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by Aplos Software

Ideal for small and medium sized nonprofits, Aplos makes it simple to manage your nonprofit and more effectively raise money. You can easily engage your donors with email and letter communications and a smart CRM, make it faster to accept giving and send contribution statements, and grow giving with online donation webpages or event registration. Plus, there is a built-in financial module with true fund accounting so you can do it all in one place. Learn more about Aplos

Smarter nonprofit software with faster donation management, online event registration, and true fund accounting. Starts at $49/mo Learn more about Aplos

OnBoard is a next gen board portal that puts a lot of power in the hands of nonprofits. Start a Free Trial - full featured, no-strings attached - and see how meetings can be easier and better than ever for boards. OnBoard is the fastest growing major board portal from nonprofits to Fortune 1000. Designed for ease-of-use from the start and can be used on any computer or mobile device. Directors and board administrators will have improved meetings, time & cost savings, and better mission outcomes. Learn more about OnBoard Board Portal

OnBoard is a next gen board portal that puts a lot of power in the hands of nonprofits. Start a Free Trial. Start improving meetings. Learn more about OnBoard Board Portal

EveryAction offers best-in-class digital, multi-channel fundraising, organizing, and advocacy tools on a single, unified CRM. Thousands of nonprofits like Greenpeace, Planned Parenthood, the National Audubon Society, and others use EveryAction each day to raise more money and drive more action. Learn more about EveryAction

EveryAction offers best-in-class digital, multi-channel fundraising, organizing, and advocacy tools on a single, unified CRM. Learn more about EveryAction

Salsa CRM helps nonprofits build rich supporter profiles, track every donation & interaction, create direct mail fundraising appeals, and easily report with fundraising dashboards and flexible query tool. All packages include Salsa Engage for marketing automation, online fundraising, online advocacy and peer to peer fundraising. 2017 NTEN/Idealware guide ranks Salsa CRM as top 3 platform with 'Strong functionality in every category.' Clients average 28% YOY donation growth, 74% donor retention. Learn more about Salsa CRM

Salsa unifies constituent relationship management & online supporter engagement on one powerful, easy-to-use platform for nonprofits. Learn more about Salsa CRM

Make good happen. Our all-in-one CRM, websites and tools are designed specifically for nonprofits to help grow communities, inspire audiences & scale impact so you can focus on what really matters. Grow your mission with a database focused on people, not transactions. Create donation forms, engage donors, process payments, plan events, manage memberships, and track volunteers all with the most robust cloud-based software made specifically for nonprofits. Pricing starts as low as $50/month. Learn more about NeonCRM

Make good happen. All-in-one solutions to grow communities, inspire audiences & scale impact. Focus on what really matters. Learn more about NeonCRM

DonorSnap is an easy to use online donor/membership management system. Features include tracking for donations, pledges, and interactions; unlimited user defined fields; Excel import/export; online forms/donations; and included mass emailing. There are no hidden costs or long-term contracts. At $39 per month enjoy all of our features including unlimited users, unlimited usage, up to 1,000 contacts in your database, and 2,000 mass emails/mo. Try DonorSnap with your own data risk free for 30 days. Learn more about DonorSnap

Online donor management software that tracks all of your nonprofit's data. Included is an unlimited number of integrated online forms. Learn more about DonorSnap


by Board Management Software

Boardable is board and committee management software that organizes volunteer and staff meetings, documents and activities in one place. Boardable was started by nonprofit founders to empower nonprofit organizations, their boards, and volunteers. Boardable integrates with your existing tools and automates routine board tasks. Learn more about Boardable

Boardable is affordable software empowering nonprofit organizations to centralize all committee and board meetings and content. Learn more about Boardable

We have pooled together the latest in best practices for donor engagement and retention to create a simple, cloud-based donor management solution that helps nonprofits decrease donor attrition and increase revenue. Plugging in the latest technologies and delivering them with a clean, modern interface, Bloomerang will be the first donor database you'll actually love to use! Learn more about Bloomerang

Cloud-based donor management for the modern fundraiser. Learn more about Bloomerang

MobileCause offers online, mobile and event fundraising software to help nonprofits grow, engage donors and acquire new supporters. Our team of fundraising experts partner with you each step of the way to ensure your fundraising success. As the pioneers of text-to-donate, MobileCause has become the trusted online and mobile fundraising partner for nonprofits looking to scale their missions quickly and efficiently. Learn more about MobileCause

MobileCause delivers fundraising software and digital marketing services that help nonprofits raise 4x more money. Learn more about MobileCause

DonorPerfect is the most comprehensive solution in fundraising, with everything nonprofits need to grow. It helps your team manage donations, contacts, receipting, reporting, email and fundraising initiatives from a single system. With automatic monthly giving, integrated online donation forms, dashboard reporting, Constant Contact email, auction management tools, and a network of integrated partner solutions, DonorPerfect offers pricing packages to meet any size organization and any budget. Learn more about DonorPerfect Fundraising Software

DonorPerfect empowers your team to work together, raise more money, and cultivate relationships that will make your mission a reality. Learn more about DonorPerfect Fundraising Software

