capterra can help you find the right software solution to manage your business.

DCInno the Beat - Oct 17, 2017

Player Personnel

It looks like Capterra has a new general manager in its ranks. According to a press release, Claire Alexander is joining the Arlington, Va.-based team to oversee day-to-day operations and lead strategic vision for the organization. Alexander joins the team from Oracle.

Washington Business Journal - Oct 10, 2017


Alexander brings nearly 20 years of experience in digital strategy, new product development, and go-to-market leadership across the media, clean tech, ed tech, and ad tech industries. At Capterra, she will oversee all day-to-day operations and lead the strategic vision for the organization. - Sep 29, 2017

10 Browser Extensions Every Recruiter Should Install

"If you've ever struggled to find the perfect hashtag for a social media post, try RiteTag," says Capterra Talent Management Specialist Halden Ingwersen, who suggested we include the extension in our list. "It integrates with your social media to provide you with a list of suggested tags."

Jostle - Sep 27, 2017

The truth about cultural fit interview questions

"I think "culture fit" is more than just a couple of questions. It's the entire experience with the candidate," said Ryan Yeoman, Chief Operating Officer at Capterra (a leading software review website with a famously positive culture).

Fit Small Business - Sep 18, 2017

The Best Retail Blogs of 2017: 26 Must-Reads for Retailers

The Capterra retail blog gives retail SMBs and employees the tools they need to be successful. They focus on using software and technology to increase revenue and cut costs, while keeping customers and employees happy.

Canadian Business - Sep 14, 2017

How to turn social media engagement into real sales

They then asked users who engaged with the post to review the brand on software rating site Capterra. The payoff was two-fold. First, the company earned a spot on Capterra's list of the five most popular membership management software programs, which resulted in a 40% increase in inbound leads.

My Tech Decisions - Sep 07, 2017

The 5 Must Haves for Document Management Software Tools

In deciding whether to go with an open source document management software or a closed source document management software, or an on premises vs. cloud-based software, be sure to check out a review site like Capterra to make sure your prospective vendor meets the needs of your department and organization.

Business News Daily - Sep 05, 2017

Negative Customer Review? Turn It Into a Positive Opportunity

A survey by Capterra found that 52 percent of online buyers say a few negative reviews of a product actually makes them trust a product more. Only 18 percent of buyers reported that negative reviews made a product seem less trustworthy.

Huffington Post - Sep 04, 2017

5 Money Saving Tips for Your Small Business

A small business can save a lot by switching to this one application system and ditching the others they're using that require a monthly or annual fee. offers an extensive list of top business management software where you can read reviews and compare products.

Search Engine Journal - Aug 17, 2017

Think You Know Who Your SEO & PPC Competition Is? Think Again!

Sometimes search engines prefer to give users multiple vendor options to choose from. As a result, directories like Homestars (for contractors), Capterra (for software), Yelp (for local businesses), and TripAdvisor (for travel and hospitality) results appear on first ranking positions and users seem to love it.

Entrepreneur - Aug 14, 2017

Conquering The Globe: Shedul Co-Founders William Zeqiri and Nick Miller

"Word-of-mouth factor is strong, our users are the best ambassadors spreading the word within their own community," says Miller. "We have a solid 5/5 user rating on [a platform that helps businesses find the right software for their operational needs], and believe that if users require training on how to use our system, we have not done a good job building it."

TNW - Aug 08, 2017

Productivity Experts Reveal Their Top Tactics

Rachel Burger, Productivity Expert at Capterra, thinks that productivity is like a diet. "It doesn't matter whether you're following South Beach, paleo, or counting calories, if you're paying attention to what you put into your body and how you're exercising, you'll probably become healthier.

Wall Street Journal - Jul 25, 2017

The Boss Wants You Back in the Office

Moving to an office role at Capterra in 2014, Mr. Marder had to get used to the lack of privacy at work and an hour-plus commute to Arlington, Va. As a telecommuter, he was used to working at any hour to meet deadlines.

KnowledgeHut - Jul 05, 2017

IT Project Management Trends in 2017

According to Capterra Study, an undisputed leader among software tools is Microsoft Project. More than 67 percent of project managers claim to use it. Among other popular project management tools are Jira, Basecamp, VerisonOne, TeamWork, SmartSheet, and others.

Business 2 Community - Jun 16, 2017

How to Use Social media to Your Best Business Advantage

In an article filled with many great ideas, Capterra recommend investing in a scheduling tool to best support your social media content strategy. You can't be everywhere at once, right? It might also be that you want to reach markets that are outside your local time zone. Or perhaps you want to put the phone aside for half an hour to enjoy dinner with the family.

Information Age - Jun 14, 2017

What is software?

There are a number of ERP vendors. Gartner's annual market share reports put SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft and NetSuite among the top vendors. But Capterra's data suggests that SAP and Oracle are easily the biggest two, with Epicor, Infor and Microsoft on their heels in a shifting line-up.

Business Zone - May 11, 2017

14 Must-Read Business Books

Recommended by Andrew Marder, Capterra "Delusions is the kind of book that comes up too late. It's a cautionary tale of hype, bubbles, and crashes, and it only gets pulled off the shelf after things go wrong. Entrepreneurs would do well to learn its lessons before everything goes pear-shaped, instead of just reading about their failures in tomorrow's news."

