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Invantive delivers unique software solutions for accountants, businessess, real estate businesses, project-oriented organizations and banks.

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Invantive Composition makes it easy to create complex documents using templates and data from your database. Invantive Composition saves you money and reduces the volume of erroneously prepared documents. Without any programming and without software developers you can merge unstructured texts in a template with structured data. This allows you to focus on your business, not on technology. In addition, security of company information is improved.

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Founded in 2001

Located in Netherlands

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  • $57.00/month/user

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Invantive Composition for Word Features

Collaboration Tools
Compliance Tracking
Document Archiving
Document Assembly
Document Indexing
Document Retention
Electronic Signature
File Recovery
File Type Conversion
Offline Access
Optical Character Recognition
Version Control

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