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We are work with Manufacturers, Retailers, Wholesalers or Franchisees In Construction, Electronics, Food, Health & Beauty, Medical industry, Automotive, Hospitality We can save money- NO RISK!

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How Do You Know If You Are Getting The Best Price? If you purchase a variety of products from several vendors, particularly commodities, there usually is a great deal of back and forth communication regarding price, delivery and exact specifications. This process is inefficient and expensive. Serex solves these problems with our SaaS software by streamlining and improving the visibility of the buying process. Contact us for a FREE DEMO and start saving money today! Reduce

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Serex Procurement Solutions

Founded in 2013

Located in Canada

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Catalog Management
Contract Management
Fixed Asset Management
Inventory Management
Invoice Processing
Purchase Order Management
Receiving/Putaway Management
Requisition Management
Sourcing Management
Spend Management
Supplier Management

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