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Whole building energy analysis for energy efficiency optimization.


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This service uses cloud credits as a universal measure of Autodesk consumption-based cloud services.

Feb 08, 2018
4 / 5
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Pros: A typical whole building energy analysis looks at over 50 variations of different parameter alternatives in a building, and that can take considerable time to conduct. Green Building Studio tests a variety of building features automatically and, with the Potential Energy Savings chart, provides straightforward guidance on which variations will have the largest impact on energy use. All of these runs are completed in the cloud in about the same amount of time it takes to do one manually!

Cons: The package uses cloud credits service which in my opinion not feasible to many who could benefit.
*** It's important to keep in mind "This is a web-based service via the Software package. ***

Overall: Share Project Data
The web service enables you to share information about your project with design team
members and Green Building Studio partners who may provide more information on how
their products can assist you with your building design.

Managing Projects
For every project in your list, drop-down choices are available to access additional
information. That's a plus as we witness in most of the recent Software Packages.The features are being upgraded to another level to promote [beginners and Advanced users] more sells registration volume. Exporting to Autodesk Green Building Studio from Autodesk Revit-based Software for BIM:
The web-based service will first check your Revit model for missing data or errors, and if
problems are found, an error message will appear. Assuming there are no errors, a
browser window will open presenting you with the status of your whole building energy,
water, and carbon analysis.
The length of time it takes to run the simulations using the web service typically varies
from less than a minute to 5 or 10 minutes. The runtime depends on the server traffic, the complexity of the model, and the number of surfaces, windows, rooms, spaces, and
zones. Most runs are complete within minutes. Very large models (with gbXML files more
than 8 to 12 MB) may take up to an hour to run. This is a good reason to start the analysis in
the early stages of design with a simple model. Once your run is complete you will see a
results page.