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Plumbr helps medium and large companies by exposing the user experience of the applications deployed on the Java Virtual Machine.

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Plumbr delivers real-user insights to optimise incident response flows and improve application performance. Get alerted to bugs causing slow pages or failed user interactions with intelligent alerts that reveal the impact and source-code of an error. Trace errors and bottlenecks throughout your distributed system and drill down to the root-cause. Plumbr integrates with your DevOps toolchain to ensure the long-term health of your application, while also making responding to incidents easier.

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Founded in 2011

Located in Estonia

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  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
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Plumbr Features

Backlog Management
Issue Tracking
Release Management
Task Management
Ticket Management
Workflow Management
Baseline Manager
Diagnostic Tools
Full Transaction Diagnostics
Performance Control
Resource Management
Root-Cause Diagnosis
Server Performance
Trace individual transactions
Availability Testing
Event Logs
FTP Monitoring
Mail Server Monitoring
Maintenance Scheduling
Performance Metrics
Real Time Monitoring
Transaction Monitoring
Uptime Reporting

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