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Security, cleaners or home workers need a low cost, reliable system to monitor the safety of their lone working staff. Ok Alone does just that. Claim your FREE 7 day trial now! Only $5.00/person/month

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Field staff can find themselves alone with little support if something goes wrong. Ok Alone was designed specifically to fill this need in a very cost effective way. Ok Alone users can checkin or send an instant help call through a handy smart phone app, text messages or a phone call. It also looks up their current location for the office to see. Best of all, OK Alone allows the monitoring of many people without being tied to a computer. Claim your FREE 7 day trial now! Only $5.00/person/mth

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Trusty Ox Systems


Located in Canada

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  • $5.00/month/user

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  • Yes


  • Installed - Mac
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Installed - Windows
  • Mobile - iOS Native
  • Mobile - Android Native


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  • Live Online
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OK Alone Features

Budgeting & Forecasting
Contractor Management
Employee Lifecycle Management
Labor Projection
Performance Appraisal
Recruiting Management
Skills Tracking
Time & Attendance
Variable Workforce
Audit Management
Corrective / Preventive Actions
Incident Management
Injury Reporting
Inspection Management
OSHA Recordkeeping
Safety Risk Assessment
Training Management

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