Insider Monkey - May 02, 2017

6 Easiest Content Management Systems To Learn and Use

Capterra did a Top CMS list based on user ratings, so we took that into consideration and weighed those a little more heavily. All in all, each content management system on our list is a great option and should be fairly simple to learn.

CIO - Apr 11, 2017

8 great small business productivity and collaboration apps

"Make a daily to-do list so you can keep track of your assignments and adhere to deadlines," says Deesha Adyanthaya, public relations specialist, Capterra. "As you complete assignments throughout the day...check them off and prioritize what needs to be completed next."

Market Inspector - Apr 10, 2017

Top Retail Management Blogs 2017

Capterra's Retail Management Blog serves as an excellent source of analysis and information on the most comprehensive software solutions to ensure you manage your retail business with the right tools and software. All content is written in a dynamic and engaging manner, making it very easy to read and understand up-to-date retail trends.

HIT Consultant - Mar 07, 2017

Patient Portals: Build Them Well And They Will Come

Capterra, an organization that identifies ideal software solutions for specific business needs, talked to actual users (patients, in this case) to determine what's optimal in the patient portal experience. Capterra has identified some core functional characteristics that the best solutions share.

Home Business Magazine - Mar 06, 2017

5 Productivity Hacks for Home-Based Business Stars

Every major accounting software (many of which are free, by the way) now supports some sort of tie-in with automation tools. Take pictures of receipts and have them automatically put in the right account. Get alerts when your cash flow is in danger. Have employees use self-service portals to update info instead of sending all their requests through you.

Small Biz Daily - Mar 01, 2017

5 Steps Starting a Successful Business in 2017

No matter what kind of business you're building, you're going to need some business software. Accounting, collaboration, project management, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions all come in excellent free flavors.

Dataconomy - Feb 20, 2017


Given the enormous amount of Business Intelligence software solutions available, narrowing down the right one for your business can be a tedious process. How does a business start implementing this software? One way to start is by looking at systems that are popular among peers, because those products are the ones that are most likely to stay constantly maintained and upgraded.

Smart Hustle Magazine - Feb 17, 2017


Finally, before you get stuck into the daily work of making your company a success, get your own house in order. Line up the business software that you're going to need, figure out which company is going to spot you that initial loan, and sharpen up your pencils.

CIO - Feb 17, 2017

5 types of customer reviews you can leverage

Today's consumers are savvy and resourceful. When going through the buying process, they reference all of the information they have at their disposal. But there's one thing they reference more than the rest: customer reviews. Just consider the following statistics as curated by Capterra.

Business 2 Community - Feb 02, 2017

6 Ways to Leverage Review Sites to Drive Inbound Sales

For example, if you are a healthcare software-as-a-service (Saas) provider that makes a solution for improving patient satisfaction, check out review sites like Capterra and Software Advice for products that your customers would also use.

DCInno - Feb 01, 2017

Here Are the 150 Finalists for Tech Madness 2017

Tech Madness is our friendly competition to see who the community thinks will be the most valuable tech company in five years. We seed 64 local businesses/startups and put them head-to-head with you, our readers, voting to determine will move on to the next matchup.

RMagazine - Jan 26, 2017

3 Reasons mPOS Using Stores are Ahead of the Curve

A new report by Capterra shows that stores most interested in innovating and coming up with creative methods to delight their customers are those stores using mobile POS (mPOS) systems. These stores also tend to be small to medium sized - 79% of mPOS using stores are SMBs.

Entrepreneur - Jan 13, 2017

The Simple Solution That Made This Company's Shipping Delays Disappear

Asana has many competitors, including Trello, Wrike and Zoho. Rachel Burger, project management specialist at Capterra, an Arlington, Va.-based company that matches users with software, recommends any of them for small or medium-size businesses. She suggests trying out no more than three, so as not to get overwhelmed, before picking one.

Recruiting Tools - Jan 12, 2017

People are not your Greatest Asset

Capterra surveyed 500 HR professionals to examine their use of TMS products, what they are looking for in a Talent Mangement System, and the benefits of actually having a TMS. - Dec 13, 2016

Here's why locally built software review platform Capterra loves Girls Who Code

"As a tech company, Capterra loves that Girls Who Code is inspiring more students to pursue computer science," the company explains in a recent blog post. "But as a tech company that's 55% female, we truly value that they're working to close this skills gap in one of the currently most underserved demographics: teenage girls."

AnswerRocket - Dec 13, 2016

4 Ways Natural Language Query Meets Your Needs Without You Even Asking

If your business intelligence software doesn't have natural language query, every request you make could be just as frustrating as seeing Senor Cabrera deny nature's call (and yours). Only, where your high school teacher wanted Spanish, a lot of BI software wants a programming language like SQL. Even if your BI solution doesn't require coding knowledge, it may still be unwieldy enough that you'll need someone from IT just to make a request.

America Learning & Media - Nov 24, 2016

The Top 20 Most Popular LMS Software

Capterra published a look of the most popular options as measured by a combination of their total number of customers, active users, and online presence.