Financial planning and analytics software for nonprofits. Improve alignment for resources, services, and funding, and increase visibility into your nonprofit's expenses. With our software, you can accelerate your organization's budgeting, planning, and reporting cycles. Plan, forecast, re-forecast, and report by program, project, fund, grant, season, location, or by any dimension your business needs. Every nonprofit has its own specific challenges and demands - let us help you meet your goals. Learn more about Adaptive Insights

Planning and analytics software for nonprofits - our software provides the financial and operational information your business needs. Learn more about Adaptive Insights

Arreva Software provides premier information management solutions that enable nonprofit organizations to develop high touch relationships with donors, volunteers and other constituents. Arreva's affordable, easy-to-use solutions, including both cloud-based and Windows applications, are built from the ground up specifically for nonprofit organizations. The company was founded by philanthropist and computer scientist Susan Packard Orr, and has been serving nonprofits for more than 25 years. Learn more about Exceed Beyond

Powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use cloud-based fundraising and constituent management software solutions. Learn more about Exceed Beyond

Run your nonprofit and move volunteers to action with easy-to-build websites including free themes and templates, a fully-integrated database, expert email targeting, powerful field tools, and streamlined fundraising and donor management. Bring your community to life with dynamic profiles that update with every interaction and automatically sync with public social media. Used around the world by nonprofits, advocacy groups, membership and alumni organizations, and associations of all sizes. Learn more about NationBuilder

Build action-focused websites, manage volunteers and fundraising, and handle email, events, and social outreach all in one place. Learn more about NationBuilder

Divvy is a 100% FREE Expense Management platform for any nonprofit to track spend, manage payments and subscriptions, strategically budget, and eliminate expense reports. By integrating real-time tracking for every transaction, Divvy gives organizations instant insights into their spend. With Divvy, you can make informed cash flow decisions, curb losses before they happen, and never have to save a receipt again. Divvy is also completely FREE, plus offers 1% cash back and 15-50% off travel. Learn more about Divvy

Divvy is the worlds fastest growing Expense Management solution that's completely FREE, plus offers 1% cash back and 15-50% off travel. Learn more about Divvy

NewOrg integrates management of Clients, Programs & Services as well as Volunteers, Development Campaigns/Donors, Scheduling, Mass Email, Web Content, Event Calendars, Payment Processing and more with robust reporting in all areas; you decide what you need. Learning NewOrg is intuitive and improves staff efficiency while reducing your fixed costs and improving your fundraising success and sustainability by managing all your operational areas and information in one unique software solution. Learn more about NewOrg Management System

Manage clients, programs, scheduling, volunteers, development activities, communications and more using one unique integrated solution. Learn more about NewOrg Management System

Aegis CRM

by Aegis Premier Technologies

Aegis CRM provides all of the donor management and fundraising tools you need to help plan and execute your fundraising campaigns. With a 99% guaranteed uptime, our state-of-the-art platform utilizes best practices in data security, load balancing, and disaster recovery, to ensure your data is being safeguarded at all times. Learn more about Aegis CRM

Aegis Premier Technologies nonprofit CRM solution will help you manage your donors and maximize your fundraising efforts. Learn more about Aegis CRM

Kindful provides busy nonprofit employees with powerful donor management software to help them organize their data and manage their donors better, so they can make a greater impact on the world. Featuring online donation pages, donor database, reporting tools, and integrated partnerships with industry-leading services, Kindful's platform is designed to help nonprofit employees manage their donors easier, saving time and creating better insights. Learn more about Kindful

Kindful provides powerful donor management software that helps nonprofits organize data and manage donors better. Learn more about Kindful

Denali FUND

by Cougar Mountain Software

Denali FUND is specifically designed for nonprofit organizations, with features that help deter fraud while managing complex restricted and unrestricted fund accounts. Denali has a full suite of accounting modules that provide all your accounting needs. Integrates with NeonCRM to bring you enhanced donor and grant management tools, plus campaign management to help your nonprofit grow. Learn more about Denali FUND

Denali FUND accounting software is flexible and easily accessible, making it a perfect choice for small to mid-sized non profits. Learn more about Denali FUND

CrowdRise was built specifically for nonprofit and event fundraisers. We are the #1 event fundraising platform in the world and are trusted by partners like UNICEF, American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, International Rescue Committee, Boston Marathon, New York City Marathon Tough Mudder and thousands more. Learn more about CrowdRise

Raise money for any cause that inspires you. CrowdRise is trusted by some of the largest nonprofits and endurance events in the world. Learn more about CrowdRise


by Social Solutions

Apricot is a secure, flexible, and easy-to-use case management solution for nonprofits of any size. Our comprehensive platform includes: A secure, cloud-based case management database. Best practices modules with forms and reports for everything from donor and volunteers management to program performance and outcomes tracking. Features specifically designed for nonprofits like Referrals for tracking program movement and Workflow for streamlined data collection... And so much more! Learn more about Apricot

Apricot is a secure, flexible, and easy-to-use case management solution for nonprofits of any size. Try us free for 30 days! Learn more about Apricot

