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Virtual reception, visitor log, real time head count, visitor arrival notifications via email/SMS. Off site/on site management.


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Sep 09, 2016
2 / 5
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Pros: The SMS/email notification to host that guest has arrived is a wonderful feature. When it works.

Cons: Sometimes guests for another office will wander into our lobby and try to sign in, but the person they are here to see is not in our directory (because it is a different company). Then they leave it on the screen with the sign-in details, and the next guest sees this and does not know how to proceed. I asked if Zapin could add a feature that reverts the sign-in details page back to the main Welcome page after a few mins of inactivity, but they were unable to provide this.
Product is also too pricey for what they offer. SMS service costs more per month than the base account.

Overall: When I first inquired about this service, I was very impressed with the professionalism and offerings. I was told that the owner would come out and do a demo for us, and set it up to get us going. When I contacted them again down the road, they were unresponsive or at best, vague with their answers. Finally, after numerous contact attempts, we were able to get some of our questions answered.
We decided to go with the solution, as they offered an LDAP import tool. Fail. LDAP import did not work, and I ended up manually entering 80+ users into the directory.
Aside from the poor experience with implementation, the service has also gone down at least half a dozen times in the year that we've been using it. Sometimes it comes back up in a few hours, but sometimes it is DAYS. During one outage that lasted days, I emailed support (from an existing thread in my mailbox), I sent a message via the website, I called their support line, and I even sent messages via Facebook - I never heard a word back!

Recommendations to other buyers: Go with another product. I finally have bandwidth to research different options over the next couple of weeks, and we as a company are very excited to switch to something else.