Recruiter - Nov 17, 2016

The Business End of Learning Management Systems: What to Look for in a Good LMS

"An LMS can be a big investment for a company, but there are many benefits to implementing one," says Katie Connolly, director of product research for Capterra, a company that helps connect organizations with business software solutions. "It can help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of new hire training, getting new employees up to speed more quickly with on-demand and self-paced training rather than in-person training."

The Huffington Post - Oct 04, 2016

5 Ways to Improve an E-commerce Shopping Experience

Because your customers don't have time, patience or even extra data usage, optimize the performance of your website that caters to the various mobile needs of the consumer whether they're on their mobile, tablet or desktop. Better yet, pay attention to the signs that tell you it's time to upgrade to a more integrated e-commerce platform that can offer an even wider variety of applications and software thus helping to bring up a quick sale.

IT ProPortal - Sep 28, 2016

How millennial software buyers killed Circuit City

Reviews are also a reflection of B2B software's growing diversity. As shoppers a decade ago relied on brand names---SAP, HP, and Adobe, for example---to guarantee quality, today's buyers have many, many more B2B software options, and a willingness to try out new players.

Smallbiz Technology - Sep 22, 2016

What's The Most User-Friendly CRM Software? Capterra Report Shows.

To assist in small and medium businesses' searches for CRM software, Capterra's Software Lab has evaluated some of the over 450 solutions on the market today and presented the top 20 solutions in our new Most User-Friendly CRM Software report.

Computerworld - Aug 10, 2016

IT asset management: How to be efficient

As noted earlier, there are several electronic asset management systems (146 in this list by Capterra), that your organization could compare and select, but you would also need some criteria to guide your decision.

Inc. - Jul 31, 2016

5 Free Tools That Unlock the Power of Social Media

You need software to help. And, while there are a lot of expensive options out there that big brands use to track mentions and complaints, there are plenty of great options that don't cost a cent, according to Dylan Echter, social media specialist at Capterra, which helps businesses review and select the software that best fits their needs.

DC Inno - Jul 04, 2016

2015 Coolest Companies: Where Are They Now?

Public Relations and Social Media Coordinator at Capterra, Dylan Echter, said that Gartner, an information, technology, research, and advisory company, acquired Capterra this past year. Echter explained that little has changed in day-to-day business, but Capterra's resources have grown since the acquisition.

CIO - Jun 13, 2016

Top 10 applicant tracking systems

Choosing an applicant tracking system is a critical, and daunting, task. but consulting and advisory firm Capterra looks to help narrow the field with it listing of top 10 ATS.

Deloitte - Nov 12, 2015

North America Technology Fast 500: And the 2015 winners are...

The Technology Fast 500 is the leading technology awards program. Combining technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and rapid growth, Fast 500 companies¿large, small, public, and private¿hail from cities far and wide across North America: from San Francisco, CA; to Rockville, MD; to Richmond, British Columbia and are disrupting the technology industry. If you are looking for fast-growing companies, releasing new, emerging technologies you have come to the right place! Representing industries from software to biotech, Fast 500 companies play in the SaaS, cloud computing, data analytics, and mobile sectors.

Entrepreneur - Nov 04, 2015

The 25 Best Small-Company Cultures in 2015

From startups to growing businesses and established companies, having a high-performance company culture helps drive a mission, achieve goals, provides support and creates the foundation for employee growth. It provides a productive, engaged work environment that exceeds expectations and gets results. Entrepreneur, in partnership with CultureIQ®, a culture-management software and service provider, has released its premier Top Company Cultures list.

Washingtonian - Nov 02, 2015

The Best Places to Work in Washington, DC

Yet there are things that all 50 Great Places to Work have in common, and it's not just good pay and benefits, though they all have that. Employees at these workplaces tell us they have a sane work/life balance because managers give them the trust and autonomy to do their jobs, allowing flexible hours and telecommuting.

Washington Post - Oct 16, 2015

How to make D.C. the next Silicon Valley

"While the District has tremendous opportunity to turn into a strong tech hub, one reality continues to hold it back: It lacks an elite, university-level engineering or computer science program in place to recruit, train and retain top talent." -Michael Ortner, CEO, Capterra

VentureBeat - Sep 25, 2015

The Yelpification of business software: Why online reviews have reached a tipping point

"Why then, when every person on the street checks a review site before buying a coffee, is it such a surprise to the software industry that consumer reviews actually matter in their space? In an industry generally considered "innovative," product reviews are a shockingly late-adoption." -Michael Ortner, CEO, Capterra

InformationAge - Sep 17, 2015

The hidden risks of BYOD in corporate training, and how to mitigate them

"Want to use your own phone for work? You might already be doing it. You might be syncing your work email, researching a project online, or promoting a new product all on your mobile device. In fact, you're probably not even thinking twice about it. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies formalise this and validate employees' work on their own mobile devices. In fact, according to a recent study by TechPro Research, 74% of organisations have adopted or plan to adopt BYOD." -J.P. Medved, eLearning Specialist, Capterra

