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In one solution IT professionals can monitor physical and virtual servers, network devices, applications, web transactions, and cloud solutions like AWS.

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  • Founded 2004

About Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

One IT Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard Proactively monitor physical servers, virtual machines, network devices, applications, and services across multiple platforms running on-premise, remotely, or in the Cloud. Uptime Infrastructure Monitor provides a unified view of IT environment health and a GUI that is easily customizable, with a drag and drop dashboard design. Create private IT dashboards, team dashboards and a NOC for the entire datacenter in minutes.

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Features

  • Baseline Manager
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Full Transaction Diagnostics
  • Performance Control
  • Resource Management
  • Root-Cause Diagnosis
  • Server Performance
  • Trace individual transactions

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Reviews

Is CopperEgg worth it?

Jul 26, 2014

Comments: CopperEgg is a cloud computing systems management company based out of Austin, Texas. CopperEgg provinces a family of Software as a Service (SaaS) based cloud monitoring services for public and private cloud environments. These services include Server monitoring, Website monitoring, and Web application monitoring that track system and application performance, and alerts on and helps troubleshoot system and application issues. CopperEgg software products integrate into public cloud providers such as Amazon EC2 and Rackspace. CRN Magazine included the company on its list of 10 hot new cloud startups to watch in 2011. And in 2013, the company was recognized with the 2013 North America Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation within Cloud Monitoring Solutions. The company offers both a free version and a paid version of their software. CopperEgg is in one of the best pieces of monitoring software I have come across. It seperates itself from the rest if the market because of how in-depth it's monitoring is. It also has a brilliant web interface which provides both graphical and text-based views of servers. It has several different types of server monitoring, it also monitors web apps and gather performance of any specified web app. While it isn't cheap it is well worth every dime because the insight it provides in to your services and websites is enough to redeem it's cost in preventing lost revenue by making sure websites and services stay online.

Pros: Brilliant Indepth Statistics Uber easy to use Nice User Interface

Cons: Pricing is not for the faint hearted although well worth every dime

Now an unethical company... lock up your credit cards!

Nov 09, 2015

4 / 5
Ease of Use

1 / 5
Customer Support

1 / 5
Value for Money

Comments: Well, after 5 years of using the CopperEgg services to monitor five key servers, we found a week ago that they've been charging us $150 for the same service we paid $70 previously. Looking at their free structure, they 'transferred' us from our old package to one with almost double times the capacity at over double the cost. They also have a 'pay per use' option, and on that system we would be billed half of the amount. But, then again, why behave reasonably when you can fleece your customer for an additional $463 over 4 months? When we approached them about this they refused to refund the difference, so now we're having to chase with the card companies to have this registered as a fraudulent charge. What a shame that such a good system is marred by such blatant greed and inappropriate response. We were happy to have the overcharge transferred to credit, but the answer was still no. We all have to *trust* the providers we deal with, and it appears the new setup of CopperEgg is not trustworthy, so buyer beware! We're now field testing DataDog and Stackify. Similar features, and hopefully a more honest organization.

Pros: Good system, ticks most of the boxes

Cons: Immoral and greedy company with no interest in goodwill. I suspect they may soon become one of those companies with widely recognized reputation for ripping off their existing customers.

Nice NOC view - they are WAY too proud of it.

Oct 07, 2015

4 / 5
Ease of Use

2 / 5
Customer Support

1 / 5
Value for Money

Comments: I've used CopperEgg for 4 years and been very happy with them. Original developers have left and CopperEgg has been bought. Since being acquired, they've implemented price increases that are absolutely staggering. I originally paid right at $28/month for CE. At the end of the first year, they had a price increase to $30. Fine. A year later, they wanted to go up to $70. I fought back and got them to accept $50. Then, this summer, they've decided to increase their price their price over 500% !!! From $50/month to almost $300/month. That's absolutely insane. I've appealed - they simply don't care. That's fine. They're fired.

Pros: Nice interface. After tweaking to get the look you want for your NOC, it is a good piece of eye candy for management.

Cons: See full review. They're money-grubbing worms. I've fired them.

Monitoring Internal & External (Cloud) servers & Services

Aug 24, 2014

Comments: As TabTale's DevOps manager one of my missions is 0 down time on production & development servers. i've been searching for an application that will perform monitoring on our servers and alert. CooperEgg is amazing! we have set it up in a ridiculous time of couple of minutes to all our servers and we are talking about more then 30 servers. the dashboard and alert setting is very easy to use and customise.

Pros: easy to use easy to configure Dashboard items are very useful and look&feel is great

Cons: price - because of the price we might consider implementing the same idea with open source tools. in the long term it does make sense.

great solution for monitoring systems in the cloud

Feb 26, 2014

Comments: Overall, CopperEgg is a great solution for monitoring systems in the cloud. There is no management console to constantly re-configure, as server instances are constantly brought up and taken down, the agent code is lightweight and very easy to install, and all metrics are available in real time rather than via a scheduled task such as Munin. Since we make heavy use of Amazon EC2, it's great to have a monitoring solution that basically requires only an agent install.

Pros: only an agent install metrics are available in real time

Monitoring EC2 is Simple

Mar 21, 2014

Comments: We signed up and were seeing data of our EC2s in literally a couple of minutes. CopperEgg gives us visibility into the health of our systems that we didn't have before and alerts us before we have an outage that we have a potential issue on the horizon.

Pros: Ease of use Pricing Visibility into our EC2 instances

Vendor Response

by IDERA on March 21, 2014


Thanks for the review! We're thrilled that CopperEgg makes your life easier. We'd love to send you a tshirt for being a loyal user. Email us at with your tshirt size and address.

reduced our monitoring costs

Feb 21, 2014

Comments: CopperEgg's Website Performance Monitoring has allowed us to migrate from our in-house monitoring system to a distributed system, which reduced our monitoring costs. We utilize the diverse testing locations to analyze performance from all over the world. This has allowed us to determine and plan future environment expansions.