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EnterpriseIQ Shop Floor modules are designed for small to mid-size manufacturers who understand money is - or lost on the shop floor - and need tools such as scanning, traceability and communication.

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About IQMS Warehouse Management

IQMS WMS goes beyond just barcode scanning and inventory management to combine all aspects of warehouse optimization. Specifically designed for discrete and process manufacturers the IQMS WMS is integrated within the comprehensive manufacturing ERP system to reduce and eliminate inventory mistakes, improve space utilization, optimize pick and put aways, track and trace inventory movements and much more. Optimize your warehouse with EnterpriseIQ.

IQMS Warehouse Management Features

  • 3PL Management
  • Barcoding/RFID
  • Forecasting
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi-Location
  • Order Management
  • Purchasing
  • Quality Management
  • Real Time Synchronization
  • Receiving/Putaway Management
  • Returns Management
  • Shipping Management

IQMS Warehouse Management Reviews

Warehouse Management System

Jun 25, 2012

4 / 5
Ease of Use

4 / 5
Customer Support

Pros: Controlling inventory on the Shop Floor is made easier through the use of the IQRF module. The system utilizes hand held bar code scanners, serialized inventory labeling, and your own wireless network. The system provides interaction between the inventory, shipping, receiving, and production modules in Enterprise IQ. Using handheld scanners we are able to completely manage the movement of our inventory without having to access the software from a computer.

Through the scanner you are able to see the current status of each job running in the system as well as the ability to change the Production Lot Number and schedule the next job. You can also use the scanner to input downtime.

Additionally we can create, reprint, and modify any label in the system directly from the scanner. These labels can be designed to meet the requirements of our customers. This flexibility saves time and cost as only one label is needed to fulfill all of the customers' needs.

Cons: The label design takes some time and is done in a 3rd party application (Crystal or Label Matrix).

Also, we use scanners that have a 16 x 20 VT-220 terminal emulation display. This restriction sometimes leads to problems as the screen doesn t display the software interface cleanly.

Finally, the RF module is not available in Spanish currently. Making sure that our bilingual users understand the interface and prompts takes additional training and resources.

Overall: The success of your RF implementation is dependent on the stability of your infrastructure as well as the amount of resources you have available. IQMS has partnered with some great technologies including Label Matrix and Staylink. These software's take a little bit of extra time to get installed during the implementation process, but once you're up and running there is little management or maintenance. The Managed Services group was available to provide us with expert advice and guidance we needed to ensure that our handheld environment was ready at the time of GO-LIVE!

DLH Industries's review of IQMS Shop Floor functionality

Jul 23, 2012

4 / 5
Ease of Use

4 / 5
Customer Support

Pros: Better inventory management. I cannot imagine using EIQ without the bar code scanning and Whse management system. We also use the bar codes to verify components to a BOM based upon where that BOM is scheduled (Work Center). This ensures material handlers are putting the correct components at the work center. We now force many of our employees to only allow real time scan to inventory. This controls that inventory created was actually running and back flushes components to the correct BOM.

The ability to see the shop floor performance in one screen is a plus. We have our extrusion and injection operations wired for signaled real time. Other work cells are non-signaled real time

Cons: Adding more control does take more effort, especially during changeovers. Even though a component might be the same for the next setup, you cannot just leave it on the work center and begin using it on the next job. You do not physically have to move it, must you must manage it. This is only the case where we do scan to WO verification.

Overall: Highly recommend!

I could not imagine using EIQ without it unless a job shop or a very simple operation. Even then, bar coding would still be a huge benefit.

IQMS Shop Floor review

Jun 14, 2012

5 / 5
Ease of Use

5 / 5
Customer Support

Pros: The bar-coding has helped us streamline our processes from shipping & receiving to inventory control. The cycle counting aspect was a perfect solution for some of our outdated procedures. IQMS has brought a higher level of visibility to our WMS allowing for better tracking of inventory movement.

Cons: We have had issues using the web piece of the WMS on our Symbol scanners. Just when we had it nailed down an upgrade would change certain features and throw us off. Developing and printing labels can be tricky at times.

Overall: For us the greatest benefit of the system has been the integration of all the modules. The visibility afforded by the system has led to an increased level of communication between departments. We now have a tighter integration of our purchasing and receiving systems, couple that with the WMS in IQMS and this software has helped increase our productivity.

Real Time

Jun 28, 2012

5 / 5
Ease of Use

5 / 5
Customer Support

Pros: If all of your info is loaded properly on the front end; real time is a great tool to monitor effeciency on the shop floor. With the color coding for cycle effeciency it allows our supervisors to see at a glance, who is not meeting the standards that we have set in place for that job.

Cons: I would have to say that I personally do not have anything bad to say about Real Time and the flow on the shop floor.

Overall: I would have to say overall; whoever is looking into the purchase of IQMS for their organization needs to know the flow of your organization or involve the proper personnel and take the time up front to enter the correct data, We have had great success with IQMS. Everyone should have it !

User Friendly - Easy Navigation

Jun 12, 2012

5 / 5
Ease of Use

4 / 5
Customer Support

Pros: Super easy to navigate

All inclusive system

One system for everything



Cons: set up time

Overall: This system is super easy to navigate and train from the super user to the general info needs - the first time set up takes some time and you need to know what your final goal is so you don't change your mind - Once the system basis is set up - you'll never want another system or go to another Excel spread sheet for information