DC Inno - Sep 16, 2015

DC's Coolest Companies

The competition was fiercer than ever with 100 stellar finalists. Congratulations to the 10 Coolest Companies for 2015: Aspire, Clarabridge, Brightfind, LMO Advertising, 2U (Readers' Choice), Capterra, Optoro, TrackMaven, VideoBlocks, EverFi (Readers' Choice)

TechCrunch - Sep 11, 2015

Performance Evaluations In A Results-Focused Culture

"Measuring actual performance, particularly in white-collar work, can be challenging. It requires goal setting, quality evaluation, feedback and a lot of qualitative judgment. It's fair to say that most founders and managers find these tasks difficult." -Michael Ortner, CEO of Capterra

TIME - Sep 10, 2015

35 Business Leaders Share Their Daily Habits

As an organization grows, it's easy to let a little distance get between the CEO and the day to day. By checking KPIs first thing in the morning, I already know the answer to how we've been performing and can immediately move on to the why. I'm in a better position to ask my team important questions, and we can all work more efficiently and effectively. --Michael Ortner, CEO of Capterra, a web service that has helped companies such as Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Home Depot find and purchase business software

LegalTrek - Sep 03, 2015

3 Facts Proving Office Managers Are Open to Legal Innovation

Recently a great post by Capterra grabbed our attention with its sweet title: "3 Steps to Convince Your Dinosaur Lawyer Boss You Need Legal Software". The article as the title says, is about proving the benefits of tech to the grumpy old partners. If you're a regular reader of our blog, you know that we're all about legal tech as well.

Inc - Sep 02, 2015

The Daily Habits of 19 High-Achieving CEOs

"I try to never let a day go by where I don't speak with at least one of our current customers. No one is better equipped to let us know where our services are succeeding and failing, and where we can improve. This is also why we have a client success team, but hearing it directly from the horse's mouth can provide greater context." --Michael Ortner, CEO of Capterra, a web service that has helped companies such as Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Home Depot find and purchase business software.

Enterprise Apps Today - Aug 31, 2015

7 Significant ERP Trends

Market forces such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the need to provide enterprise access to mobile devices, increasingly connected machine environments and virtualization are propelling more and more functions toward the cloud, said Andrew Marder, an ERP specialist at Capterra. ERP won't be able to stand on the sidelines, he believes. "The cloud and everything that entails continues to be the future of ERP," he said.

It Business Edge - Aug 27, 2015

Many SMBs Benefit from Adopting a CRM Solution

Capterra, a free software solutions research firm, surveyed more than 500 businesses to find out more about who uses CRM software and how. Not entirely surprisingly, 52 percent of those responding said that they work for organizations with "less than $10 million in annual revenue." This goes to show that when we think of customer relationship management (CRM), we should think about all sizes of companies--not just the enterprise.

Inc - Aug 20, 2015

Why We Should All Learn to Speak Latin

And that's why I was intrigued by the idea that learning a language, especially a dead language, could make you a better founder, a better CEO...really a better anything. So here's a guest post from Michael Ortner, the CEO and co-founder of Capterra, a website dedicated to helping people find the right software for their business.

Informed Infrastructure - Aug 17, 2015

Construction Management Software Moves More Toward Mobile Use

This infographic shows data from Capterra and Procore's recent survey of construction businesses on just how effective this software is. For a full list of construction management software systems, check out Capterra's construction management software directory.

ClickZ - Aug 12, 2015

CRM Is Branching Out to Include Marketing Automation

A recent study from Capterra, which connects buyers with software vendors through an online forum, found that only 18 percent of retailers surveyed use a CRM solution. This was nearly twice as high a percent as the next category, business services (10 percent). Interestingly, the study found that more CRM users work for B2C businesses (60 percent) than B2B firms (55 percent).

eMarketer - Aug 12, 2015

Social Integration Tops CRM Users' Wish Lists

Among the US CRM users polled by business software solution provider Capterra in June 2015, social media tools were the most in-demand CRM software features.

MyCustomer - Aug 12, 2015

Four in ten businesses "outgrow" their CRM

ew research from Capterra highlights a number of key trends emerging among CRM users, notably around the timescales and necessity for CRM adoption. Based on a survey to current CRM technology users in the US and conducted over the course of three weeks with 500 respondents, Capterra found that more than half of users adopted CRM within their company's first five years in business, and two-thirds of companies had at least 100 customers when they first purchased a CRM solution for their business.

MarketingProfs - Jul 30, 2015

How Businesses Choose and Use CRM Software

The most important factors that influence the purchase of customer relationship management (CRM) software are functionality and ease of use, according to a recent report from Capterra.

Business 2 Community - Jul 22, 2015

4 of the Best Software Marketplaces on the Web

Powered by a clutter-free but information-packed homepage, when you visit Capterra's website, the first thing you'll notice is a search bar, which is particularly useful if you know the software type you'e looking for, say, project management. If you don't, there's a button you can click that says "All Software Categories." Capterra carries more than 300 categories...

PRWeb - Jul 22, 2015

Member Solutions Event Manager Online Registration Software Recognized as Top Event Management Software by Capterra

Capterra, an online software review service that helps businesses find the right software, released the 2015 ranking of leading event management software solutions based off its popularity index. This weighted and ranked score includes a combination of the total number of customers, the number of users, such as event planners and administrators with access to the software, and the software's social presence including Google +1s, Twitter followers, LinkedIn Company Page followers, Facebook likes, Klout scores and number of Capterra reviews.