CaseWorthy, Inc., offers an Outcomes-focused, Organization-wide, Advanced Case Management software solution for Nonprofits agencies that automates and simplifies the data management and funder compliance process so agencies can prove their evidence of social impact in the communities they serve. Learn more about CaseWorthy

Case management solution that helps governments, nonprofits, and human services organizations manage clients and track participation. Learn more about CaseWorthy

NetSuite is the world's #1 ERP solution, providing a unified platform to streamline all back-office processes, like accounting, CRM, and ecommerce. With NetSuite, nonprofits can easily budget to the true cost of mission delivery, ensure accurate financials and stewardship, gain a holistic and comprehensive view of financial operations, and proactively monitor performance to expand impact -- allowing you to focus on key, revenue-generating decisions, rather than worry about your back-end systems. Learn more about NetSuite

NetSuite ERP runs all your key back-office operations and financial business processes on a single, unified platform in the cloud. Learn more about NetSuite


by ProClass

Providing intuitive and flexible class, camp, and continuing education management software complete with online registration, certifications, membership management, donation management tools. ProClass helps continuing education, dance and gymnastics studios, arts organizations, non profits, after school programs, camps, training facilities, lifelong learning and OLLI's, community health organizations, certification and non credit education providers in all 50 states and around the globe. Learn more about ProClass

Easily manage classes and continuing education with flexible fees, online registration, certifications, membership, and fundraising.. Learn more about ProClass

Agilon's web-based donor management CRM solution helps mid to large nonprofits take their fundraising to the next level. A complete Donor Management System with integrated on-line donor portal and e-marketing, Agilon's ONE suite of modules seamlessly share information and manage workflow to improve your fundraising results. ONE increases your efficiency in managing relationships, contributions, memberships, events, capital campaigns, stewardship and more. Learn more about Agilon One Donor CRM

Comprehensive web-based fundraising CRM solution with integrated on-line donor portal and e-marketing for medium to large nonprofits. Learn more about Agilon One Donor CRM

Galaxy Digital's Connect products are mobile-friendly volunteer management software that are designed to help organizations of all types to better manage, grow, and track their local volunteerism. Get Connected, Community Connect, Campus Connect, and Corporate Connect are used by thousands of nonprofits, United Ways, Volunteer Centers, Campuses, and Corporations across the U.S. Learn more about Community Connect

The single best tool for attracting, managing, tracking and reporting on an organization's volunteerism. Learn more about Community Connect
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What is Nonprofit Software?

Nonprofit software automates all aspects of nonprofit operations from database management, to fundraising, to accounting and CRM.

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Nonprofit Software

You finally did it, you created your own nonprofit organization! Whether you are saving the rainforest, feeding children in Uganda, or organizing students to achieve some sort of political goal, you know that with your nonprofit is going to change the world for the better. But where do you start and what do you need to succeed? The answer is nonprofit software.

Nonprofit software streamlines processes and organizes data, helping nonprofit orgs (NPOs) better manage their relationships with their constituents and the community. And with software, you have more time to actually focus on your mission… not just managing lists of data.

Given how valuable it is for NPOs to have access to the best software in order to achieve their missions, we decided to look into which nonprofit management solutions are some of the industry’s top picks in our latest infographic: The Top 20 Most Popular Nonprofit Management Software.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Nonprofit Software Buyers Make

The nonprofit software buying process can vary greatly for organizations depending on their size, focus, and budget. But there are a few mistakes that can plague any organization.

1. Focusing Only on the Short Term

When evaluating different software options, you should always think long term about the cost and benefits of each system. There are a few reasons for this.

You want to be sure you purchase a system that will be a good fit for your organization today, as well as in the future as you grow. Make sure the system can be customized to your ever-changing needs.

When it comes to cost, many software companies will make it inexpensive to get started, but the cost rises as time goes on. Other companies take the opposite approach, and some are in the middle. It’s also important to look at any extra costs there might be, such as training and support.

2. Having the Wrong Person do the Buying

For a decision as important as choosing software for your organization, it’s ideal to have someone in charge of the project who knows your organization and your data like the back of their hand.

3. Skipping Formal Training

Technically this happens after the purchase, but it’s still a mistake seen time and time again. It can be tempting as a new user to skip formal training sessions on your new system and try to figure things out yourself – especially if you consider yourself to be a tech savvy person.

But in reality, the only way to understand the full potential and all features of the system is to take the time to attend some formal training sessions, which are usually online. If you have an internal point person for your software account, they should be in charge of getting all users signed up for formal training.

Learn more about how to avoid these mistakes by checking out The 3 Biggest Mistakes Nonprofit Software Buyers Make on the Capterra Blog.

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6 Top-Reviewed Nonprofit Accounting Software Solutions

Every nonprofit organization grows out of their free software they started off with. When this happens, you need to make sure the software you choose will suit your needs as a growing organization. These are five outstanding nonprofit accounting software solutions worth paying for.

Apr 11, 2018

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Even though we have iPads, computers, Kindles, and smartphones, there is still nothing like a good book. There are tons of books out there for fundraisers to learn new things but knowing where to start is a daunting task. In order to make your search easier, here are the ten books every fundraiser should read.