AZ Attorney Blog - Jul 21, 2015

Attorney court appearances eased by @standinlaw app, described by @CapterraLegal

I also recommend following Cathy Reisenwitz and her firm Capterra (deets here). She covers many topics that might help your law practice, with just the right amount of snark to make law practice management less legally snoozeworthy. In fact, as we work on our October issue, I was pleased to see that one of our authors is a fan of an infographic that emerged from Capterra. That's cool, as I am a fan too.

Enterprise Apps Today - Jul 21, 2015

CRM Evaluations Not Thorough Enough?

The lopsided nature of the market may account, in part, for the fact that CRM buyers conduct relatively few product demonstrations before buying, said Katie Hollar, Capterra's director of marketing.

VentureBeat - Jul 14, 2015

Capterra report: CRM users really like their software

Seventy-one percent of users of customer relationship management (CRM) systems are satisfied or very satisfied with their software. That's the word in a new survey and first report about CRM users from software selection site Capterra, which describes CRM as the fastest growing business software category.

Inc - Jul 13, 2015

The Daily Habits of 35 People at the Top of Their Game

"As an organization grows, it's easy to let a little distance get between the CEO and the day to day. By checking KPIs first thing in the morning, I already know the answer to how we've been performing and can immediately move on to the why. I'm in a better position to ask my team important questions, and we can all work more efficiently and effectively." --Michael Ortner, CEO of Capterra, a web service that has helped companies such as Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Home Depot find and purchase business software.

Inc - Jun 12, 2015

5 Reasons the Smartest Entrepreneurs Don't Go It Alone

Ortner started the company in 1999 with not one but four co-founders, and although two eventually moved on he credits that choice with Capterra's success. Without those co-founders he says, he still would have started the company. "I believed in it and I knew I wanted to give it a shot," he says. "But it almost certainly would have failed."

Direct Marketing News - Jun 11, 2015

Nine Out of 10 Retailers are Pleased With Their E-Commerce Software

"For retailers with Web storefronts, it can be intimidating to switch. E-com software wasn't really mainstream until 2007; then the recession hit, so there were a lot of stores that came online in 2009," says Cara Wood, an e-commerce software specialist for Capterra, which follows some 300 different software categories.

TheNextWeb - May 27, 2015

How to build an open office culture

Michael is the founder Capterra, a web service that has been connecting buyers and sellers of b2b software since 1999.

AdWeek PR Newser - May 26, 2015

Why Do People Buy Business Software? User Reviews.

Still, the results are pretty interesting if you're looking to promote a software client: A majority of respondents said they need to see at least six reviews of a given software before they can "trust" those reviewers

Finances Online - May 08, 2015

Top 5 B2B Directories to Add Your SaaS Software To

Another popular review directory, Capterra can help customers who are looking for the right B2B SaaS software for their business by allowing them to compare the solutions that match their needs, and connecting them with the right vendors.

Quartz - Feb 06, 2015

How to have a successful unlimited vacation policy

At Capterra, we don't clock our employees in and out; some employees arrive prior to 7am and others arrive after 10am, but we trust our employees to put in the time to get their work done. By focusing on "great results" as opposed to "face time," Capterra has grown its revenue for each of its 15 years, this past year being our most impressive with over 80% growth.

eSchool News - Jan 28, 2015

Turn snow days into e-learning days with these 6 simple steps

While the amount of snow needed for schools to close varies by region, there is no denying that excessive snow days have begun to bleed into summer vacation over the past few years. Luckily, some school administrators have found a new approach to end snow days for good. The solution is called "e-learning days," or days dedicated to doing schoolwork over the internet.

Fast Company - Jan 13, 2015

Why Telecommuting Can Be Dangerous for Your Company Culture

At the end of the day, a company is nothing but its people and its culture. Create a deliberate, yet limited telecommuting policy, and keep in-person culture a priority. For Capterra, it's one of our greatest secrets to success.

PracticeSuite - Jan 05, 2015

Expert Interview with J.P. Medved on Buying Medical Software

Investing in new software doesn't have to dramatically change the way medical professionals work, says J.P. Medved, content editor for Capterra. In fact, J.P. recommends that medical professionals select software that already matches the internal process of their practice, rather than upending their operations.

Washington Post - Jan 03, 2015

From White House to Hilton Worldwide, business success is grit and not a little luck

Michael Ortner, 41, runs Ballston-based Capterra, a $15 million enterprise whose Web site helps businesses find the right software for their company. Four years ago, Ortner attended a Georgetown University lecture where he met Andrew Zwerneman, headmaster at Trinity School at Meadow View... "I let him know that I had internship opportunities if he had any students who were interested."

Search Engine Watch - Dec 19, 2014

3 Ways We Failed at B2B PPC in 2014

When we took on a B2B software tech company that had competitors like Hewlett-Packard, we knew we had a challenge ahead of us. But we also knew, based on our experience, that paid search was an important way to reach the client's target market (keeping in mind that according to the 2013 Capterra "Software Buying Trends Industry Report," buyers go online first when researching software options).

KISSmetrics - Dec 18, 2014

The 4 Killer Marketing Mistakes Your SaaS Business Is Making

Michael Ortner, CEO at Capterra, had a similar situation, when the Capterra team worked with a SaaS company whose product page wasn¿t converting well. They had information about the product scattered across several different pages, instead of collected in one spot. Capterra created a dedicated landing page that had easy to skim information covering target market information, benefits and features, social proof elements, a few testimonials, and had an easy-to-fill-out free demo form at the bottom.

Revenue365 - Dec 16, 2014

The Top 15 CRM Blogs You Should Follow

Their Sales & Marketing Tech blog is just one of the great resources available through Capterra. You can depend on this company to provide trustworthy industry-specific software buying advice.

Salesforce Pardot Blog - Dec 02, 2014

Give Your B2B a Social Media Makeover (Part 1)

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube all have a spot for companies to upload a header image. If you're not using this space to your advantage, you're missing a big opportunity to showcase your brand. In the B2B tech industry, it's easy to forget there are people behind the products. I love how Capterra uses a casual staff photo to show off their personality on Facebook.

BetaNews - Nov 19, 2014

Celebrating 60 years of software

There's an old computing joke that says the difference between software and hardware is that hardware is the bit you can kick. To celebrate software's 60th birthday business package selection specialist Capterra has produced an infographic charting the history of the bit you can't kick. It'll provide a trip down memory lane for anyone involved in computing.

Brazen Careerist, Brazen Life Blog - Nov 12, 2014

Performance Reviews: How to Give GenY the Feedback They Really Need

[Members of GenY] like when performance appraisal software is a part of the review process because, like standardized tests, everyone is subjected to the same criteria for success. Unlike many Boomers, GenY is comfortable with software. They don't find it intrusive or sterile, they find the results fair and objective.

Washington Post - Nov 02, 2014

'The Yelp of business software' springs out of ping-pong culture at Virginia company

The 15-year-old Capterra runs a Web site that helps businesses find the right software for their company. Are you a 1,000-member church that needs to organize your staffing, services or donations? Are you in charge of human resources for a large company and need to buy software to keep tabs on thousands of your employees, from payroll to performance reviews? Are you a plumber working for a small business who needs mobile software to track every call? Capterra lists more than 300 software sectors on its Web site, offering reviews of software.

Healthcare IT News - Oct 09, 2014

Dos and don'ts for comparing EHR software

I reached out to J.P. Medved at Capterra. What follows are the dos and don'ts of each step in the EHR buying process; these tips will guide you when comparing options so you select medical software best suited for your needs. They may also serve as a guide for software vendors who want to stand out from the crowd. - Oct 09, 2014

Why Your Business Needs a Learning Management System

Capterra, an online directory that tracks software for a wide range of markets and use cases, lists 314 learning management systems, with less than a third designated as "academic". The rest are intended for organizations to track, manage, and deliver courses and training to their employees? Why such a large market? Because if businesses are going to invest time and money in professional development for their staff, they expect to be able to demonstrate a measurable return on that investment. - Sep 30, 2014

The HR Manager's Guide to Hiring (and Retaining) Millennials

According to the International Coach Federation, employing a coaching system in your business can increase employee work performance up to 70 percent. Even eLearning systems can fill this coaching void: by offering a distributable learning management system that is accessible on many platforms and devices, companies can cater to the flexible and device-inclined Millennial generation. - Sep 30, 2014

Fighting Fake Reviews: Removal, Response, and Your Reputation

Capterra is one site where fake reviews are taken seriously. The team will research reviews and try to connect email addresses, names, and company names. If they can't make everything add up, they'll remove it. Even better: they take vendors at their word, and ultimately, if a business says they can't confirm the reviewer as a customer, they'll side with the business remove the review.

CMSWire - Sep 17, 2014

Are You a Top 20 Document Management Vendor? [Infographic]

Any top ______ list is sure to ruffle a few feathers, and this one is no different. Capterra, an online software review service, published a list of what it identifies as the top 20 document management software solutions.

PointBlank - Sep 17, 2014

Top 50 Construction Management Blogs

Offering the "best tools and software to help builders and contractors succeed," Capterra Construction Management Blog's posts offer a great deal of insight and information into technology for today's construction industry. Other posts focus on safety, strategies, and tips for construction managers.

US Imprints - Sep 15, 2014

Three Remarkable Content Marketing Success Stories

Capterra's content did so much more than just drive traffic to the blog. The backlinks, social shares, and keyword-rich content lifted Capterra's domain authority. Capterra significantly improved its rank for competitive keywords in Google, which brought a huge surge of new visitors to the site. And we're not just talking about blog readers; we're talking about qualified leads that have a real impact on the sales funnel and bottom-line.

Bank of America Small Business Community - Sep 03, 2014

Beyond Raises: How to retain top employees

J.P. Medved, editor-in-chief at Capterra, an online directory of business software vendors, agrees flexible hours are optimal for retaining employees, and also results in optimal work production. "Employees can pretty much come and go as they please, provided their work is getting done to a high standard," says Medved. - Aug 20, 2014

Outgrown Excel? You're Ready for a Customer Relationship Management System

According to software review site Capterra, several robust but easy-to-use CRM solutions aimed at the small business market offer plans in the $7- to $25-per-month range, with prices rising based on storage and the number of users. Many offer free trials, and some even offer free, limited-capability versions

SmartThoughts - Jul 15, 2014

The Top 15 Best Blogs for Association Executives

I applaud the effort of all above who have made a commitment to educate and provide a valuable resource for the association community. And, I appreciate reading and digesting the useful product you all put out regularly for all of us to enjoy. You are a testament to the fact that a Blog doesn't have to be boring, mundane, or even trite.

GetVOIP - Jun 23, 2014

50 Great Blogs CRM Professionals Will Love

Capterra's blend of informative content and informal tech-speak is a welcome sight in the landscape of CRM blogs. The covers a broad spectrum of topics, but retains a conversational approach in the way information is presented to the reader.

CIO - Jun 03, 2014

10 Tips for Creating a Successful Google AdWords Campaign

"The most important part of any SEM [search engine marketing] campaign is to have a clear goal in mind," says Michael Ortner, CEO, Capterra, which connects buyers and sellers of business software. "The point of almost any AdWords campaign should be to grow sales, as opposed to merely generating brand awareness (which is more difficult to measure)."

Entrepreneur - Jun 02, 2014

4 Signs It's Time for a Cloud-Based HR Platform

Solutions exist for areas such as new-hire tracking, time and labor management, performance management, benefits administration, and other human-resources activities. Look for solutions with good track records and solid reviews. You can find information about and reviews of various platforms in trade publications and on web sites like - May 21, 2014

5 Tech Tools Your Small Business Needs Now

Over the past five years, customers have taken more control over the sales and marketing process... says Michael Ortner, CEO of Arlington, Va.-based Capterra, which helps small businesses find software. As such, small business owners need tools that allow better management, communication and engagement with prospects and customers¿such as CRM software

Monster Thinking Blog - Mar 27, 2014

Why Companies Offer Sabbaticals to Long-Term Employees

Capterra founder and CEO Mike Ortner says his company offers a five-week fully paid sabbatical to each employee every five years. "The point is to give them an opportunity to get away from their work and do something that they would otherwise only get a chance to do if they were in between jobs," he says. "Hopefully, they come back refreshed and ready to do even greater things at Capterra."

Human Resource Executive - Mar 06, 2014

For LMS, You'd Better Shop Around

Capterra is an online software-reviews service designed to help organizations shop for learning-management systems at no cost, says J.P. Medved, content editor for the Arlington, Va.-based firm. He says the ideal number of LMS solutions to demo is three to five and recommends prospective buyers keep a demo scorecard that maps out their top-ten LMS requirements.

Website Magazine - Mar 04, 2014

The True Costs of Marketing Automation Software

At Capterra, [marketing automation software] helped us generate more leads for our sales team, nurture our existing customers with educational content offers, drive more traffic to our website and blog, capture more data about our prospects (such as the referring source of each lead and whether they had visited our site before) and better score/evaluate our leads so that our sales team could prioritize follow-up.

Forbes - Feb 19, 2014

The Most Popular Employee Perks Of 2014

Capterra offers a five-week, fully-paid sabbatical every five years to each of its employees. The CEO pointed out that cost to the company is five weeks of productivity or 10% of their work in the year that they take their sabbatical... He thinks the benefit to the company and the employee's health and personal growth is well worth the cost.

CIO - Jan 30, 2014

8 Ways to Use LinkedIn Groups to Boost Your Business

"LinkedIn Groups allow you to create free polls with up to five answers," adds Katie Hollar, marketing manager, Capterra. "Post a poll within your own customer or user LinkedIn Group to collect feedback on your product or service. For example, a software company could say, which feature would you most like to see added to our software functionality in 2014?" - Jan 20, 2014

Selling CRM to your sales team: How to ensure adoption

"At the end of the day, selling to sales is similar to selling to other people: they want to see the benefit," explains Katie Hollar, marketing manager at Capterra. "Allow your users to discover benefits on their own."

Content Marketing Institute - Jan 07, 2014

How to Keep Infographics from Ruining Your Visual Content: 8 Rules

Narrative within [an infographic] can be challenging because the words can't "drown out" the images. "If you are getting overly verbose, you can package the infographic along with a blog on the topic," says Jordan Barrish, Market Analyst for Capterra.

The Next Web - Aug 18, 2013

8 methods to grow your SaaS company

While buying leads can be a low-volume, expensive proposition, it's still a great way to identify highly qualified potential buyers. We've also found that they rank highly in search results. I'd recommend Capterra... They deliver phone verified leads based on your criteria.

CEO Blog Nation - Jul 10, 2013

What is Your Best Business Advice? Week of July 7th

Michael Ortner, Capterra CEO, is featured in CEO Blog Nation's article on "What is Your Best Business Advice?" Ortner advises companies to stay flexible while keeping their eye on the prize...

The Wall Street Journal - May 29, 2013

Small Firms Bring Workers Into Loop on Health Law

Michael Ortner, founder of Capterra Inc., an online marketplace for business software buyers and sellers, emailed his 28 employees earlier this month to warn them that the company may need to adjust its health coverage, particularly if its head count doubles over the next two years, as planned.

BtoB Magazine - Nov 12, 2012

Holiday b2b marketing

Capterra is in a good position to observe holiday marketing trends. Not only does the company run its own b2b marketing campaigns, ... it also helps advise software companies on their own marketing efforts.

E-Learning Centre - Oct 30, 2012

The Top 20 LMS - Infographic by Capterra

An infographic produced by Capterra listing the 20 most popular LMS solutions... looks at the number of customers, numbers of users and gives an on-line score by product.

MSPmentor - Apr 05, 2012

Marketing Automation: The Next MSP Software Tool?

Capterra, which helps businesses find and compare software, is looking to purchase a marketing automation tool and has published its deliberations in a blog entitled Desperately Seeking Marketing Automation.

Forbes - Apr 04, 2012

$14 Billion Software as a Service Industry Growth Influences Maker Companies

Last month, Capterra, the software review service, unveiled some surprising software trends (based on how users search through their site)...The platform matters to some, but increasingly the web-based platforms tie them all together and make a 'which platform' conversation irrelevant.

Marketing Automation Times - Mar 27, 2012

Things to Know Before A Marketing Automation Demo

The folks at Capterra have been shopping for marketing automation software and have documented some of their findings. Based on their learnings, here are the most common questions asked by vendors prior to the first marketing automation demo.

CMS Wire - Feb 14, 2012

SMBs Dominate Business Software Purchasing Trends

Capterra collected some interesting data points on how software buyers filtered their software search results in 2011. What it found sheds some light on the popularity (and utility) of web-based software.

Marketing Tech Blog - Dec 11, 2011

Top 20 Marketing Automation Solutions

It's important to note that there's really not one marketing automation solution that's better than the other... Capterra is a great resource for researching software solutions.

Business 2 Community - Sep 23, 2011

Where to Find B2B Sales Leads — Part 3

There are many websites that are consolidators of content focused on a particular industry or subject area. An example of this is which helps visitors find information on software products.

Inc. Magazine - Sep 01, 2010

The Case for User Reviews

When it came to adding user reviews to their website, the co-founders of Capterra were at odds. - Jun 27, 2008

Software: Manage Your Contracts Like a Pro

Enter 'contract management systems' in a search engine, and it will return a lengthy list of software systems to review. There's a very useful contract management software directory at that allows you to search for systems that meet your specific requirements.

SoftwareCEO - Jan 08, 2008

Tips on jotting, online directories, and fixing your software

If you're offering any type of enterprise software, your firm really should be in the online directory from Capterra... Despite its scope, the site is remarkably easy to navigate. Visitors can filter listings by features, and click through to a vendor's site.

Contractor Magazine - December, 2007

Online Resource finds, compares software

With a database of nearly 10,000 software vendors, Capterra's interactive marketplace, at, is an easy-to-use online resource that can help companies find and compare software solutions for broad or specific business applications.

Software Business - Nov 26, 2007

Capturing Visitors: Online Lead Generation 2.0

The fundamental goal of a website is to generate leads. If your site isn't measuring up, it's time to find out why....At Capterra, we see a broad range of conversion rates among the almost 10,000 software vendors in our database. Here, we'll share observations about how some of the best achieve success.

E-Commerce Times - Nov 12, 2007

The Capterra Story: Bootstrapping an Online Marketplace

Today, more than 2 million software buyers use Capterra each year and there are more than 1,000 software companies paying to reach these buyers. After growing revenue 633 percent from the years 2003 through 2006, Capterra was named to Inc. magazine's 2007 ranking of the 500 fastest-growing private U.S. companies. All of this was accomplished without a penny of venture capital, an uncommon feat in the information technology field.

HOTELS - November, 2007

Property Management By Remote

What are hoteliers looking for in a new property management system? Here are the top 10 features requested in hotel PMS software, from search data collected by...Capterra

TechJournal South - Aug 29, 2007

Bubble survivor helps businesses find needed software

Red Herring magazine recognized Capterra, which connects buyers and sellers of business software via an online database, two months after its founding in 1999 as one of the top high tech startups in the Southeast. But the next three years were rough, admits founder and president Michael Ortner. Since 2003, however, the company grew 633 percent to land on this year's Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies.

InformationWeek - May 12, 2007

Down To Business: Who's In For Innovation? No, Who's Really In?

Sure enough, for every EMC, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce exhibiting at the conference (owned by InformationWeek parent CMP Technology), there were 10 much smaller, scrappier companies with names like Astoria Software (document management), Attensity (text analytics), Black Duck Software (compliance management), Captara (lease management), Capterra (software e-marketplace), Macadamian (software development), Newgen Software Technologies (content management), and Tealeaf Technology (customer experience management).

Your Church Magazine - April, 2007

Church Management Software

Some church leaders choose to stay with the limited software solutions they know rather than risk buying a church-specific program they aren't sure about. To help make the transition, your church got some advice from Cristina Stensvaag, marketing director for Capterra, a company that specializes in helping all kinds of businesses find just the right software solutions.